An open letter to Mr Ashley Cole, from a gooner

Posted: February 23, 2010 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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An open letter to Mr Ashley Cole

Dear Ashley.

Five years ago you was at Arsenal and many thought you was the best left back in the world. Won championship medals and had the life that only some can dream about.

The Arsenal boy who made it and became a hero. Life was sweet,£60,000 a week, and to top it off you even had a hot pop star girlfriend who loved you..what a life.

But that wasn’t enough for you was it? You wanted more!

You had everything that many of us dream about but yet YOU wanted more!

Well look at you now, I hope that the extra money you quit Arsenal for was worth it. I hope that mixing with scum like John Terry has made you a better man.

Karma is a wonderful thing.

We are all with you and thinking about your broken leg and your broken marriage. ( NOT ) And lets hope that the rumors are not true and that the Chavs at Chelsea are willing to flog you in the summer…

What a difference five years can make, The grass was not greener on the other side was it mate? In fact you stepped on every piece of dog shit on the way. And now the world hates you…

I f##king love it.

Just think what might have been if you stayed at Arsenal.

Thinking about you…
Members of Arsenal Action

  1. summer says:

    man! am an arsenal fan but yo plain jealous and bitter.
    ofcourse its nice to smear dung on cashley’s but. tho i suggest u / we refrain from gaining joy from peoples’ real life pains.
    as a gunner i dont like him. but being human, i wouldnt judge a man unless i had walked in his shoes. hope he sorts himself out.

    • Logan says:

      As far as the situation with Arsenal goes, he was lied to. Hewas told he was gonna get a certain amount of money and never got it. Granted, he would still have been on good money but they took the piss. Also they treatedHenry like he was more important. The irony is though that Chelski are doing the same. Standing by JT and not Ashley….when JT’s situation is far worse. Ah well, fuck em all. They get paid way more than me!

      • Stewart Stanbra says:

        Henry was much more important mate!!!!

      • jock says:

        Lied to??! The club refused to pay his agent’s fees, there were no lies.

        Cashley won’t regret having left us – thanks to the Russian, he earns shitloads, and Chelsea have obviously been superior to us in the last few years on the pitch, so he’s picked up medals.

        But he is still an A1 shithead, hated not only by Gooners but pretty much all football fans. Even Chav fans don’t like him.

    • James says:

      Sod the theifing bast***.
      I’d do his job for half the money he’s on,
      and as for Cheryl, he has the hottest women in the world.
      i’d rather our Kieran Gibbs at LB in the world cup.
      Hope Ashley’s life mucks up a bit more
      to give us a laugh!
      doesnt he support Arsenal?
      he left for a bid more money at a rival club..

      10 men went to bed, went to bed with ashley, 10 men, 9 men, 8 men, 7 men, 6 men, 5 men, 4 men, 3 men, 2 men, 1 man & his mobile phone.. went to bed with ashley!

    • Bobby Boy says:

      Well Said Summer
      His personal life dont interest me but he is still the best left back in prem

  2. Josh says:

    I hope you die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Dan says:

    What has he achieved since he went there??

    Premiership? NO
    Champions League? NO

    Separated/Divorced from the hottest woman in the country? YES
    Hated by football fans all over the country? YES
    Booed by England fans? YES
    Mocked by the media? YES
    Played Shit for 3 years? YES
    Bigger House and Car? Probably. He can share it with all his dirty ugly slapper mistresses.
    STD’s? YES.

    • jack says:

      am not being funny but cole had a difficult start when he went to chelsea, but he’s back to being one of the best left backs in the world again, and if he’d of stayed at arsenal, would he of won the premiership, the champions league??? no… would his personal life still be an absolute joke, of course it would, it has nothing to do with player for that west london scum that he managed to fuck his personal life up… in saying that tho the guy that wrote this, just comes off sound like a complete and utter tool, and if any of you are interested (i doubt it though) the reason he left is cos we promised him a deal, and then changed our minds at the last minute and came in with an offer £5000 a week less than had already been agreed, he considered it a slap in the face… £5000 a week less may not seem like a big deal to us, in fact id take £5000 a week here and fucking now, but arsenal and wenger had made a deal with the lad, everything was set, and then we lowballed him when it came to it….

      • Dan says:

        Yeah he had a tough time when he went cos he was shit for 3 years. He’s been brilliant for about a year now.

        He might of won the prem and champions league if he’d stayed, he’d have made us better.

        I don’t think his personal life would be a joke if he was still at Arsenal. He spent 7 years in our first team, how many times did he get in ‘trouble’ in the way he has so many times since joining Chelsea? I don’t recall any, other than an inclination to dive early in his career which he soon dispensed off. He was regarded as the best leftback in the world when he was with us.
        Since joining Chelsea, he’s thrown money at people in clubs, cheated on his wife with ugly ass women, been arrested for drunk and disorderly, shouted abuse at Policemen, played shit for years and generally disliked by most people…all for £5000?

        He deserves everything the scumbag gets. (let’s not forget he cheated on us by meeting chelsea whilst still with us). How any Arsenal fan can defend his is beyond me but from your reply I think you’re prob a chelsea fan.

      • Fuse says:

        you mean Dein f*cked up…

      • bergkampisgod says:

        We didn’t offer him £60,000

        there were negoniations about £60,000 and the breakdown Arsenal found was £55,000 to cashley and £5,000 to his agent. Arsenal dont pay agents so they just offered the £55,00.

    • me says:

      lol. i love u.( not gay thou)

  4. AfriX says:

    2 hell with C@ntley Cole!

  5. toenail soup says:

    I hope his eyeball falls out of its socket, and rolls accross the floor, and he has to scramble after it, and he is screaming, and it hurts, and then Arsenal win the league, and the Champions league, and then we buy a load of top players, and then his other eye pops out also… I hope for this to happen… Do you???

  6. rocket says:

    he cheated on Arsenal with Chelsea
    he cheated on Cheyrl with a pack of dogs

    the guy is a brainless fool

  7. hh says:

    horrible little excuse for a human being. no class, morals lower than an alley cat. greedy money and whore chaser. money will never buy you respect cashley. ha ha there is a god

  8. Fredwest says:

    My heart bleeds for him : )

  9. d.bergkamp says:

    ermmm dan he has won the premiership twice at chelsea

    • Mondo says:


      He arrived at Chelski 2006 Sept. 1. United won it that year and since. He won an FA cup and maybe a Carling, can’t recall, but NEVER won the premier league with the Chavs

    • skelly says:

      when did he win the premiership with chelsea?
      chelsea won it in 05 and 06 if im not mistaken and he was at arsenal then, lining up against barca in th 06 CL final.
      his won the the mickey mouse cup n the FA cup but no prem titles at the chavs

    • Hugo says:

      He’s not, both their Prem wins came before he went there. He’s won neither of the major trophies since going there.

    • Arsenal says:

      Erm, No he hasn’t you idiot he left us in the 2006-2007. Chelsea won the league the two previous years dumbass. All he has one with the Chavs is 2 FA CUPS, The Mickey Mouse Cup and a Community Shield. Compare that to 2 Premier League Titles, 3 FA CUPS and 2 Community shields and non fucked up life.

    • am says:

      nope all hes won at chelsea is the FA cup.

  10. Stewart Stanbra says:

    The truth is the guy seriously seriously lacks intelligence and common decency.

  11. dickie says:

    fact is, he’s a prick. having money just means he’s a prick with money. he’s probably too thick to even realise it.

  12. Smudger says:

    Dear Ashley,

    You are a cunt.

    Lots of love,

  13. cheery gunner says:

    Was reading some of the comments and i cant believe some people stick up for that tool…dont pity a fool…goes around come arounds and its only a shame i couldnt get a buck at his ex missus so i could send him the photos haha

  14. waynoss says:

    that bloke is a C***! end of story

  15. sule says:

    you all sound very bitter. have you forgoten the good performances he put in for arsenal? or do they count for zero? dont hate, appreciate… after all its his personal life. i wonder if he will want to play for england after what the english press have done to him…. i wouldnt!

  16. Ileso u. Ohikhena says:

    We shld just 4get abt dat punk & think abt own return leg wit porto. Gunners til eternity. Lol

  17. Hugh Mann says:

    I know I’m gonna cop flack for this but his career hasn’t actually stepped down since leaving us. I think it’s sour grapes to say it has. Since leaving us he’s won the FA Cup twice and been to the Champions League Finals as well as been a mainstay in the England squad. His career has been a lot better than William Gallas’ who left them for us the same year he left us.

  18. avenell roadie says:

    what you want to do is check the facts. in his final year Arsenal actually paid cole 70K per week. he was a poorly informed egomaniac, and sorry my friends the striker is always paid more than everyone and gets most attention because he scores goals – period.

  19. FUGAYZI says:


  20. P'TangYangKipperBang says:

    I think that people of his moral fibre are attracted to Chelsea (and Man U for that matter). He wanted to go roasting with JT and the boys. I sometimes think this is the reason why Wenger is afraid of english players. There is a problem in our culture which breeds these scumbags. Since he has been at Arsenal Cesc Fabregas has studied for and completed a masters degree. I read a quote from him once saying that his idea of a blowout was to go to dunkin doughnuts and eat 3 in 1 session. Contrast this with paying ugly tarts to have abortions and throwing pint glasses of urine about. Nuff said

  21. Gooner247 says:

    Ca$hl€y if I ever see you I’m going to break your other leg lots of love your biggest fan. Nick Bendtner

  22. TJ DA GOON says:

    Any true Arsenal fan cannot seriously have the smallest amount of compassion for this prick. Okay, it may be true that he was lied to by us but you don’t just go and air out your dirty laundry in public. He did. He tried to humiliate the club and rubbed salt into the wounds when he met the Chav scum behind our backs. Cheryl’s stupid too, she should have been able to identify what sort of dishonest, cheating, low-life scum he truly was then.

  23. terenggunner says:

    Dear Ashley, your linen are dirtier, or perhaps the dirtiest. Chelsea deserved players like you and JT.

  24. am says:

    If Cole was a product of the Chelsea acadamy then they would have stood by him just as they did with John Fuck Anyone Terry.

    The Chelsea fans made Terry seem like a Hero after the Arsenal game, with him doing a lap of honour and getting a paid holiday to dubai.

    They Both deserve all the abuse that they get all their life.

  25. am says:

    What more is to come out from that Scummy club.

    Next we might hear of Drogba smocking crack sold by Essien’s girlfriend.

    Or Ceck having a massive orgy with all the players wives in the penelty area at Stamford bridge.

  26. Gooner from Sydney says:

    Normally I hate this blog for its constant negativity, but I couldn’t agree more with this letter, good stuff.

    Go F**k yourself Cashley

  27. yash says:

    For fuck’s sake…he’s gone now and will never be one of us again…so why give a damn about his achievements over there…??????I am more concerned about the departure of gael…which i would reallly not mind at all!

  28. Dee says:

    one word for the scum bag ….. KARMA!!!

  29. hurley says:

    Yash your a fucking moron. Cashley is the biggest cunt in football, possibly the world and he deserves every ounce of shit he gets for the rest of his life. No class, no major medals and now no mates or wife since he has created this mess. He started it by cheating on his home grown club who supported him all his life as a kid upwards. FUCK YOU COLE. hahahahahahaahahahahahahahahhahahhaahahahahahaha, just deserts.

  30. oz says:

    Who gives a toss about his personal life. fuck! If I had that money I`d probably do a lot worse and lets not pretend that most of us here woul`dnt have aswell. I loved his footy he IS good and I miss him in the team. A decrease in wages was a bit out of bounds cos he was still playing good. But leaving The Arsenal for more cash makes him a slag. Allas it was`nt totally his fault.

  31. Mo says:

    It’s all well and good saying get over it but he borught it on himself and before EVERY Arse-Chelscum game, he’s in the papers talking about it. He deserves all the abuse he gets from gooners.

    He wasn’t lied to either. He and the club were in negotiations. Nothing was ever signed to say he would get 60k. Even so, was a measly 5k less in wages (he was on 27k and he was being offered a 100% pay rise. Not exactly hard done by was he?) enough for him to turn his back on the club he supposedly grew up supporting him (and turned him into the player he was), air all the dirty laundry in public, go and meet Chelsea on the sly AND lie about it afterwards? You’d think the board had slaughtered his family or something.

    If you’re a real man and you aren’t happy then you speak to your employers to try and resolve your issue rather than sulk and whore yourself out to the highest bidder. Ashley Cole evidently isn’t. Fuck him and I hope his broken leg never heals. Spoiled bastard.

  32. ScotchEggsRule says:

    jack Says:
    February 23, 2010 at 8:13 pm

    WRONG! He was offered exactly the amount he requested, but then wanted us to pay HIS agents weekly fee of £5k which Arsenal told them both to get stuffed and rightly so. WTF should Arsenal of paid HIS agents fee’s? Get your facts right before posting sunshine. Cole’s a totaly c**t and oozes arrogance from ever picture we’ve ever seen him in, let’s hope when he’f flying to Spain to negotiate behind his current employers back his plane crashes and lands on Mourinho at the same time. The scabby pair of greasy little sh*ts.

  33. Marco Polo says:

    What would hav bin nicer if Cheryl had cheated on him but she’s a decent woman on the other hand Cashley you get everythin u deserve. Since going to Chelsea you think yr bigger than you actually are. I thnk that’s what you learn there.

  34. Shales says:

    I’d rather have a Willi than a C*nt

  35. P'TangYangKipperBang says:

    That poster with him and her in white in front of a motor says it all C#NT!

  36. Bonksy says:

    what a fucking stupid open letter – thats why sometimes Arsenal supporters are the biggest wankers and one of the worst things about the club

  37. Djm says:

    Why would any1 b stupid enough to cheat on CHERYL COLE period??
    Ashley, I really hate you u cunt!
    Bonksy, Fuck off back 2 chav land u twat!

  38. Dee says:

    cheated on his team! cheated on his wife! next he’ll be cheating on his country!

  39. vicar john says:

    he was brilliant for us. he has been brilliant for chelsea. if we are the bigger club we should act like it, overlook whatever happened (which let’s face it we don’t really know), welcome him back when he plays rather than incentivise him through abuse. violence never ultimately prospers and showing appreciation where little is deserved gives people a chance to reflect on what they’ve lost and change. don’t you think?

  40. Andreas says:

    As a gunnerfan I am still upset that he leaved us, like you say he could have won everything at Arsenal, but he has won some titles at Chelski to and he is still a world-class left back. But we got clichy and gibbs that is two world-class backs. And after all his transfer to Chelski was done because of broken promises.

  41. ScotchEggsRule says:

    Bonksy Says: We may sometimes be wankers, but for you chav-johnny-come-lately Chelsea fans it’s a full time profession, get lost you knob!

  42. […] An open letter to Mr Ashley Cole, from a gooner An open letter to Mr Ashley Cole Dear Ashley. Five years ago you was at Arsenal and many thought you was the best left […] […]

  43. That is possible for Cole to go Emirate.

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