You never realize how good you had it, until it’s gone

Posted: February 5, 2010 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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My old man use to say to me, Enjoy the good times and make the most of them, because you might never see them again..

Great advice

Under Wenger we have seen some amazing football, probably the best i have seen in my lifetime.

So many memories and great goals, world class players and amazing moments of skill.

Looking back now at the rein under Wenger, i sometimes forget just how good we were. Wenger made us one of the greatest footballing teams of all time. Pires, Bergkamp, Henry, Vieira… And many more, we destroyed teams with our attacking one touch passing game and scored goals we could only dream about.

We were truly awesome and there is one man and one man only to thank for that, Arsene Wenger.

The great man has come under immense criticism lately from a large section of fans, and even on our  forum for the first time members are now starting to question his judgement, with his lack of spending and doubts over his tactical skills playing with only one striker.

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not in the “in Arsene we trust brigade” and over the last few weeks I have myself become frustrated by Wenger and some of the decisions he has made. I could name you a list of things I’m currently not happy with, from Almunia to Denilson to not signing a target man. But I’m old enough to know that in life you have to take the ruff with the smooth, and to enjoy the sweet tastes of success, you need to know how the rotten taste of defeat to know the true meaning of winning.

Yes I am frustrated and yes I do think that Wenger has made alot of mistakes recently, But he is still the right man for the job and the only man who can take us back to the glory days. People say to me that “we have not won anything since 2005” and that Wenger has sold key players without replacements and seems only concerned with making an end of season profit for the board.

Remember this, Football has changed since 2005 and in fact the world has changed. Everybody is feeling the money pinch, The current economical climate means that most of us in life are less likely to spend money on luxury items, eating out less, new car etc. Wenger has a budget to spend and he is looking after the clubs long-term best interest.

I know that some of you want titles and want it now, but our time will come again. Our future is very bright and lets not turn on our own and give our players and manager 100% support

Lets enjoy life under Wenger, like i said you never realize how good you had it, until its gone,

Im sure some of us are going to be saying this when Arsene leaves.

By Gaffer (Arsenal Action)

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  1. Mike says:

    Great article.

    Its a shame so many of our fans could be so short sighted as to demand Wengers exit!!! Long may he reign as Arsenal’s top man.

    • Rob says:

      I don’t think people are being short sighted. On the contrary, they are wondering, “What happenned to the good old days?” Everything in life has a shelf -life. Maybe Wenger’s time’s up coz it looks like he just can’t find the players capable of playing his brand of football and he doesn’t look like a guy who is capable of managing to the team’s strengths or weaknesses as is the case right now. It now looks like premier league managers have now got his number and know just how to play against us.

  2. jimbo says:

    awesome article mate and 1million% spot on

  3. Lettraggad says:

    Good piece.. Most fans are too short term off course I want a trophy NOW but I would gladly trade a trophy today for several tommorow out of all Clubs were the club that looks the healthiest. Weve invested massivly in the youthproject and we will benefit from it for years to come.. wee third in the premiership with a very young squad I think the average age is 23 so the absolute peak should come in around for years and noone can say this team isnt g0ood enough to win a trophy dispite us not winning one since 2005 weve had several close calls incuding a CL final. Some clubs splashing money around them claiming to be equal or better than us can only dream of playing in the champions leage nor less reaching a final. But Wenger has frustrated me us well Id have loved reinforcements in this wondow .. but given the quality of players we want I understand the targets arent that many in the middle of the season.

  4. Dan says:

    4 years ago, my mates who were Charlton supporters felt that Charlton would always be a midtable/bottom half/battling relegation side as long as Curbishley was the boss. They felt he’d taken the club as far as he could, that he’d been there too long and the club were never going to progress into a top half/european side under his leadership.

    So Curbishley quit and 4 years later, Charlton fans find their club relegated from the Premier league, relegated from the Championship and sitting in League 1 and have a had a number of different managers in the 4 years since.

    Be careful what you wish for.

  5. Van Perry says:

    Theres no doubting Arsene is and will be the only man for the job! This summer may change everything, there will be a takeover. As a result, we may lose Arsene, or we may finally end the wait for glory.

    Arsenal always, Wenger forever!!!

  6. The Beast says:

    I agree but the purchases he has made recently are all similar in stature….if it was a hobbit league,we would walk it……but it’s not…..apart from Song, we had not one player approaching 6 foot in height……that is the poorest United side in years and they made us look terrible. The spine of our team is soft and against the bigger sides we are just picked off. We also never get in behind opposition defences anymore with pace….watch that old video that was posted by you….magic and always dangerous……now we just play in front of teams…..

  7. Dan says:

    People need to realise the grass isn’t greener elsewhere and neither are the managers or players that play on it.

  8. Erichero says:

    Haven’t been following the authors, but I don’t understand how the same site can publish a Wenger-out petition in one breath and then an article like this in the next?

    • Our members from our forum are able to post on the blog Erichero. So you will see a host of different views.

      We at Arsenal Action allow our members to have a voice, Even if we agree with it or not.

      Regards Admin

  9. Goonerbeall says:

    Goodness me, I thought all people have turned against AW. Thanks goodness thery have’nt because I am for some reason optimistic that this pain we have endured in the last 4 years will be replaced with joy. I was the other day watching a video of the games from 99 to 2004 toped by the invincibles which almost brought me to tears. It’d have been the stuff I had smoked but I usually get emotional to reminisce those glory day.

    I am sure we will soon get back to those glory days, mark my words. At the moment however, I will party some if we get a draw on Sunday. Defeatist as it sounds but you should know how shocked I was last Sunday.

  10. OC says:

    where is that picture of wenger from? its classic

    great article


  11. TonyM says:

    Nice to see a positive article from arsenal action. Its been overwhelmingly negative this week.
    This article took the words out of my mouth. I haven’t been happy either and i dont want to settle for second best but some of the fans are jumping the gun. those fans seriously have to read this book.Arsenal The making of a modern superclub by alex flynn and kevin whitcher. Then decide if they want Arsene out.
    I want David Dein back
    Lets hope the boys get something out of the game this weekend so we dont have another week like this one.

  12. JJ says:

    You seem to think Arsenal is some poxy little football club. Arsenal is NOT Charlton. They should always strive to be the best. They are the third most successful club in over 100 years of English football, and that should continue whoever the manager is. Is the grass green now? 5 years of zero trophies? George Graham’s record looks just as remarkable – and without the defence he left for Wenger you have to wonder whether Wenger ever would have won a trophy. I am not for sacking Wenger, but a new manager would not be a disaster.

    • TonyM says:

      Yes Graham won trophies but he did nothing to change the structure at the club, the drinking culture, the boring football.
      Arsenal we’re on the slide when graham left. I can remember talk about us being relegated in 95 season. We finished 12th, lowest league position since 76.
      Your comment is just crazy

      • TonyM says:

        And i’ll add its 4 years without a trophies. Its not over this season just yet. And it that 4 years we lost a champions league final, qualified for the champions league every year, went far in champions league every year, had good runs in the cups. finished 4points off top 2 seasons ago. yes nobody wants to be nearly men but its hardly been disastrous.
        get a grip!

    • Dan says:

      “and without the defence he left for Wenger you have to wonder whether Wenger ever would have won a trophy”

      None of Grahams defence played in the unbeaten season nor en route to the European Cup final.

      “You seem to think Arsenal is some poxy little football club. Arsenal is NOT Charlton”… Haha, so you’re argument is based on overwhelming arrogance on your behalf! You think because we’re Arsenal that we should win the league every year and what happened to Charlton, leeds isn’t possible to us. Ignorance beyond belief.

      If you’d have told Notts forest fans that they’re some poxy little club 25 years ago, they would have reacted the same way you did… 2 European Cups and dropped to league 1 recently.

      If you think the world owes you something because of who you were, then you’re going to be very disappointed fella.

      The football hierachy has changed with the Billions coming into the game, look at Liverpool, they haven’t won the league in 20 years, Chelsea haven’t won the league in 3 years, Spurs haven’t won the league in 5000 years, Man Utd went 4 years (03-07) without winning the league, Juventus haven’t won a trophy in 6/7 years.

      Develop some perspective then you might lose the arrogance.

  13. Goonerman says:

    Exactly – couldn’t agree more. I’m old enough to remember us flirting with relagation in the early 70s and freezing nights against Wimbledon watching a crap team playing crap football under Don Howe. Even the Graham years weren’t all rosey. Wenger has qualified us for the champions league in all his seasons as manager an amazing achievement – Villa, Spurs, City and Everton would kill for that, and do you hear their fans whingeing? No Moyes is loved, Redknapp is a hero to the Spuds, the Villa crowd love O’Neill and Mancini has started a one man fashion show amongst the blue half of Manchester. These are real fans getting behing their team and manager. I blame the ‘championship manager’ generation myself – they want it all and they want it now, well sorry life ain’t like that. Even a couple of years back had TH14 put one of those chances away against Barcelona we would have been European Champions and we could be this year too. Another thing I really don’t think this league is over even if we do lose on Sunday. This has been a topsy turvy year, go and take a close look at the fixture list for us, Utd and City. We have by far the easiest run in. I could easily see us going the rest of the season unbeaten (after Sunday) while Utd and the Chavs have some really games in the run in – to my reckoning they both have seven/eight games where they might well drop points. So rather than whingeing I suggest people get behind the manager and team this could still be a very big year for us.

  14. Leebo says:

    I think the point that is being missed by everyone is that the Wengers weaknesses that are being shown up at the moment have been there throughout his entire Arsenal career. When times were good people ignored them now they are exmained more closley. I would however argue that during his time at Arsenal there have been more bad times that most fans can recall. The article recalls the time of Bergkamp, Pires ect. but dont forget the amount of times that team came 2nd or how many cup finlas they lost or how often they bowed out of teh CL with a wimper away at Bayern Munich for example. The point Im making is we love Wenger warts and all and this is what we get a team which we can see what tehy are capable of but ultimately 9 times out of 10 will fall shirt when it comes to the crunch. It was once said that Wenger is a runner up and not a winner, I think his time at Arsenal proves this, I for one wouldnt have it any other way.

  15. adam says:

    Sinbad has made this site an actual joke and has damaged the reputation of your blog. I agree with what you have to say, but its a shame that one person has alienated so many fans here

  16. Andygonner says:

    Arsene recently gave an interview stating that credit should be given to Ranneri for Chelseas success as he put most of the team together, finish 2nd twice and 3rd, however wenger failed to state why he was replaced by mariniho, why?……because he finished the job off!

    We, my friends have not won a thing since the final reminence of George Grahams legacy………the defence had been dispanded, in other words,nothing with Wenger own team!

    I pay a fortune for my season tickets, indeed we are the most expensive club to watch in the world, i would expect some quality ready to win players with this kind of money.

    Arsene should stop getting involved with finance and tell the board which players he needs to win trophies now.

    We can all see empty seats now at the emirates, 10,000 season tickets didnt renew last season, replacment fans took over……….what if there is no take-uo if we are trophy less again, no doubt the board will force the issue then!

    Arsene will be in his last year of contract, dont expect him to renew if we are trophyless again next season, for he will be out of excuses,however we will have plenty of money, for what?

    • naysaynever says:

      to pay off the club debt and keep the club stable

    • Dan says:

      “We, my friends have not won a thing since the final reminence of George Grahams legacy………the defence had been dispanded, in other words,nothing with Wenger own team!”

      We went unbeaten with a starting 11 (moreso than not) made up entirely of Wenger signings:

      Lauren, Kolo, Sol, Cole
      Ljungberg, Vieira, Gilberto, Pires
      Henry, Bergkamp.

      You tell me who out of that lot are a reminence of the Graham era?? Fool.
      Wenger also got us to a European cup final (the first in the clubs history) and IMO we deserved to win the final despite having 10 men.

      You don’t think the 10,000 season tickets not renewed (that’s conjecture on your behalf but I’ve already shown you’re flexible with the facts) had more to do with the economy than lack of trophies. Oh and by the way, Arsenal have the highest “Attendance to Capacity %” in the league this season so if you’re season tickets renewal “fact” is true, it’s not affecting ticket sales.

  17. Hus says:

    Look everyone, lets calm down.

    I’ve been a season ticket holder and supporter for nearly 30 years. People who start petitions to get the manager sacked are going too far, but equally people who completely ignore wengers flaws and refuse to look ahead and plan are being equally short sighted.

    For me it is not about winning trophies, it is about seriously competing for them, I am talking about being in the hunt in April/May. We have been so close for so many years to being a truely great team and yes Wenger is responsible, however, Almunia, Eboue, Denilson are not fit for the Arsenal shirt, i dont dislike any of them.. they are just not good enough.

    The chap who mentioned Pat Rice as being a quiet no.2 has a point, but Wenger does not take criticism well and never has done, his stubborness clouds his reason.

    Everyone, including many of the coaching staff inside the club felt at the start of the season we needed at least 2/3 experienced hardened pro’s with technical ability and power. He placates teh fans with hollow promises to allow him to just do what he wants which is continue his youth project. I do not want him sacked but i want someone on the board to remind him he is responsible for the squad and put pressure on him.

    If you stop looking for ways to progress completely you go backwards. If he could not handle being told that a number of players in his squad are substandard and need to be replaced by real footballers rather than jammy upstarts then he can walk and I agree that Hiddink is perfectly capable of taking us forward although see few other options at the moment.

    If however, he is humble enough and intelligent enough to want to continue and improve the club further then he needs to snap out of his current daze and get back to building a team that can balance necessary power with technique. Why has his philosophy changed? why are we a team of technical lightweights?

    Where have all the powerful skillful athletes gone at Arsenal?

  18. Willy Young says:

    I feel the club not just Wenger needs to take responsibilty. The PR spin is pathetic. Clearly we have financial constraints and Arsene has done well to keep us close during these times

    However the board continually stating we have £30m to spend annoys fans when the squad is clearly lacking a proven goalkeeper , striker and maybe a CB

    if they told us the truth we would all get behind the young players and gaffer and marvel at how well we are doing considering

    stop the PR bullshit and perhaps stop paying wages on fringe players who clearly are not good enough for The Arsenal Randall Hoyte Gilbert etc

  19. Big L says:

    am I the only one who feels insulted by Wenger saying that finishing in the top 4 is like winning a trophy?

  20. James says:

    Wrighty7 is a yid

  21. . says:

    It’s become embarrassing. Arsene is a big joke. His choreography is a joke. His ballet rehearsals are a joke, and his ballerinas are a joke. You people who continue to support him are content to be part of a big joke. A laughing-stock. Those who don’t support him are NOT content for our club to be a big joke and are not content to be part of what’s making our club a big joke.

  22. XrumerHrefer says:

    Do you need any help promoting your blog?

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