Thomas Sorensen was apparently the player that Wenger failed to sign on deadline day

Posted: February 7, 2010 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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When wenger said we came VERY,VERY CLOSE to signing a player before the transfer window, it got people thinking to who it was? Was it a striker?…. Well according to the Telegraph it was goal keeper Thomas Sorensen. Full report ( HERE )

It is reported that Wenger has lost confidence in Manuel Almunia and is now on the hunt for a new number one but failed to sign Thomas Sorensen from Stoke City on deadline day.

For me Im happy that Wenger has finaly seen that Almunia is not good enought to be number one, but not sure about Sorensen who is also known for the odd mistake.

Maybe Wenger will go back for him in the summer?….

Debate this more on the forum

  1. neville says:

    madness!!! hope this aint history repeating itself GG’s last year was so painful

  2. GunnerFishing says:

    Excellent, well done, just on the eve of the next game you come out with this.

    Lets get behind the team we have NOW AND TOMORROW!!!

  3. Singaporean Gunner says:

    Sorenson is not better than Almunia. Not a news that would get me excited…

    Where did you get this piece of information anyway? I agree its not too nice to shake Almunia’s confidence ahead of such an important match…

  4. Tommo says:

    We’ve spent 17million on a striker before. Why can’t we spend that on a goalie in the summer. God I miss David seaman!

  5. AfriX says:

    best way 4 Wenger 2 show his lost faith on Almunia is by dropping period, he did the same with Lehman!

  6. arsenal passion says:

    Get Buffon Now and let Szczesny to mature. He will Be no.1 after Buffon.

  7. Thokozani chirambo says:

    I don’t know why wenger does not want to spend money to strengthen the squad. As for almunia, He has never been the no:1 for arsenal, I don’t know why he allowed lehman to go. wenger should have signed a goal keeper and a realiable strike not just keeping the likes of bentner who can only net in 1 goal in 20 scoring chances. This is what will cost us this season.

  8. Alan says:

    What is this shite about being very very close to signing someone. Was it as ‘close’ as winning a trophy you f*cking bullshitter Wenger. Why even come out and say something like that.
    He’s now saying that the English are obsessed with captains cos they are a warrior nation and captaincy isn’t important. No, of course it’s not Wenger. Roy Keane, John Terry, Steven Gerrard, Tony Adams – the roles they played as captains down the years weren’t important at all. You’ve lost the plot.

  9. . says:

    Wenger’s comments were more a defense of and pity for Almunia. Going on about how it’s so terrible to be a goal-keeper in the Prem. Poor Manuel, he puts some much pressure on himself and the other players stand on his feet at crosses. Don’t you know, that’s why he doesn’t confident come for crosses and command his box.

    I think maybe wenger just dropped this sorenson thing as an attempt to motivate Almunia. I think wenger still fancies Almunia.

  10. alan says:

    drogba doesnt do much does he

  11. Pritpal says:

    fuck wenger! thats 4 games he’s got it wrong! unacceptable. i hate to be one of his critics after all he’s done… but fuck him! he didn’t get a striker because bendtner was back and “like a new signing”… so where the fuck has he been the last 2 games?!? the last 2 games have showed what a striker does to a team. fuck wenger fuck almunia fuck walcott! thats how i feel right now!!! would’nt blame cesc for leaving aswell

    • Jack says:

      hate to say it but i agree about cesc, he deserves better, he an rooney have been the standout performers so far this season in the england and anyone who thinks he wouldnt get into the barca team is a clown…. 5 years he has given to arsenal, and given, he is the player he is today because he came to arsenal but he shouldnt be an also ran, or a nearly man anymore, he deserves to be playing for a team that can compete with europe’s best, and as much as it pains me, we just arent there yet… we would need to keep fabregas and add between 3-4 established footballers which is never going to happen… I for one dont begrude him moving this summer, he has tried his best with arsenal, but the players around him just arent good enough, and neither is the manager any longer

    • BigL says:

      he didn’t buy a striker because bendtner was back, yet both times he has come on as a sub when we are behind.

  12. pat shev says:

    afetr 6 years we still hanen’t a cle how to defend Drogba. We need serious changes, maybe its time for Monsieur Wenger to move upstairs or just piss off. Great manager but tactically not good enough. no plan B and Bendtner is not the answer he is no Drogba Torres or Rooney. nuf said

  13. darren says:

    anyone saying wenger needs to go needs their heads examined he is the best manager around we are playing within our resources of course he could go and borrow millions it dosent guarantee success what other manager could do without their star striker for most of the season then the scond striker gets injured plus theo and cesc, nasri breaks his leg pre-season djourou dosent play at all if that happened at manure or chavski do u think the would even be third today

    • BigL says:

      firstly he doesn’t have to go borrow millions just spend some of the £40 million that is sitting around in the bank.

      second, what kind of manger does without their star striker? maybe what you should ask is what kind of manger has 2 star strikers injured and refuses to buy a replacement when about to enter 4 key games

  14. gunner17 says:

    i think wenger has learning difficulties!

    we’ve played the exact same way against manU and chelsea for the past 5 seasons and the result is always the same. we get lots of possession up to their box, maybe score a goal, but eventually we get hit on the break or with aerial attacks to the centre of our weak defence, and we concede and lose.

    that wenger hasn’t understood that plan A isn’t working against these opponents is alarming. really.

  15. Bash says:

    Wenger is just too stubborn. He alone is right. Playing a top side like Man Utd and Chelsea without a striker? Not even Hull or Bolton would do that. He has gotten the only result possible from that mess!

    Watch what would happen against liverpool. He already has a silly excuses when we loose again!

  16. IVE says:

    You doom morans , we will face Chelsea in the champions league and I bet we will beat them . You none believers here it is , do you want to bet !!!!

  17. […] Thomas Sorensen was apparently the player that Wenger failed to sign on deadline day When wenger said we came VERY,VERY CLOSE to signing a player before the transfer window, it got people thinking to who […] […]

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