Arsenal are lightyears behind the other top teams

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Funny that everytime we play a “top team” we get totally outplayed.

2 games vs Barca in the champions league this season, 2 games vs Man Utd in the champions league last season.

Nearly everytime we play Chelsea we are outplayed and beat, It just shows that we are lightyears behind the other top teams.

Our so called match winners just dont show up in the big games… Vermaelen who has looked a fantastic player this season and a great signing has looked just shite in the big games. Cesc hardly turns it on, Rosicky, Nasri, Arshavin all very hot and cold.

Wenger has tried to change our playing system to a 4-5-1 to a 4-3-3. He hasn’t for the tactical knowledge to beat the best teams.

People might moan about Graham and his negative football but we was a master at one off big games and getting the tactics right.

Sometimes I feel that Wenger is clueless, At half time in the 2nd leg we needed 2 goals to win the game, Why not change something? He waited till the 70th min to make a sub and that was like for like in bringing on Eboue and moving him to RB and pushing Sagna to CB for the crap Silvestre.

Finally with 15mins to go he went with 2 strikers and put Eduardo up front. But what took him so long?

We just have to admit the sad facts that Wenger is tactically poor, He has to much faith in sub standard players like Almunia, Silvestre and Denilson and 2 stubborn to spend when its clear to the world that we needed players.

Overall we are miles behind the top teams.

So what now? Wenger will give us that old spin about how he knows what the problems are and will be working hard in the summer to big in new players. But of course his main goal is to keep this bunch of players together… YAWN!!!

This is getting abit boring now, Maybe its just time for Wenger to admit that his project has failed and its time for something new?


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  1. goonermo says:

    im fed up of spending £1150 a season to watch us get outclassed by teams. surely if we had bought 3, worldclass players in the past 6 years we wouldnt be in such a plight. im not only referring to the barca game but just a general reflection. the barca game was a one off i understand. yesterday we needed someone like FLETCHER to press the ball….hmmm wait we had flamini but couldnt be bothered offering him top wages and so he rightly fucked off. we are the 7/8th best team in europe…miles off the top4/5. for me, thats not good enough, especially after the successes before Wenger’s ‘experiment’ 6 years ago.

    • jak says:

      You want a player like Fletcher at the club….
      That’s why the Emirates is full of idiots.
      Although I doubt you’ve ever stepped foot in their despite your claim.

      Song is better than Fletcher, Flamini, Gilberto or anyone else you wanna bring up. He was injured 3 days earlier. A tough break, nothing more. What did Messi do at the emirates? Nothing – We had Song.

      We were missing arguably our 5 best players last night – Fab, Song, RVP, Gallas, Arshavin.

      And 4 of those were injured in the first game.

      You can’t assess anything with that amount out.


      • goonermo says:

        Gosh your a tosser aren’t you. I quite clearly said Barcelona was a one off. But if you think song is better than flamini then you’re deluded. Oh plus, I’ll see at the emirates, actually I won’t cause you’ll be at home you plastic.

      • harryo says:

        tou are a dick. a know all dick

    • Lettraggad says:

      Ill gladly pay that sum and more too take over your season ticket. That way everybody wins youll save money .. Ill get a season ticket and the team will benefit from having more SUPPORTERS in the Arena. If you think United are better of than us think again .. And Fletcher .. ?? Embarrasing he does a job for thembut he is not half the footballer Song is.

    • Regi says:

      Song is twice the dm that Flamini is. There is a reason why Flamini can’t get a game for Milan. He had a one off amazing season playing for a new contract and then fucked off on silly wages to a gullible team like Milan. Brown did the same and United, had an immense season earned a big contract and is now SHIT.

      Fletcher is nothing more than a big game player. He’ll turn up against Chelsea, Arsenal or Real Madrid run around and foul everyone, but he disappears against any team not at the top of Europe’s elite. Do you even watch any football? Prawn sandwich brigade perhaps?

      We are not the 7/8th team in Europe, we are easily top 5. We have been unlucky to lose RVP for so long, and then Gallas, Arshavin, Song, Fabregas at key points. United would not be challenging if they’d been missing Rooney for so long. Liverpool lost Torres and they’ve faded out.

      Come back when you know something about football

  2. Cass says:

    well done on an article pointing out what Wenger should do. Did you venture the same advice when things were looking rosy? Of course you didn’t.

  3. Gooner_b11 says:

    big games from april 09 to april 2010:

    from april 2009
    18 Sat The FA Cup Chelsea 1 2
    21 Tue Barclays Premier League (A) Liverpool* 4 4
    29 Wed UEFA Champions League (A) Manchester United 0 1

    *that’s liverpool of 08-09 season, i wont include 09-10 as they aren’t a great side this year

    05 Tue UEFA Champions League (H) Manchester United 1 3
    10 Sun Barclays Premier League (H) Chelsea 1 4
    16 Sat Barclays Premier League (A) Manchester United 0 0
    29 Sat Barclays Premier League (A) Manchester United 1 2
    Nov 09
    29 Sun Barclays Premier League (H) Chelsea 0 3
    Jan 2010
    31 Sun Barclays Premier League (H) Manchester United 1 3
    07 Sun Barclays Premier League (A) Chelsea 0 2
    31 Wed UEFA Champions League (H) Barcelona 2 2
    06 Tue UEFA Champions League (A) Barcelona 1 4

  4. Gooner_b11 says:

    that’s a staggering 30goals against and 12 goals for, in 12games, no wins against a top side (and i haven’t even included the 4:2 to Manchester City, as they’re not a great side yet) take away the 6goals conceaded to barca, 24goals against to our rivals, luis van gaal’s words are..”this is the week of truth” and the truth is staring you in the face, if there was a european super league, with these stats arsenal would be relegated with a (-18) goal difference

  5. andy p says:

    For once Wenger’s talk about keeping the team together being the main objective is spot on. This means keeping Cesc will be the most important thing to be achieved in the close season.

    To contemplate this team minus Fabregas is to stare potential disaster in the face. Not only would we lose our captain and most influential player but the message it would send to the fans and the uncertainty it would transmit to the remainder of the squad would be catastrophic for how we approach next season.

    If Cesc can be persuaded to stay and we can add another CB of TV5’s calibre, another destructive midfielder (to back up Song), and probably Chamakh up front, then I feel there is every chance next season can see us step up and finally grasp a trophy.

    Without Cesc the situation will be dire indeed. For this reason “keeping the squad together” is indeed the most important objective for the summer.

    • harryo says:

      that should have been last season. this man will no believe he has failed with his nursery. he will not change on almunia, dennilson, diaby etc. thet keep making the same fuk ups time after time and still keep appearing on the teamsheet with shiny new contracts. we are being conned . the money we pay to watch sub standard players is a disgrace

      • RonanG says:

        sub-standard players???? You go watch Aston Villa and emile Heskey instead, or Lucas Leiva, or Tom Huddlestone. Idiot!

  6. Gooner_b11 says:

    Any one hiding behind the “messi is the best best player in world….you can’t stop him” school of thought is deluding themselves, it’s a smoke screen from wenger….i will get behind this team until the championship cannot be won any more and then i deserve my chance to hit out…..the barca game showed how lazy, more than anything, our game actually is, bundles of energy when we have the ball, no one taking resposibility when we don’t have it

  7. gunner says:

    What happens when Wenger leaves? Who can do what he has done with this squad and his budget? He doesn’t have the money. I don’t care what the board says. Of course they are always going to say he has money to spend. The fact is, his budget is probably around 15mil. I don’t think any other manager can do what he had done with what he has been given.

    • harryo says:

      he had 50 mill to spend but refused telling us he already had a great team, yeh wenger were is it. great player that sylvestre. had messi in his pocket

  8. Gooner_b11 says:

    …..arsene must (if not get someone else in who will) teach defence and work ethic, spend on top players, like last night and the united game and the chelsea game….world class players turn up on the grandest of stages in the most pressured moments

  9. adam says:

    Having read this article I can’t work out why you aren’t the Arsenal manager. Your superior tactical knowledge alone should be enough to ensure that you leap to the head of the list when Wenger leaves.

  10. Gooner_b11 says:

    it’s not my job to manage this team in the best way possible, it’s wengers and the two games against barca like an andy murrey vs federer final would’ve shown you what our indefficiency is! you either address it…. or paper over the cracks
    but as luis van gaal says “this week is the week of truth” and the truth hurts by the end of tonight all english side could be out of the champions league…..what does that say about our league this year united got shitter and so did chelsea that’s why we’re in a title race, deluded so and so

  11. BigDave says:

    I say: Get rid of Wenger and let’s return to the good old days when Arsenal fans expected nothing. Then the team can give the fans exactly what they expect.


  12. adam says:

    Delusion and the inability to write with correct punctuation are yours alone. If I could understand your reply I might be able to comment. What does “united got shitter” (sic) actually mean? Or is that my indefficiency too?

  13. gunner says:

    World class players also cost 20mil + and this club does not have that kind of money. Sorry to say but because of the stadium and the massive debt it has put on the club, i don’t think we will be bringing any world class players in for a long long time. Unless of course we are bought by a spend crazy billionaire.

  14. Chris Redmond says:

    I agree we have looked far behind the top teams, but to say we are only 7th or 8th best in Europe is incorrect. True, we have looked inferior to United, Chelsea and Barca, but Madrid are not as good as everyone seems to think, while Inter are only playing well this year. In the last couple of years they have been thoroughly outclassed by Liverpool and United. The fact of the matter is, though, we need to boost this squad, I think everyone (hopefully including Wenger) realises that. No one really knows how much money we have – we are certainly not skint – but a new keeper (Lloris or Neuer) centre back or two, central midfielder and striker are definitely required.

  15. sam says:

    Admittedly we have got bossed around by United, Chelsea and Barca this season, but lets not forget that for 5/6 of those matches we were without Van Persie who was our leading goalscorer, and for half of them we were without a real centre-forward at all and having to play a midget at the top of a 4-3-3 (I think Bendtner just about managed to make Chelsea at Stamford Bridge but was far from fully fit.)

    Its all well and good to say that we should have backup for injured players if we want to compete, but how many top teams do you know that could manage properly without their leading goalscorer (and arguably 2nd best player) for the majority of the season. Utd without Rooney, Barca without Messi, Chelsea without Drogba…
    We were very unlucky to lose Bendtner as well and Eduardo’s form has been horrible but I don’t think its fair to say that we should have expected that.

    This is the first season in a while where I have genuine faith that this team is going to go on and do big things. Despite all the ridiculous hyperbole about how good Barca were, once they got their second goal they were in a position were they could do what they do best, pass it around and exploit when chances opened up. We were without most of our major goalscoring threats and so we couldn’t cope, but I guarantee if Arshavin, Fabregas and Van Persie were all about, Barca wouldn’t have been able to settle like they did and hence look as superior as they did. We were forced to push forward and we got punished. Also, the presence of Song and Gallas’s pace at the back will have gone a long way to stifling the threat from Messi (though obviously not completely).

    I know most of you eediots seem to think that spending big money will solve all problems, but you need to have a bit of patience. We only moved in to Emirates 3 seasons back, and don’t pretend like you didn’t know that spending would have to be limited.

    While Chelsea and Real are examples of how big spending can win trophies, United’s treble-winning team and today’s Barca prove that having a solid foundation of player’s that have played together for a few years can create a lasting greatness as well. After all, Barca won fuck all for about 4 years after 1999. If anything I’d say that our failure’s against the big clubs were due to a failure to adapt tactically, not a need to spend more.

    After all, we all said we needed a DM at the start of this season, yet Song has emerged as one of the best in the league. I don’t deny that a new keeper and centre back would be huge and necessary additions, but Wenger is not far from assembling a great team, mark my words.

  16. adam says:

    I am fed with critics stating that Wenger should be sacked blah blah.
    We are still in contension for the league and could win it. When you look at the resources AW has at his disposal compared with other teams above and below us in the PL and Europe, he is a miracle worker. We have moved to a world class stadium, and slowly we are improving and have a never give up ethic in the team.
    At the beginning of the season, we weren’t given a hope to qualify for Europe this year.
    Do I like losing, of course not, but with the business plan the board have, AFC will become a lot stronger financially in a few years and more investment will be made for the club to compete with the ManCity, ManUtd and Chelsea of this world,
    Get behind the team…

  17. sam says:

    Also, just a reminder…

    you lot are the same heroes who predicted Arsenal dropping out of the top 4 if I recall… good shout with that.

  18. Gooner_b11 says:

    adam bravo….i wish you could spot the mistakes our club has been making aswell as you can spot my mistakes, you might be sounding out a few home truths yourself, instead of hiding behind the spin given to us year after year….WAKE UP!

    i don’t want the manager gone! but i do want this team to improve, remove the saftey blanket off your chest that is the future being sold to you

  19. Kaz says:

    I totally agrees finally that, its a one off in Barca, But how many times this season we have give this excuse to ourselves and Wenger when we lose big matches. I love wenger but tactically he is poor, but we should have known by now. Thats is fine by all means. but as he says yesterday he wants to strengthen the squad. How many time do we need to hear this again season after season and we will get 2 or 3 player sold and get an unknown player but again a young player. Verma is great but he is not experience is he? What we need is steel in the midfield and defence. our sideback is also not doing a great job at marking recently or passing but they still get chosen, i hate Eboue, but he should be pick in return to the rightback. i see alot of our midfield player walking and side backs ball watching when barca starts to attack in our third half. IS THIS ARSENAL. This bunch of players are no more unexperience as they have play so many games in their age, they just dont learn. Im getting behind the team but they better dun lose against Spud. If not we might need to really to invest alot in the summer, that is the GK, DF, DF, DM, real Winger, all experience. Where are we going to find that investment financially? and on top of that the players that is better mentally than what we have. Messi is great, but if you are a top club you dont get trash by a player to 4 goals. Cheski and ManU dun get that, dun they. a view yesterday decided that im not going give them any excuse anymore. Some of the player just do not deserve to don the holy shirt, THIS IS ARSENAL.

  20. deano says:

    How can you slate arsene for fielding a team thats top 8 in europe when he is the one that has put this club on map! You’ve been so spoilt by wenger that you have taken it for granted and are now so spoilt you want to turn on the man that gave it to you!

    • Deano says:

      There’s only ONE ‘Deano’ pal, and that’s me, but I do agree with what you say 😉

      Pathetic piece of horse-shit knee-jerk shit-inspiring article from a quim of the highest order.

  21. adam rogers says:

    honestly, aresenal supporters make me not want to support arsenal. and i love arsenal. apart from guys like adam.

    dudes. we’ve made great progress, the team has solid foundations, we need some additions yes.

    but seriously, our club is run in a way that means in a few years we’ll be dominating the domestic game and hopefully in europe.

    all you fucking whingers and fucking retards should just chill the fuck out and believe in what we are doing.

    a loss, to barcelona, with a one man show on the return leg, with a depleted squad, our main man rvp who was on blistering form out since november and then a bunch of other fucking injuries including poor aaron.

    seriously what we’ve achieved thus far this season is remarkable, but then again why not lets try to be liverpool, chelsea, man city, man utd. cos that always works.

    to arsenal fans, from an arsenal fan.

    • RonanG says:

      well said!

    • BigL says:

      this season is remarkable? why what have we done? just like last year we have won nothing. We are only having a good season because United and Chelsea are having a crap season.

      As for RVP being out injured, yeah he was, wenger should have brought a fucking replacement in January when he had the chance.

  22. Fredwest says:

    If we do not win anything this season Wengar has to go this is 5 years without no silver wear we was winning things when we were playing 4 4 2 this 1 up front is shit he does not want to buy anyone we have got money he just dont want to spend i think it is time for a change

  23. Zakk says:

    One Arsene Wenger, There’s only one Arsene Wenger.

    Forever proud – We’ll get there

  24. geoffreid says:

    wegner should go right now no other team would tolerate his record for the last 5 years- if the board wont spend then lets clear eveybody out and bring in dein and the russian-at least they have ambition.

  25. Danish Gooner says:

    It is schokingly poor and we have never ever beaten an english side in the champions league Lost to chelsea,lost to pool and got completely outclassed by Manure…..horrific.Wenger simply is light years behind on tactics and talent he could turn Barca into a poor side.

  26. Real Gooner says:

    I totally agree with Adam , Gooner _b11 or Goonermo should apply for Wenger’s job!!

    • gooner_b11 says:

      you’re a burk real gooner! lets just keep papering over the cracks shall we, all english teams have just gone out of the champions league at the quater stage, our league got poor, we’re in a title race because chelsea got older and united have declined with the sale of ronaldo….wenger needs to give someone a new job as defensive coach, don’t care who it is as long he can do it, we aint a unit at the back

      • RonanG says:

        so we should get Rafa in and play his way? Have you watched Liverpool play? Evidently not otherwise you wont’ have made such a ridiculous statement.

  27. lq says:

    Manchester United would never go out this early to a team from another country, like oh, let’s say Bayern Munich…

  28. MistaKen says:

    I’m frustrated as all Arsenal fans. Call me made but I also believe we will win a trophy soon and then we will win many more in succession.

  29. lq says:

    Also, we all know that buying superstars works. That’s why Real Madrid are dominating both their league and Europe, right? They certainly didn’t get knocked out of the Champions League in the round of 16 to a French team.

  30. Kaz says:

    Wenger is a legend at Arsenal but the game has changed! he needs to adapt to these changes than to give excuses, If you are so content to what this is now deano why dun you support the mid table club. Im not slating Wenger but he need to changed his stubborness. If these matters are not correct by next season, then we are going to have others saying Wenger needs a Dein. And that will take away what Wenger has help Arsenal to this steps. And no player or manager is bigger than the club. I like Wenger but than the club has also made what Wenger is today

  31. gooner_b11 says:

    well iq Real Madrid are top of their league at least, yes buying too many ego’s is not good either but we are the polar opposites, we need top players, you just have to buy the right blend with the players you have

  32. adam says:

    I am awake. In the wonderful world of make-believe that you inhabit you are obviously the man that Arsenal need to point out where Wenger is going wrong. No doubt you could have got us to this stage of the CL after buying the Emirates Stadium without plunging our club into more mountainous debt during the worst recession in living memory. Instead of talking semi-literate drivel why don’t you spell out exactly what Wenger needs to do to satisfy you and the other would-be managers who appear with such predictable regularity after every defeat. It’s easy sitting behind your keyboard and moaning isn’t it. But there’s no substance to any of it. Arsene Wenger let me down and my life is shit. He broke all those promises he made to me. Boo hoo. Grow up for Christ sake. As for the knuckle-scraper named Harryo. Give a chimp a keyboard and he could come up with more imaginative stuff than you.

  33. shaun says:

    i think that most people know that this could be a great team and the frustrating thing is we have been close to great for the past 5 to 6 years but we are always missing that 2 or 3 players to take us to that level. we have lost some great talent because we have not had the money to pay their wages and others through injury. but somethings have been glaringly obvious, almunia has no right to be at arsenal he is a huge liability and has cost us alot of games over the years wenger needs to get rid of him and fabianski, we also knew that our defence was not cutting it granted we bought vermaelen this season but we also knew if gallas or vermaelen where to get injured this season we would have to draft silvestre and his zimmer frame in at center back. and we also knew that van persie would miss a majority of the season once again due to injury and if the inevitable happened we had no one to take his place. anyone who wants wenger out needs to have their heads examined, he is top quality and i rate him above any other manager in the world today. but to say that he has not made mistakes is burying your head in the sand. wenger has always had that uncanny knack of discovering talent at a low price or seeing potential where another manager wouldnt. but he also chanced his arm with players like almunia and silvestre etc knowing full well that they are nowhere near good enough and that is what is frustrating he could have spend a few mill a few years ago on 3 quality players and we would have won trophies and certainly be on our way to more this season. wenger has money yes he dosnt have a couple of hundred mill to spend on egotistical overrated wankers like real madrid or man city, but he is the one manager that has already proved that you dont have to spend big to win things. wenger has 2 options keep on going with this vicious circle of always being short of these 3 key players and also losing our already proven talent to other teams. or he can demand some money from the board and go out and get those 3 players and get us back where we belong winning trophies again.

  34. The Law says:

    “Wenger is stubborn.” “Wenger has lost it.” “We have money but Wenger won’t spend it.” “Wenger is an egomaniac control-freak.” “Wenger doesn’t coach defence.” “Wenger was lucky with the back four he inherited.” “Wenger lied to us.” “Enough excuses.” Blah blah blah.

    No fan enjoys defeat. No fan likes being taunted by fans of other clubs when their team isn’t doing well. Is healthy debate about the state of affairs welcome? Of course. Everyone has the right to free speech, which also carries with it the right to come across as a complete and utter fuckwit-moron.

    When we’re winning games, this site doesn’t show up on NewsNow enjoying our victories, but when we lose a game, articles like this always pop up. Always. Why is that? Do your lives revolve solely around moaning about defeats? Slagging off the manager? This whole piece today might have come out of Myles Palmer’s diseased mind. So, Barcelona beat us, and we’re ‘lightyears’ behind the other top teams? Wenger refused to offer Flamini top wages and he rightly left? Can anyone tell me the last time Flamini got a game at AC Milan? That’s right, he can’t get a game in a team filled with 38 year old midfielders. Hleb left for Barcelona, only to admit that leaving Arsenal was the worst move of his career.

    Wenger is not God, he is not infallible and he makes mistakes like everyone else. What pisses me off is the Monday morning quarterbacks calling themselves ‘supporters’ and whingeing about how much tickets cost and who fail to connect the very obvious dots before their ignorant noses.

    Prior to the move to the Emirates, Wenger was an expert at buying players in January windows. Diaby, Reyes, Adebayor, all arrived in January moves. Since then, we’ve only bought Arshavin in a January window. Have any of you “Wenger-has-lost-it” fuckers wondered why?

    Ivan Gazidis, when he was appointed as CEO, made a lot of noise about investing in players and getting fresh talent because it’s what the fans wanted. A few months down the line, Gazidis starts talking about how the priority for Arsenal was to extend contracts. Do you idiot-pigs-sniffing-at-pearls attitude having motherfuckers wonder why?

    Do you think that a manager who loves winning, who has built winning teams in the past, a man who shelled out 10 million Pounds for an unproven winger from Juventus, do you think that such a man suddenly falls in love with failure?

    Without Wenger, we wouldn’t have a new stadium. without Wenger, you fuckers wouldn’t be foaming at the mouth about that whole “5 years since we won a trophy” bullshit. Some of you say no other team would tolerate Wenger’s excuses for 5 years without silverware. Alex Ferguson started winning immediately he got the Man Utd job, right?

    We have a manager who has safely guided us through the worst economic times in recent memory, whose club slashed debt while others are piling it on. And you’re mad that he hasn’t given you bragging rights. Are you fucking kidding me?

    If you want to, please, for the love of everything you hold holy in this world, tear up your season tickets. It’ll mean that someone else who genuinely loves this club, someone who will occupy his seat till the final whistle, someone who understands that supporters are meant to support, will be closer to getting into his stadium to see his team play.

    Then you can fuck off to Chelsea or Man United or whatever other fucking cuntbag team you belong to, and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

    Fucking ingrates.

    • RonanG says:

      can you write blogs mate? Your points are vastly superior to most bloggers, including this Wally. Darren Fletcher?! hahah.

    • Deano says:


      [i]And through the thick mist of piss vapour and screaming window lickers came the voice of reason….[/i] 🙂

    • BigL says:

      fuck me, you have your head so far up wengers arse I bet when he farts you make the noise.

      Without wenger this, without wenger that. What a man. I bet he could feed the starving and bring about world piece if he wanted. What guy. Perhaps we should file for bankruptcy now because we’ll never last once he leaves us.

  35. RonanG says:

    Don’t bite the hand that feeds. Blogs like this stir me due to the lack of appreciation regarding what Arsene has achieved. Without him there’d be no Emirates, no top 4 finishes 10 years in a row (most likely), no wonderful youth academy, no modern day Arsenal dieties such as Henry or Vieira etc. Top 4 each season for a team with our resources is a good achievement.

    As for being outclassed by Chelsea and Man U this season, we did well against them last season (better than this anyway) and ended up scraping 4th. This season we’re still in the fight with 5 games to go. Which would you prefer?

    We’re a distance from barcelona yes but no-one else. I think man for man we’re better than Man U and Chelsea given fully fit teams (though of course I am biased). Nonetheless there are some things I feel require addressing.

    1. Rosicky and Eduardo aren’t the same players at all. Sure they deserved to be tried this season but I feel they must be given the boot. Maybe we could loan eduardo back to Zagreb for a year instead. Rosicky didn’t even try against Barca. I’d say sell him and ensure we sign Eden Hazard. He says he wants to join us or Real. Let’s make it us quickly.

    2. Sign Chamakh. I love RVP but I’m sure Arsene now realises he can’t be relied upon to play a full season. Had he been fully fit I’d say we’d be top by now.

    3. Replace Almunia. Let’s face it, he’s not up to it. Sign Llores from Lyon.

    4. Maybe sell Arshavin if he don’t buck up his ideas. Brilliant on his day but not consistent enough perhaps.

    5. Sign a centreback like Christian Zapata to partner Tommy V.

    Given a good winger (Hazard), a good keeper (Llores) and a reliable striker (Chamakh) we suddenly look very strong.

    I feel Arsene has been vindicated this season due to our elevated league position and the promising strides Song and Diaby have made. I personally feel the trio of Song, Diaby and Fab could dominate very soon.

    Let’s get behind the team and trust Arsene to do what requries doing.

  36. striker says:

    AW has been living on past glory.He thinks he has the best squad but in the big games they are humiliated.It’s all down to him injuries not with standing.His one dimensional style is easy to counter to devastating effect by both MU and chelsea.He wants to play attacking soccer against Barcelona ceding too much time and space to them.The result is a humiliation.
    I am afraid his buy kid policy aint working and if it’s more of the same rest assured the gunners will continue to be embarassed by MU and Chelsea.

  37. striker x says:

    To let one player score four goals in a game is criminal negligence.That shows the players have not been taught the art of defence.In the the wc 1986 Maradona was playing against England.Robson instructed the defenders to kick the ball away when Maradona was near it.
    I doubt messi will be able to score four against Inter.Only against Arsenal can someone score four goals.mark my words. Inter will play a suffocating game and flood the midield. This is anathema to AW but if it helps to win games /trophies who cares. The name of the game is winning. I rather Arsenal play ugly to win.if the red faced and Ancelotti can win pretty they would have done so already.

  38. JH says:


    Gael Clichy has returned back to his finest form, and his humongous efforts and heart he puts out on the field warrants the role.

  39. jayooo says:

    Totally true that we’ve been outclassed but i don’t think we’re far off.

    AW has done a fantastic job keeping us in the Top 4 whilst moving to a new stadium.

    Very few people realize the difficulty in that achievement especially if you compare how much Man City, Tottenham, Liverpool and Aston Villa have spent to get there. In comparison, we’ve spent peanuts.

    Man City have spent more than 150m n still can’t guarantee a Top 4 place.

    To challenge for both Champions league and Prem requires a quality squad. We’re obviously a bit short … AW has no choice but to spend now and let’s hope he gets the GK we need. A DF wud be great too.

    the only criticism i have of Wenger is that against Barca, without the ball we were clueless and AW needs to remedy that. I remember when we had Flamini, we were fantastic without the ball, pressing and harrying players.

    what do u guys think of Chamakh?? he’s apparently coming to Arsenal.

  40. wrightydenhenry says:

    Yes we’re all disappointed with the way we capitulated to
    Barcelona they just wiped us off the park.We have had an
    amazing roller coaster of a season and there are still 5
    games left and I’m still hoping for something special!
    I for one had a fantastic couple of days in
    Barcelona and for 2.5 minutes we were on Cloud 9.
    We may not be a top top team yet and had we drawn any1
    except Barcelona we could well have gone through.
    Is it bad luck with injuries or lack of squad depth?
    There is no doubt the goalkeeper situation needs addressing
    if you are a defender playing in front of Alumunia who has made
    too many poor decisions, seems to panic at key moments and has
    poor ball distribution at best.
    At he beginning of the season,in 6’4″Johan Djourou, we an emerging centre-back
    with growing Premiership and International experience
    he injures his knee and misses the whole season. Nasri breaks his
    leg and is out for 3 months, Vela is injured in WC qualifying,
    Eduardo, Rosicky still struggling and Bendtner gets injured really
    in September and this sort of sequence carries on throughout the
    season! Bad luck or bad planning for me our team this year has been
    more styled towards winning the league than Europe.
    I think Wegner needs to instil a better mentality in our team when lose
    the ball too many times we have given cheap goals when losing possession.
    Wegner in big games has become too cautious when things haven’t gone well
    he sticks too long with the same players I would have loved to see the
    forgotten Vela play someone with experience of playing against Barca! Having
    two fast wingers might (!) have given us more options when we had the ball.
    Arsenal forever let’s roar our team on for the run in!

  41. arden says:

    Come one

    Did anyone seriously expect us to win that game, when we had five or our most important players out including our captain and best player.
    They are the best team in the world and have the best player in the world. The only thing I blame wenger for is playing silvestre instead of cambel. Apart from that, what else could he have done? So many twats are quick to get on the boss’s back after 1 bad result that he could do nothing about

  42. ClockEndRider says:

    Light years? Well it’s three points in the league actually. Still, don’t let the facts get in the way of a good moan if it makes you feel better.
    Yes we were beaten by a better side. It happens. Deal with it.

  43. pete smith says:

    You say

    “Our so called match winners just dont show up in the big games… Vermaelen who has looked a fantastic player this season and a great signing has looked just shite in the big games. Cesc hardly turns it on, Rosicky, Nasri, Arshavin all very hot and cold.”

    and also

    “sub standard players like Almunia, Silvestre and Denilson and 2 stubborn to spend when its clear to the world that we needed players.”

    Make up your mind who is to blame here…do our big players hide and run scared in big games, or are the supporting acts not good enough. I would suggest the former. We have not done well against the big teams because our big players have gone hiding. Arsh had chances to score against United (H) and Chelski (A) but missed relative sitters. In Barca, Rosicky and Nasri did not dominate as they should (maybe not fully fit, but they were out there, so should do a job).

    I’m pretty fed up of the blame falling at the feet of the boo boys, especially Denilson. Once again against Barca, he always wanted the ball and was not afraid to atleast try and use it. Maybe he isn’t the greatest player, but atleast he doesn’t run scared as the others do.

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