Shawcross is a thug & has done it before, Just ask francis jeffers

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Stoke City boss Tony Pulis defended Ryan Shawcross after the tackle  that broke Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey’s leg.Pulis added: “I know my players better than he [Wenger] knows my players. Ryan, he is ‘not that type of lad’


Well this is not the first time Shawcross has broken a players leg, Just ask Franice Jeffers,who broke his ankle after a nasty tackle from behind from Shawcross. And why not ask Adebayor what he thinks of this player? ( See Below )

Not that type of player??

Stoke have had 3 players sent off in there last 3 games? Not that type of team??

Teams are told that to beat Arsenal you have to ruff them up & be physical. Teams like Hull, Bolton, Stoke etc, the only way they are going to beat us is by kicking us off the park .  They cant beat us by playing FOOTBALL so they try to ruff us up and they get away with it.

This is happend to many times.Diaby, Dan Smith. Eduardo, Taylor and now this…  its time the FA did something about this and players who are thugs cant just say “they didnt mean it”

Players like Shawcross who go in hard need to no that if they get it wrong they are going to be punished.

Time for the FA and the pundits on MOTD and SKY to grow a set of balls and wake up!

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  1. bloodred says:

    The Britannia, it’s like a fortress, and if we do play to our strengths I don’t think Arsenal can deal with the aggressive play.

    It’s been proved in the past that Chelsea and Bolton have roughed them up and tried to bully them.

    We can also be rough and aggressive when we need to, but we have quality too, and so we can mix it up.

    • Nazir says:

      We all saw yesterday that Arsenal more than matched Stokes physicality.

    • i hate wenger says:

      What a bunch of cunts you lot are, try watching it properly, a mistimed tackle, no studs up, stop whining shit happens! Hard shit for a promising young player, but he’ll recover. You aresnal fuckers need to stop thinking every team is out to fuck you up, oh by the way, I DON’T support Stoke, I’m a Baggies fan!

      • BJOHNSON says:

        oh by the way, I DON’T support Stoke, I’m a Baggies fan!
        AND A PRATT!!!!

      • Neilfromdahilll says:

        you r a complete cunt everyone knows the press have gone on and on about Arsenal not being able to ope with physical teams and it has just egged on the stokes of this world WENGER MY FRIEND IS BANG ON ITS NO COINCIDENCE WE HAVE HAD 3 PLAYERS WITH BROKEN LEGS MM…..LET ME SEE HOW MANY OTHER TEAMS OVER THE PAST FEW YRS HAVE HAD PLAYERS WITH THESE KIND OF INJURIES…….ANY GUESSES??………YOU FUCKING TWAT

      • craig says:

        who the fuck are you m8, that sunday league player went in wiv intent to hurt ramsey, maybe not to intentionally break his leg but nonetheless to hurt him, an its plain to see

      • adil says:

        yeah.. see the challenge properly huh… ramsey had already played the ball away and than the tackle came in… if in your books thats a fair challenge than i guess so but according to fifa thats a late challenge and deserves a minimum of a yellow card… baggies fan huh.. no wonder u facks got relegated last year and ur coach left u huh… shows wat kinda potential you guys have… and look at the challenge above i mean if ur blind enuff not 2 see the game than i wud understand but i bet before posting all your rubbish on this site you might have seen the picture above.. or are u legally blind? i mean a legally blind person can even see this challenge but u cant… or is it that u cant make it out who in this pic is an arsenal player and that who is the other player(showcross..)

      • v says:

        regardless of who u support…u hate wenger!! It wasnt a 50-50 challenge. the ball was gone, he would never have got it! I am not saying its malicious or intended, but he went in hard, to give him a piece of his frustration!! Shawcross was running a ound like a headless chicken, miscontrolled the ballm knew he wouldnt get it back, we were abiout to break, and his frustration took over so he went in hard. And thatrs what happens when you go in ‘fully commited’. I challenge you to name me any team in the last 20 years that has had 3 leg breaks in 4 years? Arsenal fuckers?? lol! wow this really riled you up! glad to see you have enough time in the day to elave a comment on a Gooner website…..oh yeah forgot….it’s because ‘WE PAY UR BENEFITS!!!!’ MUG!

      • Jan says:

        What’s a baggies fan?

      • OC says:

        Why, when the ball had long gone, did he see the need to be shin high in the tackle?

        Baggies fan? Just a muppet

      • dirty cunt says:

        you prick dont care who you support your a knob he new what he was doing .get some glasses you blind cunt

      • Abhishek says:

        i think u are just a big mutherfucker talking like this.stokr players are all coming outta whores and u seem the same.

  2. Empress says:

    Such a thug, late and high:

  3. shola owoeye says:

    it disappoints me when people see and know the truth but for selfish reasons pretend.tony pulis wake up

  4. Fredwest says:

    He is scum. But the real thug at Stoke is willkinson. It won’t be long before he breaks a leg

  5. DTees says:

    Pulis is a myopic twat. I also think Fabregas has burned his bridges, Stoke won’t want to sign him after his ‘dis-respectful’ gestures to Mr Magoo !?

  6. Boho says:

    Even Fuller says these things and I reckon he’s one of the more intelligent Stokies, but Pulis knows them better than me so maybe I am wrong. Or, this means Pulis is more responsible than Shawcross since Pulis must have know something like this would happen as he knows his players so well.

  7. Dan says:

    Don’t worry. His family and teammates are going to rally around poor Ryan during his lengthy 3 game ban.,16368,1805_5991798,00.html

    How will he survive having to be picked up from training by his mummy after training every day without the prospect of playing at the weekend?
    A quote from his second cousin who was at his mummy’s house when the hero returned on saturday evening said “Poor ryan was devastated, his mummy thinks some warm coco and cookies should perk him right up”.

    Lets hope the young boy can learn from his mistake, wether Ryan will ever be the same again is up for debate.

  8. HK Gooner says:

    There is no doubt that Shawcross went in to the tackle with his “studs up” and deserved to get a straight red but that does not seem to be enough discouragement these days. As for Tony Pulis calling Cesc “A Pr*ck” and “Not giving tuopence for Wenger’s view” well he should be banned for bringing the game into disrepute.

    This isn’t the first time Shawcross has done this and so Pulis going on about him being :”A lovely Ladwithout any bd blood in his body” is utter rubbish.

    • Lou says:

      Did you see the Match of the Day replays? His studs weren’t up.

      Pulis called Fabregas a prick because, after several poor fouls, he needlessly and recklessly brought down Danny Pugh from behind, before gesturing to the Stoke bench.
      Here’s the foul:

  9. anit stoke says:

    You got to be bloody navie that you believe that mother fucker really cried. Use the lastest techology to zoom in and show the world his tears, he is pure mother fucker.

  10. zakk says:

    forward the article to the FA/ press would be interesting to get a comment.

  11. Managers and media make me so angry with this Shawcross is a nice guy line

  12. P'TangYangKipperBang says:

    I can possibly accept that he did not actually mean to break his leg but FFS what kind of stupid challenge was he trying to make anyway? If he had’ve connected with the ball it probably would have given away a corner from the halfway line. It seems like its ok to abuse Arsenal on and off the pitch. Makes me sick the way it is considered “OK” to “rough us up”. Fuckin Bollox!

  13. Joe says:

    It was marginally late, the ball was there to be won, wasnt high and it was his standing leg being stuck in the turf that was the main factor. Faberegas’s tackle on ough in the final minute was worse people. the ball had been played, he was petulant and came in stoods showing, late and from behind and nobody seemed to care. Chimbonda’s tackle today was worse, gallas’s tackle on davies was worse, ohara’s on brown a few weeks a go was worse. a couple of man city tackles against stoke were worse. We need to get off this pedastal of ours and stop playing he victim. the 3 red cards stoke got were, one for a last man foul, one a second yellow for iwlkinson that was not a joke. Arsenal fan’s are doing abigger disservice to the game than any player by rising to this level of hypocrisy. they lauded ian wright for his assault on peter schmeicel, they revered keown, adams,dixon et al for their no nonsense tough tackling approach to the game. they give as good as they get and yesterdays incident was unfortunate.

    PS i hope the lads comes back, hell be a super player and Wales need him!

    • Goonergerry says:

      Joe- Even your own manager said it was a bad tackle. Stop trying to defend the indefensible. The tackle was high, late and used excessive force. If a player tries to tackle another player and misses and in doing so breaks both bones in that players leg- by definition it is a reckless tackle. the point of the game is not to win the ball by any means available to you- it is win the ball fairly.
      The problem is when you set out to stop a team using aggression as your main weapon and that team stands up to you- you are tempted to up the aggression further-and thats what happened here- this tackle was in the unacceptable zone.

  14. […] videos proving the fact Ryan Shawcross is a poor excuse for a footballer and is a fucking disgrace: Arsenal Action Information on Shawcross’s leg breaking tackle on Francis Jeffers, and his shocking tackle on […]

  15. Rizal says:

    Every tackle that happen in his example are worst tackle then showcross tackle aahh I see. showcross had already break two player leg in his young career age; is acceptable because other had make much more worse tackle but without bone breaking is acceptable aahh I see and it is also acceptable to break opponent leg because some Arsenal fans revered keown & etc, aahh I see.

    What kind of world are you living JOE.

  16. rich says:

    clogger shawcross has history when are the FA going toACT

  17. John says:

    Not quite sure why everybody says that Shawcross broke Jeffers’ leg as a Wednesday supporter i know that Jeffers suffered ankle ligament damage, but not a broken leg. Still not nice i’m not saying it is but get facts right please. Seen the tackle a good few times now and Shawcross doesn’t even look up at Ramsey, a heavy touch was taken and it got away from him, he is looking straight at the ball and goes for a long clearance, as a defender would. Ramsey actually flies off the ground into the ball, and he gets it, but if shawcross got there first he would have probably broken shawcross’ leg. Shawcross wasn’t even that high off the ground, it’s clear that it is Shawcross’ instep which hits Ramsey’s leg. Also, if Ramsey’s leg had been totally vertical hhe would have probably stamped on his foot, it was just the fact that his leg was horizontal that he was caught so high up. Now i wish all the best to Ramsey, horrible to see a player so young be injured like that. But Wenger needs to shut his trap, watch the replays and understand why this is football, people go into challenges and don’ intend to break legs (Although i do accept that Martin Taylor did) but injuries happen and that doesn’t make the culprit the most dirty player, he’s just unlucky. Also, just to point out that in the 3-1 victory which Stoke had, they outplayed Arsenal, one goal from a throw but they were better all over the field, and they do play football they just use all their options, so what if it is long throw, would you care if you saw glen johnson launch a throw on to Crouch’s head in the world cup final and we win, it’s just another part of football.

  18. ibbs says:

    Joe you prick!
    Jeffers,Ade,Ramsey,not that kind of player????????????????

  19. George says:

    FA are disgrace. To call a bone breaker for an international game just minutes after his last offense – outrageous!?
    I think every Arsenal blog and website should come with a petition and every Arsenal supporter should write to FA and voice his/her disgust. The referee was the worst I have seen for a while in EPL. That needs to be changed immediately. I think many foreign players might have a second thought about coming to England if there is no change in this respect.
    UEFA and FIFA should also make a statement. You will never see such a thing in European games, let alone at the World Cup.

  20. orly says:


    It was a 50/50.
    It was proven that no contact was made between Ramsey and Shawcross.

    Full stop.

    I don’t know what you’ve got against Ryan but from what I know, he didn’t mean it.

    And don’t act like victims because you shouldn’t. Better care about this boy and what happens to him.

    • lott says:

      explain “It was PROVEN that no contact was made between Ramsey and Shawcross.” ! so ramsey just happens to run, crack his bones while doing it. gee how scary to run then have your legs in pieces!

      What exact ‘proofs’ do you have!! some pictures that are milliseconds after shawcross legs hit ramsey’s legs and are apart from ramsey’s?! silly! And if ramsey’s and arsenal are not the victim then who bloody is! shawcross who cried because he knew he fucked up? you bet your arse it aint. yes there was no intention to break ramsey’s leg but shawcross wanted to leave his mark and show that he is there. unnecessary, late,clumsy,stupid tackle. ramsey was beyond the half way line going nowhere for fucks sake!

      And to some others blaming wenger for what he said.what exactly do you expect him to say? shit happens, and i dont care if 3 of my players in 5 years got their legs shattered, that’s life? bullshit! did he single out shawcross?no!

      if you notice that balding chatterbox pulis post match interview was cringe worthy and was having a go at wenger for no particular reason w/o even knowing what wenger said! turn the table if his players got tackled like that do you think that chatterbox will keep quiet? he was already mouthing off at cesc for that one challenge, i’m telling you he will moan and complain more if he was in arsene’s situation! that hypocrite!

      sorry for the long rant! some comments on here are so ridiculous i can explode!!

    • wer says:

      No contact?
      his leg was broke in 2 pieces ffs…

    • wer says:

      No contact?…BULLSHIT!!!!!
      his leg was broke in 2 pieces ffs…

    • Goonergerry says:

      Orly- Your level of self deception is staggering- the boys had both bones in his right leg shattered by a bad tackle that even your own manager has admitted and you argue that he did it himself. There really is no hope for you.

  21. H Burrows says:

    Stoke have had 3 players sent off in there last 3 games? Not that type of team??

    One for shirt pulling.

    One for two bookable offences when the second offence was debatable as to wether it deserved a booking or not.

    One for a newly invented offence of ‘the injury was serious.’ The FA will recind Shawcross’ red card, all he did was try to win the ball, fairy.

    The trouble with you southern teams is that you are far, far to soft, and cannot compete with the real footballers up north.

    I wish Ramsey a speedy recovery, but it was a complete accident, nothing more.

    • Zaiky says:

      Newly invented offence, what the fuck?? This cunt snapped someones leg in half you prick

      • Lou says:

        The rules state that cards are given for the severity of the offense, not the severity of the injury.

        Shawcross’ actions did not warrant a red card, as is evidenced by the fact that the referee didn’t even stop play until he realised the extent of the injury. He wasn’t even going to give a free kick.

        I’d like to see what the referee’s report says on the matter. If he says that he gave the red card because of the severity of the injury (as he allegedly told Rory Delap straight after the game), then the FA has no choice but to eithe rescind the card or retrospectively introduce “the injury was severe” to its list of red card offenses.

    • TJ DA GOON says:

      Listen. I accept there was no malice and that Shawcross is just a big, clumsy oath, a limited footballer and has bags of aggression and strength. But don’t get it twisted with all this southern softies bollocks you fucking inbreds like to spout off so much. I guarantee you seriously won’t last one week in my neighbourhood. I’ve seen and known of quite a few pussyole northerners thinking they’re the shit, coming down here and being bombed out with their tails firmly between their legs. Some of you guys are so full of shit it’s unbelievable.

    • kloe says:

      Jut like you run over a kid on the road and it’s a complete accident. Fuck off prick. Breaking legs ain’t accidental. He’s a fuckin skinhead thug that deserves to be put behind bars.


  22. smitho1 says:

    This seems like a good breading ground for all the arsenal supporters that believe every1 in the world is against them.

    The tackle was not even that bad in the context of tackles that fly around in the league, but still just terribly unlucky for Ramsey. Both players were committed to a 50/50 and Ramsey was unfortunate to plant his foot amidst the oncoming challenge. Whoever wrote ‘his studs were clearly showing’ has obviously not even seem the challenge.

    Just try not to get caught up in the Wenger Bandwagon that all teams try to break their players legs.

    • Other Matt says:

      How can it be a 50-50 when one player is running with the ball and the other takes a wild uncontrolled swing at it, misses the ball (over the top – I add) and destroys their leg.

      If you see any of the UFC fights the knock out kicks are with the top (laces ) of the foot as you get more power and torque by using your knee that way, so arguably this is a worse challenge.

      • Lou says:

        What you describe is not a 50-50. It is also not what happened.

        Neither player is running with the ball, but if you were going to say that either of them is, it’s Shawcross. He’s the last person to touch the ball in the run up to the incident.

        Altimately, both players have the right to go for the ball. Both players go in hard and fast. Ramsey reaches the ball milliseconds before Shawcross reaches the same spot, and Shawcross collides with Ramsey’s awkwardly-placed leg.

        A horrific injury? Yes.
        A horrific challenge? No.

      • anon says:

        spoken like a true reactionary who didnt watch the game. ramsey didnt have the ball and so wasnt running with it, you obviously didnt watch the game or even watch the tackle so your opinion is not valid, because you dont know what the fuck youre on about

  23. Matt says:

    I would love to see the reactin if this tackle had happened to Rooney, Lampard or Gerrard. The media would have a shit storm and would be very interesting.
    Remember lads, the media despise the Arsenal, always have, always will.
    If we win the league this year it will be considered “lucky” and “fortunate”.
    F**k the media!

    • Goonergerry says:

      Quite agree- dont think it is an orchestrated campaign- doesn’t need to be -they are all former opponents of ours- why are so many of the BBC pundits either Liverpool supporters or former Liverpool players? This lot not only condone but advocate kicking our players out of the game.
      They are a disgrace.

    • shaun says:

      your exactly right, well said matt. remember all the fuss they created about the gallas tackle a few wks ago, you would think gallas killed somebody. and the same wk rio ferdinand elbows a player full in the face in a off the ball incident and the media barely talked about it. now when an arsenal player gets yet another leg broken, we have to listen to the same old shite, his studs where stuck in the ground he was too quick, this guy hasnt a bad bone, and they know full well what shawcross history is and they still come out with the same shite. fucking media is a joke no matter what arsenal do they twist it, a few yrs ago when we had big viera and petit, these guys where physical and commited in the tackle they were alot stronger and more powerful than players like shawcross and taylor, but they never came close to breaking someones leg, because they always went for the ball yet the media and the refs lead a witch hunt on both these players branding them dirty cunts untill they hounded petit out of arsenal and viera was never as commited in the tackle again for fear of getting a red card for fuck all. god forbid if an arsenal player ever breaks someones leg , these same asshole pundits and media and suporters of other teams would then be saying this was intentional and its a disgrace, the poor cunt would probaly be arrested and sentenced. sure its always been the same , the eduardo diving incident was another example. and for people to say arsenal are not up for the physical side of the game is bullshit, we didnt allow stoke to outmuscle us on saturday and this is the reason that coward shawcross lashed out he didnt like it when he was getting hit back. so he got frustrated and lashed out. there is a big difference between being physical and putting in cowardly tackles like the ones on diaby , eduardo and now ramsey. another thing do you ever notice when arsenal score a goal and the pundits will start picking out faults with the opponents defence saying they made it easy for arsenal. yet when man utd score they cum in their pants and start ranting and raving about how good the goal was. rooney got 2 free headers that a 10 yr old girl would have put awayagainst a milan team that are now completely hopeless, but if you where to listen to the media drooling over his 2 goals you would have thought he beat every milan player on the pitch flipped the ball up and bicycle kicked the ball onto the top corner. arsenal will win the title this season and it will be great to wipe the smug look off all these cunts faces.

  24. Joe says:

    Jeffers didnt break his ankle, he damaged his ankle ligaments, the same ankle ligaments which didnt see him move from everton earlier and saw his progress at arsenal hindered. If shawcross get’s banned, gallas shouldnt be allowed play for the rest of the season either, and fab should get a red card from yesterday and ridgewell for yesterday and chimbonda for today as all where worse offences. it was a freak occurence

    • Zaiky says:

      Joe, how about you stick to your owls blog. Don’t even know what division you are in cos you are so shit. As for bringing gallas and cesc into it – what fucking planet are you on?? Now please fuck off

      • Zaiky says:

        Just realised it was another cunt called john who was an owl and not you joe. You are still massive cunt tho

      • joe says:

        im a cunt for bringing up things that in gallas’ case happened in the past which ye lot wont let go yourselves, and b for pointing out an incident in the same game. the fact that you got faced with some reality obviiously rattled you. bringing it down to that level in calling me a cunt makes me think that you’re a thug as only the underbelly, slimey, ill educated idiots such as yourself like that need resort to calling people such things. only when you are losing do you need to resort to that, which you evidently are

        and i realise the irony in not bothering with punctuation etc in that rant, which i doubt you do.

    • jacky says:

      damaged ankle ligaments that kept him out the game for 4 months, caused by shawcross, sure you pick on other players to be banned, is that your way of taking the attention of shawcross

      • anon says:

        Jeffers was back in the squad two months later. if you think youve got a valid argument you dont need to exaggerate it, i.e. sit down shat ap.

        saying that, you obviously dont think you have a valid argument against shawcross or you wouldnt have had to drag up something from two and a half years ago. You’re wrong squared. How nice for you.

  25. WarriGooner says:

    OK. No one deliberately goes out to break the legs of Arsenal players but how do you explain three leg breaks in five years?

    Simple. Coaches tell their players to STOP ARSENAL FROM PLAYING by roughing them up. It is he roughing up that leads to these horrible “accidents”. Someone has to stop it. And it is the coaches who mis-educate their players on the way to counter Arsenal that need to do it. This is becoming shameful for football in general and for the EPL in particular.

    • anon says:

      Stuart pearce broke his leg in 1999, and then broke it again 3 games into his comeback in 2000. Since coincidences dont exist, there must have been a conspiracy between all other clubs to go in hard on him.. because he was so soft and wouldnt like being roughed up, like.

      Stop being so fucking melodramatic and quit pissing and moaning, its gonna cause a flood.

      • Sam says:

        A Stoke side in the 70s suffered five broken legs in a single year – two of them to the same player, on two separate occasions.

        No such thing as a coincidence, of course. Other teams were deliberately breaking Stoke players’ legs because that was the only way they could deal with their beautiful football.

  26. shawn says:

    yeah teams are out to get you, in fact everyone is, thats what 9/11 was really about, and a certain mad austrian was really out to get the gooners. seriously get t’fook over it. there was a time when arsenal used to go out and absolutely batter teams with their physicallity. this hypocritic myopic vision shocking. why not condemn fabregas cowardly tackle on danny pugh?

  27. shawn says:

    oh and its explained by bad luck, there are quite a number of meaty, bad and high challenges in every game in every country, its often unnecessary but its part of the game and its in danger of becoming over sanitised. get well soon all the same aaron

  28. hamsey says:

    Human bones are not made of wood. Bones is one of the strongest structure in human body. So, my point is, if you able to break a human bones without involving any tool whatsoever, you have to kick it as hard as possible. Fighting for a 50-50 ball not gonna do it especially if you know you not going to win it. You have to aim at the leg and kick it.Hard. And you not gonna make it without intention

    • JaythePOTTER says:

      biggest load of shit iv ever read. your right, its not easy to break a leg, but thats not the a worst challenge you’ve ever seen. the deciding factor is the position of Ramsey’s leg. Its very unfortunate for him that his foot is planted in an awkward position. if his foot was off the floor it will just absorb the impact. another gooner with his head up his arse.

    • anon says:

      in that case shawcross would have broken his foot too. congratulations, youre now so paranoid youre arguing with physics

  29. terenggunner says:

    them english press are all putting on a show. they’re saying poor poor ramsey whilst deep down are saying well done ryan, we need more english players like him whenever we face arsenal. Hippocrites

    • JudgeMental says:

      I think you’ll find anyone with any credibility in the media has said it was an unfortunate incident – terrible for both lads involved – but Wenger is making himself look an Arse. No pun intended.

  30. ars says:

    get on with it not first person to break leg and not last so stop crying wankers

  31. Charlie says:

    I blame the managers for this type of play. wenger is right whne he said that “it is not coincidence” The oppsition managers deliberately set their players mind to go in harder when playing Arsena. At times, it goes above the players head in the heat of the game; the consequence are there for all to see. THE GUILTY ONES ARE THE MANAGERS- EVERY ONCE OF MALICIOUSNESS EMANCIPATE FROMTHEM AND THEM ALONE SHOULD BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR PLAYERS VICIOUSNESS.

    • Constantinos says:

      Spot on Charlie. If you are walking your dog on a dogs lead and then let the dog off the lead and it then attempts to attack someone; before addressing the dog you go to the owner first. Then after try to re-educate the animal – if you can!…no names mentioned here of course but I think we all know who I’m talking about.

  32. VICTOR NSHUTI says:

    first diaby,edu the ramsey. no wonder christiano left for madrid. the FA shud do something like ban this redneck for whole entire time ramsy is out.

    • JaythePOTTER says:

      maybe you should fuck off back under your rock if you don’t like the football that’s been played here for the last 150 years. maybe if you stuck your head out the fucking window you’d realise that your own club have often championed the style we are currently employing. And some of us “rednecks” you refer to have been great servants to your club, Steve Bould, Lee Dixon, Alan Ball, Dave Seaman, Alan Smith to name a few… you probably aren’t aware of them as they don’t exist on your current Fifa10 roster… you lot are a disgrace to football fanship.

  33. snaky says:

    FUCK YOU RYAN SHAWCROSS……. EVIL……….!!!!!!!!!!!!


    how if we send people to cut his leg?

  34. gooner22 says:

    to the baggies fan your are a northern inbreed twat i hope some 1 breaks your leg you low life nob.go get a job and stop beating your wife up you mug

  35. KING GOONER says:

    what the fuck is it with all these northern monkeys coming on here saying 3 leg breaks in four years is ok,orjust bad luck-i know theres a lot of inbreeding going on uo there but seriously you are avin a larf!as for john the brain donor who said stoke outplayed us-f****ng hell-should have gone to specsavers!lol!

  36. Ad says:

    I was wondering what the reaction would be if the person who has his leg broken was Rooney, or Gerrad or even Lampard. Would they think it is ok to tackle like this? Would the English FA decide to do something finally?

    It is not about malice, shawcross went in full force even knowing he will not get the ball. Why? Simple , he was playing against Arsenal and they are encourage to do so by their manager!!!

  37. jacky says:

    half you people are real prats, arsenal just can’t do i right if they tackle there called thugs, when they play and get injured there told to toughen up, ans as for wenger he has a right to speak out, 3 players with broken legs in 5 years proves that teams who can’t play a decent game against them resort to bully boy tactics. can you imagine what wud have been sed if it had been shawcross with 2 broken bones in his leg, or rooney , terry, lampard, or drogba christ they wud be calling for that player to be banned for life, yet all wenger is saying is that the line of aggression shown by some players has to stop. as for shawcross not being a dirty player is a croc of shit, and its all down to there managers telling them to do what ever they have to do to win.

    • Sam says:

      As I said above, a Stoke side of the 70s suffered 5 broken legs in one year. And no-one said a thing about conspiracies, and everyone agreed it was horrible luck and just got on with it.

      Other teams throughout the years have suffered groups of horrible injuries. But it’s only Arsenal who think they’re special and singled out and everyone’s trying to hurt them.

      Whatever Wenger says, there IS such a thing as a coincidence. It’s horrible that you’ve had so many bad injuries, but you’re not the first and you won’t be the last, and it doesn’t have to be a conspiracy to be a bad thing.

      Also, by coincidence, Stoke fans can tell you EXACTLY how Pulis would react if it was his own player who suffered a similar injury:

  38. JudgeMental says:

    “Shawcross is just a big, clumsy oath (Hint: it’s “Oaf”), a limited footballer ”
    “Ryan Shawcross is a poor excuse for a footballer ”
    – The same Ryan Shawcross that has been selected (presumably on merit) to play for his country? Are you saying Capello doesn’t know a good player when he sees one?
    Arsenal and their fans are making themselves look complete fools as every hour passes following the weekend. Anyone could be forgiven for thinking their fanbase is made up of members of the Sky/Console manager generation who have no clue about how the game has been played IN THIS COUNTRY for generations.

  39. OC says:

    one article on here i can agree with.

    well done – and good luck Aaron

  40. JaythePOTTER says:

    You lot need to get your head from up your bloody arses!!!

    1stly You can Ryan a dirty player but he will have grown up watching the likes of Adams, Keown, Vieira, Bould etc etc etc who were great players who played the game hard the way Ryan and Stoke do. FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE SUPPORTED ARSENAL FOR MORE THAN 5 MINUTES, YOU’RE TELLING ME RYAN IS A DIRTY PLAYER MEANS SOME OF YOUR FUCKING GREATS ARE DIRTY!!! never mind fabregas and nasri’s disgusting filthy challenges throughout that game and many others!

    2ndly Bentdner pulls Ryan back as he goes into the tackle, if that doesn’t happen Ryan gets there before Ramsey and its Ramsey whose put in a late one, so its your own fucking cheating that has created the actual scenario!!

    3rdly you lot, your managers and your players behaviour has been sub human!!! As usual you want to blame the world for your own short falling and hardship!!

    Take a fucking look at yourselves and your past and tell me your squeaky clean you facking mugs!!!

    • Constantinos says:

      Judging by your rant you are a true a potter in every sense of the word and at an educated guess you were probably smoking the crap whilst you were watching the game!

      • Constantinos says:

        Smoking POT that is by the way – the thing that makes you

  41. orly says:


    Just laughing at your poor fury.

    Get a grip, seriously.

    If you think the whole world is against you, just kill yourself.

  42. gooner22 says:

    jaythepotter you are a prick.your team is shit and your r a mug shut up and go fuck yourself u no nothing about football.

    • JaythePOTTER says:

      Tell me whats wrong there??

      You look around your stadium at your past glory’s years, yet show clear disdain for the manner in which you won most of those. That leads me to believe that many of haven’t supported the club until after those times as you have no memory of the type of player i listed.

      I could go further, do the names McLintock, O’Leary & Samson mean anything to you???

      And some of the challenges you can attribute to your latest lot make us look like angels. RVP’s pathetic attempt on Adebayor at eastlands, where he ended up getting hurt himself, Gallas who ended the season of a young lad who’d just broke into Bolton’s team, Fabregas has at least 20 a season, its ok to kick Ashley Cole i suppose in your warped world view but when someone takes exception to your team they are thugs.

      Tell me what is disillusioned about what I have said?? I’m angry at your hypocritical self centred approach to football, and knowing Londoners as I do, life.

      A little “provincial” town like us doesn’t have to lie down for you, and I can assure all of you, if you think the previous atmospheres you’ve encountered at the Britannia have been less than welcoming, in light of your lack of class over the last few days your next visit will be very uncomfortable

      • jatzee says:

        why, you intend to put another player out for 9 months,

      • shaun says:

        your facts are slighty out there man first of all the gallas tackle was blown way out of proportion and mark davies was back playing for bolton a couple of wks later. and how can you compare a coward like shawcross to these former arsenal greats, yes they were physical but they never broke other players legs because they went for the ball first. shawcross came up through the ranks at man utd and that is where he learned how to put in these cowardly tackles. shawcross is the soft touch this was a 50 50. ramsey commmited himself to win the ball, on the other hand shawcross the cowardly dirty wee cunt, who didnt want to get injured in a 50 50 , did what a sneaky cunt does in this situation he went for the opponents leg. to prevent injury to himself. did you hear one person in the media or else where leaping to the defence of gallas, no they where all crying out for a ban and calling it a dangerous reckless tackle by a dirty player. but when it happens to arsenal everybody is quick to defend people like shawcross saying he is a nice lad who dosnt do this kinda thing. some stupid pea brains believe what the media writes and come to false conclusions, shawcross is a dirty player he is not clumsy he knows what he is doing and this tackle , the one on jeffers and adebayor and countless others prove it. do you want me to point out the difference which i think is as obvious as a bad tackle. gallas is french hence foreign and put a young english player out for 2 wks with a mild tackle. shawcross is a young english player who put a welsh hence foreign player out for atleast a yr with a reckless cowardly tackle . now go figure buddy

  43. Rygie says:

    Same old arsenal always moaning. Your just like ya bloody manager. But er, but er, but er.

  44. […] Shawcross is a thug & has done it before, Just ask francis jeffers Stoke City boss Tony Pulis defended Ryan Shawcross after the tackle  that broke Arsenal midfielder Aaron […] […]

  45. MIXLIFE says:

    Capello is doing wrong to take him to the world cup, if you think that the WC Refs are not going to be influnced by this incident you are wrong, they are going to come down hard on English players possibly couple of red cards whch is going to cost us the world cup, so why take the risk drawing even more attention by taking the pin up boy in breaking legs….anyone with me on this thought.

  46. snaky says:

    I think, Capello call Shawcross to World Cup to cut Messi, Henry, Ronaldo, and other star’s leg.


    • JaythePOTTER says:

      he looked at getting some Arsenal players in the squad but it appears you done your usual trick on young English talent with Walcott. Hopefully Wilshere can continue his development up at Bolton away from your poisonous atmosphere.

  47. JaythePOTTER says:

    you lot really are nice bunch….. facking leave it aaarrt

  48. USA ARSENAL says:


  49. Jose Reyes says:

    yeah this

  50. Jose Reyes says:

    yeah this is an off topic comment but I would just like to complain about Sinbad. he has not made a positive comment yet this season. he criticizes arsenal only and where is he when we need some one to spur us on and lift our hopes. I looked back and he has either insulted arsene wenger or said our titles hopes. look at us now. great players and a fantastic spirt (I just want to say props to barclay on the sunday football supplement who actually brought up a fantastic point that Arsenal probably have the most spirit and backbone out of any team in the Premier League). Please Sinbad. This is a plea that you start to support your club and trust them. Not follow them like a mindless robot without opinions but please jsut show some loyalty and celebrate with fellow gooners.

    Now on to a second point. lets be honest. Shawcross is a quality player, oustanding defender. If not then capello wouldn’t have selected him. and also what defender hasn’t made rash tackles. Now don’t get me wrong. I sympathize with Aaron Ramsey an incredible amount (Aaron Ramsey we love you and you have our full 100% support from all Gooners) and yes i am angry at shawcross but please he is young and there is absolutely not going out with the intention to injure (which is true about every player except for this one newcastle player). AARON WE LOVE YOU – QUALITY PLAYER AND WE KNOW YOU WILL RETURN STRONGER THAN EVER!


  51. kev says:

    Here’s my tribute to Ryan Shawcross. Because he’s that type of player

  52. jatzee says:

    well said shaun, as for you jaythepotter pissssss offfffffff

  53. beard says:

    3 in the last 3 games (2 of which were for biased mike dean) or 5 the whole season all he has done has manipulated statistics

  54. beard says:

    no arsenal fans can say anything after gallases tackle or attack on i believe it was mark davies for bolton where he clearly doesnt go for the ball and he has studs showing. typical arsenal fans only see fouls from the other team and their “great” play.

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