Proof that Almunia is one of the worse keepers in the league!

Posted: April 15, 2010 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Not for the first time this season, Arsenals number one keeper Manuel Almunia mistakes costs Arsenal points in the hunt for the title.

Arsenal Fans on the forum seem to think that he is the weak link in the team? So after a bit of research into other keepers in the league it proves that Almunia is one of the weakest keeepers in the league when it comes to shots to saves.

Premier League Stats (goalies) source: Link 

Edwin Van der sar
shots on goal 63
saves 51
save percent: 81.%

shots on goal 105
saves 83
save percent: 79.0%

Brad Friedel
shots on goal 162
saves 128
save percent: 79.0%

shots on goal 119
saves 86
save percent: 72.3%

Petr Cech
shots on goal 81
saves 57
save percent: 70.4%

Shay Given
shots on goal 137
saves 96
save percent: 70.1%

Manuel Almunia
shots on goal 92
saves 61
save percent: 66.3%

If Arsenal want to win the title, or anything in the future then need to have a decent keeper. Now with the season over I feel that Fabianski should get a run of games to see what he can do. And in the summer Wenger should look at bring in Joe Hart.

Its a shame but with Players like Silvesrtre, Denilson, and Almunia playing for Arsenal they are always going to make mistakes that cost us points and… the title.

Debate this more on the forum ( HERE )

  1. Rod says:

    I have been saying for several seasons now that we need to have a top quality goalkeeper as last night showed again that if Almunia had caught the ball instead of punching it when no one was putting pressure on him we would have had the ball and the Scum would not have scored from the loose ball.

  2. Wings says:

    Fabianski is a NIGHTMARE. He’s worse than Almunia. Denlison needs to go…….hes a lousy attitude and is shocking

  3. clive12 says:

    LLoris , Joe Hart or Akinfeev …. Upson , Hangeland or Zapata and Chamakh !!

    No injuries like this year and Arsenal will be champions next season !!

  4. Mirthgooner says:

    Whilst I agree that Almunia is our weakest link and needs replacing you shouldn’t rely just on shots/saves ratio. Remember Mad Jens would dominate his area and come for crosses while other goalkeepers (Robinson for eg) would stay rooted to their goal-line. Takes pressure off the defence, gives you back possession but isn’t reflected in shots/saves ratios.
    Fabianski has failed every audition he’s had. He’s not the answer unfortunately. The only decent keeper we have is Szczesny who’s just a bit too young atm.

  5. E-ON says:

    Szczesny!!! Bring him in! He clearly knows what he is doing between the sticks…Age shouldnt matter its about experience and I think we should give it to him! Almunia has failed us TOO many times now!!!

  6. pete smith says:

    I’m not writing off Szczesny, but how can you honestly know if he is good enough? Same with the likes of Lloris…its pure speculation.

    Manny is not great, but every week I watch MOTD and see other keeps make awful errors eg Van Der Sar unable to get a strong arm to Drogba’s shot a la Almunia v Barca (first leg, countless times).

    • Mirthgooner says:

      Lloris I know nothing of so can’t comment. Fabianski was voted keeper of the (admittedly weak) Polish league before coming to us. He obviously can’t handle the pressure at our club but might develope that given a few seasons elsewhere not under the spotlight.
      Szczesny has the potential to be very very good. That doesn’t mean he will be, just that he looks the most promising out of our back up 3. Let’s let him do what Fabianski didn’t which is to develope, learn and make his errors out of the spotlight and let him come in to the first team in 4 or 5 years time.
      Cesc is the exception not the rule for young players breaking in to the first team and goalkeeper has to be the hardest position to do that.

    • arsene wenger says:

      that barca game was all bad finishing, goal keepers are paid to make blocks, its the decision making like almunias punch then forsome reason going to ground,this is his problem

  7. evans kenya says:

    arsen wenger must replace the following almunia,silvester,campell,denilson,bendtnerand diaby for the team to succeed

    • Kofi says:

      I dont seem to agree with the constant attacks on Denillson. Denilson has what he adds that Song does not. He has better passing range so complement song. Diaby is good but sometimes goes to sleep. Denilson has good direction of shots on target than Song. Bendtner in 2months scored more goals than the Super Talking arShiva. I think we need to change Sagna in to a central defender and play Eboue on the right. Well i agree get rid of Aluminium

      • Curt.B says:

        Interesting ideas, Sagna could make a good centre back. people would say he’s too short bt look at Cannavaro? 5 foot 8 and a legendary centre back. Eboue is fucking greta at right back we are wasting him.

        I don’t think Diaby is as bad as people say, he has bad and excellent games. I think he should be kept and continue to grow because occasioanlly he has a brilliant game and you can see what a legend he may become for this club.

  8. SK02 says:

    Yes, fully agreed with most of the comments. We need a new goal keeper..Joe Hart is one of the candidate. Also, many current players need to be replaced. We needed fast runner, shape & accurate passing & shooting players. Also, need strikers that are strong and go all the way when being challenged and not just give up chances so easily. Players which I think need to be replaced (Almunia, Fabianski, Silvestre, Denilson, Vela, Eboue, Diaby, Eduardo, Bendtner & Walcott). Some of the matches shown that the Gunners are very slow in passing the ball, they keep dribbles and then lost it to the opponent. Also, I personally feel that Gunners needed players that dare to challenge and should always ‘hungry’ for the balls. But I don’t see it in last season neither in this season. AW really have to relook into the current squad, without putting new blood into the team…just like Arshavin and Vermaelen that really make a different, we eagerly need such players!

  9. bluemoon says:

    But this stat is told us about the defensive tactic esp CB ,holding MF Defensive MF ( someone should be responded why the other team have a lot of chances to shots.

  10. arsene wenger says:

    dont be so disrespectful, he is easily the worst in the league

  11. Comrade23 says:

    Wings is right on, Fabianski is even worse than Almunia. I’ll say this though… When Vito Mannone was between the sticks, we didn’t lose a single match. @ Pete, as for Szczesny, no one KNOWs if he’s good enough, he’s just been very impressive in his loan spell in the 2nd division. But let’s not go overboard… Lloris is a fantastic keeper at the best team in a top league, which in terms of style of play is very close to the Premier league. He can play.

    The issue with Almunia is, while he’s capable of just standing on his head as he did first half versus Barca, he’s just as capable of braindead mistakes that cost us goals and ultimately points and possibly trophies. With a better keeper, we might still be in the title race now rather than aiming for 2nd.

  12. terry bull says:

    He (almunia) is a number two goalkeeper, no more.

    If your reserve gk comes in and makes a mistake or two you can accept it, as he will be replaced when the number 1 is fit again.

    however, if it’s your number 1 (and vice-captain…) making basic error after error, it’s unacceptable.

    the blame lies with the manager though, for not replacing lehmann properly.

    • Curt.B says:

      Good points, but small error. van Persie is vice-captain, Almunia 2nd vice captain.

      Not that is matters he’s a joke anyway.

  13. James says:

    Fabianski? Are you nuts?? Dump both, get a world class keeper in and promote that guy Wokehjasdgas from the reserves along with Mannone.

  14. Sav says:

    People i would have at the back instead of Sylvester the house cat: Igor Stepanovs, Nelson Vivas, the Queen, the old man at number 62 who died last week, an actual house cat, anyone that has ever played for spurs ever!!!! People I would rather see in goal than Manuel: Basil’s spanish mate, Sylvester the house cat, Stephen Hawkins, a cardboard cut out of Manuel, Goonersaurus, the guy who was in goal down the park yesterday, Heather Mills, Ray charles, the entire population of cambodia. Need I go on!!!

  15. Fred says:

    There’s just no way shitty will ever let go of Hart.. Akinfeev would probably cost a billion and so would Lloris. Why not go for Jaaskelainen while waiting for Mannone and Szczesny (omfg spelling) to become world beaters..

    • Curt.B says:

      Jaaskelainen has had the worst season I’ve ever seen him have. He has made error after error after error. It seems his form is fading so he’s probably not a good bet.

  16. Kamara says:

    Am i the only that saw how awful Diaby was last night. It was simply disgraceful..Is there anything wrong with giving the obvious pass, especially when it gives you an advantage. He did it in the game against barca in the Nou camp..Theo makes an excellent run behind the full back, timing his run to perfection and diaby simply refuses to play the ball to him, last night he did it twice and i just couldn’t stand it( Thanks god it was a bar or i could’ve been shopping for a new TV set today).
    Diaby’s gotta shape up or go.
    Denilson..Pains me to say, but Gone!!!
    Buy players , anybody???!!!!

    • Olu says:

      Kamara, you are a genius!
      I have told friends that I believe Diaby cost us the Barcelona match. That pass that he should have made to Theo cost us the match. If only he had made the simple pass Theo would be through on goal and we would have been two up inside 20 minutes. I don’t think even Barca could come back from that. Diaby decision making is bad. He dwells on the ball for too long and his perfomance against Spurs was awful to say the least.

  17. Arsenal Norway says:

    If Wenger doesnt bid on Lloris I will be very dissapointed. He is a great goalkeeper and also young, so he can have many many good years in an arsenal shirt! Sell Almunia and Fabianski. Use Schezcny(cant spell his name;) as backup for Lloris and Manonne as third choice.

  18. ice says:

    Almunia why don’t you just go you bloody tool……..and Arsene wake up n smell the beans or retire from football…Walcott you ain’t gona make it and now you know it…that’s why you can’t put in the performances son….and Spurs are terminal also-rans..cha cha changes needed at MY club now!

  19. PTangYangKipperBang says:

    Some players need to leave. Imo Almunia is a No2, Silvestre, Eduardo and at least 1 other. I would like to see Hugo Lloris come in, along with either Sessignon or Rodallega, a decent CB or 2 aswell as Chamack. We would kick ass then imo. Almunia must not be our No1 keeper next year or I am not sure I can handle watching. Don’t get me wrong I am Arsenal through and through but I can’t bear it.

  20. jack says:

    Diaby is a terrific talent and when he was missing earlier this season we missed him immensely.

    Denilson is not good enough.

    Almunia is just awful. Utter rubbish, wouldnt get into any other Prem team.

    We need to buy an experienced keeper 30+ like Frey and then have Szesny take over as our No.1 in 3 years.

    Silvestre needs to go.
    And Eduardo should be sold to the highest bidder, but doubt we’ll make £10m for him. He is shockingly slow for this Arsenal team. Chamakh will be his replacement. Bendtner is getting better and his stats prove it. Eduardo sucks.

  21. iluvafc says:

    Silvestre & Gallas (out of contract) will be gone.
    Denilson must be sold (if we can actually get offers) or relegated to reserves.
    Diaby, Eboue & Walcott (no football brain), Eduardo (low confidence), Bendtner (poor 1st touch), Sagna & Clichy (poor crossing) must improve their game.
    RVP & Rosicky must eat more calcium laden food to strengthen their achy breaky legs.
    As for Almunia, he must be shipped via express courier back to Spain’s la liga where goalkeeping errors are celebrated as much as goals, his talents will be better appreciated.

    • ukYidos says:

      iluvafc pretty much summed everything up, its true we need a good keeper almunia doesnt deserve to wear an arsenal shirt. players need to train harder etc

  22. robert says:

    It’s not just the lack of saves that is a liability. It’s also the fact that he refuses to claim crosses, giving away the rebound and somtimes he delivers very sloppy distrubution. I want Sebastian Frey! Don’t think it’s gonna happend but i have my fingers crossed 🙂

  23. AFC says:

    According to the stats on the link Manonne has got alot better save percentege!

  24. yash says:

    Almunia is not the quality required in our team..but i dont think he should go…AW should sign a new keeper…and keep almunia as back up. In fact, no one should leave the club. As our season was rocked by injuries, we need back up!

    • clive12 says:

      i agree with you we just need to send out Fabianski , merida and vela on loan , sell or release silvestre and buy lloris or hart , hangeland or zapata and chamakh and will have a great squad to win the league next season and my line up would be :

      Sagna hangeland/zapata vermaelen clichy


      fabregas nasri

      van persie chamakh arshavin

      2nd team :

      eboue gallas djourou/campbell gibbs/traore


      rosicky/wilshere diaby

      walcott bendtner eduardo

      only ramsey i left out cause he will enter in the middle of next season i think :S

      at least we have a strong first team squad and a decent 2nd team !! and hope no injuries for long term !!

      • phl says:

        u are spot on mate

      • phl says:

        jaskalanien is wat we need clinchy needs competition and sagna as wel we need someone like stephen ireland who can change the game and a good def midfielder like sissoko someone who can challange song and provide real compet

  25. Mr.fawltey! Mr.fawltey! Ce ce, everything about that clowns game is shit,I dont think even he himself thinks he’s any good you can see it in his eye’s, the only one who cant see it is wenger. Have a clear out Arsene!

  26. Chippy says:

    Agree Almunia is the weak link, his punch under no pressure was utter muck goalkeeping. I couldn’t believe Sky’s [gray -well maybe I can with him, but expected Hoddle & Smith to call it correctly, the keeper made an error, not what they actually said ‘no blame on almunia because he got the lunch well away!]. Crikey, by falling to the ground under no pressur ehe was unable to save a shot that while powerfull — was a decent height for any keeper to save — awful keeping!]

    VP was different class when he came on, and fair play to SOL, he played a blinder considering who he had to partner 2nd half [Vermallean would never have left Bale free for their 2nd].

    I disagree with those above on DIABY, he is a major talent,
    and honestly he got frustrated with WALCOTT for running away like a headless chicken when DIABY was surronded by three Spuds, [Diaby will come good, he has the talent but missed Song last night]

  27. chris says:

    wengers an absolute stubborn old fool and im slowly losing all faith in him and his selections

  28. ken says:

    Mannone did a very decent job when he had a run in in the team and I honestly think he should be given another chance. His biggest weakness is communication but he will come good as he matures. He has everythin to make a world beater. Scecsny is a huge talent as well. Wenger ought to give this boys a chance to prove themselves.I am also getting frustrated by diaby who is failing to do basic things. He is a huge talent but he is yet to learn when to pass, hold onto the ball or shoot. He has poor decision making ability.

  29. BigL says:

    I don’t disagree with you BUT…. Wenger has said time and time again that he rates Almunia and that he belives Fabianski will be world class.

    Wenger will not buy another keeper.
    We need a new manager who will shake up the team and clear out the dead wood

  30. JOEL says:

    Are there any stats available in terms of both catches and distribution? Because Almunia struggles with those facets of his game as well!

  31. wayne says:

    Yes I have seen Lloris and he is class. Did you see the WCQ’s when he played for france?

    Anway. We should bring in another quality keeper to test and support Almunia (by the way he is 32 not 35)

    I feel Almunia is a world class keeper who is lacking in confidence and also long term Prem experience (he was Lehman’s understudy until last year, where he alternated with him in Lehamn’s final year).

    However another Keeper like David James (Joe Hart is too young), or even Lloris would be a good addition to our squad. Although I feel Lloris being younger would remain in better condition than James through a full season without us having to revert back to Almunia for longer than we need to. I agree Schezney is our future world class keeper, which I have been saying since pre-season.

    Another Centre back WILL come in during the summer because that is where we have our current main shortage of quality.

    Chamakh is free so there is always financial justification for another signing and keepers do not cost as much as other positions (just ask Man City about Shay Given).

    Finally if Wenger has a direct need he should bring back Viera after he has sucked Man City for trial for the world cup. Viera like Sol belongs at home. Henry will eventually follow, possibly as a future coach. Bringing back Viera is the most cost effective way of dealing with our midfield battle issues. As Sol and Utd have shown, legends can still play pivitol roles for their clubs.

    Finally, with the above additions or the equivelant Wenger style (Vermerlen and Arshavin) and luck with injuries, we will dominate the league and walk in to the Champions league finals. TRUST ME!

  32. AaronFC says:

    Our defence is also poor look at how many shots (in absolute terms) on goal we conceded v Man U. its 50% higher.

  33. jeganathan says:

    Arsenal has not one but three inconsistant players (worst among team mates) They are Diaby,Bendtner,Almunia. Arsen should seriously think of removing these three.
    Diaby keeps the ball way too long. Bendtner goes for holiday during serious games. Almunia paniky during games and I believe he is short sighted. Reason being is that many of the goals that he conceeded are largely long shots.

  34. […] Proof that Almunia is one of the worse keepers in the league! Not for the first time this season, Arsenals number one keeper Manuel Almunia mistakes costs Arsenal points in the […] […]

  35. arizzy says:

    The least said about that wank of a goalkeeper the better. Tell u who should fucking go WENGER!!! He’s a bloody coward and refuses to drop players who are utterly rubbish. Remember when Silvestre weas called geriatic he was pissed off, it tells you all you want to know about Wenger. Refuses to buy players cuz he’s shitting himself that if it doesnt work out he’ll be chastised and so relies on the youth where he can comfortly hid behind them. Fuck him off.

  36. Charlie says:

    I hope Le’Boss plays Manone for the last four games of the season. That will give him some experience; MOREOVER he is definitely better that the other two keepers we have.

  37. Ben says:

    I think Arsene is also fed up with Almunia, but sadly he does not have a more decent keeper to replace him, he will go and buy a new one or promote Szczesny, we always performing very well during the beginning of the season, let him gain some experiences. However, I do like to see anyone of Joe Hart, Craig Gordon, Hugo Lloris, or Akinfeev in Arsenal shirt next season.

  38. Funchyman says:

    Bring in Thomas Sorensen(33), give him a couple of years and then Szczesny should be ready…

    • Curt.B says:

      God no, not Sorenson! It says a lot that Stoke have bought spent big money on Begovic. Aclub like stoke doesn’t pay big bucks for a keeper like that to sit on the bench; Sorenson is being replaced.

      WE should have been buying Begovic, he is a good keeper.

  39. Dimbrown says:

    Alumunia is a weakass keeper if he continous like dis next season it will be bad 4 arsenal. I prefer Mahon,he is young and good.

  40. Ancell says:

    Almunia’s shot stopping is not his main issue. It’s the show boating when he made the initial punch from the corner at Spurs that meant he did was too slow to get back to his feet. The main problem I have with him is his distribution. He never seems to make the correct decision. Either putting players under pressure by bowling the ball out to them at the wrong time or holding onto the ball when clearly Clichy is free and good be on his way up the pitch putting opponents under pressure. He’s just not commanding enough and looks like he knows he’s not good enough.

  41. ziggy says:

    Fabianski is an excellent keeper who made some spectacular saves in the past. His trouble is though he permanently occupies the bench and when once in the blue moon he is called his nerves get better of him. I’m one of those who think if his given a good run of matches to play, he will prove himself and perform.
    Any player who sat on the bench whole season wouldn’t shine in a one off match he plays, trust me.

  42. Larry David says:

    I believe that Almunia is the weakest link but would be a good 2nd keeper which he was when Lehmann was with us. I would go with Akinfeev because he is only 23/24 or Joe Hart for the same reason – once we get a new keeper and a couple of centre backs ( Subotic and Sakho for me ) then we will be pretty pretty pretty good !

  43. billy says:

    please leave denilson and diaby out of this shit

  44. billy says:

    almunia, but a goal keeper save when defenders give little room for the opposing strikers to shoot towards the goalie. It gets down to wenger buying new defenders

  45. Musbau Dogo says:

    Yes! We need a world class keeper wh can stop short @ any point in tym. Also we need a quality mid fielder as a back up 4 cesc& song. A strong& pacy wingers esp. Right winger. An ungary striker/scorer wt chamak hopefully. Almunia shd be No 2 & sign a new No 1 short stopper e.g lloris,frey,given, hart e.t.c wenger pls! Sign good&experience players. Only silvester shd go and eduardo,fanbiansky,vela shd go on loan

  46. andy says:

    The trouble with Almunia is that like 75% of our squad he is capable and at times excellent but at other times he’s poor. The reason we have won nothing again is inconsistency, I do think that he needs to go but hes not the only one. Denilson, Diaby, Rosicky and Fabianski are all sadly not good enough, at the top level you have to be at the top of your game every game and all these players lack focus and desire.

  47. ronaldo says:

    Wenger is has lost!!
    his in charge of the transfer budget! therefore takes the money himself that fool! needs to go!

    players like almunia, diaby(disgrace) denilson, silvestre and dirty bendtner needs tooo gooo!! ASAP!

    forget the youth! we need world class players! we’re a world class team FFS!!! WENGER HAS LOST IT!!

    if theres no change this summer! then there wont be a single difference!! might aswell watch 2009/2010 repeat!!!


  48. inno says:

    clearly Almunia wont do. He is not good at all. I am even shocked when one says, ‘Not good enough’ instead of ‘Not good at all’

  49. Nathaniel says:

    Almunia has been a solid shot stopper and has always been…Barca Champs league this yr and Man utd last season semi final 1st leg and many others…but his decisions have been poor…manuel neuer is being chased by alex fergie maybe arsenal can look at him or even adler, still 24-25 but good experienced…Denilson seems to be improving but slacks at the wrong times. Song has been excellent and w/o him we have looked very weak, –eg barca 2nd leg, spurs and the period he went for African Nations cup…Walcott gets away with alot of mistakes…he’s very predictable, and for every assist he makes, he wastes 6…diaby cannot play him on because he keeps dashing to the corner flag w/o supporting diaby when diaby’s pressured by 3 spurs players in centre mid…eduardo, silvestre, rosicky must go…they should concentrate in getting a playmaker who can turn games around and not another winger..Nasri is not penetrative enuff in EPL although he’s a class act…Rosicky has been a shame with his wayward shots…The old rosicky made a habit of scoring screamers from 30 yards week in week out…Watch him when he was at CzEch team at Euro 2004, and dortmund…he never replaced pires although he was more than able to…need a experienced playmaker…Bendtner has been excellent this yr, dont just judge a striker like him with his goals…he has assisted many and creates space the arsenal midfielders need, arsenal became a title challenger when he came back, created 2 goals against barcain the 1st leg and scored another in the 2nd…the only player who can head decently and physically challenge, score crucial last min goals and come back and tackle…hardworking and excellent…

  50. Martin says:

    Alumnia is not good enough for Arsenal. If we had a good keeper we would be Champions by now. It makes me cry sometimes to even see him putting on the captain’s armband. Wenger is very stubborn and his stubbornness has cost us many titles. As for Diaby, he is hot and cold – lacks consistence which is required at the top level. Slyvetre, Rosicky and Alumnia should leave the club.

  51. RickeyRick says:

    Almunia,( All Manure) more like goes to the ground too easily creating an awful stink in the in the air days later! He’s s**t get rid.
    I could count on my hand the amount of times that I have seen Dave Seaman punch the ball.

  52. Tilt says:

    This site has always been crap, still is.

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