ALL you muppets who defend Wenger are to blame.

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Who’s the biggest fools at Arsenal?  Wenger,or the fans that keep defend him?

Our season is now over, and for the 5 season in a row we have nothing to show for it.

Todays game sums Wenger and this bunch of players up. Pass from side to side,pass back, keep the ball, pass, we have a chance to shoot.. But pass!! Pretty football with nothing to show.
How many saves did Kirkland have to make? hardly nothing to do.

This 4-5-1 is just disgusting Nicklas Bendtner had NO support at all.

You can blame poor goalkeeping again but there is only one person to blame for today and the past 5 seasons and that’s Wenger.

Wenger has put together a squad of over rated over hyped players with the losing mentality.

Sol Campbell is the only player at Arsenal who seems to give a F##k. Where is all this great spirit that Wenger keeps telling us about?

The sad fact is that Wenger keeps telling us how great we are and how great the club is looking for the future, Most of you muppets keep falling for this trick. At the end of each of the last seasons Wenger comes out and says the same old shit.

“We have money to spend and in the summer I will address our problems”

“My main goal is to keep this bunch of players together”

Then its

“our players returning will be like new signings”

And then “I didn’t want to sign and it would have killed our young players”

Lets be honest, We have punched well above our weight this season and i really don’t know how we were even still in a title race? But to get to this position and need to win the last 5 games to win the title and then to lose to the spurs and then to wigan is nothing more then a disgrace. And the way our players didn’t even seem to care is what really pisses me off the most.

Its time for a massive reality check for some of you gooners, You cant blame injuries or the ref anymore.

Why have we not won anything since 2005?

Our manager, who 90% of you muppets keep telling me “knows” is NOT up to the job. We have 2 goalkeers of such ineptitude that i doubt that would even get into the West Ham or Wigan team. Wenger sicks with crap like Almunia, Fabianski, Denilson & Silvestre
Wengers 4/5/1  tactics are a disgrace. He wants us to play like Barca but we just dont have the players. Its time to get back to 4/4/2.

And when it was clear to us all that we needs to sign a few player in the transfer window Wenger banked the money “not for the first time”

For all them reasons I hope you can all now see that Wenger is to blame and I hope that you will NOW stop defending him and keep telling us that ” Arsene knows ” or “in Arsene we trust”

Its time the Arsenal board to know how the fans feel, PLEASE Join our forum and comment in this thread ( HERE )

Enough is enough, We cant keep putting up with this crap.


  1. chrisq says:

    i AGREE

    • to Arsene Wenger says:

      I am really fastrated to the defeat at wigen today.enough is enough to wenger we had been waiting for lies

    • gunner man says:

      look either support the club or just take a hike whats all the fuss about even if arsenal were to win yesterday they still had to relie on chelsea and manu loseing more games be4 the cud win the premier league .thats what arsenal needed yesterday was a kick up the back side cause now he knows his kids aint good enough to win the league so maybe hw will go out and buy some decent players this summer

    • sel says:

      I think if you agree with this article then you should just go and support united like alot of other glory hunters do! Arsene has shown he is a class apart from most other managers and in the last 5 seasons he has still been achieving the clubs objectives which is to get into the champions league and he has been in the title race as well so F**CK all you ungratefull fans you are whats wrong with the club the fans who defend wenger are the true fans! What makes me laugh the most is that you idiots want him out but would not even be able to give me a good replacement because you and the person who wrote this article has no idea about football!!!!!!

    • danny says:

      no i cant have that,,,the man has done a great job,,,and still is,go back to post wenger,,remember bruce rioch,,,he has done wonders with this club,,if it was not for wenger we wud not b playing champios league football every season,,,i think arsenal wud go backwards if wenger left….then we wud b in trouble…

  2. Danish Gooner says:

    But the Arsene knows brigade is just as stubborn as the manager himself.

  3. Mike says:

    Well said. I’m disgusted and have had enough.

  4. cezan1afc says:

    Yes we are And im proud to defend one of the greatest mangers i have ever seen although i do belive 5 years is enough and should he not win anything next year i fear he will leave himself 😦

    • Sinbad says:

      You fear he will leave??? WHY? I hope and pray that he quits.

      • sel says:

        I bet you are the sort of fan who goes to games and doesnt even sing! god you are not even aloud to be called a fan! I wouldnt even be able to call you a football fan because if you knew anything about football you would know we have one of the best managers in the world!

    • scott says:

      you mean when he realises what everyone already knows, that his lost it

    • Simbo says:

      What has happened to the players who fought for every ball and would die for the cause?

  5. Hugo says:

    Today we had our 7 most important starting players out. Yes the second half today was pathetic but, looking at the bigger picture, there is not a side in the world that could enter into the last part of the season with those injuries and win the title. Not Barcelona, not Inter and certainly not United or Chelsea.

    No excuse for today, but the title challenge falling apart is nobody’s fault, just plain bad luck.

    • Bored of WKB says:

      Then the mug of a manager should have put some quality in depth into the squad – Why is he always surprised we get injuries FFS – We NEED a big squad with QUALITY – The current squad would be a good back up in most cases but certainly not first team. He now says he has money and there are players out there – I wonder if he doesnt buy what excuses he will trip out

      • Hugo says:

        Almunia, Gibbs, Vermaelen, Gallas, Djourou, Song, Denilson, Fabregas, Ramsey, Arshavin, van Persie… you cannot possibly have enough depth in your squad to be able to compete in a title run in with an injury list like that, not unless you’re working on a man city budget. We are not.

        As Colin Lewin explained, we’ve had 7 bone fractures this season, that puts extra strain on the remaining players and increases the chances of injury for them too. That is nothing more than bad luck.

      • Alan says:

        Absolutely, when has VanPersie ever played a full season? Has Gallas ever played in the run-in. We lost Fab for 4 months last season. Injuries happen and Wenger does not build a squad capable of coping. Not buying a striker in January to give us a push was criminal. Last week he said a top striker would have given us extra points. Begs the question doesn’t it.

      • gooner 82 says:

        arsenal do have good back up but what happens when the back up is injured. arsenal done really well to stay in the title race this long. do you honestly beleive utd or chelsea would be as close as arsenal are now if they were without rooney and drogba.

  6. Pistol Pete says:

    I just cancelled my Arsenal Online subscription!
    You should joine me in this revolt to get Wenger SACKED!!

  7. Dutch Spurs says:

    Oh dear, all the wheels apear to have come of at the same time!

    • scott says:

      heres to redknapp getting you into administration after he buys your asses shit loads of african no ones, i cant wait

      • gunner says:

        nobody want to c spurs fans on arsenal forums i cant wait to see spurs spanked in the champions league by fc cluj you fuking hypnotised morons

      • looneygooner says:

        just like the lasagna incident Spurs will fall away again, Redknapp will be in jail and the wanky totteham hotspur will be back where they belong in our shadow

  8. Pistol Pete says:

    This will be the PL table and the end of the season:
    2. Manure
    3. Citeh
    5. Arsenal

    Mark my words!!

    • I Should Be PM says:

      Nah, we’ll finish above Citeh.

    • Wembley Gooner says:

      I some how doubt it! Fuckin fickle fans just overreact straight after a game……think before u f’kin write this tribe

    • clive12 says:

      ohhh come on it cant be we have 3 games left and with a win we should be ok and city and spurs have to play with each other !!

    • looneygooner says:

      plastic glory hunter we won’t finish fifth because Citeh play Spurs, we don’t need plastics like you, fuck off and support the Chavs or Spurs you cretin. I can’t stand the ten year fans we have try supporting the club. Bunch of cry babies.

  9. mark says:

    spurs had palacious out woodgate lennon king (chelsea) jenas corluka kranjkar and there must be nore but we WON against you and the league leaders, the mighty spurs will be back next season and you guys all know it…..

  10. yidboy says:

    Your starting to sound like Yids….lmao Suck it up you south London Pikey Squatters.

  11. Tak says:

    Just another spat about how someone has spat his dummy out, nothing to see here, you should of posted tomorrow where your emotions are not in a position to embarrass you.

  12. bryan says:

    that is the worst arsenal team i have seen for a decade

  13. I Should Be PM says:

    Sorry folks but enough is enough, and whoever ends up as owner of the club they will not accept paying out so much money for so little return. For Arsene’s sake I hope he takes the brave decision to go before he’s sacked.

  14. Arsenal says:

    Sinbad fuck your mum

  15. BigL says:

    I can’t be arsed to rant any more. Wenger please just go to Madrid or wherever and while your at it, take all your AKBs with you

  16. Guna says:

    I’m not an ‘AKB’ that you seem to detest so much. I just support the man that got Arsenal, and it’s spoilt fans like yourself, the success that it has had since he joined.

    The debacle today was bad. I agree. But please take in to account the bad luck with injuries, that have been far worse than any other season prior.

    The fact is, you just don’t hear from this piss poor site when we win. You just seek as many hits as you can by slagging off the Arsenal when we lose.

  17. AfriX says:

    Arsene Wenger just leave, find another club 2 experiment with your stupid cheap policies. U r embarrassing the club!

  18. Dutch Spurs says:

    I expected such an answer from someone who is able to spell most of the swearwords in english but has most likely the IQ of a fishfinger, but then i may do the fishfinger some injustice.

    • Hugo says:

      I’m afraid if you want rational, well thought out discussion with intelligent Arsenal fans you’re very much on the wrong website. And don’t reply saying ‘you can’t have intelligent discussion with Arsenal fans anywhere’- it’s too easy-a-‘joke’ and you’d just be embarrassing yourself!

      • Dutch Spurs says:

        I would not make such a cheap Joke. It may sound strange coming from a Spurs fan but I think Arsenal are a big club, a great club and have over the years had great teams. Such a club deserves great supporters. I wish that we had a Wenger as a manager the last 10 years we may have won something. I dont understand why all this anger aimed at somebody who has built may good teams, and is able to build many more.

      • Hugo says:

        Most people with the capacity for reasoned thinking don’t understand it either Dutch Spur, sadly that is a capacity that is pretty scarce on arsenalaction, espescially when sinbad vents his poison. Weirdly, many of the more sympathetic comments I’ve seen on the internet since full time have come from spurs fans like yourself. Hopefully most Gooners will rediscover some perspective sometime soon.

    • looneygooner says:

      Spurs the shit of london, two fucking titles, wanky fans, come back when you have trophies in double figures you fucking inbreds, you will never be a big club….hang on you never were

  19. David says:

    I will defend Wenger’s buying policy and the restraints he has to abide by. However, he lets himself down by allowing his sides to coast in games: no forward momentum, sloppy passes, players caught in posession, poor marking, lazy tracking back.

    Until the mentality of the side alters no signings will not make a scrap of difference. At 2-0 today Man U and the Chavs would have driven forward and won 4-0. Too many times we coast, portray all the shocking drawbacks I have listed and the result is we get punished.

    Wigan should have scored 6 goals in the second half against a team that coasted. I can’t defend Wenger on the way he instills such lazy habits in his players. They play better when behind and when level in games – that isa crime in football senses.

    • Alan says:

      Well said, I’m sick of seeing players like Diaby and Rosicky give the ball away cheaply and then meander back without a care in the world. Why is nobody balling them out of it.
      Also, Diaby always anticipates the ball to go backwards when he’s challenging for possession. The result: the opposing player heads forwards unchallenge towards our goal.

    • BigL says:

      what restraints? the board say every year we have money yet wenger decides not to spend. any restrant is surely self imposed

      • David says:

        You big tube…ok force AW to spend £50 m every year and see the debts rise and then as the fire-sale begins we would have tumbled down the league! Clowns like you defy belief!

  20. adam says:

    What is up with you guys…… do you remember what ity was like before Wenger took over?

    Graham, Stewart, Rioch… we was pathetic and Spurs would have overtaken us long ago.

    We now have one of the best stadiums and an extremley youthalll and emerging squad.

    Yes we need to win something, yes we need to buy and if you had seen the latest finnaces at Arsenal then you would see the work Wenger has done is paying divedends.

    The man is a god and deserves a bloody lot of credit for what he has done and bought us.

    Next year will be our year i believe.

    • SY says:

      AGREE. People cannot just blame arsene because he is not winning trophies. in modern football it is all about management of a club. from development of young team, finance management, buying policy, debt management. we should not just focus on whther they are trophies. For some fans, i understand that may be sad to see arsenal not winning any trophies for 5 years. but for me i am happy to see the club growing year by year. I dont think any other will do such a great job on this. Arsenal deserves better fans.

  21. Danny says:


    i have been saying for 5 yrs now, that wenger has taken Arsenal as far as he can. the problem with him, is his stubburness and strenghtening the team with proven quality 25-30yr players

    if he stays, i like to see Martin Keown come in , and address the defence. Wenger has proven is very poor in spoting a quality defender

    Wenger has to go!!!

  22. Blatent diver says:

    In any other business, you judge the man at the top on results – not on his CV of 7 years ago. 5 years without a trophy is not acceptable for a club of this size. Cesc deserves better.

  23. 3Stacks says:

    It’s time the fans accept,Arsene Wenger has taken Arsenal as far as he can.The club now needs a new manager with a ruthless winning mentality not the all nurturing -loving kind.

    We should be campaigning for a Hiddink or Mourinho type of manager.

  24. arsene says:

    can you all get off my back and let me fill the team with hobbit sized midfielders so we can pass across the pitch and back again …sacre bleu

  25. Wembley Gooner says:

    LOL – I was waiting for sinbad to comeback with shit like this…..when we had a chance to win the league you were not complaining then!! You actually want Arsenal to fail so you can write this shit!! We know as fans what fustrates us about Wenger but the man has revolutionised the club. Many old skool supporters will tell you that we’ve had a glorious time with him in charge. Yes we are waiting 5 years for a trophy….we’ve waited 20 before!!! And it’s not like we’ve fallen out the top4 or been knocked out the champs league in group stages…..trrophies will come – I’m not denying we have areas on the pitch that need to be addressed but we will get there!!

  26. mark says:

    spot on sinbad…had enough of the “arsene knows” bullshit.
    this is Arsenal FC..not fucking Arsene FC

  27. benny says:

    Please, everyone, check this moron’s post history.

    Sinbad, the coward, has consistently ragged on the gunners THROUGHOUT the season… mysteriously leaving out his signature on articles written during the good runs and comebacks, but always “returning” during the blips.

    Sinbad, your hate for Wenger has overcome whatever loyalty you had for Arsenal. Dont u dare call urself an Gooner, when you havent written a SINGLE article during our winning streaks praising the guys.

    Not willing to congratulate your team on wins because it goes against your “anti-wenger” mentality.

    Some “supporter” u are.

    Oh, and btw, are you planning to put up that “arsene out” petition again??? Hope it gets more that a few dozen signatures this time, so u wont have to pathetically sideline it like u did earlier this season.

    We did fantastically well this season, considering our backbone was constantly chipped away through injuries. I have no doubt in our ability to win something next season.

    Arsenal till i die.

    • Hugo says:

      Haha, this must have been just minutes or even seconds before sinbad actually did start today’s ‘wenger out’ facebook petition! Such a predictable little boy.

  28. chevy says:

    i agree i thonk its time wenger leaves…..bad decisions…..and sturbornes…fuck we need a change

  29. Arsenal no1fan says:

    This club has gone downhill past 5 years. Its time to let the board and the footballing world know how we all feel! Sick of mediocrity! Where will we be in another 5? midtable? WENGER OUT!

  30. bazi says:

    As long as Almunia and Fabianski around, Arsenal can never win any title. wake up wenger……buy the best goal keeper

  31. Marko says:

    Worst fans in the Premiership.

    • scott says:

      well see what 6years of shit does for you then?

      • scott says:

        and besides chelsea and utd have the worse fans, i mean come one protesting just after youve won the cl and near to winning the prem what a bunch of twats

      • Marko says:

        I mean it’s all season with the moaning. People like Sinbad only come out of the woodwork when we lose and there’s too many like him who’ve wanted us to fail. Funny how we never heard from him when we were winning. Probably getting treatment for that cunt-itis he’s got.

      • looneygooner says:

        how about fifty years since Spurs won the title, a fucking generation ago, what a big club, you lot make me fucking laugh making out you are a big club, don’t forget to ask Harry for a V.O so you can visit the thief inside, he’s got a twitch, he’s got a twitch

    • Tommo says:

      As a gooner I agree. I can’t stand this reactionary shit!!! I’m very confident wenger will address the issues and we will challange next season.

      This year we can spend. We are finally financialy stable enough. And wenger is nit sentimental when it comes to players you watch.

  32. Tony Kop says:

    Arsenal are the best team in history and play the best football right? Wrong – overrated and so, so arrogent, like the “hoof” chant at almost every other team. You are no getting what you deserve.

    • Goon says:

      OMG liversmall!! f**k the f**k off!

    • Faby says:

      Lol, I had to. A loserpool coming here to tell us what is wrong & right !!!!!
      Go and sort out your own kop. Bye the way; good L(f)uck for finding a buyer for your kop club and YouWillFuck&WalkAlone.

    • looneygooner says:

      you go on about the 96 you lot fucking murder because you thieves didn’t want to pay, same old scousers always thieving, I hope Manure get the the 4th title to over take you wank stains

  33. Joe says:

    We cant blame injuries any more? We’ve got our best players out injured. You’re shocked that we were in the title race at such a late stage, but we were. Look at what has been spent over the past 5 seasons by Arsenal against teams BELOW us, not above us, BELOW us. You mention sp*rs, can you even imagine where we would be if we had spent what they had, or where they would be if they had spent what we had? I think you need to recognise that a name alone does not guarantee you titles. We have had no right to be in the champions league over the past 5 years with our finance levels but getting in it has allowed us to pear down our debt and has given us a chance of rising up and challenging much quicker. I dont know any manager who could have kept us up here this long with so little money. You sound like a spoilt little boy, who’s not used to nto getting what he cries for. Why dont you take the next couple of years to grow up, come back and read what you’ve read, apologise and then start again.

  34. adam says:

    no song no verminator no sagna no fabregas no van persie till last few minutes,the team look so week,if wenger does not sort the team out with a few big names not kids for the future then we will be a lot better,we had a sniff of the top spot this year which is better then the last 4 years or more.but since are top players have ben out we have lost.for this year 3rd place will be good enuff but we should be looking for top spot,so mr wenger you no what has to be done,every one can see what arsenal lack.please replace almunia/silvestra with good replacements.i feel if we had a good defender to play next to verminator the back would look a lot better,the goal keeper is poor,mite make a few good saves now and then but is more bad then good,with the strikers i feel we need some one who can score goals for fun up front with rvp……

  35. clive12 says:

    listen guys stop talking about wenger !! it was the players fault !! and when we was playing good and we had a chance for the title everyone was saying in WENGER we trust !! so shut up and love the arsenal not always in good times and wait for next year !! we are going to be champions if no long term injuries hits us !! mark my fucking words !! Arsenal till i die ❤

    • goonermo says:

      i agree, i love arsenal. but isnt 6 years enough for you. are you content in seeing a bunch of wanabees playing for wigan, outfight and to some degree outplay your beloved arsenal. because im not.

      • clive12 says:

        listen mate … barcelona made 6 years without a trophy and they had the same policy like we had of groing youngsters now they are the best team in d world !! we had the stadium to pay now we are in good financial status and wenger said hes gonna buy and you have to say too that we are so unlucky with injuries !! imagine united was 6 months without rooney like we was with van persie apart from other key players like cesc arshavin gallas etc etc they wouldnt be the position they are behind chelsea !! yes we need depth but injuries hit us hard next year we will a trophy im sure !! just bring in Great Goalkeeper (hart , lloris , frey , akinfeev ) great defender ( hangeland (he can defend set pices our weak link) and chamakh !! and offload silvestre vela on loan and fabianski on loan !!

      • looneygooner says:

        Try supporting Arsenal since 1973, this is heaven compared to the 70’s and 80’s

  36. wenger4life says:

    ha ha you call yourselves arsenal fans. This is all a joke! Your blaming wenger for the injuries which he could easily of predicted oh sure! Jokers! Wenger isnt the embarrasment to Arsenal, its you jokers!

    Go support Spurs, they’re people like you, jokers!

    • The Juggler says:

      Support Spurs? Nah, we don’t need your reactionaries. Our kneejerkers actually have a point… we shout for the manager’s head when we have been midtable for a decade… we never shout fot our manager’s heads when we’re flying high.

      As for some on here… when do you want things to change? When you eventually slide down the table? Wenger says that the purse strings are tied… but don’t your board consistently say there is money to spend? On such a threadbare squad when you needed a striker come January, why didn’t he find a short term solution for van Persie?

      But it’s up to you guys… you can only put trust in someone for so long, and for a club that says it’s massive, going 5 years without a trophy is a joke.

  37. goonermo says:

    this capped it off to be quite frank. the barca defeat was a good laugh, we didnt have our players and we got taught a lesson, fine i can live with that. they are better. but fucking humiliated by tottenham and wigan, i mean this is enough, fuck next years season ticket, not signing up over a £1000 to see my club getting disgraced.

  38. scott says:

    well said the writer of this article , its gonna be hard for the akbs to defend this one, he needs to go now and get mourinho or hiddink in , when the teams back to best again the akbs will be saying ” i was the first on who said get rid of wenger” total turnips sometimes even more so then wenger

  39. Wan says:

    Im not trying to defend the wenger know’s brigade but you got to realise that ever since the emirates project, we have had little or no cash to spend until NOW. Thats if you believe whats being said from Hill wood and wenger. And it was a massive gamble to take by the board and wenger to stick to a youth project that hasnt seen us drop out of the top 4. It was either staying in highbury or moving to the emirates where in the long term we’ll see ourselves competing with the best(judging by way other clubs are ran, we may well be the best club for the next 10-20 years. So this summer is immense and next season should be the first season arsenal benefits from moving to a bigger ground financially. If wenger doesnt add to the squad because of his stupid reasons (again) then in no way would i want him given a contract extension. So to the wenger out boys, judge him come august 31st.

  40. neville d says:

    What other team in the world would let wenger get away with this.
    I don’t want wenger out but he is blind to the truth.
    I think we need a defending coach get adames back as number 2.
    Give him 1 more year win or out no new contract.

  41. Gary the Gooner says:

    This is my first ever email on such a website. I have kept quite until now! I have been a supporter of Arsenal since I was eight the age of my youngest daughter who adores “The Arsenal”, she has posters and does not stop speaking about the team. However seeing today’s game and the one in mid week, things have to change from the goal keeper all th ewaythrough the back bone. Theo has no bottle not like rocky, Bendter is no Smudger & as for the goal keepers they all need to be got ride off. If we are to win any thing next year then money has to be spent and in the right places. We will never win anything with the players we have.

  42. scott says:

    clive even if it is the players fault wenger picks them and replaces them and his tactics shapes the games , how much of an indicication do you need that his past it, do you want me to direct your head out of your behind for you as well while im at it?

  43. Asmo says:

    Ha where have you been for the last few months?

    Good to see you back to give us some well-needed mirth.

  44. Hughsie88 says:

    I’m a United fan, with grudging respect for Arsenal and how Arsene Wenger goes about his football. At the end of the day, Arsenal have come within 3 games of one hell of a title fight without Van Persie, Gallas, Fabregas, Arshavin, Wallcott Eduardo and more injuries this season. Not to mention losing Toure and Adebayour.

    If Utd/Chelsea were to lose so many quality players for as long as you have lost them, they would not be in the position that they are in now. Arsene has said he will spend in the summer this year. he has said he will reinforce, rather than merely investing for the future. You seem to have Chamakh in the bag, according to reports, which will give you a very strong front line if VP stays fit (his contribution on Wed night was enough to show that, when fit, he is amongst teh very best), and a strong CM/GK and CB. Wenger has worked within financial constraints given the new stadium, and he has still suprised people with how well he has done this season.

    Twice you were 9 points off the top, and twice you pulled that in to 2 points. You were flying until Cesc, Gallas and Arshavin all got injured in a week against Barca.

    Wenger might not have won anything in the last 5 years, but he has done a great job on a small budget, and if he spends smart this year, I can see a very strong Arsenal team challenging for the title next May.

    Also, Pistol Pete, don’t be stupid, you are still something like 7 points clear of Spurs and 9 clear of City, with them to play each other, Spurs to play United, you have City I think. Arsenal will be 3rd.

    Have faith in your manager, is there anyone else who could ahve done a better job with what he has been given?

  45. Andrew says:

    I think if you asked 99% of Man United / Liverpool fans whether they’d rather be in our current state or theirs with their seemingly unmanageable debts, they’d rather be in our position. If it wasn’t for another huge mistake from Fabianski today then we’d all be in a much better mood.

    Wengers prematch press conference suggested that Almunia might not be our number 1 next year and after today – Fabianski definetly won’t be. Joe Hart would be a good replacement. Arsene did try to buy a center back in January and will try to do so again in the Summer.

    I understand your right to criticise but always being so negative / wanting wenger sacked gives me the impression that you either have a vendetta against him or just write this to get a reaction and more people to your site. Either way your about on the level of Talk Spite

  46. goonermo says:

    @andrew, i’d rather have won 18 league titles and be in debt because debt at the end of the day just takes one filthy rich arab with half an interest in football to come along and buy the club. look at city.

    • scott says:

      that wouldnt happen with our many shareholders wanking about for the best prices, bloody yiddy money grabbers

    • looneygooner says:

      And if he doesn’t come in what then smart arse, no guarantee sugar daddies will come in, look at the mess of Porstmouth and liverpool, you want it all now and sod the future, sorry dimwit I want a club to follow in 20 years

  47. JSP says:

    Totally agree. Get the useless frog out now, he is a spent force!!!!

  48. Adam says:

    wenger should go or do something next so fed up waiting arsenal without no trophy in 5 year..arrgghhh!!
    wenger,u should change your GK almunia to potential/aggressive/Fit in field,Aggressive CB,Defensive mid like our previous P.Veira,Flank..and add your prolific striker next season..Send bendtner to loan our meaning of him i see..if u play in a big club u should play highest style..not like that..sorry to say..

  49. Gunnerfrom1970 says:

    I can see your frustration, but Wenger has always managed a top 4 place, even during the drought. Stadium change and avoiding debt in the process, is the real reason. EVERY major club in the World would consider bidding for Wenger’s services. He has produced nothing short of a miracle on his budget. BE GRATEFUL

  50. bazi says:

    Because of our poor goal keeping, unknown players are getting popularity and small teams making history. What an embarrassment !

  51. Sinbads a cunt says:

    Not heard a thing from 2 defeats your back talking shit. You are an total mug.

  52. Zap says:

    you people are sad

  53. David C says:

    You are a wanker. Go and support someone else. The hide button on Newsnow for you!

  54. Jay says:

    Good squad with some great players and more to be added.
    Best stadium and facilities in the country.
    One of the best academies in the world.
    Production line of talent which will win trophies for years.
    Debt free and totally self sufficient.
    Best fucking football club in the world playing some of the most entertaining football..
    Actually quite impressive that has all been produced by an incompetent manager. We must have got really lucky.
    Some Arsenal fans are amazing. We are not the club who produced a DVD of a first win in a decade over a local rivals B team.

  55. Life's a bitch says:

    If you want to be a fair weather fan, that’s up to you. If you want to waste your time writing a blog about it, it’s all also up to you.

    My view is that we could spend £100m on 3 players this summer and they could all get their legs broken next season by players who aren’t that type of player. You would no doubt still blame whoever the manager is for that next season, whether that’s Wenger, Hiddink, Mourinho or whoever.

  56. North for Short says:

    Sinbad, give it a rest. Arsene wasn’t out on the field and you don’t sound old enough to appreciate real Arsenal mediocrity. No team should throw away a 2 goal lead. We donm’t know what financial constraints Arsenal are under, we do know that we have a horrendous injury list which seems to grow, rather than diminish. One day you will get your wish and you will be so sorry if the replacement cannot magic you a trophy in one season. Live with it, get over it and look forward to the next season. Where would you rather be, just missing out on winning the league, being in the Champions league or fighting a relegation battle like the fans of Wigan.

  57. mohammed says:

    fuck you sinbad.fuck all you fake supporters

  58. Danish Gooner says:

    The biggest fairweather fans are Manure fans,i almost dropped my balls when someone phoned in on a chat show and suggested Fergie should be fired after they lost 3-1 at Everton and someone even started a petition to get him sacked when Mourinho had the audacity to win 2 championships on the run……twats !!!

  59. scott says:

    may do they might appreciate the support and recognise that fans what quality football instead of potless excuses – wanker

  60. Andrew says:

    Thanks for informing me of the ‘Hide’ button on Newsnow David C

  61. Erichero says:

    Funny ha-ha. Love the title! A little bit of comedy relief is exactly what we needed.

  62. Gorakshep says:

    Out ain`t right ,3rd ain`t bad brother ,Wenger needs to get his act together ,if he can play with shit players and be 3rd ,then definately if he buys the right players then he will be first no ,whadda say

  63. banner says:

    Wenger is a spin doctor. He always seems to have an explanation for anything. The heart & soul of Arsenal has always been big strong center mid’s that can dominate a game. We have not had that in over 5 years & look what has happened. Just quit Wenger & go live your delusional life somewhere else….


  64. ernest says:

    calm down guys, arsenal is not chelski. we don’t have a russian/arab billionaire to pump money into the club and give us the ability to spend ridiculous summs on players.

    if you want wenger to be sacked, who the f*ck do you think could do better at this club with our resources?

  65. Alan says:

    “It is difficult to understand and accept, perhaps the players felt too much comfort but in football you must stay focused for 90 minutes and we were punished. ”

  66. Marko says:

    Seriously this guy Sinbad only ever makes posts after we lose and then you get other idiots coming on like sheep and follow his shite. It’s pathetic. Nothing positive ever from this shithole of a blog. And I say we’ve some of the worst supporters in the Premiership cause we’ve so many blogs like this one who just spew negativity and some treat it as gospel. Fuckin shameful shit.

    • Alan says:

      C’mon Marko, the only sheep out there are those blindly supporting everything Arsene does. The 2 keepers have been a disaster for so long it’s criminal. Now we’re back to the new signings talk because season tickets need to be renewed

      • Marko says:

        Thats not even the debate here, I know we were shite today and we need a new keeper and a couple centre backs. What I’m against and what I’ve seen from certain blogs all season and certain people like Sinbad is just shite all season and a minority who only come out when we lose and call our manager this and that and call the players this and that. Where are the real fans. Cause it’s not the people who listen to Sinbad who’s probably a racist or at least a xenophobe.

  67. Pier says:

    Totally agree with your sentiments, although your vocabulary and grammar is appalling.

    Wenger was finished 2 seasons ago, he should have been put out of his misery then.

    However I fear you underestimate the power of the Emirates sheep, and the incompetence of the Arsenal board.

    Alas wenger will still be our manager next year, and the sheep will still continue bleating ‘One Arsene Wenger’.

  68. Danish Gooner says:

    I would rather be massively in debt then constantly be humiliated in big cup or the pl by teams far inferior to Arsenal and having a manager that constantly for now 12 years has been talking about winning the Big cup and still gets ass fucked by a manager half his age who have 8 of his players coming through their youth ranks.

  69. Sinbads a cunt says:

    Well done Andrew this mug is a total embarrasment to the club. I wonder how long he has actually “supported” arsenal? Pricks like him are just not needed.

  70. DG says:

    hugo: you are talking to people living in la la land.

    im satisfied with the squad (we need additions though) and i believe this season is a success to a certain extent.

    we can hopefully only improve.

    keep the faith!

  71. mattoaks says:

    I’m pretty sure that all of the people on here criticising the formation are the same people who, after the win against everton at the start of the season and when we were averaging 3.3 goals a game when rvp was fit, were saying that the change to 4-3-3 was a masterstroke!!

    I always fail to understand why some arsenal fans don’t seem to get behind the players and actually support them, do you realise how much the negativity from supporters actually affect players?!!

    I can’t see why we should jump on the back of the team, yes we’ve had two bad results in the last week, but with the amount we’ve spent compared to the teams around us were actually exceeding expectations. Would you rather see us spend £100m on players and be in a horrendous amount of debt or keep on going as we are and in a few years be one of the only clubs clear of debt in the league?

    I know the answer most fans only concerned with short term success will say but money isn’t always the answer to problems, look at the sides above us who have spent millions more than us yet are only 3 points ahead. Success isn’t a right and some fans need to realise this, we need to keep some perspective and actually get behind the team!

    Come on you reds!!!

    • DG says:


      a sound of reasoning…

      absolutely right…im tired of those so called gooners…i always label them as non-true fans because a true fan would want his team to be competitve on the pitch while having no debts and no long term worries. a clueless fan wants everything now and only now.
      we have not for 6 years. so what. life goes on. try to understand the finances/economics and everything else which goes beyond creating a succesful club.

      im sorry, alot of people get exposed in the more challenging times. im content with wenger and i hope he stays for as long as he can.

  72. knocksy says:

    just fucking calm down gooners . this bunch of players have overacheived so far this season, were now finding our level, which is scrapping for fourth place,and make no mistake we are going to have to beat fulham on the last day to to take third or fourth this season is far from over yet.

  73. patr1ck84 says:

    and who do you brightsparks think should take over

  74. Jason says:

    wonder what our odds are to finish 4th or even 5th?
    We’re playing a highly motivated CITEH side next week, then its away to fat sam’s lot……I for one am not confident of finishing in the top 4……Its not like many of our ”better” players are due back soon.
    That’s 9 goals conceded in 3 games……..Why on earth did’nt VP come on earlier ?
    Though its not important in the scheme of things, and with all the injury’s, it really was a long shot, I just feel totally gutted that we could have had a squeak of a chance.
    Any chance of a reaction next week…..don’t bet on it, remember, we don’t tend to do well against top 6 sides!!

  75. Sinbads a cunt says:

    And Danish Gooner is just as bad pathetic really. Go and support Brondby you glory hunting fool. I’m sure you all think football management is like how you it is on a computer game.

  76. JOEL says:

    Whilst I can see the problems created by squad injuries these were already more than apparent back in January when we also had the African Cup to consider.At the same time any Arsenal fan with an understanding of “the game” has been aware of our goal-keeping deficiencies over the last two seasons.Therefore the manager has no excuse for today’s fiasco.We are talking about a side incapable of scoring against a second string Pompey,last week!Add to that a lack of real desire when many of the players on show,today,should have been playing for their futures at the club-something is definitely wrong.Whether it can now be remedied by a few “tweeks” or wholesale change at the club remains to be seen.But what is clear is that fans will not tolerate this type of performance for very long!
    Lastly can any of the “Arsene knows best” brigade out there explain why following his fantastic cameo against the Spuds-why did the Manager leave it until the 90th minute before giving RVP another run -out?I appreciate that he needs to be careful given the length of time RVP has been out injured ;but surely a run out in the last 30 minutes of a game against a team who were 2-0 down ,would have made sense!?

  77. LA-GOONER says:

    GROW UP we couldnt be hear or have the players we do today if it wasnt for wenger you call your selfs arsenal fans wenger is the best manager this club has had if you dont want him hear tear up you shirts and fuck offf

  78. y rashid says:

    well go support some other team if you punks have had enough… who do you expect him to buy, when the board dont give him money to spend. And dont tell me that jus cos they give him £25m a year for SIGNINGS and contract renewals. So go on then, where does the xtra money from.. He had to beg for arshavin, that why he didnt buy in summer…

    Go supprt liverpool, or spurs they spent money every year wht have they got.. 4th or 5th if your spud or 7th if your a scouse…

  79. UR Nemesis says:

    Go and fuck off to eat Harry Redknapp’s ar fairwetaher you

  80. Cesky says:

    Oh look, shitbags come crawling back out the woodwork to talk more crap. I bet your so happy we lost just so u could spew more crap about wenger. Are u really that blind to everything that’s been happening at arsenal, how for re first time in 5 years we now have a transfer budget to compete? Wenger has worked miracles with the resources he has been given. He’s an amazing manager and your a rubbish blogger. Just give up will you, make the world a better place.

  81. Sinbads a cunt says:

    How do you know he didn’t try and buy in January? If the players ain’t avaliable nothing wenger can do. What’s with them filthy yids up the road being called spuds? So embarrasing.

  82. InArseneWeTrust says:

    The only muppets are tools like you who talk without thinking… What do you think will happen if Arsene leaves you dumb fucks?! The entire team will fall apart in NO TIME! Fabregas will be the next to leave, so will be Arshavin, Gallas, etc.. Where will Arsenal be then?!? Fighting for Euro League spot just like we did before Wenger!

  83. Marko says:

    Such pathetic drivel, as usual, from the Wenger Out contingent. It’s pathetic because it’s cowardly, you know he’s not going anywhere, you know the board love him, most fans love him, you are in the noisy whiney minority. Suck ass losers. And as always, no suggestions for who is better to replace him? Who? Mourinho? Don’t make me laugh. Hiddink? Don’t make me laugh. Two mercenary coaches. Moyes, O’neil, Redknapp? Who?

    Get bent. I prefer to cheer for my team, that go about their soccer honestly, and maybe we lose to mercenary teams like Chelski and Citeh, and maybe we lose to teams that have the FA in their back pockey like ManUre, but at least we do our business honestly.

    get fucked

  84. Danish Gooner says:

    He could start by not giving Walcott a salary of 60 grand a week,spending 20 mil on renewing contracts for average and shit players,wasting 30 mil on two midgets that cant do basic ball control (Nasri and Arshavin) ,spending way to much money on pampering youth talent that in the end amounts to jack all(i know and understand it is a gamble) but apart from cesc and cole what great talent has come through the Aresnal youth ranks…..zilch,squat,zero !!!

    • Sam says:

      Yeh Nasri and Arshavin can’t control the ball…

      You are clearly a knowledgeable gent.

      I’ve seen Nasri dribble himself out when surrounded by 2/3 players on so many occasions since he’s come to this club its ridiculous. He is one of the best dribblers I have seen in the Premiership and no I’m not just spouting this off since he scored that goal against Porto… he really is that good at close control.

  85. ashley says:

    dammmm…..whhat an embarrasing game…AW have to feel ashamed at the bullshit he is selling the fans..Firstlly
    AW said he will buy this season , because we are finacially strong and stable ,,,but doesnt that contradict his youth policy , what will happen to the young players he has….he will buy 1 or 2 players , thats it , and they will be youngsters , 16 to 17 years old..
    Campbell looked the best player on the pitch , why , exspierence..something we are apparentlly still learning..
    Bad luck with the injuries but also luck to get us where we are on the log……and with a light squad like ours you are bound to run into shit..
    Dont blame the board , because if we needed strenghening then it was his work to tell them what and how much we needed..
    If we are content with AW them we must accept the fact that we will be trophyless for a long time , beacuse believe you me , we will not win it nexts season…
    so yeah , stop being so stubborn AW , what happens with the new manager we want , what will he do with the exiting squad…
    just saying

  86. LA-GOONER says:

    danish gooner whats wilshere ??? he playing for bolton on loan and was amazing against chelsea and what about JET bartley etc basicaly ever team in prem has a former arsenal youth team play just shut up and go if you hate wenger dont support arsenal WENGER IS ARSENAL and nasri is amazing so fuck off

    • BigL says:

      classic example of a fan who’ll be changing his screen name to LA-REALMADRID or wherever Wenger ends up next sometime in the future.

  87. Fredwest says:

    Wenger treats us fans like mugs. He lies to us all the time

  88. wenger4life says:

    JOKERS ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So you idiots want mourinho in yes? HA HA ! Pi7s Tak3
    Can you really see hill-wood paying mourinho wages? noway! mourinho wouldnt come as every team he goes to he spends massive. Porto he left them in a awful state. Chelsea without Russian bast&AR* would be bust. So keep dreaming. Go support another team that seems to be so much better than arsenal. finishing 3rd in the premier league the best league in the world, is very good. STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. bruno dante says:


    we havent secured 3rd yet, i cant see us winning again this season.

    5th is a possibility

  90. bruno dante says:

    whats the point in telling people to support a different club just because they admit wenger isnt good enough any more.

    surely wanting your club to do better makes you a better supporter than blindly following a sinking ship.

  91. Sam says:

    As much faith as I have in Wenger, and I do think he’s proved to be a great manager, he clearly has a number of blindspots which I’ve been saying for years, even when we were winning trophies.
    The success of the 01-04 teams going forward came from their ridiculous fitness and pace and how clinical they were on the break or moving towards the goal at pace.
    Unfortunately we can’t really replicate that now due to all the other teams having adopted similar stances on player’s fitness and athleticism (which I would argue is pretty much a direct result of Wenger’s influence on the English game).

    What we lack going forward now is enough movement in and around the penalty area to play the passing game we are so good at in a more clinical fashion. Without that movement we can’t penetrate in the final 3rd and thats been our problem for most of the season. Van Persie was incredible at providing that kind of movement, as well as holding the ball up if it was needed. It may sound like a cop out but I genuinely believe that had Van Persie not been out all season we would easily be up there in contention.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Liverpool without Torres, United without Rooney and Chelsea without Drogba would be having the same problems as we have going forward (although Chelsea to a lesser extent because of Anelka, who is also class).

    Now I think this team is pretty close to the finished article. Everyone agrees we need a new keeper and a new centre back (or two if Gallas leaves). We seem to be getting Chamakh on a free so that eases any worries about the attack and our midfield is pretty solid as it is, although they may need a bit more time to fully adjust now that Song, Diaby and Cesc have established themselves as the favoured 3.

    If Wenger is unable to accomplish anything with this team in the next 2 seasons then I’d say he’s probably had enough time and maybe he should leave, because the foundations are clearly there, but to call for his head right now when we’ve done so much with so little this season is ridiculous.

    I’m not saying “Arsene knows”, because maybe he just can’t adapt to a Premiership where all the top teams show the same level of athleticism as we do, but to deny that he has assembled a team with real quality in it this season, with the likes of Cesc, Vermaelen, RVP, Song etc. is just being stupid. They are not yet up to the level of the early-mid 00’s teams, where we had arguably the best players in the world at left mid, up front, centre mid, left back and centre back, but they are not too far off being a very good team.

  92. sat says:

    I have to agree with RvP..
    Sad fans have short memories and only think short term.
    There is a crisis on in football. Real spend 250mil and we get further in CL.
    We lose to Spurs with 7 players out and are unlucky . Chelski take a strong team and get well beaten.
    Lets put things into perspective. We have never been free to gain momentum except for the 1st 7 games when we had our holy trinity getting into form of Fabregas Van Persie & Arshavin.
    The players are good enough. We need a goal Keeper. Centre back unlucky. Look at Man U when they went to Fulham suffering in defense. No Team can survive. Calm down and take a reality pill and realize we need a bit of Luck it is that belief that wining mentality is all that is missing . It is not technical we have the players

  93. North London Sam says:

    Seriously enough is enough. The author is spot on with his article. This is not a knee jerk reaction, rather this lacklustre team has been the product years of false promises. Arsene said “judge me in May” well I have made my judgement – You have to go! You knew we had weaknesses with our Goalkeepers and you chose not to buy. You constantly play players out of position (Bendner on the wings, Eboue right midfield etc). Come on, I know nothing about football compared to you, but even I knew we needed to strengthen up our defence last summer. And to the Arsenal Knows Brigade – FUCK OFF – seriously sick and tired of you. I support ARSENAL FOOTBALL Club and not Arsene Wenger and I have every right to question what goes on with the club!

    • Jon says:

      Wait a minute you hypocrit. You say you’ve got a right to say what you want but everyone else can fuck off. You’ve got a right to say what you want but sorry, the “AKBs” have got every right to tell you they think that you’re wrong. This is the Internet and that’s how free speech works.

  94. North London Sam says:

    *Arsene Knows Brigade

  95. Sam112 says:

    Apologies for stating the obvious here but today’s display shows our squad players up to be totally impotent and inept. I’m not here to vent on what happened today, cos there’s no point. However, the lads don’t have a clue how to close out a game when ahead and faced with a team who like to scrap.

    I’m just gutted cos the team has run out of juice, and it now looks like we will now finish 10 or 12 points behind.
    I’m actually fearing another Man U/Chelsea/Barca type demolition when Citeh roll into town next Saturday.

    At times this season we’ve managed to win games that we had no right to. But what’s been glaring in our play ALL SEASON is that we never try to stop the opposition from building up a head of steam. 5 or 10 minutes to make a game scrappy and stabilise the team when we lose a goal is all I’m asking. Even with our strongest 11 we don’t know how to or seem to be bothered to stop others playing.

    When we tonned Everton on the opening day I thought we had finally turned the corner, with a new high press to add another dimension to our attacking play. How wrong I was. Barca showed us that technical brilliance + hard work is difficult to stop, but even that can be stopped if you don’t stand off and act like a spectator when your opponent attacks.

    Alot of you are calling for Wenger to step aside.
    That’s all well and good, and you might get your wish at the end of next season. He won’t ever be sacked, but he might walk. But dream on if you think a Hiddink or any other coach of that quality will come in and make a difference. Players win games not coaches. If we’d won the F.A Cup every year for the past five years what would you be saying then?? We’re just a cup side so sack the boss cos we’re nowhere near the league??????? Or Arsene is the greatest cos he wins the FA CUP every year. In the last 10 years SOUTHAMPTON, CARDIFF, and even MILLWALL have made the final, and PORTSMOUTH are in they’re second final in three years winning it in 2008 for fuck’s sake.

    I like a trophy just as much as anyone, but I want the ones that matter. Premier League & Champions League are the cake and Carling Cup & FA Cup are the icing and cherry.
    If I was ever unlucky enough find myself in a position where I haven’t eaten for 4 days, and someone gave me a bacon sandwich, I’d wolf it down like it was a Sunday roast. But it’s not a roast, it’s still only a sandwich, even if I had 3 of them at a go, it would never measure up to a roast. So to that hypothetical kind stranger……hold the fuckin’ sandwich gimme a roast.

    I for one am greatful for what Wenger has done for our club, but now enough is enough. He needs to end the project and I think he knows that himself now. Everyone knows we need players but whoever comes in will need to have bags of heart and fight to go with world class ability. Anyone know any players like that? I’d love to hear from you.

    To round off, I love our club to bits and credit the lads for being where they are right now, but things have to change in the off season. Defenders that love a fight are what we need right throughout the side. PLUS A NEW KEEPER…………PLEASE. Even give teenage Chez a go if things don’t work out.

    Greetings Gooners………..chins up!!!!

    By the way……..

    Sinbad………….you’re a cartoon character and your views should be treated as such. You’re a ballbag without balls..

    Pistol Pete…………you named yourself after a tennis player in the 90’s. If you really do have a pistol………….pop it in your mouth and pull the trigger you fuckin’ cabbage..

    • Sam says:

      I completely agree about the trophy thing. Everyone harps on about our drought, but there are 2 important cups as far as I’m concerned.

      Let’s be honest, if we were fussed we’d have easily had a solid crack at the FA and League cups for each of the past 10 seasons. In fact we’re not fussed and we still did a lot of the time.

      I’d rather we maintain our position in the league and put in decent runs in the Champs League yearly than sacrifice those and have a mickey mouse tin foil cup to show for it.

  96. The Law says:

    Once again, we lose a match, and the freaks come out…

  97. ManGoonian says:

    Fucking hilarious! A semi literate retard plastic slating real Gooners!

    • Sam112 says:

      Your name says it all…………ManGoonian??????? Someone who was born/moved to/is living in Manchester calling themselves a real Gooner ………LOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!
      That’s fucking hilarious. All your credibility wiped out all because of you alias…

      • ManGoonian says:

        Oh dear Sam you little bitch! I live in Manchester, so cant be a Gooner??? Have you heard about trains and cars little girl??? They can get you to London, Wigan and all over the country pretty quickly you dumb fuck! My credibility gone coz I live in Manchester???? Wot a thick cunt you are…. Go back to your homework numbnuts

  98. RedCurrant says:

    Nope. ..more likely muppets like you who were happy to bask in the glory in ’98 and ’02 and ’04 and now bitch and moan like petulant children when things don’t work out as you’d like. No doubt the same muppets who spend 80 mins every Saturday abusing our players, before pissing off 10 mins before the final whistle. Nothing in life is easy, you have to work for it. What, exactly, are you doing to support the cause? Crying like a baby? Grow up, or go and follow another team. COME ON ARSENAL!!!

  99. billy says:

    the fuck with wenger, barca had six years, why should we follow suit. he knew very well that he needed a striker for the second half of the season and he was thick headed and refused to buy coz bentner was getting back. to day he knew well early enough that bentner and diaby were doing nothing and he left eboue and van out till the time it hit him that we were losing. What the fuck are we keeping this coach for? sACK THIS GUY NOW AND FIND A BETTER ONE

  100. wenger4life says:

    bruno dante : Honestly you cant see us securing 3rd and 5th is a possiblility. Don’t worry we’ll get 3rd. We only lost a game! We need to calm down. We’ll come back next season with a stronger squad making a strong title bid like this year but we’ll have a bigger squad so injuries wont be as much of a problem

    You have to be positive. Wengers done a great job. We’ll win something next year.

    Bruno Dante stay with the gunners! And believe in the team and trust in wenger!!!!!

  101. wenger4life says:

    I hate to hear people say stupid emotional things about my team when they don’t do particularly well, or when they don’t win trophies. I watch to enjoy beautiful football. I hope for trophies, but I don’t count on them because I support a team that does not operate on the leverage system with finances, and will not make an investment they cannot afford to make. I can accept not winning trophies every year. I cannot accept fans bailing out because we aren’t winning trophies every year. Things will get better, we will be able to be proud of our accomplishments when they do, and Wenger will finally, in mad scientist style, be able to prove that football can be conquered at the highest levels with less money than Chelsea or Real Madrid or City can spend. It takes time, patience, loyalty, and a few strategically purchased, well sought out stars.

    Next season we will compete at all levels, and we will have less heartache.

    found at and I fully believe in post

  102. Charlie says:

    Hahaha funny article.To be honest i’d like it if all you fickle fans stopped supporting the club your obviously only glory hunters with a very limited view on the season. You and all these other fans are an embarrasment mate. I’d quite like to beleive that Wenger has changed the team for the better throughout his reign. Yea there are certain things that happen like today but thats football. Yea certain players i don’t think are good enough but this was the gamble of building a state of the art stadium which will have Arsenal challenging for Years to come.

    Beleive me im frustrated probably more so than when we lost to QPR 3-1 in the league at home but most of you fans came about when the titles came in so probably can’t remember that.

    Anyways point is your gunna have ups and downs through the years, we’ve been unlucky our up has come at a time of Rich billionaires and Sir Alex. So put that into consideration next time you embarrass yourself by writing this pointless drab support the Chels or United you Glory Hunters or Shut up and get behind the Team!!

  103. Troy says:

    If we’d had RVP for most of the season we would have won the Premiership, I have no doubt of that.

    All you glory hunting pricks can go sod of down the lane.

    • BigL says:

      I don’t think RVP has managed to stay fit for an entire season yet. Poor planning from the manager buy not having cover

  104. Arsenal Norway says:

    You guys are incredibly stupid! The thing we need to get rid of before wenger is you spoiled,FAKE fans. Without this manager we would have been nowhere. We will have our trophy next season, I am 100% secure. Just look how far we have become(not just look at our finishing position). But if we dont get a world class keeper and CB i understand nothing.

    • Joe 71 says:

      FOOOOL!! – I am sure you said the same thing last season, and the season before that, and the season before that and the season……….

  105. Totally Gutted says:

    Be careful what you wish for! If Wenger goes there is every chance that key players will follow suit – Cesc, Van Persie, Song et al – and we’d be no further forward. The problem is there’s no one to challenge the Wenger strategy of seeking to win silverware with a largely home-grown group which he has spent years nurturing. Someone within the club needs to challenge Wenger vis-a-vis the goalkeeping situation, the lack of quality centre-backs, the performances and quality of Eduardo, Rosicky, Denilson and to a lesser extent Nasri and Diaby. I can’t believe Pat Rice and other senior staff have not questioned the wisdom of trying to go a whole season with Almunia/Fabianski and Silvestre (and latterly Campbell) as first choice/cover for key positions. To be honest I don’t think Wenger has been the same since Dein left. He certainly seems to have become isolated and stubborn in seeking to pursue what most commentators have seen – and has now been proved – as a failed strategy to win major competitions with a squad which is just too thin. My concern is that he will continue in the same vein unless someone at the club have the courage to urge a change in direction vis-a-vis the signing of experienced players and the culling of those who are simply not good enough. But who will do it? It might take a Usmanov/Dein (although the later seems to have disappeared off the radar of late) partnership to push Wenger in the right direction and regain the momentum we’ve lost over the last 5 years. If not, I hope Kronke and Gazidis have the balls to ask Arsene to rethink the strategy and provide the funding to bring in the experienced players we clearly need to compete for the Championship. Otherwise we’ll be joining those delusional faggots from N17 in competing for the 4th champions league spot every year.

  106. richard says:

    Sam / Hugo..At some point you both will accept that the reason Arsenal will end up trophy less for the 5th straight year is a great deal more then your injuries. Consider this, out of the 34 League matches played to date, Arsenal have had the services (participated in EPL matches) of their top players as follows: Gallas 26, Fabergas 27, Arshavin 25, Song 25, Clichy 21, Van Persie 12, Diaby 25, Vermallen 33, Sagna 31.
    Man United:
    Van der sar 18, Rio 11, Vidc 21, Evans 16, Anderson 15, O’Shea 13, Brown 20, Park 16. They relied on 35 + players as follows: Scholes 25, Giggs 22 Neville 17.
    Enough already of the excuses–you are just not good enough

    • Sam says:

      First of all Evans, O’Shea, Anderson, Neville, Brown, Scholes and Giggas are not huge misses to the first team so your point there isn’t valid

      Granted, United have had horrible defensive woes and they’re a good team who managed well earlier in the season particularly with a lacklustre defence, especially considering Vidic and Rio, I’m not denying that. Defensively especially, they are clearly far better organised and stronger than us.

      I’m talking about Van Persie specifically though, because he quite clearly adds something that no other of our players provide properly, which is movement in and around the box.
      The facts speak for themselves, our goals per game ration has fallen dramatically since he’s been injured.

      As well as that, we’ve suffered a huge injury crisis during the critical final part of the campaign which has clearly affected our results. They’ve all come at once and I don’t think you can claim its a complete coincidence that we’ve suffered such a shit run of form at precisely this period. Never have UTD lost the core of their team in the way we have recently.

      I’m not making excuses, and I’m not saying that we are currently better than Utd or Chelsea, even at full strength. There is still immaturity and there is still a lack of organisation in defense and lack of cutting edge in attack. I’m saying that the team has the core of something very good. And like I said if Wenger can’t capitalise on that within the next two years then he probably never will and maybe he should go. But I won’t accept that we are that far behind United at this point, and even though Chelsea are definitely better than us, I don’t know how long that dominance will last considering the age of their squad.

      It should not be too difficult to fix the areas we are lacking in, so now, of all times, is not the point to start calling for Wenger’s head.

  107. g4eva says:

    Like we’ve not had our most important players injured at crucial times this season. Times which could have meant progressing to win a trophy. How is a manager supposed to prepare for that. Buy more players? NO because we already have quite a full squad and when were in mid-season it is not wise to fill the team with average players who could do a job and pay over the top for them whilst other team members become disgruntled and it disrupts the tem continuity. NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY PLAYERS WHEN WE CAN EVALUATE THE SQUAD AND MAKE THE RIGHT SALES AND BRING IN THE RIGHT MEN (MEN WHO ARE MUCH EASIER TO BUY AT THE END OF THE SEASON).

  108. richard says:

    g4eva……Not sure if your response was a reaction to my earlier submission, if so, then I don’t ‘get it’. The point that i am attempting to make to Sam / Hugo and the rest is that other clubs are as impacted and in the case of United, as, if not more impacted by injuries, but we press on and put ourselves right there and guess what, we continue to win trophies.
    Uniteds’ real strength when winning the last three EPLS’s was their defense (note, even with out Ronaldo, we have scored more goals this season then the previous one) and as pointed out in my original submission, we were without the services three of the very best in the EPL, Rio, Vidic and Van der sar for a significant amount of games this season yet we are knocking on the door, once again. End of story.

    • Sam says:

      Mate until about a week ago we were knocking on the door as well. Then we played without RVP, Fab, Song, Vermaelen, Gallas and Arshavin, who are the best 6 players in our team as far as I’m concerned. So your point there is void.

  109. Jay says:

    Wenger is totally to blame! But we the fans do nothing about it! In Spain when the fans are unhappy it is at the stadium that they let the team & board know! White scarf everywhere & boos all day long! A thread online just gets lost! Maybe a new banner with: enough is enough, wenger out! Or a banner with a list of players who is not worthy of arsenal & let them know! It worked with Eboue…. But nothing will happen & next year we will all live the same shit over again! When we lost in the fa cup & saw his selection I knew our season was over! We are a team of has been….

  110. […] The ’sack Wenger’ brigade are out in force.  They are delusional and reactionary. One result, no matter how painful or humiliating, is no reason to throw away the best manager this club has had. You can talk about depth, but it’s there, it’s just injured. That isn’t Wenger’s fault. You can talk about not buying, but as we’ve seen with Wenger’s comments this week that it seem he has indeed been severely restricted in the transfer market. You can’t tell me we haven’t make progress this season on last, and that the progress has comes with on average six to eight first-teamers out every week. Sacking Wenger is not the answer. Sacking the medical staff might be though. […]

  111. Sam says:

    BTW all these complaints about how thin our squad is…
    But, at full fitness we have VErmaelan, Gallas, Djourou, Campbell, Song and he who shall not even be mentioned at centre back.

    Defensive mid we are lacking, but Fab, Nasri, Song and Diaby are all good midfielders I’m going to give Denilson another year before passing judgement.

    Funnily enough we seem to be lacking strength in depth in attack, where I thought we were most potent at the start of the season.

    Rosicky and Eduardo haven’t looked sharp at all. Arshavin’s looked unfit and lazy a lot of the time but on his day is a fucking menace, Walcott is fast….thats about it, but does add that important extra dimension. Bendtner provides good presence and holds the ball quite well, but he’s too slow off the mark to be a real out-and-out finisher and his touch is sometimes atrocious. RVP is absolute class….but likes to chill in the treatment room a little too much. Nasri is a solid player on the right or left if needed.

    The point being, aside from between the sticks, we are really not as lacking in depth as everyone makes out. 3 or 4 additions max should sort us as far as I can see.

  112. raban says:

    wenger need to go!!!!! 5 years of nothin!! always an excuse to many players injured, enough bullshit!!! buy some decent players instead of shite like almunia, denilson, silvestre list can go on!!!

  113. Unw says:

    short term thinking, narrow minded and pathetic people like sinbad are the ones giving OUR club a bad name…. I personally am sticking with the man who oversaw us move to a new stadium where some of our investments (highbury square) blew up in our faces and still kept us playing champions league football and challenging for the title.. while I am not thrilled with the results at times, I still feel with 2 or 3 quality signings and a fit team we can challenge the very best europe has to offer… I am sticking with Wenger.. Will see what comes in this summer and make my judgements at the end of next season…. as for the idiots who are screaming for Mourinho…. i feel sick at the thought of having him anywhere near Arsenal… he is everything i despise in football… clever fucker will only go where he knows he has a good wad of cash and a decent core of a team…

  114. swarve says:

    U 4gt d uva line “we won’t be held to ransom over deals4players” wat grinds me is d@he knows wats needed,hence him gettin dum fans dicks hard by sayin he gna spend soon afta we gt nuffin2play4,bt he is reluctant2spend. Rrrrrrr vexm

  115. […] ALL you muppets who defend Wenger are to blame. Who’s the biggest fools at Arsenal?  Wenger,or the fans that keep defend him? Our season is now over, and for […] […]

  116. Joe 71 says:

    There are too many problems with the team and with Monsiur that i will not know where to start. Let me just talk about injuries, because I mentioned this to Eddy Kelly 2 years ago, when he was glorifying Mr Wenger. “Why do we get more injuries than any one else?” He did not know, but the answer to this question is that Wenger buys physically weak players, who have talent – I am sorry to say, but Fabregas is among. He buys the same type of players all the time, no balance in the team. This gentleman has completely lost it – and for a moment, before the Barcelona second leg, I thought I was to be proved wrong and would have been happy with that.

  117. tomboy says:

    Look what wanker’s come out the woodwork!

    While Arsenal were crusiing into the Champs Lge Q/F and making ground on the top 2 at pacwe there wasn’t a peep out this cunt. Now he’s back mouthing off like the twat he is.

    Sinbad mate. Fuck off and get a job you wanker. Leave football to the fans not to arsewipes like you who just sit on the internet and have never been to a game in their life.

  118. Gooner from Sydney says:

    Sinbad you piece of scum, you only ever come back when were in a rut, where the fuck were you when we were going good you piece of trash, hope you rot you piece of shit

  119. Ben says:

    Ok, let us see what will happen after Arsene got sacked.
    A few players will follow, namely Fabregas, RVP, Nasri, Vermaelen, then we will have few weeks or months with no manager, lost a few games, got behind Liverpool, Spurs & Villa, then the club hired an unknown new manager, got a glimpse of victory, then falling again, at the end of next season, we will not be in Champion League, even outside the top 10, the club starts to sell players, sooner or later we will be fighting in the relegation zone, sound familiar? Yes, Leeds & Newcastle. By then, who to blame? Arsene Wenger???? By then he has already settled down in the top clubs in La liga or Serie A. If not him, we are in crisis!!! Wigan plays fantastic, Arsenal have injuries to blame, not Arsene Wenger!! We are not Chelsea or Man City or Real Madrid, we not afford to have world class back up, and if you are a great player, would you willing to be back up player??!! Our CB pair for Wigan game is the forth & fifth choice!! Really dissapointing article…

  120. omar says:

    yeah i do agree to a extent. i totally understand the frustration here. having seen man utd, chelsea, even liverpool winning cups n leagues has been a hell for all gooners.
    the main culprit is the investment of youth, and probably could the failing of Arsene in handling big egoistic players.

    5 seasons , 5 years, nothin to show.
    but i do feel do future is bright for arsenal, but whether the definition of bright for arsene is reaching semifinal of cup competition, 2nd or 3rd in the league,or a few massive results or wining trophies!

    so time will tell…but like all gooners , the time maybe too late.

    v need youth, but simultaneously v need some ego, sefishness n hardblood passion like our double winning team!!

    looking back, the likes of lehmann, keown ,adams, bergkamp, parlour comes into mind.v need these kind of characters n….sooon!!!

  121. Steve says:

    Hahahahaha all you goons, the wheels r finally coming off your decrepid wagon. Ur team is so shit it can’t even beat Wigan! We put 12 goals past them this season lol. Face it u will not even make CL places after next season. Enjoy one more season in the elite before spurs and city take those 2 spots and u r fighting it out in Europa league if u can even get that! Get over it, trends change, uve had ur time at the top. Now make way for a real team. Come on u spurs!!!

  122. Gooner jack says:

    Steves got a point. I love the club and am a life long supporter but we’ll be playing Europa league footy soon enough. Mid table mediocrity is coming. The glory days r over.

  123. terenggunner says:

    Pistol Pete n gang are no brainers really. Not to mention plastic as well. They’ve no real ideas of their own. They keep recycling the same recycled “Arsene out!” chants whenever a blip occured. I suspect these group are either Manure, Chavs or Spuds who wanted the best all-round manager in the EPL to go. No Arsene then there’ll be no Arsenal. Get a grip and welcome to the real world. Arsene to stay on!

  124. Lagooner Beach says:

    >>Who’s the biggest fools at Arsenal? Wenger,or the fans that keep defend him?<<

    … or perhaps the blogger with the grammar of a kindergartner. I stopped reading after the second sentence when I realized that someone had posted his child's composition homework instead of writing a proper article.

    As for the title, we were out of it once we drew with Birmingham and Cesc got injured. Anyone who expected us to win our last 6 games without the Spaniard was deluding himself.

  125. Ryan says:

    We need to toughen up. Sick of these soft pussies.

  126. DON DAN says:

    Hi guys i am an Arsenal fan and i am very happy that everyone know sees what is going on in the club. Guys Wenger has let Our club down since 3 years i mean whhat manager would be lucky to stand in a job for five years. If wenger leaves Arsenal then players we must bring in must me at least 4 or 5 players. Here is how Wenger works he goes and brings players on a cheap deal and sees if he can turn them into starts but guys im sorry enough is enough i think wenger needs to be booed we need to take a poster in the next and final home game which i would put wenger save our club by leaving please. Guys wenger thinks stupidly he is not human. Our club has gone unbeaten we won the double and another problem is since david dein has left Arsenal that has been another problem because he would know the best thing to do. When David dein was sacked i knew the club would be over i dont see what our new managing director is doing he is rubish at the job. First of all im begging Arsenal and you fans please listen if clichy goes we are going to be in Big trouble because we are going to lost one of the best left backs in the world i mean look at Ashley in chelsea he has grown confidence and if we throw clichy away then gibbs wouldnt be the solution i would think guys gibbs is still young he is not big enough he is still young. First and formost i think mr usmonv or whatever his name is should take over i believe this would be the guy to give us the wealth not mr stank kronke why i think mr hill wood wants mr kronke to b owner is because he will still have a say in the club but with usmonv he would kick out hillwood and maybe bring back david dein. wenger has lost respect for himself he really has we have lost many players and we strugle. Guys we have Man City next wenger needs the team to show man city a game because if they beat us iy will be a big problem.
    1. Get a new owner (Usmanv)
    2: Get rid of Hillwood and bring (David dein to replace him)
    3: wenger might get 200million to spend because the new owner will see wenger has not been spending all the tranfer money we have been gting.
    4: 35million for david villa OR BENZEMA, GARBIEL AGBONLAHOR (Guys this guy would be the perfect strike partner we want for van persie.
    5: get wenger out of the club
    6: bid for david sillva a good play who fits the bill.
    7: Buy hangalland from fulham 12million or 15million
    8; wenger replacement (Guss Hindink)
    9: get rid of alumnia and fabinskia (replacement should be LLORIS, JOE HEART, SORSSESON, OR SWRAZCHER FREY)
    12: BID EITHER FOR LENNON JAMES MILNER 17 million guys this would be a dangerous guy who would love champions leauge football i think he will be a good player.
    13: sign muntri from inter
    14: let go on bendter
    15: shaun right phillips guys i would love this guy to replace players like nasri or walcoot when they are injured,
    16: subotic the tall centre half.
    17: another replacement would be rijkard i would love it
    i promise you thats this is what arsenal needs to win the leauge.

  127. Matt says:

    You people are a disgrace. What were you saying when we were putting 6 past Everton and Blackburn BECAUSE OF THE 4-5-1 (which in actual fact is a 4-3-3). Everyone was calling for a CB and striker in january, and he got us the best CB signing of the season (except for Vermaelen, who he also picked from nowhere, with all of you probably condemning him for that buy. The time we needed a striker was Novemeber and December, in January Bendtner got fit and we started to score again. We need more squad depth, but we were a lot closer to the title than last year (we needed another astute Wenger signing in Arshavin to haul us to 4th!). This man IS Arsenal. Challenge his players, and I believe Silvestre, Almunia and Fabianski will leave this Summer with good replacements to come in, but do not dare challenge Arsene.

  128. Zazoo says:

    Fuck all the Wenger haters. Fuck you sinbad the sailor.

    If Wenger left you would all regret the bollocks you talk. Maybe Alan Curishly will do you all nicely!? If we had any other manager working with our budget over the past 5 seasons we would have dropped out of the top four a long time ago. Wenger has stayed at the top and in the latter stages of the CL season after season with a lot of average players! Look at the bigger picture. New stadium and with finances getting better we will be able to compete more with transfers in the future. That is absolutely crucial considering all the investment coming in with other clubs like Man City. No Wenger probably no new stadium and training complex, maybe we would have had a bit more success over the last 5 years but at this point we would be fucked! We are well placed for the future and that is thanks to Wenger. I am not happy either but good times are ahead. You’re all acting like we’ve been fucking mid-table and getting knocked out of the CL at the group stages every year for the last 5! We reached CL semi finals, finals and always been in the top four. It’s people like you who write these shitty posts who don’t put things in perspective, if it was left to you we’d be another Leeds United.

    So go fuck yourself and support Tottenham you cunt

  129. saminator says:

    3/4s of arsenal players must go, together with their coach, otherwis am afraid we’l wait another 5 years for even an carling cup. and the only way o force change? stop attending football matches or you all will continue being shortchanged!

  130. vietutd says:

    I like Arsenal

  131. Sinbads a cunt says:

    Sinbad how old are you and how long have you been following arsenal?

  132. goognergerry says:

    A more inept defensive performance is hard to imagine.
    Get one thing straight, the Arsenal Board will not sack Arsene Wenger even if we lose every game between now and the end of the season and do not qualify for CL next year- which is a distinct possibility on this showing. The Arsenal Board is more interested in the financial position of the club than in the results of the team or what might have been.
    We the fans, just have to wear it- and if we dont like it- we can support another team- because nothing will change.

  133. Ash says:

    This article is just completly pointless and utter rubish! what so a new manager would have ‘heanily invested’ in the team and bought ‘world class players’ is it since arsenal had sooo much money to throw around the past couple of years is it? do u honestly think arsenal board will allow a new manager to spend on villa , melo , akinfeev , benzema when they dont let wenger spend on them? Seriously dude get back in to reality or go support manu, chelsea or even spuds! I remember last year every was shouting to get song and diaby sold off the sqaud but werent they our driving force this year? and if a ‘new manager’ did come to the club and sold those players off it would have been an absolute crime to do so!.. its fans like u that make me sick who dont realise how much we have over achieved the past couple of yrs considering the investments, squad depth etc and wenger should be credited for what he has done. Do u think ‘Arry redknapp could done better than wenger without significant investing? Get back in to reality u dumbSh**s..!!

  134. Rupe says:

    It’s had a disappointing finish, but we mustn’t lose sight of the fact that this season we’ve exceeded expectations by some distance, and we have made significant progress over last season. So long as we’re improving, why not let the boss continue to improve things? This season we’ve been very close.

  135. t pan says:

    we know from the accounts we had no money we have. wenger has a chance now to spend and a clearout of dead wood and lazy players..sell denelsion,diabi,vela eboue, they are good but not world class two keepers out bring in a number 1 keeper bring back Wojciech Szczesny from loan .keon to replace pat rice. he has fire and balls,and wolld put fear into players from the touchline.give wenger one more year if he does not spend then its time to go.

  136. islington haye maker. says:

    All im saying is be carefull what you wish for….Of course i’m not happy about yesterdays game and how the season has panned out.But sacking Arsene is not the answer.

    I think Arsene deserves credit,for the way he has kept this club fighting for honours with the stadium debt and how many injuries we have had.

    Are people to quick to forget how many players have improved this season.It is one or two areas where we are weakend and Arsene know its.

  137. Greg says:

    You r a miserable little boy who has no respect for a manager who had to make ends meet since 2001 with little or no money at times to get Arsenal where it is today.
    We have a 21st century stadium, we are in very good financial position and the future is ours. Oh dodn’t forget we got the worst supporters in England… our cheering stance at home games is pathetic.
    People like you should leave this club and not the man who responsible for bringing as in a new era with the best of prospects.

  138. gus Ceaser says:

    im not in either the “Wenger knows” brigade, or the “wenger Out” mob. Im a Gooner. the problem: we do not have a system we play to. it is go out there and play football, and so relies on having our best players fit and having plenty of possession. But, you can never guarantee the fitness of your players, thats why our squad needs strengthening. THE PLAYERS SHOULD REVOLVE AROUND THE SYSTEM , NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND. The Russian Chavs play to a system first and foremost. if they are missing drogba, or lampard, they cope, cos they play with tactics.
    Wenger needs to stop trying to reinvent the wheel, the tactis in place in football are tried and trusted and have been for over hundred years.

  139. shafa says:


  140. Gordon Freeman says:

    The facebook group is really building up a head of steam I see – 122 members… lol. It’s really quite exasperating to have to endure the same few short sighted and narrow minded fools crawling out of the woodwork whenever we lose a few games. Football has changed over the last decade with rich benefactors and money grabbing investors taking over clubs. What Wenger has done, by spending next to nothing while consistently taking us to the knock out phases of the CL, has ensured that we will be able to compete financially in the long term without going to shit like Man Utd and Liverpool. Anyone who genuinely cares about the club and it’s long term stability has to accept that this period of ‘drought’ (which most clubs would kill for I should add) is entirely unavoidable, and that there isn’t a manager in the world better suited to the task of keeping us afloat through it. Only now are we getting to a stage where the financial restraints are slackening and Wenger deserves the chance to reap the rewards that his (totally unappreciated) vision has sown.

  141. Wayne Webb says:

    100% agree! ii have been saying this all season!
    We need a new keeper, 2 new defenders, a defensive midfileder and a new striker. all should be of the 18million calibre…. but with Wenger at the helm this will never happen, get rid of Fabianski, Almunia and Denielson NOW!!!

  142. Raj says:

    Some of you are so Thick…we haven’t had the money to spend cause of stadium debt..Chelsea wage bill 40 million a year more than Arsenal..AW has said time and again we cant compete on transfers and wages but we still challenge and will do next season…

    • BigL says:

      Raj- like most AKBs you have a problem with facts, particularly numbers. The ‘we have no money’ argument is total crap.

      Arsenal have the 3rd highest wage bill in the premiere league
      Arsenal continue to post record profits
      The Arsenal board continuously say money is available should the manager want it
      The manager says there is money to spend should he want it
      The year end accounts show there is money to spend should the manager want it (£35 million available in Nov 2009)
      The club paid off over £100 on the loan last year (from the published accounts). Way above what was required
      The club is considering investing surplus cash in projects and infrastructure both in and around the Emirates Stadium

      Sure we have debt but the facts are the debt is manageable and if the manager wanted to spend money is available.

      Perhaps before you AKBs bleat on about having no money you could do a bit of research in the future

  143. GILBO says:

    Give it a rest, your one of these people who criticise, but don’t have the medicine to make it better. There is not one team in the world that could afford to lose 7 yes 7 first choice players and hope to win all their games, the only problem yesterday was I thought Wenger should have taken Diaby and Rosicky off they were both having a nightmare game.

  144. Amos says:

    Wenger will be here until the end of next season and if he were to offer to sign a new contract today to extend it the board will bite his hand off. Even if we win nothing next year the board would still extend his contract – if he wanted to. No amount of complaining, whining, bitching or tantrums here will change that. This is all just meaningless and impotent rage here.

  145. I hate Sinbad says:

    Oh for fucks sake why bother replying to this complete knob. My guess is that he got a seat at the Emirates (never been to Highbury – certainly not during the 80’s!) and now has what he thinks is an opinion! Without Wenger over the past 5 years we could well have been mid-table or even worse! He has produced players capable of keeping us in the top 3/4 consistenlty and when he has the money (probably this summer apparently) he will buy well. We will be once again at the top of the league next year, and you “Sinbad” can fuck off and go support Chelsea, they have a wonderful way of balancing the books and producing some great football. Bottom line, Sinbad and all your sad, young followers leave Arsene and the great Arsenal Football Club ALONE

  146. jonas says:

    think we need to be fair. Arsene has not had the cash flow to buy big names. But his obvious failure has been. Not replacing Jens Lehman with a serious keeper. One other major flaw is the team needs a better condition and strenght coach. Tony Colbert. You are not doing your job. Arsenal have had more injured players then any other major club over the last few years. Our player are clearly not physical or strong enough for the premier league. This we have to fix right away. We also need a serious defensive coach even Stevie Wonder could see that. We dont defend good as a team at all. Wenger this is your final change to put things right. Your youth policy has hit the wall. There needs to be a mix of your and experiance for a team to win. Sol Campbell is a testiment to that as he has been the club best player over the last two months.

  147. aaaa says:

    wot a load of cunt u talk go and support the scum u fuckin prick

  148. Harry Barracuda says:

    How does this site even have “Arsenal” in the title? The author obviously knows fuck all about football, let alone about our team.

    Should be called “Wrist Action” in honour of the wankers that run it.

  149. James says:

    What has money to do with Arsenal conceding more goals than they have for over a decade? Nothing. stop using money to mask Wenger’s pathetic coaching and tactics. He could have bought Given for £6m, but instead he spent £5.5m last summeron three more fuckin babies that will no doubt end up like Merida or Aliadiere or Lupoli – I could go on. Yes, Wenger is a legend, but Dennis Bergkamp was a legend but you can’t play him when he’s past it. And you can’t have a manager who is past it or lost in his own little world either.

  150. iluvafc says:

    I don’t want Wenger out. I just want the pussies disguised as footballers out. I dont have to name them. Fellow gooners know who they are. They themselves know who they are. Unless Wenger really got them to perform sexual favours in return for playing time its really about time we see major changes in the summer. Otherwise Cesc will definitely leave. Who’d want to play alongside a bunch of c**ks**king wankers? I can’t even bear to watch at times. Pretty football? Yeah right. More like “Hey Pretty, now bend over b*tch!”

  151. Alan says:

    I am a Spurs supporter and can’t say I am unhappy at the last few days turn of events but I am not here to slag Arsenal off, but if I was a Gooner I would be mad at Wenger for the following

    1) Disrespecting the FA cup
    2) Disrespecting the Carling cup
    3) Not buying a keeper (does 8 mill for Gomes seem a bargain now)
    4) Not buying a proper centre half/striker

    Its gonna be tougher for eveyone next season. I dont see Chelsea or Man U losing as many games and they will no doubt invest in their sides, add Man Citys’ millions to the equation and your squad seems very thin

    • Paul N says:

      No one ever took the Carling Cup seriousy until Chelseas started going all out to win it, though we could try to win the FA a bit harder.

  152. Charles says:


  153. sajo says:

    is there any one familiar with the term zodiac symbols & signs?…..well, i do….as the matter of fact Mr Wenger belongs to the group called libras,(born between 22nd of september and 23rd of october) when studying/reading their characters(libras) then u will realise that AW will surely never change unless he discovers himself!!!!!!

  154. Joe says:

    I love Arsenal and their players and am glad we are a club that does things differently. I think 3rd in the prem and quarters of ecl isnt too bad (considering it was Barca…noone stands a chance…….and sooo many injuries). But when you all complain about signings…Wenger has said before that he has attempted to sign players but can’t get them…there is no point signing any old one……sitting back its easy to criticise….just remember there is alot more teams out there that havn’t won anything for longer than 5 years

  155. Troy says:

    Newsflash folks. We don’t have any right to win trophies. We might go several more years without one, regardless of whether Wenger is still here. With the emergence of Man City’s billions it might get even harder over time.

    I for one will continue to support my team regardless and be content in the knowledge that if Wenger does stay at least we’ll be guaranteed attractive football for the most part.

    Up the Arse!

  156. pete smith says:

    Who would do better over the season?

    Arsenal without RVP
    Man Ure without Rooney
    Chelski without Drog
    Liverpool without Torres

  157. JG says:

    Oh dear.

    Seriously, the “Wenger Out” brigade need to get some fucking perspective.

    The guy has transformed us into a force. Without him we’d have probably been hoping for UEFA cup spots for the past 10 years.

    Just take a look at yourselves. Spoilt load of plastic know nothing cunts. Fucking hell.

    The man is fallable clearly, but the talk on here by the negative twats makes me wonder if we deserve him. One of the greatest managers of the current era. Shame he didn’t win the Champions League in ’04 because he deserved it.

    You lot are an embarrassment to our club and the other fans looking in are laughing at you. I’m ashamed that if I tell someone I’m an Arsenal fan they associate me with your kind.

    Please stop going. You’re the same people who boo players who are having some bad form. You’ve had a boo at Song, Eboue, Bendtner to name but a few. If you started shouting Wenger Out at one of the away games you’d get a clip round the earhole and rightly so. Disgrace.

  158. Charlie says:

    Yes we are Muppets but you and your band are MORONS. YES MORONS .you just fail to see success and praise the management of the club. Tell me the truth… at the beginning of this season did you think that we would be challenging for the title or for fourth place? Or even fifth place. Don’ t you lie. The club gave us the thrill of the chase..yeah we failed but we were there.
    Anyway who do you think can succeed Wenger in these trying and limited financial situation. Mourinho??? Ha Ha can we afford to spend 150 million for players?? Idiotic thinking.
    Guardiola, who else .
    i know I am hitting against the wall talking to you MORONS but least i can do is to get it off my chest; you bunch of so called MORONIC fans

  159. dan says:

    people are allowed an opinion, its the muppets who tell other people what to think mate, fucking internet cry baby

  160. New Techno says:

    Don’t keep old player again wenger….

  161. dan says:

    boo hoo hoo sulk sulk sulk, fucking worst write up ever, im not defending the manager or the team, just choose your words more carefully when talking about fellow supportersof the club you spastic cry baby

  162. Paul N says:

    I actually think most of the so called supporters are the muppets.

    Wenger does more good than harm and no other manager could accomplish what he has on so little. No matter how bad of a goalie is you cannot blame Arsene for the guy dropping the ball.

    The players are to be blamed, we were up TWO nothing at the end of the match and they turn off. It is them that need a swift kick!!!

  163. I will put things together:

    5 years it is not a big deal, when Arsenal counts from 1886. As a great supporter from another country I agree that Wenger is not the best strategy master in the world, but on another hand he is probably the best manager in football world in recent few decades. Now, building new stadium required loans, a lot of loans. The financial situation of the club is getting better each day, doesnt matter that we are not winning fcukin cup. You should be proud of team which can live on its resources. Those bastards cfc, united or shity, Leiva & co is waiting for money to come from the sky. It is good for them, but it is not the thing you should be proud in nowadays. To win with others money everyboday can (well except Real madrid – lol) but to do it by yourself it is 1000 times harder. I believe, that those teenagers who writing here (sad to say, I am very young too) should look to the clubs financial situation as well – Arsenal not winning cups, but is valued in top 5 of football clubs, that says something, well maybe not to the 10 years old kid, but still.

    Lads, football is not only about the cups. Have a nice evening, cheers from Vilnius, whereever it is ;]

  164. TonyM says:

    I love arsenal football club. its in my blood. if the players had the same passion i do we’d walk the league with the talent they have. I blame the players and i feel sorry for arsene because they have left us and him down. he gave them opportunities and now i think he has had enough. project youth came close, but didnt quite make it. he will sign in the summer.
    Online petitions and facebook pages calling for Wenger out are beyond pathetic. you guys seriously need to grow up. you know you are the minority. The rest of us appreciate what arsene has done for the club and are more than willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.
    My brother is a liverpool fan and tells me not to lose faith..the great bill shankly went 6 years without a trophy rebuilding his 2nd great team.
    You arsene out crew should be careful what you wish for!

  165. Keep the language down lads.
    Christ, it’s like being at a football match…

  166. stephen murphy says:

    sinbad your a joke .a true asshole.. you only write articles when things go wrong.. your not an arsenal fan… you and the others who put this club down are such a pitty and i mean that… i think its about time for you to be removed from this blog.. your views/analyais/and your so called support is not welcome … in true words to you… fuck off you twat….

  167. alan says:

    Paul, you re a stupid dick. at between £1000 and £14000 a season ticket in a permanently sold out 60000 capacity stadium, we’re entitled to a keeper that is top 3 in this country and top 10 in Europe. Neither of ours would get into most premier sides, nor a few coca cola ones. When the injuries to our centre backs and strikers were all too apparent, and predictable, buying any one of a number of decent english centre backs who play for likes of birmingham, bolton, wolves or stoke, would have been an obvious thing to do, ditto getting chamack last summer .Wenger needs to stop watching videos of African nations cup u17 tournos and bayern munich in the 60s and take a harder look at our own inadequacies. there is no spine at the centre of our team, and his constant bollocks about character and spirit bear no resemblance to his two title winning teams with likes of adams, keown, petit, vieira, and none of the class and scoring power of henry, freddie, pires, bergkamp.None of these players cost a serious amount of money

  168. the gribbler says:

    you clueless idiot.
    getting a side that is largely under 23, that has cost very little money, to compete for the title in 2 of the last 3 seasons… against teams that have infinite cash and have spend £20m+ on countless players… as well as getting the side to last 8 of the Champions League consistently, is one of the greatest managerial accomplishments of the last 30 years.
    Yes, Arsenal haven’t won a cup for 5 years, but English football changed overnight when Abramovich bought Chelsea. To expect our team, that is self-sustainable, to beat those with teh additional resources and experience is laughable. you are embarrassing yourself by suggesting the last few seasons have not been a success.
    We have absolutely no right to be anywhere near the top 4. we’ve spent considerably less than not only Chelsea, Man utd and Liverpool – but also Sp*rs, Villa, Newcastle, Portsmouth, Sunderland etc etc… the fact we are still within 2 wins of winning the league is absolutely extraordinary! …and it’s down to one man. Wenger. If Van persie had stayed fit, we’d have won teh league by now – and you want Wenger sacked?? You either aren’t a true arsenal fan, or don’t have the intelligence to see how lucky we are. you sad sad man.

  169. ArseneKnows says:

    You bunch of twats. Plastic fans. Your even worst than the spuds. Fuck off.

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