Poll: Is Marouane Chamakh the right striker for Arsenal?

Posted: March 9, 2010 by curtisreidbarnes in Uncategorized

Theres lots of discussion about this and other transfer rumours on the Arsenal Action Forum,

Check it out and have your say, we look forward to hearing from you.

– Curt.B

  1. Andrew says:

    Chamak is everything we need in a striker

  2. Dan says:

    I still don’t see where he fits when RVP is fit. We’ve already got Eduardo (hopefully a good preseason will sort him out otherwise we need to cash in) and Bendtner. Thats 3 for 1 position already… not sure where a 4th fits in to that to be honest.

    I also haven’t seen enough of him to judge him, all I know is that he’s really good in the air and doesn’t score very often… hmmm.. who does that remind me of.

    On a side not, do you think Liverpool fans were calling for Torres’ head in the same manner that a number of Arsenal fans have been for Niks after his 4 misses last night ? I just don’t get the vitriol that a lot of Arsenal fans have for our players, I really don’t.

  3. Scooby says:


    Everything except a good goal to game ratio – he’s currently scoring 1 goal in every 4 games. He’s either not getting into enough goal scoring positions, or like bendtner, he is, but he’s not clinical enough to finish them. It’s Cavenaghi who has been scoring all the goals for Bordeaux. (almost 1 in 2)

    Wenger obviously thinks he has the potential to develop him into a goal scorer, but at 26 I would have hoped he would have done most of his development by this stage of his career.

    However much he’s going to give us up front, if he’s not scoring goals, then he’ll be no better than Bendtner.

  4. arseneknowsblog says:

    Chamakh is a good player. I think he could do well, but he is not the goalscorer everyone has been led to believe. He is more of a provider and hardly prolific. His highest goal tally is 14 from a nearly 50 game season. That isn’t bad by any means but Arsenal already have players with that type of scoring ratio. He will certainly fit in well to Arsenal’s style of play and coming on a free is a bargain, but whether or not he will add anything to the squad qualitywise is open to debate in my opinion.

  5. joseph adewale says:

    chamark will be a great asset 4 us as a team.

  6. Dele says:

    What most of you don’t understand is not all forwards purpose is scoring. Van Persie, as good as he is, does not have a prolific goal scoring ratio, Bendtner too, Same for Walcott and Eduardo has not translated his goal poaching ability since his injury, so why do we believe Chamakh will be any better? Well look at AW track record of making an average player top draw by the end. Chamak already has something our strikers don’t, true holder of the ball upfront, dribbles well for a tall man (better than Bendtner) and with the amount of crosses Van Persie serves (he doesn’t get behind them, he serves them) Chamakh will benefit better than Bendtner, Eduardo or Walcott. Besides Henry wasn’t a goal machine until AW created him into one. Chamakh gets his service from mostly one source, Gourcouff, where as, Fabregas, Nasri, Van Persie, Arshavin will play ball with him as the link man. Besides we need the extra striker, look at what happened to us this season, he is free, and plays fine football.

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