Poor tactics, stubborn, lack of spending.. In Arsene we trust?

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I didn’t want to post straight after the game as some of you always say that my posts are just a knee jerk reaction.

But now i have had time to think about the game I have to say that the Arsenal fans who STILL have faith in wenger are ether to stupid to see the light or just as stubborn as Wenger.

Poor tactics – this 4-5-1 is clearly not working vs the better teams.If you are going to play with only one striker, he has got to be strong and able to holed the ball up and link the play. And also able to compete with the physical side of the game.

Who has Wenger been using ( Eduardo and Arshavin ) 2 of the smallest, weakest players you can find. And TBH both players have been made to look shit. You cant blame the players. Blame the manager for picking this crap.

Wenger didn’t sign a striker to play this role so why not go back 2 a 4-4-2?

Lack of signings – Wenger can bang on about how he nearly signed a player on deadline day and how he almost signed David Villa all he wants. The sad fact is that he had ALL last summer to address this problems. He had the money from the sales of Adebayor and Toure, ask 90% of fans or people who know something about the game if Arsenal were short of a few players to win the league and they would all say the same things. Need a keeper, A ball winner in midfield and a striker. We all knew that before the start of the season. Come the Jan transfer window were are in a fantastic position to fight for the title as both the chavs and Man utd have dropped points. We are top after a win vs Bolton but like me alot of fans still wanted Wenger to strengthen the team with maybe 2 signings to really give us a boost to kick on and win the league. The signings didn’t come and now 3 games on we are in danger of dropping out of the top 3 into 4th.

Playing players in their wrong position – How many times have we seen Eduardo and Nic on the wings, or Arshavin as a lone striker? its the square pegs in round holes debate again.

2 much faith in poor players – We all knew that Almunia was not good enough to be our long term number one keeper. Sometimes a keeper wins you a game by making match winning saves, Just like Cech did this weekend. Its seems like everytime Almunia has a shot on target it a goal. When was the last time he make a decent save of note? Denilson was never going to be good enough to cover for Song. We all knew that we needed one more DM player at the start of the season….

How many more things do you want?

I said before the Villa, Man Utd, Chavs and Liverpool games that to win the title we needed to take 9 pts from 12 pts, at the mo its 1pt from 9.. Just shows that we are not good enough to win the league. And if we lose to Liverpool? Then what?  From 1st to 4th in 4 games

People can blame players like Almunia and Denilson all they want…the only person to blame is Wenger.

He is living off the glory days (before 2005) this needs to change. The in arsene we trust banner must now come down.

Wenger Out, Mourinho In

Sign the petition to get Wenger sacked  ( HERE )



  1. redordead says:

    Wenger have a “Napoleon Complex” and will only buy or play players that are shorter than himself.

  2. mo says:

    you know what, there would have been a time where i would have called you being plastic but im starting to doubt wenger now after these poor results.

  3. Sam says:

    You are a f@@king dick head pull your head out your arse we never gonna win the league it’s all about money untill the grounds paid off get used to it were lucky to have wenger lookk at what oneil redknapp and man city Liverpool have spent to fight for fourth stop being a c@&t

    • sebjob says:

      take a rational approach and look at Liverpool, Manure, Chelskji, Spurs and City, not to mention Real Madrid, see how much money they have spent and rate the success of those purchases…Heargraves, Berbatov, Anderson, Aquilaini (though early), Robinho, Schevchenko etc. Money does not imply success.

      What did they say in the first years of Ferguson? “You cant win the league with kids”.

      Though I think there is no sense in visiting this site again, because this is not about rationale…it is about emotions of frustrated supporters

  4. BigL says:

    as always i agree with what you say. the only thing i disagree with is with Mourinho

    I vote for Pep Guardiola. similar football, Mourinho would probably want a billion pound transfer budget and his chosen one attitude would drive me crazy

  5. sebjob says:

    oh, shut up already. For calling yourself a supporter you do not do a lot of supporting. It is alright to be constructive critical to the processes within the club, but your repeated critic is nothing close to constructive at all

  6. AfriX says:

    Right on Sinbad, crap players produce crap no matter how motivated they are. Wenger has become crap, he needs to take a sabatical away from Arsenal!

  7. benny says:

    We will see those things until Arsenal pay all debts, It’s an strategy from Wenger and Arsenal Board to play in CHL and to pay debts. To play with unknown and young players instaed of buying them with highest price. We saw this almost 5 years in a row. In summer I think that Wenger will buy a replacement for Fabregas and eventually will sign a goalkeeper. From last games I saw that even Clichy or Sagna might be sold, but Wenger have players to replace them.. Wenger also will sign Chamakh for free , in june. So, in this way I see Arsenal playing, only if Kroenke will buy all shares and becomes owner.

    • BigL says:

      thats not what the board or the accounts show

    • sebjob says:

      dont think so, we have hugely talented keepers and with Almunia’s willingness to coach the youngsters as opposed to Lehmann’s attitude. Schezny is doing brilliant in league 1, he is a one of a kind talent. Economy there is still the higbury development which is looking like a success, the Queensland road dev. is starting soon but has problem with permit as to cooperation with neighbours and a wall to block rats to enter their gardens, while the subway station has to be developed before expanding the capacity of the stadium. The finance records look positive though, and they say they were touched by recession in regards to the highbury dev. but still looks like profit. Your point being young talents, and looking at new training ground and double youth winning squad it indeed looks positive. Afobe and Aneke just refused Barca. Ramsey and Wilshere coming through

  8. benny says:

    Belive me guys, there is no way of sacking Wenger. Arsenal Board and Wenger are eating in the same vessel.

  9. goonerali says:

    i think most people give you a bashing sinbad which is unfair because you are passionate and you love the club.I have to say i agree 100% with what you say.You feel the exact way i do so im glad somone feels like i do.When i express my views people call me a plastic and why because i want my team to do well

    • BigL says:

      indeed, a plastic fan is someone who’ll just sit back and take it up the arse and beg for more, whereas a real fan wants the best for the team and questions why we fail.

      On the bright side, many of these plastic fans will bugger off to support France or where ever Wenger ends up next

    • Gooner JJ 71 says:

      No, the reason he gets a bashing is bescause he is more motivated to critise Arseanl than to support them. Sinbad, do you cheer when we score; will you celebrate when we win the CL this year. When that happens will you shut up?

  10. gooner_b11 says:

    TAKE NOTE WENGER….. football is like boxing! you can box/play going forwards or you can box/play going backwards, just because the other team is going backwards doesn’t mean you’re winning the fight, you can be knocked out on the counter because you came forward with your chin out and NO DEFENCE!….but we outplayed them is what some of you akb’s will say, i’ll say shots on target and the score at the top of screen will tell you who’s really winning the match (WE ONLY HAD 2SHOTS ON TARGET), and the post match comments are just getting embarrassing now, and the neglect to teach defence is glaringly obvious now…more so than the personnel he hasn’t purchased over the years….you’re only as good as your last season and wenger’s had five, repetitively making the same mistakes again and again and now the team he created in his own image is doing the same. In 10years we’ve gone from the best defence in the premiership and one of the best in the world to a team who easily conceade more than 30 a season every season, and in 6years gone from a the worlds best counter attacking team (BAR NONE!) to a team now susceptible to counters. as far as i’m concearned with all of this evidence and the comments of domestic cups not being better than 3rd, me and this stubborn man aren’t pulling the same direction any more, and i’m not going anyway as i’ve been a gooner since 86. HE NEEDS TO GO!

  11. bryan says:

    when you look at the run in of all the teams this was a great chance for us to win this He knew we where short up front in november and has done nothing, so frustating.

  12. gooner_b11 says:

    the words winning is a habit and not winning is also a habit come to mind, you don’t throw away fa cup games for the sake of it…..3days of rest doesn’t do a damn thing to a teams inability to play when they’re winning like stoke he did the same thing 2years ago when we were storming the league, and threw the united fa cup game, we spiralled out of the race some weeks later…..the board doesn’t make that decision….he does! and then come out saying “i don’t consider the united game a game that did it” WAKE UP GOONERS

  13. goonerali says:

    the thing that gets me really mad is wenger comes out and says we were very very very close.Thats even worse why tell us that arsene you trying to rub it in.Its blatently obvious who we need to sign but wenger is so stubborn he wont come out of his stupid ways.If there is no money to spend why dont he just tell us that.

  14. gooner_b11 says:

    i know this supporting arsenal thing is a marriage and you have good times and bad times, but like our football over the years, just because your former ugly wife has become more prettier over the years doesn’t mean you’ll start to take a load of shit from her, don’t be afriad of change….i love my fellow gooners, i love this club, but can’t stand this team

  15. Sebastian says:

    can we have abit of calm please?

    nothing hurts me more than being embarrassed by our closest rivals, but lets take a step back a minute.

    Wenger has made mistakes, and deep down, i think he knows that. for whatever reason, he didnt buy a striker, but in all honesty, who are you going to buy??

    I feel we missed out badly on signing Given, best £8mil you’d ever spend, and i agree that players such as Diaby (altho he can play very well on occasion), Walcott, Gallas, Almunia and above all Denilson are not good enough to play for Arsenal. However, Arsene hates losing even more than we do, and although i do believe that 3 league titles and 4 FA Cups in 13 years is not nearly enough, he is the man for the job.

    We will win the league, eventually, but please stop being stupid and use your brains for a minute, dont slag off the bloke that has done so much for this club, no manager is perfect.

    Fergie has won many titles, but at what cost? he has spend multi millions of players that are dog sh*t, cos he can afford to. we dont work that way at arsenal. when the stadium is paid off, we will be so far ahead of everyone else, just wait and see. i want success now like the rest of you, but i will definately still say “in arsene we trust”.

    come on you gooners.

    • jd says:

      How can you possibly say that Gallas is not good enough to play for Arsenal? He is the best defender at the club by a mile. Gallas is too easy a target for people like you because he used to play for Chelsea and is a dissenting voice at the club. He’s earned that right because he has proven year after year that he’s is one of the most talented defenders in the world.

      • ChrissyG says:

        jd, spot on mate gallas i one of a number of players that should be praised for his attitude and proferssionalism, after losing the captainsy he has grown and showd what a world class player he always has been. panics sometime but f**k me name me a defender who doesnt!

      • Sebastian says:

        the point about Gallas wasnt really the point i was making…

  16. MistaKen says:

    I am gutted because I believe the Premier League needs Wenger to succeed to show that a team can win it by playing beautiful football. I still believe in Wenger’s football style but I don’t believe he know that we need a quality goalie, quality powerful center mid and a quality striker to make it work. I am also gutted for Wenger because I believe he was instrumental in bringing us a great stadium within our budget. I am convinced now though that Wenger has become too powerful at Arsenal and this has clouded his judgment. It pains me to say it but if there is a better manager available we should get him and replace Wenger.

  17. goonerali says:

    Wenger since 2005 has gone downhill,hes sold players and failed to replace them.Up untill 2005 wenger was a true great a fantastic manager and somewhere deep down inside there probably still is a great manager but over the last few years hes lost the plot gretly.from 2005 we have finished 3rd once and a number of 4th placed finishes.Apart from the 207/2008 season we have been miles behind man united and chelsea.Why do us fans have to suffer whilst man u and chelsea win countless trophies?.Everyone knows who weve needed for ages now but wenger is so stubborn and has failed to identify this.Wenger thinks just becaus he won all the trophies in the past he can do whatever he likes.I was reading a blog by chris kamara on sky sports and he said if wenger was in charge at barcelona or real madrid and went 2 yrs without a trophy he would be sacked.Its to comfortable for wenger there needs to be pressure on him by the board,but the board are just too nice there not bothered about winning trophies only bothered about making profits.As far as players like almunia denilson etc i dont blame them i blame wenger for not adressing these areas and spending money.Do we have money to spend? because something tells me we dont.

  18. Ben says:

    There is some merit to discussion. Let’s be honest if Drogba, Rooney , Torres were injured for most of season a replacement would have been bought. We had FOUR strikers out and yet he wouldnt buy. THe formation works with class up front VP is class. Wenger should have bought we could have won the league. I feel really deflated he is a great manager but has a blind spot about this.

  19. ChrissyG says:

    lay off wenger! the bloke has and always will have arsenal in his best interest whether things come off or not. how many people in football these days, players and managers would hav stayed so loyal to a foreign club with the limited resourses he has had?? we have been blessed with CL football for the last decade, a feet that many other ‘big’ clubs in the league could only dream of and having spent multiples of what we have? yes it is a frustrating time but to start a petition to get wenger sacked, come on that is the most disrespectful thing i have heard/seen in 28 years! i often call other fans fickle but i should be looking closer to home

  20. gooner_b11 says:

    Sebastian you’re still looking at wenger with eyes from the past, fergie and wenger when he was on point showed you it takes 3years to re-build a team, you identify the leaders in your old squad and you keep them in the present squad to teach the new guys how to become winners, there’s a reason why scholes, giggs and alike still remain, to show the future, this is how we do things AT THIS CLUB, our heritage was sold, instead of identifying the players who had something to pass on regardless of their legs LIKE pires, LIKE edu, Like Vieira and keeping keown and winterburn for defensive coaches we let em all go……on top of that we only challenege for 2trophies a year….2trophies that are VERY hard to reach, you must learn to walk before you fly, win the league cup……win the fa cup and move on from there! this is not the same man now, who walked into the club in 96

  21. lucky says:

    you the problems some fans are just to blind to see the fact that arsene is loosing it…when ur child go wrong spank him…pamperin him wouldnt help him…i cant believe some fans dont see anything wrong in wengers idealogy..

  22. MistaKen says:

    We do have money to spend goonnerali, Wenger just wont spend it because his judgment of how to fix the problem is clouded. He thinks he is Arsenal.
    Nobody wants Wenger to succeed more than me but I fear that come next transfer window he will not buy proven quality.

  23. nellsonone says:

    Whats up 🙂 ……..
    as a true gunner & newcomer to newsnow 🙂 every bad result brings the same “I’m alan hanson’s unborn child bulls**t” arsene’s a genius & has prob spent less than the top 8 clubs in the prem…. I say prob because i’m not goin to opta, but the list of players he’s brought & bought from a young age is ridiculous….. Fab, song, clichy, ramsey, viera, cole, anelka + looks like theres a lot more comin through + if they dont come through they’ll cost 1-3 mill to buy, so you so called fans keep disrespectin while us true fans keep smilin at the true situation our club is in : [ ] 1 love

  24. gooner_b11 says:

    and everybody lets stop blaming our lack of signings for the reason this is happening it’s not the be all and end all of our problems even if we had a huntelaar…..a dzeko…a chamakh yesterday, what would it have done, with the crosses coming in from sagna and clichy….NOTHING! it won’t make them cross any better, a new keeper ALTHO WE NEED ONE it wouldn’t help clichy or denilson defend any better……MORE COACHING ON OUR INDEFICIENCIES WILL, a new defensive coach, to teach them how to handle counter attacks instead of running back in cris-crosses giving the drogba space for the 2nd, more crossing sessions, more set piece coaching defensively and offensively…….more video tape sessions watching the opposition

  25. buzz says:

    does anyone have any good ideas to raise our transfer kitty , i think they should charge us £5 for a piss and £10 for a shit then we could give all our teenagers 100K cars , walcot could have a 6ft bodygaurd to help keep him upright almunia could give up his waiters job and will still have 100 million over for wenger to buy some more schoolboys

  26. mojo says:

    OMG..ok…I agree we need a goalie, a ball-winner and a striker but to say we should get rid of Arsene is total CRAP DUDE!!!!

  27. gooner_b11 says:

    ChrissyG! did it ever occur to you it’s also in Wengers best interests to stay with THIS foreign club, no team in the world would pay him 5million a year to produce failure, this real madrid came calling last summer, that wasn’t just loyalty that kept him in this job, it was STABILITY for himself….at this club, he’s not judged by the powers that be, at any other club, he would be…..Real? he wouldn’t even see out the year to make the 5mil, he’d be out attempting project youth

  28. BigL says:

    is is just me or has the tide well and truely turned?

  29. Omgyiyja says:

    All of your points are reactionary and inflammatory.

    It’s clear to most football entusiasts that Arsenal’s problems stem from a lack of defensive ability (especially at defending set-pieces and the counter-attack). This is the reason Man Utd disassemble them almost everytime they play against one another and why Chelsea can manhandle a 2-0 victory while playing the “lesser” football.

    Forget the below-par Denilson, the problems are with Clichy!!!, Almunia, Gallas and Vermaelen (Sagna somewhat excluded but not fully). While this is partly Wenger’s fault, the pitter-patter mentality from members of the team doesn’t help.

    Also, would you complain about David Villa as a lone striker based on his physical attributes as opposed to scoring or chancemaking record?

  30. stonroy says:

    I would never want to see Mourinho at our club. NEVER EVER NEVER.

  31. IVE says:

    You sad bastrad. call yourself supporters , you mean you only support when you are winning .
    Fact , we lost Robin
    Fact no one want to sell in Janruary
    Fact the team lack discipline
    Fact – Supporters support the team through the good times and the bad .

  32. gooner_b11 says:

    BigL none of us want this……but you knew from last summer, alot of people said i’ll give him another year to turn this around, hoping he’d learn from the arshavin situation last jan, and spend….he hasn’t, same mistake again, some people have had enough of the excuses and the spin and moaning.

    and some others who said give him another year are saying again give him another year again lol, it can’t go on

    • BigL says:

      dude don’t get me wrong, I thought Wenger should have went sometime ago. His stubbornness ultimately lead to Henry wanting to leave, it was around that point when I started to wonder what the hell he was doing and why he wouldn’t buy replacements.

      What I meant by the tide turing is, normally Sinbad makes a post and gets innundated with AKBs spouting rubbish. Since the Man U defeat they seem to have vanished. Even other blogs are questioning Wengers tactics.

      It’s good to see people starting to wake up.

      100% behind Arsenal. 0% behind Wenger

  33. MistaKen says:

    I am gutted because I love Arsen and I believe in his style of football. I am gutted because I don’t believe Arsen realises how close we are – just 2 or three key palayers – to being a GREAT team. I am gutted because I am not convinced Arsen will but proven quality. Most of all I am gutted because I don’t want the dumb presenters at Talk Shite to be proven right.

  34. Maciek says:


    Many Arsenal fans claim that when Wenger finally retires or will be sacked, we are finished as a Club. I tend to disagree. There is many managers available, and they are quality ones( Hiddink for example) and our financial situation is good enough to persuade any top manger to come here.

    We all know, Wenger won’t be sacked. He will go when his contract expires( knowing our unambitious board of directors, they will extend his contract till 2015-16).
    But there is an even bigger problem-our unambitious board and many average players who don’t give a f**k.
    Clownunia, Fabianski, Clichy, Silvestre, Djourou,Denislon,Walcott, Vela, Eduardo and even Nasri are just NOT GOOD ENOUGH. They need to be sold.

    We do have many quality players but they are sorrounded by many crap players. I feel sorry for Fabregas, WillyG, Vermy, Arshavin because they know we need quality, and they know that they don’t win a trophy with Wenger in charge.

    His “project youth” has failed. We have too many overpaid primadonnas, who don’t care about our great CLUB. They are mercenaries, but just an average ones. We have 2nd highest wage bill in the Premier League. We pay milions of pounds to extend contracts for Denilson and Almunia, YET we can’t spend 25 milion pounds to sign Dzeko or any other quality striker WHO CAN SCORE.

    We are a joke at the moment.
    -A joke keeper,
    -no proper cd( Adams or Cambpell type),
    – no world clas cdm,
    – no typical wingers in our team,
    -no striker.I will say it once again-NO STRIKER. NO QUALITY STRIKER.

    Why move to a great stadium and earn 3milion per match, when we don’t even spend this money on proper players. Why extend contracts with average players who are just not good enough?


    Take carte and sorry for my long post. It just the fact……..that I LOVE this CLUB so much.

  35. Fredwest says:

    Sinbad yet again you speak for many of us. If only the board had the nuts to sack him

  36. gooner_b11 says:

    yeah…..there are managers out there, many dutch top coaches would take this job, hiddink, rijkaard etc and they’d continue to play football, lauren blanc even a new french tactician with fresh ideas, and he’s be able to teach defence…..could bring gourcuff and chamakh with him?…who knows

    but yeah i am ready for change

  37. paul says:

    first you criticize AW for playing Eduardo at striker and then you criticize AW for playing Eduardo on the wing. so where is AW supposed play Eduardo then?

  38. nickoman says:

    sell almunia fabianski clichy sagna djourou silvestre song denilson bendtner none of these players are Arsenal class.
    Bring back the old Arsenal values wear suits to away games no african players wearing african wrist bands. start bringing in players with the Arsenal mentality and stop misleading the fans .Arsene i have lost patience with you and the board who hide behind yiu like cowards. you have more transfer window to do all this or you will lose the majority of the fans.What Wenger does well he is the best at but he has many weaknesses which are hindering our progress. deluded new age gooners time to wake up

  39. nickoman says:

    one more transfer window – typing error

  40. silver rose says:

    sign a petition to have wenger sacked?do you actually think that will happen because of a poll on some arsenal blog,i think arsene has earned the right to pick the team,i think he should stay aswell, but this summer now has got to be the year when we get rid of the shit ie ALMUNIA NASRI DENILSON CLICHY TRAORE SILVESTRE FABIANSKI and sign some proper players,we need to spend at least 50million this summer,if arsene doesnt then he should go then,not before

  41. Maciek says:

    Nickoman- he has had 8 transfer windows to improve our situation and to stop making the same mistakes. He has faild. He is to stubborn!

  42. richard says:

    5 years and counting–no trophies, means no success–end of story.

  43. herdee string says:

    when you write with such passion, i just want to suck all the cum out of your nuts

  44. nickoman says:

    maciek and richard i see your point and share your anger and frustrations however the reasons for all this are not so straightforward . Wenger has been taking the flak for those dinosaurs on the board.The confusing thing is you dont just become a clueless manager over night .However he is not without blame and for one reason or another he has tried our patience . Myself and many Arsenal fans i know have decided to give him one more window of grace. ive been an Arsenal fan 35years and at the moment i dont recognise my Arsenal

  45. dvs says:

    i bet u don’t know anything of Arsenals history u fucking moron. go support spurs, i mean it. Arsenal don’t deserve you, and you dont deserve the Arsenal. prick!

  46. The friendly Gooner says:

    Calm down crazy people! OK we may have a bit more money than is sometimes suggested, but it still isn’t that much compared to what the 2 teams above us have. Yes, that’s right, just 2 teams above us. How many managers could really come in and get us to win the league without £50 million + to spend on players? We don’t even have that! Then again I suppose we would have a fair bit from the sale of Cesc as he will leave if Wenger does.
    Man Utd have arguably the best manager in the world and spend a fortune on players. Chelsea have also spent a fortune on players and their wages.
    Who could we get in to replace Wenger (I wish to state I don’t think we should sack him at all). We haven’t won a trophy for 5 years and of course we all want one, but look at the bigger picture. If Wenger goes, this club will go into free fall. Players will leave (1st one will be Cesc), we will have to build again and in the mean time drop out of the Champions League places and then we wont be able to attract the best as we will be in the Europa league.
    Wenger has changed the way this club works, from the 9 year olds to the 1st team. It will only start to bear fruit in the next couple of years as the lads who joined the new academy as 9 year olds are only about 18 now! Pease be patient and enjoy the football. It will come.

  47. eliogunner says:

    is anyone else thinking that clichy is shit? his positioning is appaling and some fans consider him the best lb in the prem. haha what a joke.he has been crap since giving that famous pen away vs birmingham and i have thought he was shit since then. against utd we conceded a goal due to his shitness and again at chelsea what was he doing leaving his position, when drogba was running there. he cannot even clear a ball! we need a solid leftback who is not crap. sorry about my moaning but i can’t see why he is still in the team and we need to buy a gk, lb, cb, dm and striker in the summer, and not a 21 year old french player who has played 12 games in ligue 2. we all know manuel almunia and denilson are appaling, but it is wenger who keeps faith in these players so they are not to blame. wenger has created arsenal but every manager will hit a point when he can do no further, and as much as it pains me to say i think his time is up. i am only giving my opinion and do not necessarily think i am right, but our defence has been far too poor this season even with vermaelen, and if u look back at goals conceded it is usually due to the left side or poor positioning.

  48. Gigi says:

    On one hand I would praise Wenger for having done a good job with the resources he has been given.

    But on the other hand I hate his moaning and excuses. A defeat can be one-off, but a series of big defeats, year after year, against your main rivals are not one-offs. To improve you must have the humility to admit that something is not right and to try and put it right.

    Based on the resources available, Arsenal is indeed punching above its weight. But instead coming out with literally the same excuses every time we lose, Arsene should just be honest with the fans; we are not good enough to challenge for title; with the resources available, the best we can hope for is third. Otherwise Arsene would just be deluding the fans and himself, and thereby setting everybody up for a big fall when things dont work out.

  49. Charlie says:

    Like every “expert pundit” and so callled expert bloggers, their answer to every lost is to buy and change tactics. Remember all these “expert Pundit” had failed miserably at managing even the smallest team. Reason: not stubborn enough and does not have any conviction. Buy and chop and change are their tactics.
    Sir Alex was nearly hounded out by them.
    BUY: yes I agree we need a few more players; but, WHO. Run through the list of players some of you suggested and figure where they are now. Of course there are the marque players that every one wish to have in their team. Dream on.

  50. Braffit says:

    The question was, “in Arsene we trust?” The correct answer is, “not anymore”. Has everyone been hypnotized by Arsene into believing that #3 or #4 is the same as finishing first?????? Are you mad? “Almost” is for darts not football.

  51. YL says:

    What a load of crap. At the start of the season we were written off, and to be honest looking at I squad, I had written us off too. But Arsene has used the squad he has and turned them into title challengers.

    Yes, we need to sign players, but only the right players that will compliment the squad. We don’t want big ego’s like Adebayor who disrupt the team and we don’t want big names that don’t live up to expectations. Look at Rafa – how many times has he signed players who turned out to be rubbish.

    The lack of fan support amazes me. Take a look at the Liverpool, Portsmouth even ManUre fans who stick by their team. Too many Gooners just want to bitch and moan everytime we don’t get a result.

  52. Samir Nasri says:

    I also realise tht Wenger don’t respect Arsenal funs even 1 bit. He is alwys behave like politicians who promise heaven during campaign bt once elected he delivered nothng. When transfer windows are open he promised to sign then he apply delaying tactics by buyin tyme bargaining b4 u knw it,the windows closed then we will hear i wanted to sign Messi bt barca never willing to sell hm. I now agree Wenger out,Rijkaard in.

  53. mad says:

    what the fuck you suggesting to bring in mourhino that son of the bitch who is only good in self admiring, self center and chess playing tactics

  54. Womble says:

    He will never go as long as we keep getting 3rd or 4th and making good profits while giving the appearance of challenging on all fronts. The only thing that will bring him down is if we finish 5th. But the “In Arsene we trust” banner is an embarrassment and should come down as you say. Trust to do what? Most fans probably no longer trust him to bring trophies to the Club. It seems he can only be trusted to ensure $$profits and keep getting us into the CL.

  55. Ken says:

    Cesc from the halfwayline

  56. iceman says:

    this article probably just wants a response from supporters who never read this site or some spuds and chavs who wanna have a dig. sign mourinio? thats the biggest jok i’ve ever heard. go support some cheating scumbags like chelsea, hull or bolton you prick coz we are the arsenal who do the things the proper way!!

  57. Dave says:

    Do some fans not realise we’ve moved stadium recently? Arsenal as a business is in fantastic shape, some fans seemed to have ignored the fact that before the move we were warned there would be cut backs. Wenger isnt perfect but he’s still doing a very good job, the club might not be winning but it’s far from losing. Hopefully Arsene is at the club longer than some of these fans who seem to have all the answers.

  58. OC says:

    Only one team can come first. On your reasoning, 19 managers should be sacked every season for not being the best. Don’t be so spoilt, we don’t have a right to win the league – and Wenger gives it his best shot the only way he knows how. Yes, he has faults and has made mistakes. 3rd is not 1st – but this idea that ‘it just isn’t good enough’?? What a load of tosh!


  59. ScotchEggsRule says:

    Wenger out MaureenHo in?

    You complete and utter imbecile, be thankful websites aren’t vetted for bullshit otherwise your’s would of been taken down long ago.

  60. Arsene's Choreographic Muse says:

    I was just watching the skysports fanzone replay of the chelsea game. Boy was that sad. the poor gooner commentator on there was made to look like an absolute mug.

    But I’ve found that the best way to deal with Wenger supporters is face to face. I just laugh at them and mock them and Wenger to their face and they have no answer to it. On the web in blogs they can spin and spin but face to face if you just outright belly-laugh at them and mock them and belly-laugh at Wenger and mock him, his choreography, his ballet rehearsals and his ballerinas. If you just keep relentlessly laughing and mocking each and every one of the essentially limitless number of laughable and mockable things about Arsene and his ballet, it’s game over.

    I personally feel that some of the gooners who live in London should get a bull-horn and stand outside Arsene’s house in the morning when he leaves and in the evening when he returns, relentlessly mocking him and his ballet at bull-horn decibels.

    That’s what he deserves. Did any of you notice today how he threatened not to speak during his press conferences? If I was the reporter there I would have belly-laughed right in his face and pointed out the fact that nothing but horse-shit ever comes out of his mouth in those press conferences anyway.

  61. Costa says:

    In wenger we trust. Calling for his head is short sighted and stupid. The good thing about the mancs and chavs doing the double over us is that he will change the squad in the summer. Keeping Fab will be a key component to that.

    Your suggestion of Mourinho proves that you haven’t got a clue. Go back to boring football….no thanks.

    • BigL says:

      like we changed the squad last summer or the summner before that or the summer before that.

      perhaps you mean letting key players go is changing the squad.

  62. tasos says:

    shut up. real spent 200m city spent 150m tottenam spent 100m they are first? arsavin&eduardo 2 of the smallest. rooney,tores,villa how big is? go and support mancity and shut up. there you will have big transfers

  63. tasos says:

    oh i forget. when you support mancity you can buy rayn babel&felippe melo

  64. […] Poor tactics, stubborn, lack of spending.. In Arsene we trust? I didn’t want to post straight after the game as some of you always say that my posts are just a knee jerk […] […]

  65. Alan D says:

    chamakh is going to sign a pre season contract on friday

  66. BigL says:

    credit where credit is due, we got 3 points tonight and united and chelsea both dropped points.

    I still cant help but think had we of brought a striker on Jan 1st we would have got something out of the last few games and the league is still gone, but 3 points is still 3 points

  67. Dan says:

    Can you imagine the crap this site would write if we’d lost at Everton and drawn at Hull in consecutive away games?

  68. true gunner says:

    im getting sick of this bullshit. ferguson can blow millions on flop after flop pay them outrageous wages and everyone slaps him on the back and tells him how great he is. and this includes alot of premiership managers who lick his ass week in week out . case in point. did you see martin o neils reaction after the game tonight when carew should have got a penalty , he didnt even mention it in the interview. and after the game was over slapping ferguson on the back and licking his already licked out hole, imagine if this was against arsenal he would be moaning and whining at the ref and shouting at arsene corrupt wee prick that he is. sorry for the rant ,back to the topic.do you all think arsene is david blaine , you say he has 30 mill to spend well the last time i checked 30 mill would hardly buy you one decent player never mind the 3 or 4 great players you all want. its about time you got real. yes wenger has made mistakes but think about it this has mostly revolved around his lack of funds, can you honestly think a smart savvy guy like wenger would have let players like flamini etc leave, if he could afford their wages, ofcourse not. wenger will definitely come through for us. what other manager can buy a player for a couple mill and turn him into a star. tell me this would you like that prick morinho to come manage us, what will that fake ego tripping prick do with no money to spend i can guarentee , we would not make the top half of the table. guys just be rational and think before you speak, it is obvious there is no money. at present. also think of the high amount of injuries to key players we have had in the last couple of yrs, and think about how wenger discovered players like adebayor and hleb etc and how the pricks left us once they got a better offer from other clubs, if it wasnt for this combo of things we would have a team good enough to win loads of trophies. wenger will spend this summer and this time nex yr we all will be very happy people. anyways im off to apply for a job. manchester utd fc are looking for a person or a monkey either will do. as not much of an iq is needed the sucessfull applicant must like spending millions on overrated flops untill he finally gets it right, he also must show a penchant for paying off the odd ref so his players can then dive to win penalties or free kicks, and also so his players can kick the opposition off the park and get away with it. finally and this may be the clincher, you must have a flair for convincing people you are the best at what you do. and make them believe that money has nothing at all to do with the sucess of your club. wish me luck guys im bringing my pet chimpanzee along for back up.

  69. Harry Barracuda says:

    What a sorry cretinous little cunt you are.

  70. fatgingergooner says:

    havent heard much from you now that we are only 6 points off the lead and still in with a shout!!!

    or do you just crawl out from your shithole when Arsenal are having a rough patch???


  71. the gun says:

    What arsenal needs is a system like barcelona and real madrid where the fans vote for a president and a system where the fans can buy shares, this system of operation is the only way forward. what we have at arsenal is an oligarchy who feels they can do whatever they want without any accountability.
    Wenger has to accountable to the fans
    the board has to be accountable to the fans. arsenal is for the fans and not for boardmembers or managers who test failing philosophies

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