Post-Match Review: Arsenal vs Burnley (Player Ratings)

Posted: March 6, 2010 by curtisreidbarnes in Uncategorized

High-Flying Theo Walcott saves the day after a rubber-footed performance from Bendtner…

Phew! Well, my prediction of 6 to 7 nil would almost be conservative, if it weren’t for one of the best show of finishing inefficiency by Niklas Bendtner. Not a day to remember for him, an he’s probably not alone in this fault, to be honest. Nevertheless, despite a win that was far less convincing than we all were…well…expecting, really, the Arsenal soldier on, and its another three points in the bag for the Gunners to make it 12 on the trot.

Despite the scoreline, there were a wealth of positives to take from this, none more joyous to see than the resurgence of Theo Walcott. It really seems as though a bit of extra game time has done him a world of good. Secondly, this was one of our most creative performances in many weeks, perhaps even a few months. We showed the dynamic flair and blitzkrieg attacking style that was showcased in some of our seasons earlier games, like the 6-1 at Goodison Park.

On the other hand, this was really an abysmal show of finishing, foremost by Nicklas Bendtner, although he was not the only one guilty tonight, with Arshavin even being found red-faced on a couple of occasions, although he made amends with a fantastic strike in the dying moments. We can be light-hearted about it now, but to be honest, this can’t happen again. We could have won this match 5,6,7 nil, maybe even more than that. Arsene Wenger showed faith in Bendtner when he didn’t sign a new striker in January, and in light of that I’ve got behind Big Nik too, but he is going to need to perform a lot better. He really was cursed today, and I’m sure he’ll bounce back. Tough day for him… terrible day for him…. lets watch him bounce back against Porto.

Key Men Watch – Arsenal

I had my eye on Emmanuel Eboue and Andrey Arshavin before the match, and whilst both had influential roles in the game, the lion’s share of praise today should be deservingly heaped upon Theo Walcott. What a performance! I really hope he can keep this up, as whilst I was not amongst those calling for his head, I most defiately had serious doubts about what he could do. Eboue had a very good game again, and settled into a great rythm on the attack, with some excellent cuts inside to run at the defence. Arshavin came on as a substitute and didn’t get a whole lot of oppurtunity but tucked away a brilliant finish.

Key Man Watch – Burnley

Jensen was left with egg on his face after a mix up with his centre back gave oppurutnity for Fabregas to slide the ball through his legs on the back of a wonderful peice of Nasri vision. despite this, he made some very key saves, notably a brilliant parry from a venemous Theo Walcott strike at close range. All this would have been redundant of course if Bendtner he managed to tuck away even on or two of his golden chances.

Player Ratings –

Almunia – 8.5: Were it not for Theo Walcott, Almunia would be my man of the match. One of the best performances I have seen from the Spaniard in a very long time. Almunia made short work of not only saving several dangerous shots, including a brilliant early save from Carlisle’s low header, but he as also fantastic playing the sweeping role. Almunia saved us points today, his sweeping run to clear in the 43rd minute a showcase of what was a tight performance today. Could do nothing about the goal.

Vermaelen – 8: Yet another brilliant performance today by the Verminator. He was like a second skin to the Burnley forwards, and is a phenomenon in aways managing to get goal-side of his man. Unlucky with the goal conceded, as him and Silvestre weren’t at fault; possession was ceded far too cheaply up pitch and they were just trying to clear their box. A goal saving tackle in the last few minutes summarised his defensive prowess.

Silvestre – 7: Good performance, Silvestre! Did what he had to do with reasonable comfort, coming right after a really bad opening few minutes. I noted that with a few passages of play, by the 6th minute he’d cleared very poorly, conceded a cheap corner, and was beaten badly to the Carlisle header. At that point, things didn’t look good, but he grew in confidence and security as the game went on and turned in a very decent effort.

Eboue – 7.5: Didn’t get as many oppurtunities to beat his man down the line as he would have hoped for, I’m sure, but made good use of the chances he got. Eboue jsut always looks so dangerous when he runs at the defence, he has such quick feet and great dribbling. Got forward and got into jsut the right places to help his teamates out, a brilliant one-two with Fabregas hihglighting a creative performance by him, all though by no means his most influential in recent weeks. Pretty solid at the back too, with a few wonky clearances, but I also took note of a few very key challenges.

Clichy – 8: What a fantastic game from Clichy! He has really found form in the last fortnight. What more could be asked of him? To throw the old maxim about (hideous as it is), he’s like a new signing, really! He showed extreme pace, and I don’t know how many times he skinned his man. He was a rock on defence too, and showed none of the weaknesses he had when he returned from injury. Diagnosis: Clichy is cured and back…big time.

Denilson – 6.5: Found it hard to rate his performance because I realised after 90 minutes he’d been invisible for the entire game. Whether that means he was jsut doing a lot of dirty work or was simply in the wrong places for a defensive midifielder is the question. I Didn’t note anthing promising from him tonight, although was on the edge of my seat tonight after a couple of terrible moments, like his poorly weighted back header which alsmot gifted a perfect throughball to the Burnley forwards.

Rosicky – 7: The ball control of this guy is astounding; the ball literally seemed glued to his foot tonight, particularly evident by the number of fouls he suffered, a his quick feet and great dribbling often earned him a chop from behind. I thought he was great tonight, and at the time was disappointed to see him taken off. Some excellent runs cutting in through midfield were the highlightsof a good days work for Tomas.

Fabregas – 8: In the short-time he had on the pitch, Fabregas was at his brilliant best. I’ve been sceptical of some of his recent form, prior to the Sunderland game, as he has tended to be invisible in a number of big matches. But it was an excellent performance from El Capitan tonight, a great goal at the heart of it, but he bufferd out his match rating with great creativity in the final third, and notably, some excellent runs into the Burnley box that very nearly took him past the last man once or twice. His brilliant run to get onto Nasri’s ball was the showpeice of this.

Nasri – 7.5: A really good game for him tonight, providing the notable assist for Fabregas with a pass that was worth as much as the goal itself, really. Great vision, there. Other than that he looked really on to it all night, and was nightmare on the edge of the area. Would like to see a few more goals from him before the end of the campaign, and I’m sure he’d love it too.

Walcott – 9 (MOTM): Simply phenomenal tonight, he literally ripped th Burnely defence to shreds. His well known speed was on show tonight, but more so than that, his decision making was fantastic. Walcott turned out what really was a desperately needed greta performance, and hopefully this will silence some of the more extreme of is critics. I called for him to start improving a few days ago, and if he plays like that consistantly, he could be the key man in our final run in. His final ball was off in the first quarter of the game, but this improved dratically as he went on, and he was even gaining the confidence to shoot after halftime. Fucking fantastic goal, Theo, one of the best a player has produced for us this season. Could have had another, with a stinging shot from a wide angle that Jensen could only parry.

Bendtner – 3: Sorry Nik, but it couldn’t be any higher, really. His finishing was just apalling tonight, and could have cost us the game. But it didn’t so lets move on, nd jsut hope for the best next time. We don’t have a better option so there is no point dwelling on it. All I can say is, you had better train hard this week, Bendtner! I didn’t rate him lower because he was okay in showing composure on atatck and linked well with other players. He was lazy in competing for headers though. EDIT: Bumped him to three as somebody did make a point that he got an assist…

Diaby – 6.5: Seeme da little bit short of pace today, probably due to the return from injury. Looked good enough on attack, and seems to have kicked his habits of throwing 50/50 passes and taking one too many touches on the ball. Did well to replace Fabregas, a hard act to follow.

A big positive I think we can draw from this performance is the improvement in the quality of our final ball into the box. it was terrible earlier in the season, but we turned out more good crosses in this game than I’ve seen all season, really. Good to see. Nasri and Walcott were particularly good. Did anybody else notice how slow Eduardo was looking? He seems to have lost all pace…

Don’t forget to have your say on the forum regarding the Burnley game! is the place to be.


PS… hope Man United get rolled!

  1. ewan says:

    Silvestre made many errors. Denilson was anonymous.

    • Curt.B says:

      Yes he did. My rating is 7 becuase, compared to how bad he could have been he was actually okay.

      Kind of the same for Almunia, a good game for him, but doesn’t really deserve an 8.5. But still, it was an 8.5 by his standards.

  2. stormid says:

    This game will be remembered as the match where Walcott turned into a man.

  3. Franny says:

    You’re a dick. Just because Nik missed chances doesn’t mean he deserves that a low rating. He still got an assist.

    • Curt.B says:

      For missing chances like he didn, he could expect a 0 or a 1, he’s a striker and those weren’t CHANCES, they were goals gone begging. He’s a player I really like but that doesn’t change that He had a bad game. He’s the first one to admit it was a shocking game, even if you can’t accept it. But I guess you know more about his performance than he does?

      Thought so.

      • jurdis says:

        His game wasn’t bad, just his finishing… If he had played ok, and not got the chances he had, he would probably got a 6 from you, but when he playes well, but misses his chances, he gets a 3… something isn’t right from my point of view…

      • Curt.B says:

        “If he had played ok, and not got the chances he had, he would probably got a 6 from you, but when he playes well, but misses his chances, he gets a 3”

        I absolutely agree with what you’ve said, what sane man wouldnt?
        Are you joking or just dense? You don’t see there being a problem with strikers MISSING chances?

    • Deano says:

      I’d say you’re an even bigger dick for refusing to condemn such woeful finishing. ‘An assist’? Fuck off with that. Who are you, his dad? I’d of rated him 4 for that performance. He was a shower of fucking shite.

  4. ian says:

    Arsenal is getting there… but to win the league there’s still some fine-tuning to be done, and must be done ASAP…

    1st, Denilson is simply too casual and gave a way far too much possesion for trying something you should not be doing in your own half. instead of an easy pass to players with more space, he always opted for some nice little flick or pass it to a player too close to and made it difficult to control… and seems like he’s still lack of the discipline of a holding midfielder (to sense the danger and track back – how many times do we need to address this?)

    2nd, the strikers’ woeful misses – at least 3 goals we should have scored today – bedtner x3 and arshavin x1. as we go to the end of the season we need to score more to gain the slight advantage of goal difference. if bedtner had scored perhaps from one of his chances we could have gone on to score 4 and top the group NOW. and that will definitely put more pressure on cheski & man utd…

    still, a good result (thou some nerve-wrecking moments when it’s 1-1 and 2-1) and we should now concentrate on porto…

    bring it on!!

  5. Parsifal576 says:

    Great post but you forgot to rate Diaby, who replaced Fabregas and had a good game. I think you are a little bit too harsh on Bendtner. True, he had an awful afternoon, one to forget but you could see his runs were wll timed and got himself into great positions (these are the positives to take from this performance). With more games, I really see him banging in the goals for us. As for Walcott I think that Waddle is feeling today how brainless his “no football brain comment” on Walcott was.Good to see our lil’ english winger do the talking on the pitch. Well done, boy!!!

    • Deano says:

      Fuck TWaddle. You have to have a brain off the ptch to judge football brains on the pitch, and Waddle is as dense as they come. The greater the player, the bigger the heap of shit they talk. Platini?

  6. leo says:

    Like Theo, eduardo also needs a run of games.

  7. pooner says:

    Surprise surprise, Walcott needed some game time in order to hit form!

  8. Joel says:

    I watched Denilson — calm, efficient, did his job. Nik may have missed but he was there, where we want a lead striker to be. Over and over. Did not let the poor en results get him down. He can score, and will — you forget how much he has been out.

    Strikers miss spot-on chances — they all do. Live with it!

    • Curt.B says:

      Mate, don’t get shitty with me, I love Big Nik and think he will be a great player. Thats not denying this was a terrible day for him, which is inarguable. I’m living with it, and he is. In no way am I condemning him as a player.

      Some of you guys need to learn to be realistic when a player performs badly, they don’t need you to try and protect them.

  9. Fab4 says:

    I think your ratings are a little on the high side for everybody.

    Also, you are wrong about Eduardo. He never had that much pace, even before his injury.

    Decent enough comments though, especially about Nasri, who I thought was excellent throughout.

  10. AfriX says:

    Bendtner 4 his big mouth is quite crap!

  11. Curt.B says:

    Some people have vocalised that my rating of Bendtner was too low, but really, if he had drawn this game you’d all be singing a different tune.

    Come join the forum and voice your opinions there.

  12. J-bird says:

    I actually thought Bendtner was excellent bar his awfull finishing, he had a very good game for us but not enough composure and maybe not enough luck.
    Obviously taking chances is one of the most important aspects of a striker so i can relate to the bad rating, but still, i was very pleased with B52 after i got over the frustration.
    Hopefully he’ll be more clinical against tougher opposition (i.e. every other team in the league) in our last 9

  13. Dan says:

    What’s the bet MoTD spend all of the analysis showing Bendtner’s misses and none of Theo’s excellent play?

    Always trust lawrenson and Hansen to find the negatives from an arsenal game.

    • Deano says:

      What is it with this Bendtner fucking ‘love-in’ ? When Almunia NEARLY has a stinker, he needs to be sold the next day, but Bendtner is allowed to escape a bashing for probably the most inept display of finishing since the last time Pele forgot his Viagra? Do me a favour, Dan.

      • Dan says:

        What are you talking about?? Where am I defending Bendtner? Stop looking for a fight!

        Read it again… At no point did I excuse Nik his misses yesterday.

        I’m just a half glass full kind of guy (the complete opposite of the site)… I’d rather focus on Walcott’s excellent performance than Nik’s misses. Nothing more, nothing less.

        I don’t think I’ll ever do you a favour, no.

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