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The draw is probably about 5 minutes away from actually starting, guys and girls. I’ll be announcing them as they come right here on Arsenal Action.com, so stick around to get your updates….


1st Draw: Lyon v Bordeaux,

2nd Draw: Bayern v Man United,

3rd Draw: Arsenal v Barcelona

4th Draw: Inter v CSKA.

My oh my, what a game we have on our hands. lets hope revenge will be sweet!

The victor of our tie will face either CSKA Moscow or Inter Milan.

Plenty of discussion to be had on the draw in the forum, so come and join us.


  1. Korir kiprotich says:

    Ninoma tu sana op we go through pliz God b on our side.

  2. wenger says:

    why is manchestor united always lucky?…nkt

    • Curt.B says:

      They have an easy route again, I know!


      If this were last season, I’d say we’re fucked. But Barca aren’t as formidable now as they were then.

      We are also a different team now; we are hungrier and with a great deal more fight.

      We could do it, I have a feeling.

  3. Bala says:

    Its an outstanding draw.Lets hope cesc & arsenal plays out of their skin to beat barca

  4. Bimbola says:

    I dont expect that we’ll meet the defending champion, but then if we are going to be champion we must meet and beat the very best. I wish the team all the best.

    • josh says:

      Totally agree! Arsenal should not fear anyone, not even Barca or MU for that matter! Afterall we have come this far, both UCL and the English Premier! At both these stages, it is all totally a different ball game. Arsene Wenger will guide them to take one game at a time. This young team can live with the pressure. They have shown that they have the hunger to win, the focus, the team spirit and the mental strength to win regardless who they meet. No retreat, no surrender! Go Arsenal! All the very best of luck to the team!

  5. leo says:

    I hate that we’ll start at home. :-(Manure have a smooth path to the final.

  6. amaan says:

    I never wanted Barca or Manu….but since we have drawn Barca…….I will be Screaming my lungs out at the groove and even louder at the Camp Nou…..I will be so loud that 90 odd thousand Barca fan voices will not be heard……….Who wants to join me……..


  7. The Saint says:

    I guess if we are not going to win it, it’s good that we get knocked out early so that we can concentrate on the league. Miracles can happen but with Almunia in goal and our defense as dodgy as it is now I think we should realistically look at this as a blessing in disguise and once April 8 has come and gone that we focus 100% on winning the league for Ramsey. Go Gunners!

    • Curt.B says:

      Don’t write it off just yet. Your words are pragmatic but this is certainly to sure affair.

    • josh says:

      Precisely what is on my mind – Almunia! Not exactly the GK for this kind of match. But what the heck! All the best to the team and I really hope Arsenal will outscore Barca!

  8. connor Kielty (Inside arsenal) says:

    I would love to be at the away game… Though I wont be able to get tickets 😦 I will be at the home game if I can get the tickets tho. the 2 best footballing sides in the world meet yet again… Now its our turn… Henry on the loosing side again??? 😛

  9. oduye tomwest says:

    it’s as good nas evry othr qtr final match. we’ll come out victorious in da end , I trust.

  10. spit yo game says:

    an absolutely sickening and gutting draw for us,just this draw alone could fuck up our season and cesc.

  11. piken79 says:

    why is everyone so worry about Man Utd getting an easy route to the final? I dont think they have an easy route..Ribery & Robben are no joke. As for Barca, its about time we beat them for 2006 and for fucking with our players every year!

  12. Ondabu Oyagi says:

    Arsenalaareaareaare are are are are are lucky, with Arshavin and Nasri barca is no obstacle.

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