Has Wenger ever signed a “good” goalkeeper?

Posted: February 18, 2010 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized

When Arsene wenger took over at Arsenal he inherited a team with a solid defence and a world class goalkeeper in David Seaman. I ask you today has he ever really replaced him?

Jens Lehmann was eccentric and often infuriating,but maybe the only keeper that Wenger has signed who did a decent job as our number one.

With all the top teams, you need a solid number one to give confidence to the rest of the team, Arsenal have not had this for years now. Manchester United lost a world class keeper in peter schmeichel and had a few problems finding the right man until they signed Edwin van der Sar, Both Liverpool and Chelsea have outstanding solid keepers, Even Villa and Man City have world class keepers.

Arsenal on the other hand have a host of comedians between the sticks from Almunia to Fabianski. Personally i think they are both not good enought to be our number one if we want to win things.

I look back at some of the keepers Wenger has signed and i am starting to question his ability to judge a decent keeper

Alex Manninger
Signed by Arsenal in June 1997 as cover for David Seaman. During the 1997–98 season Seaman suffered a long spell out injured and Manninger ably covered for him, enjoying a spell of eight clean sheets in a row in the league, a club record. However, without a consistent run in the side he was unable to maximise his potential.and after a few poor games in the league cup and low on confidance as he knew he was never going to be number one,he was shown the door. 64 games over four seasons
Arsenal action ratings 7/10

Richard Wright
Wright joined Arsenal in July 2001 for £6m on a five-year contract and was signed by Arsène Wenger as a long-term successor to David Seaman. He was given on 22 games before he was shown the door.
Arsenal Action Ratings 6/10

Rami Shaaban
In August 2002, Shaaban joined Arsenal as a possible replacement for David Seaman. When Seaman was injured, he played in two matches in the UEFA Champions League at home against PSV Eindhoven and away against AS Roma as well three matches in the Premier League. Unfortunately, Shaaban broke his leg during training on Christmas Eve 2002 ultimately sidelining himself for the rest of the season. Due to the severity of his injury, Shaaban feared he wouldn’t be able to play again. However, after rigorous physical therapy Shaaban was able to bounce back. When Seaman left Arsenal in the summer of 2003, Arsène Wenger signed Jens Lehmann who played every match that season as Arsenal went undefeated for the entire 2003-2004 English Premier League season. Shaaban was plagued by injuries and failed to become Arsenal first goal keeper. As a result, Shaaban was loaned out to West Ham United and consequently ending his Arsenal career. 3 games for Arsenal.
Arsenal Action ratings 7/10

Guillaume Warmuz
signed a short-term contract with Arsenal FC, as cover for both David Seaman and the injured Rami Shaaban, but did not play any first-team matches
Arsenal Action Ratings N/A

Mart Poom
Poom was signed by Arsenal in August 2005 as temporary cover for Jens Lehmann and Manuel Almunia. The deal was made permanent in January 2006.He made his debut for Arsenal on 8 November 2006 in a League Cup match against Everton, replacing the injured Manuel Almunia at half-time; Arsenal won 1–0. His first and only appearance for Arsenal in the Premier League came on the last day of the 2006–07 season against his former team Portsmouth, in a goalless draw. 2 games 2 clean sheets
Arsenal Action Rating 7.5/10

Jens Lehmann
Lehmann joined Arsenal on 25 July 2003 as a replacement for David Seaman, and played every match as Arsenal F.C. went unbeaten for the entire 2003–04. However Mad jens was known to the odd moment of madness but thats maybe why we loved him.
Arsenal Action Rating 8/10

Manuel Almunia
Almunia signed for Arsenal for an undisclosed fee on 14 July 2004. He was given the number one after Jens Lehmann left for Stuttgart at the beginning of the 2008–09 season. In 2008, Almunia signed a new long-term contract with Arsenal.
Arsenal Action Ratings 6/10

Łukasz Fabiański
On 8 May 2007 Arsenal agreed an undisclosed fee with Legia Warszawa. Hit and miss since signing
Arsenal Action Ratings 6/10

Other keepers we almost signed.. Jerzy Dudek, Fabian Carini,Sebastian Viera

Personally, I would go out this summer and sign hugo Loris, If Arsenal want to win something again we need a world class number one.

Debate this more ( HERE )


  1. brdgunner says:

    I think we have to bite the bullet and spend big in this area.

    We can’t get a bargin, I think the scouts are attacking players and tend to be impressed by flash saves and don’t think about how a keeper camands his area or deals with pressure and crosses.

    In addition to this we never sign keepers Lehman excluded with any high pressure experience.

  2. hec says:


  3. Rob says:

    That polish kid with an unpronuciable name just may be wenger’s best ever keeper signing. But I fear he coud be tempted to look elswhere for first team football as wenger still thinks he’s not ready.

  4. nickoman says:

    lloris as no.1 and scezney no2 end of is what it should be next season. However iprefer Manone to the other two chumps right now.

    • Alan D says:

      agreed about mannone i tink sorensons contract is out at the end of the season Lloris would be to expensive maybe paul robinson

  5. Tom14 says:

    Shay Given is not World Class.

  6. aj says:

    Given is not world class but he’s better than these two muppets. Three quarters of the league have better keepers than us.How many big games in the last two years have been lost as a result of goalkeeper error?

  7. Sharkz says:

    Ahhh I missed lehmann…. a keeper with strong character.

  8. alex says:

    wenger knows nothing about defence.

  9. Begeegs says:

    Lehmann an 8?? He was a superb keeper. He could make match winning saves. Every keeper makes occasional gaffes, but not many can produce match winning saves, but Jens could.

  10. GunnerX says:

    Apart from Lehman and Chesney (the fella we’ve loaned out to brentford), I would say Arsene’s track record signing competent goal keepers is very poor, as is the defensive side of his game.

  11. Hugo says:

    How does Lehmann only get half a point more than Mart Poom??

  12. David says:

    This is the first blog on Arsenal Action I’ve agreed with – it’s fair, and it’s intelligent, and well done.
    I agree 100% – right now we’re missing a top top class GK, and it’s cost us this season, in all competitions. Fabianski shows potential, but it is interspersed with such madness and errors that he is becoming regarded as a joke.
    Almunia has been weak in goal, and has seemingly put in half the effort of previous seasons.
    If we had a decent GK we’d be in a much healthier position in the league, and we’d certainly not be staring down the end of a potential Champion’s League early exit.

  13. shaun says:

    shay given has been consistentlyone of the best keepers in the world for yrs. he is without doubt world class. and wenger should have signed him yrs ago. how good was campell last night

  14. Erichero says:

    Everyone is purring about Mr (Chesney) – in fact, I’m not sure how often Wenger has ever been so gushing in his assessment of one of our prospects (Song maybe?). I believe him, but perhaps I don’t have good reason in the GK dept?

  15. OC says:

    Mostly agree but I must wonder why your scouting network suggests Loris is the answer, when not one top club has looked to buy him.

    Also, the young boy out on loan may be the answer, but you cannot definitely say that this is the case.

    You know Championship Manager is not real life.

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