Arsenal players need to eat more steaks and less broccoli & Players to leave in the summer.

Posted: April 2, 2010 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Whats going on with the current bunch of Arsenal players? Are they made out of glass?

Never seen so many players break bones or pick up knocks.

Maybe its the famous diet that Wenger has got the Arsenal players on that’s the problem? Wenger feeds them Broccoli and Yogurt with a bottle of Evian Water.

Maybe that’s what the problem is? Wenger should be feed them steaks and raw eggs and toughen them up abit.

This cant be put down to bad luck? Something seriously is going wrong at Arsenal for us to be picking up so many injuries. Maybe its the training methods or the way the players warm up etc? But personally I think the diet is playing a major part in this.

And with this in mind why have we allowed so many players to leave on loan? Now we are down to the bare bones and we the return game to Barca and a north london derby coming up we could really use the likes of Senderos, Wilshere, Lansbury and Jay Thomas.

Now with Gallas,Cesc and Arshavin all likely to miss the rest of the season we are going to have to rely on the likes of Silvestre, Denilson and Eboue to win us the league and get us the result in Spain.

A very tall order with our best players. But with our most gifted players now missing its going to be mission impossible.

Makes you wonder if only Wenger would have gone out and used some of that £30m we got from the sales of Toure and Adebayor we might have been in a stronger position to win something this season.

But now it looks like this season will end the same way as the previos 5, a season that promised so much that ends in nothing.

Will the summer see Wenger go out and sing some reenforcments?

Or maybe that Pen by Cesc on wed night was his last kick for Arsenal and we are going to do what we always do and sell our best players and pocket the cash.

For me we need a massive clear out in the summer, Starting with Pat Rice. Then the likes of Eduardo, Denilson, Almunia need to be shown the door.

Bring in a new keeper or give the young lad Wojciech Szczesny a chance. Sign 2 Centerbacks and a ball winner in midfield to replace the weak and slow Denilson. I feel sorry for Eduardo but its clear to me that this lad is never going to be the same player he was. And in this new 4-5-1 system he is just dead wood. Eduardo needs to play in a 4-4-2 as he cant play on the wings and he weak as the lone striker.

So thats it…
Feed the players some streaks. Lose Pat Rice, and the deadwood players….SPEND a small bit of money and we might win something..


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  1. AfriX says:

    Almunia & Fabianski should both go, that’s 4 sure!

  2. ziggy says:

    what a good advise this is, yeah, lets sell the whole club and buy Barcelona. See? I knew you would like that!

  3. Gforce says:

    At the start of the arsenal faithful and the spineless media predicted arsenal to out of the top four, clinging on to a uefa cup place, out all the cups dosmetics and European. We r still in premiership title race still in the champion league, we as gooners have to beLeive in the team we r the 12th man we know certain indivuals are weakhearted and show spirit but if get behind team we can win the prem and cl

  4. rich says:

    you are entitled to your opinion but what has pat Rice done wrong?

    • Sinbad says:

      Arsenal need a new number 2. A younger man, I say bring Keown back as Wengers right hand man. He would sort the defence out

      • Ralph says:

        Based on?

        I really don’t get the idea that getting rid of Pat Rice is a good idea because, frankly, you and I don’t know what his responsibilities are.

        As for Keown ‘sorting the defence out’ – why not Steve Bould? Far more obvious to bring him up than to bring Boom-boom in from outside, especially considering Bouldy will know a the players breaking through into the first team squad very well.

        But the bottom line is that the way we play the defence will always suffer. In the GG era defenders had one job (to defend only) whereas now, with more expansive football their jobs have diversified into a far more attacking role.

        As for this part:

        “This cant be put down to bad luck? Something seriously is going wrong at Arsenal for us to be picking up so many injuries. Maybe its the training methods or the way the players warm up etc? But personally I think the diet is playing a major part in this.”

        Again, based on what exactly? Some notion from someone that (respectfully) has absolutely no idea what really goes on at the club. Are you a dietician to make such a bold statement? Can you back it up at all or is it just a fanciful notion?

        Could it not (a far simpler and more obvious answer) be down to the fact refs let teams batter us virtually every game? A lot (the majority?) of our injuries are impact injuries or the result of previous impact injuries.

      • Smudger says:

        Yes, because the assistant manager’s first job is coaching the defence. Bring in Keown, because he’s got all the experience and know-how to help Arsene run a top football club.

        And Ralph, you make a number of solid points but they’re falling on deaf ears mate. I’m pretty sure this blog is just trying to get hits from people laughing at the sheer idiocy of it.

  5. silent stan says:

    i will assume the diet remarks are failed jokes, and move on.

    denilson didnt give messi a kick after he came on. agree re eddy and almunia, the saves against barca not being enough for a season of no more than adequate displays. midfielder probably, but where will wilshire and ramsey fit? diaby can be excellent or invisible like wednesday. i wouldnt keep him, or rosicky (yet got a new contract). arshavin has failed to impress for me, too inconsistent and weak at tracking

  6. arsenalred says:

    Ive always wondered what pat rice actually does, apart from sit next to Arsene !
    We have been needing a real No 2 for years.
    PAT RICE lovely bloke but what else

    • Ralph says:

      So because YOU don’t know what he does you want him out.

      Ok then.

      • Dan says:

        You don’t understand… On their computer games, Pat Rice isn’t rated very highly and they always hire someone else, then spend £182m on Kaka, Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi and then win everything.


  7. Ben says:

    I am getting sick of all the knocking.
    Yes signings may have helped but bitching now when the team needs our support the most does not sit well with me.
    With all the injuries that have occurred this year some sort of investigation needs to be done three years in a row with many injuries is not just a coincidence.
    That said the spirit and guts this squad of players is showing goes back to the 1989 team.
    Get behind the lads while dream is still on.

  8. briwall says:

    Hasn’t Pat Rice been there throughout our successful years? Dont you think the passion shown by Cesc, smashing home that pen with a broken leg means he loves our club and wants to stay?

  9. Merse-10 says:

    There was o £30m to spend. We didn’t have the funds to go out and buy someone for £20m. The Adebayor money was spent on Asharvin and Toure money on Vermaelen.

    The board was so concerned that we wouldn’t finish 4th last season and miss out on the Champions League they provided Arsene with the money to get Asharvin on the basis that it would be recouped by selling Adebayor.

    Our ‘transfer pot’ is not just money for transfers it inludes money for wages too and we simply have not had the funds to splash the cash.

    This was always going to be the case from the moment we started to build a new stadium.

    the “weak and slow Denilson” was excellent against Barca.

    Cesc will be with us next season. He has said himself he has no intention on leaving. He has said it about 100 times but if you you want to be doom and gloom you wont believe him. You’ll think he doesn’t have Arsenal in his heart and he is lying.
    I’m fed up with all this shit. Seriously, as soon as we drew with Birmingham all the moaners came out of the woodwork.

    The same ‘fans’ he claimed Song was shit and wouldn’t give him a chance. the same fans who questioned the signing of Vermalen on the basis he wasn’t 8ft tall. The same ‘fans’ who aren’t able to grasp the fact we can’t spend £100m on players.

    I’m sick of it. I’m proud of what we are trying to achieve at the club. I’m proud we aren’t puttin our future at risk. I’m proud we run the club properly. I’m proud of all our players for the heart and desire they show. I’m proud of our boys for not gibving up when losing to the best team in the world. I’m proud to be The Arsenal every season, whether we finish 1st, 2nd or 14th.

    This whole article is a joke.

  10. Merse-10 says:

    OH and it’s funny that you Sinbad write yet more negative bollocks following on from the negative bollocks you spouted at the beginning of the season claiming we had no chance and pleading with people to protest at the matches against Arsene and the board.

    You are a joke and like Rafa i’m only dealing in FACTS.
    You’re quiet when things are going well and whenever their is the slightest moment when things aren’t 100% you come out with all this fucking shit.

    Your Boring.

  11. stew says:

    another post from someone who clearly knows nothing at all. Succeeding in only making yourself look stupid I am afraid.

    The diet has nothing to do with it. Arsenal style of play requires quick and skilled players. Messi is in the same mould but gets injured less because the Spanish league is less aggressive or Barca get better protection from aggressive teams.

    Arsenal, rightly said before, get battered. A boxer does not box every week and gets months to recover after being smashed to bits. Arsenal players are, in every match, get smashed. Watch players rather than the ball and most teams follow through on all Arsenal players are ball has been played. Ref and camera do not notice as they follow play. Impact after impact take there toll and this is the results.

    Eat steak, get fatter, lose speed, raise colestral etc, yep you sure know what you are on about

  12. Dan says:

    Ahhh the slit-your-wrist brigade are back.

    Hi Sinbad.

    Nice to see you come back once we draw two in a row… where were you when we were winning every week??

    Plastic, fair weather spud.

    Our squad is huge… we’ve lost so many players for long periods this year and are still in the hunt for the 2 major honours in football but you still want us to spend £30m on more players but you also want us to bring back Wilshere, JET, Senderos.

    I wonder if you’re aware that only 11 players are allowed on the pitch at once.

    I’m embarrassed that you and I support the same club.

  13. matt says:


    You say that this season promised so much!!!! I seem to remember before a ball had even been kicked you were writing us off.

  14. Curt.B says:

    Why the hell do we have to hear this now? Can’t we wait until the seasons over before spitting rubbish about the team? What it needs is support, not this criticism.

    Every team has struggled with injuries, Arsenal no worse than anybody else in this regard.

  15. thearsenalternative says:

    Yes Sinbad, you know this because you’re a very well respected nutritionist. Well done on posting some really well thought out logic behind the happenings of our season. Pfft.

  16. Smudger says:

    This post is absolutely hilarious in it’s stupidity, especially with the completely random dig at Pat Rice. Is it because his surname is “Rice” and you think that is the cause of the broken legs and injuries? We need to sign up Joe Steak or Tim Kebab to add some meat to the backroom staff.

    Cracking suggestion too that 3 unproven youngsters and a center half who can’t get a game ahead of Distin and Jagielka at Everton would make the difference against Barcelona.

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