[Video + Photos] Aaron Ramsey breaks his leg

Posted: February 27, 2010 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized

Video of Aaron Ramsey breaking his leg.

MORE photos can be seen ( HERE )

We at Arsenal Action would like to wish Aaron Ramsey all the best and a speedy recovery.


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  1. Dan says:

    Doesn’t look that bad. Was it with the follow through leg??

    Feel sick.

  2. rob timperley says:

    Aaron you are a fighter on the field and i expext you to be the same now so hurry back mate. all the best in your recovery.

  3. Nemesis says:

    are you fucking kidding me! who says that was just mistimed? It is a fucking thuggish tackle and deserves a lifetime banning for the offender

    • Michael says:

      Fuck you lot, there was no intent in the tackle it was a 50/50 challenge and a complete accident and if you are talking about the phycological scaring it left ramsey think about the phycological scaring it left shawcross he barley played for the rest of the season. And to be honest if ramsey didn’t break his leg there then it wouldn’t have been a red card you bunch of cunts.

  4. john says:

    i,m a stoke fan. it was a 50/50 challenge. hope ramsey makes a full recovery. why why why delilah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. looneygooner says:

    Three horrific leg breaks for Arsenal players in the last five years, Sunderland,Birmingham and now Stoke any coincidence all three clubs play shit, kick and stamp football, what a disgrace and what will Shawcross get three match ban while Ramsey, poor cunt gets nine months

  6. wenger jr says:

    showcross should be ban until ramsey 1st game and starts his 3 games ban!!!
    fuck all those clubs play shit football and kickin our stars!!!
    FIFA must look into this!

    • WALTON says:


  7. Iluvafc says:

    Guess these primitive managers who tell their neandethal players to go out there and “break a leg” they took it literally. Imagine the psychological scar it will leave on poor Ramsey, there’s a chance he may not be the same player again.
    Do we really have to bribe those bastards at the FA to get some justice? This is an outrage!

  8. alex says:

    People like Martin Taylor and Ryan Shawcross should be banned from football. They should be fined 1 million pounds if they even look at a round object or at a football player ever again. He kicks Ramsey right through the foot. Fuckin neanderthal…

  9. Daz says:

    I,m fucking sick of hearing all this shit about “he would’nt intentionally break someones leg” and “he is the nicest lad you would ever meet”
    Nobody would intentionally break someones leg unless they are fucking mental but if you send your team out ‘to kick Arsenal’ as all the shite teams do this is what will end up happening!. Its no fucking coincidence that this is the 3rd time in 5 years!
    It makes me fucking sick!!

    I wish you all the best Aaron!!

  10. aaaa says:

    all i awant to say is from all arsenal fans we wish Aaron a speedy recovery ans that c..t shawcross is bad for the rest of the season and i dont belive he is in the england sqaud he is shit

  11. gooner_b11 says:

    what people have to realise is this isn’t about INTENT or MALICE! this is about RECKLESSNESS, there needs to be a protocol in place retrospective for recklessness, if i run somebody over with my car and kill them, weather i intended to kill/hurt him isn’t the point, i can still go to jail for recklessness, and what we’re talking about here is potentially ending another players career or certainly putting it on hold, there needs to be something in place, a 10-15 match ban retrospective according to the outcome WHICH WAS A BROKEN LEG FROM A SHIN HEIGHT TACLKE OF THE TIBULAR AND FIBULAR, PERIOD!….in belgium they gave wittsel of standard liege a 15game ban….WE NEED THAT AS A DETTERENT! the consensus in the premier league from most teams north of birmingham is that arsenal don’t like it up em….they don’t like the ruff stuff, but 3 of these in 5years is no coincidence, a british player, because of the way he raised as a footballer believes when you tell him to show commitment means to run longer and tackle harder when that isn’t the case, if the FA do not protect the premierships top players they’ll stop coming over to these shores….and all that will remain are the dan smiths, the taylors and the shawcross’s of this world, not malicious players but simply british players.

    • OSi says:

      I think you’re the only one who truly distinguishes between what can be horrifying and what couldnt. Rekless chanllenge regardles of their intentions should scraped by a long punishment. We’re not in business of speculating on what’s intentional or not because that’s highly contentious and subjective matter. But, we can eradicated RECKLESS fouls by longer punishment after video evidence. I think the Shawcross tackle while reckless wasn’t as bad as the Taylor’s. However, this wasn’t a 50/50 foul, but a clearly late tackle. People are miscalculating the speed of the ball running in the direction of oppositon and concentrate instead on the fact that Arsenal players are quick which they claim is the reason for 50/50 tackle looks so bad. WRONG. If the ball was going into Shawcross’s direction I wouldve given benefit of doubt and give in to their claim, but it wasn’t so I think it ws extreme recklessness.

  12. Josh says:

    Typical overreaction among the Arsenal fans here, look at Shawcross after the incident, does he seriously look like some “thug” who intentionally goes out to break your “stars” legs? No, accidents do happen you know, although I’m sure if an Arsenal player did this you wouldn’t have seen it, like your manager.

    Sincerely a riled Northerner.

    • Was it also an accident when he broke Francis Jeffer’s ankle? Or put Adebayor out for a month last season? Were those “accidents” too? The fact is, no matter what the pundits or Tony Pulis say, the kid has a history of reckless challenges that cause serious injuries.

  13. saf says:

    shawcross, suck’s!!!!!!!

    he gona get hurt, that was just a pathetic imature tackle, their was no need 4 that…………

    itz all the following teams physical, local to 1 anava and dirty!

    Bolton, Burnley, Stoke city, man utd, blackburn, Hull city

    well u can make a code BSM (Bolton, Burnley, Blackburn, man utd Stoke city)

    TEAM BSM when u wana fink of physical teams!

  14. Daz says:

    josh – FUCK OFF!!

  15. Rizal says:

    Josh it is acceptable for me to break your leg because I will cry over what I have done afterward.

    This is nonsense, mentality josh to base your argument base on crying a river things.

    I can’t see what sort of tackle it is since the video had been taken off, perhaps somebody can re upload it somewhere else.

  16. am says:

    theo should break Shawcross’s leg in England training.

    Oh no I forgot he is a giant thug who loves to kick others, lets pray Walcott does not suffer from that Arsewipe, and that old Fucker Terry.

    What if that was Rooney you fucker, Your career would be over.

  17. am says:

    I believe in Karma, What comes around goes around.

    But it seems im wrong, its always Arsenal players getting kicked off the park until they cant walk.

    Lets hope my faith is repaid with the right punishment being handed out.

  18. The Crab says:

    Sorry Josh but the replay is very clear. Shawcross only swings his left boot after Ramsey has released the ball. It’s simply reckless and awful and no posturing can change it.

    He’s probably upset he’s a) injured someone very very badly – which probably wasn’t his intention b) knows instantly he’s to blame.

    He may not be a malicious lad, but it’s a malicious tackle.

  19. Lukman,nigeria says:

    Wishin little Aaron a quick recovery.neva got time 2 watch d match bt saw d gallary.pls FIFA u could do something 2help d victims in this mess.guners b cul

  20. ctp says:

    Let’s get one thing straight right now. Aaron Ramsey did NOT break his leg. His leg was broken by a a 2 time repeat offender. Shawcross broke the ankle of Jeffers a few years back. He also injured Adebayor with an off the field tackle that cause Adebayor to miss a month out.

  21. ng yu says:

    I wonder what will the FA do if the victim was to be Rooney??

  22. t. boyle perth west aus says:

    the player in belgium got 15 match ban for asimilar tackle why differant rules in uk

  23. yimam nurye says:

    it is so amaizing show in the foot ball. and also i feel sorry. this kind of foot player like josh should stop by FIFA.

  24. yimam nurye says:

    i fee sorry by the fucken josh by what he did.

  25. mark says:

    I am an arsenal fan and i think it sick the way players can do thing like that shawcross thinks cryin like a baby we will all forgive him he a a sick bastard an needs a life time ban the cunt if i was at that match i would have gone on the pitch an snapped his leg the dirty bastard .hopeing ramsey all best . SHAWCROSS U DIRTY BARSDARD.

  26. soraya says:

    i think it is sad to see something like that happen to a very good young player who has a lot goin for him wish him all the best an that SHAWCROSS should get a longer bad then 3 matchs he is a dirty cunt an should go to the fa to sort it out hope he gets his leg broken in england.same old stoke always cheating then cry like babys .

  27. Zack says:

    To be quite honest I can see that Shawcross never meant for something anywhere near that extent. He had a heavy touch and went in hard for it. Now just because I can understand he never wished for that doesnt mean I let this go that easily. You dont go into a tackle like that, I dont blame Shawcross for this style, I blame Pulis. Yeah Pulis just like you said in your interview, Wenger, nor us, know your players but by watching them play we know your style well enough and know youre a disgrace when it comes to how the game should be played. I mean look at the tackle, Shawcross is coming in with an all momentum lunge, complete body mass and force being focused all on Ramsey’s shin. Outcome = Broken Tibia and Fibula.
    I dont call out the character of Shawcross, I do not believe he would ever want to cause such harm to another professional and he truly did seem distraught about what he did. So when he is told to ruffle the feathers of Arsenal he unfortunately took it too far. He was just playing how his manager, bastard at that, told him to. This is on your shoulders Tony. At least when it comes from me, Shawcross, no matter how bad the challenge, is guiltless in my mind. He was just the one to finally show a representation of how pathetic Tony Pulis’ tactics are.

  28. kaka says:

    Hi everybody, especially ARSENAL fanz. let me be open to you guys i really don’t know why all british players are hard tacklers, is it because they doesn’t know real football? but i thank god for me being outside uk coz for this RAMSEY case i would have comitted murder to that stupid SHACROSS.

  29. Proven Robbie w says:

    Let’s liken this situation to speeding. If the young and talented Ryan Shawcross jumps into his car a sets off thinking he’s jonny invincible until he careers around a corner too fast and mows down a child of course the response will be that he didn’t mean to, but the fact is that he did and he is responsible for his actions. “I didn’t meant to run the kid over” and “he’s not that kind of driver” aren’t acceptable excuses in a courtroom so spare us the mealy-mouthed cr@p. Shawcross might not have made the tackle in anger, he might have looked distraught but his tears don’t matter. What matters is that an incredibly talented young footballer has been the victim of a sickening tackle leaving his lower leg snapped off. Put aside your footballing bias, stop wasting your time defending the indefensible and be sensible in wishing Aaron Ramsey a swift and full recovery!

  30. Ad says:

    Genuinely I don’t think that it was a deliberately bad tackle. Had Shawcross taken the non standing leg Aaron would have been ok and it would only have been a yellow maximum for mis timing. But Aaron did absolutley hammer into that challenge fairly needlessly tbh.
    Shame about the poor lad but I am a gooner and just think it was mis timed. Nothing like as bad as the tackle on Eduardo.
    Hopefully it’s just a quick broken bone heal and he’ll be back in time for the start of next year.
    I really really do feel for the lad though, he has been coming on leaps and bounds this year and I think he’s a ready made Fabregas replacement. Hope he bounces back quickly.

  31. Ken says:

    Very unfortunate accident. Sincerely wish that Aaron make a speedy recovery.

    In all honesty, I don’t believe that it was an unfair challenge, nor was it mistimed. The spot where Shawcross’ foot made contact with Aaron’s leg is exactly where the sweet-spot of the football would have been if Aaron hadn’t touched the ball a fraction of a second prior to his injury.

    Both players genuinely went for the ball at great velocity and neither wanted what ended up happening. No-one could possibly benefit from the situation so it’s equally harsh to fault Shawcross completely.

    I don’t even believe the red-card was necessarily deserved but I understand the referee’s decision to protect Shawcross from any possible backlash during the remainder of the game given the gravity of the situation.

    Although it’s quite sad what had transpired, it’s impressive to see the genuine care displayed by the players of both teams on the pitch and equally encouraging that the home fans showed their support for the fallen opponent. This is much more noble than the Chelsea fans booing Wayne Bridge for not shaking the hand of a person whom he had lost respect for.

    It’s one thing to support your team with great passion. It’s quite another to do so blindly without at least attempting to be considerate and tolerant to others who may not necessarily share your views.

    As an avid fan of football, I enjoy watching fiercely competitive matches where both teams play well. No-one wanted to see what happened to Aaron, but the desire and competitiveness shown by both players on this most unfortunate of plays is exactly what makes the game great.

    I respect those who think that Shawcross was in the wrong for his actions, though I disagree with that sentiment. I think it’s more important to send our thoughts and prayers to Aaron and the Ramsey family for what they’re going through and hope that such a promising career isn’t completely derailed by rotten luck.

    My sympathy is also with Ryan Shawcross for how badly he must feel for causing such a horrific injury to Aaron. I hope that he doesn’t suffer any retaliatory actions for it is hate breeding more hate that poisons the purity of this beautiful game.

    I wish that everyone can move forward in a positive manner.

  32. olajuninho says:

    dis is just brutallity,well ramsy’s injury will burst us to the title.ramsy we all wish u a speedy recovery.

  33. nob says:

    You are all rpoper sad, it was a mistimed tackle and everybody can see that, plus Aarons fallhadalready broken his leg and shawcross had just made it worse, you cant blame the kid for it, he was devistated and everybody who watched the match could see. He didnt meen to hurt Ramsey intentionally but it happened ands that it, Wenger talks out of his ass sayin that teams are out to get Arsenal, he rates his players too high and needs to come back down to earth so that a supposed top four team can actually do something this year!!

  34. nob says:

    Yes i went their and i aint moving away from the fact that shawcross isnt in the wrong!

  35. deano50SCFC says:

    What an absolute pile of tosh from the majority of you wockney cankers. A couple of true comments from people who obviously have an understanding of football. No Arsenal fans saw the clown Bentdner pulling Shawcross’s shirt, did that slow him down???? Or the disgraceful behaviour of the club captain Fibreglass callling for a red card which was more important to him than providing comfort to a teamate whilst a member of the opposition did comfort the poor lad. It was a committed challenge that you would expect from two players at any level of football. Wishing Aaron a swift return to the top.

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