Facebook group to get Arsene Wenger SACKED!

Posted: April 18, 2010 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized

Am i the only Arsenal fan who doesn’t trust Arsene wenger? am i the only fan who thinks wenger doesn’t know? am I the only fan that gets angry when you speak out about wenger and other fans tell you to go and support spurs? am I the only fan that wants to see Wenger sacked?

If you feel like me and you feel that the time has come for change, then join this facebook group

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“judge me in may” – How about i judge you in April Arsene, Failure!



  1. silent stan says:

    no ur not the only one, i have been saying for 4 years we will not win a thing till he goes. anyone doesnt believe me can ask my son.

    • kash says:

      see liverpool, look at portsmouth after FA cup trophy.
      cut your coat according to your cloth.

    • ADIL says:

      fuck you guys you call your selves fucking arsenal fans arsene’s the best manager int he world and he’s going to stay whether you arsholes like it or not if you don’t i suggest you go support another team.

      • top gunner says:

        why are you getting your knickers in a twist the fans have the right to have their say.

      • james says:

        The club comes before players and manager, no manager is bigger than the club. We need the best manager to win us trophies, this season as well as the last few seasons arsene wenger has made wrong after wrong descisions whether persisting with players who are not good enough, not buying players to stregthen the squad instead of selling all of our ‘ unbeaten’ team in 1 or 2 years. look at united the reason why they have done so well is they expand on there squad year on year keeping experience through giggs and scholes not getting rid of them. Also the tactical side of his management is awful, prime example was the game against wigan. And most managers in the premier league are honest but when arsenal get beat he doesnt blame it on bad descisions or lack of quality through the team, its a referees descision which lost us the game. In simple words its not good enough, hes had time and what we’ve been hearing he has money but decides not to use it.

  2. jenkinson says:

    So we’re going to finish one place higher than last season in spite of all our leading players having been out for long periods.
    WE played ManU and Chelsea with Arshavin at centre forward. Of course that’s got to be the Manager’s fault!
    You are a complete twat.

    • RobM says:

      “WE played ManU and Chelsea with Arshavin at centre forward. Of course that’s got to be the Manager’s fault!”

      Uhhh… Well presumably Wenger picked the team and formation. Presumably he chose not to sign better players? He chose not to play one of those “kids” he supposedly trust and play a first team player out of position instead?

      I’m pretty sure, therefore, that playing Arshavin up front for big games actually _is_ the manager’s fault. So what was your point?

      I’m not sure I agree that Wenger has to go, but it is clear that this experiment of his isn’t working. The team needs a serious revamp and either he admits that *and actually does something about it* or, perhaps, it is time to thank him sincerely for all the great things he has done for the club, offer him a directorship if he wants it, and then move forward with a new manager.

  3. ah says:

    thought you did this earlier in the season?

  4. oldgooner says:

    Did you hear the real fans singing the mans name today? You know, the ones who went to the game, you plastic cunt. Fuck off.

    • JJ says:

      Hellefuckinlullah! At least some one has some sense! All these fucking wankers with their anti Wenger rhetoric can fuck off! If you’re reading this and you think Wenger should go then you dont have a fucking clue about football, whats going on with the sport and what Arsenal are doing you should do something else on with your weekends. CUNTS!

  5. Kingler says:

    Your an idiot if you want him sacked

  6. Gunnerfrom1970 says:

    You are NOT Arsenal supporters. You are a bunch of glory seeking, Johnny Come Lately types with NO perspective or understanding of the state of the game. So your views are meaningless.

    • JJ says:

      You’d fucking hope so wouldnt you!? Never been so cross about a result but am more fed up with these plastic pricks thats havent got a fucking clue and persist in telling everyone about it.

  7. sina says:

    hey hey
    come down man
    what are u taliking about
    AW is the best
    just he needs some time toget trophhy
    ok men??????

  8. Hugo says:

    No Sinbad you’re not the only one, sadly the world is full of braindead, irrational children like you.

    And Silent Stan, why on earth would anyone care about your opinion enough to confirm it with your son?? What an absurd thing to say.

    • Lanre says:

      Nice one Hugo.. Some clueless wankers who don’t know anything about football, rant their arse(mouth) with a thought like that. How stupid??? Im sure he isn’t even a gunner fan. Arsenal is world class and next season will prove it. Alot of bad decisions by referees has not been to our advantage this season. I believe what Wenger gives the squad is not open to other clubs that if the gate of Arsenal were thrown open to all players i’m we will get Tsunami of players trying to get in. Wenger is the best for the club and he ain’t going NOWHERE! Gunners forever!

  9. andy says:

    get a life u spud wannabe do u think bringing a new will make a difference everytime i read ur blog its about how much u hate arsene u sure ur a gooner u cant blame arsene for letting in 3 goals in 10 mins the players need to be accounted for

  10. a real fan says:

    dont be bloody stupid, over reactions like this, show me just how weak fans like you are, i will never read this shitty blog again.
    shame on you and the sheep that follow you.
    baaah baaah

  11. Marko says:

    Seriously this guy Sinbad only ever makes posts after we lose and then you get other idiots coming on like sheep and follow his shite. It’s pathetic. Nothing positive ever from this shithole of a blog. And I say we’ve some of the worst supporters in the Premiership cause we’ve so many blogs like this one who just spew negativity and some treat it as gospel. Fuckin shameful shit.

    See what I’m saying we’re the only club who trying to get our manager sacked through Facebook. I mean for fucks sake.

  12. fucking morons

    you lot need big time mental help

    “ask my son”?

    you fucking hobbo

  13. a finnigan says:

    as i liverpool fan do ya wanna swap him with rafa last time he took overa english team who wear red from a frenchman he won the champion’s league go on then swap who ya gooner get better than rafa only wenger at least rafa is good in europe and we want the league

  14. tonyadamsisgod says:

    Yeah 6 years without a trophy is brilliant. Only getting this far this year because Man Utd and Chelsea have slipped up way more than usual is brilliant. Not buying a striker in January when all we had to challenge in 3 comps was a 20 minute fit Bedntner is brilliant. Relying on permanently injured players every year like RvP, Rosicky and Gallas is brilliant. Letting Toure and Adebayor go and only bringing in Vermaelen is brilliant. Not being able to change games from the touchline using a thing called tactics is brilliant. Approaching games against Barcelona in exactly the same fashion as you do against the likes if Hull is brilliant.

    Fuck me. Why on earth should this man be given another seasont o prove he no longer has what it takes to guide a team to a trophy. He has admitted that he throws the Carling Cup and FA Cup to concentrate on the EPL and CL. Why would you want a manager that only feels he is able to challenge for 2 out of 4 trophies. Let me guess, you think we don’t have any money. What a fucking joke that has become. After the sales of Toure, Adebayor & Co. in the summer plus the fact that we have halved our debt in one year tells us that we have or at least had plenty of money to spend.

    This man was once a legend. But the simple fact remains that his philosophy on football no longer cuts it. Teams have learnt how to defend against us and Wenger simply cant get passed it. What’s that I hear you cry, ‘what about the beautiful game we play?’. Man Utd, Chelsea and others have made more passes this year than us.

    Time to move on, this man is dragging us further and further down and its you lot that protect this man who are the ones who have no idea on the footballing game and are therefore unable to form your own opinions.

    • Elias says:

      couldn’t possibly agree more

    • thegoon says:

      thanks for voicing out whats exactly on my mind. can someone please tell me why Wenger cant simpy use COMMON SENSE. why does he prefer to jump loops twist and turns on a straight path. cant scream at his players cant make sendible decisions like kill off games, he needed more than 2 goals on that game because there is such a thing as finishing strong and RVP should have come on way earlier. Man U and Chelsea slipped uo more than usual and all we do is pass pass pass pass , no instinct or desire to score or kill off games but pass pass and then get deluded with the ball possesion stats.how deceiving. all teams do is park in the 18 box cause they know we wont do any harm and we spend over 70mins just doing the same stupid thing. any team can do the same, even spurs. I watch Man U academy and they are taught to have a crack at the goal is it a wonder Macheda, Carrick, scholes, Fletcher, Oshea, Hagreeves happen to be regulars on a scoresheet ? I see raphael play beyond his age simply cos he exubirates such a hunger for the game more than diaby, denilson, rosicky etc. Its not about maturity any more its about passion to win. Man u rarely plays beautiful football cause their focus is to get the ball to the next man with opportunity to shoot. man it hurts to see a whole team look lost uninterested on what is going on the pitch. Forgive me I am most pissed with Nasri and rosicky. why? simply because when you need them the most to use their creativity they became the average pass pass like denilson. where is the desire to win for the team? i only see 4-3 players that show desire always and thats Cesc, RVP, Sol, Ramsey. RVP changed the whole Spuds game simply cos he showed desire to win the rest simply pass pass. simply Wenger is eating humble pie. theres only one way forward. sell silvestre,Fabianski. loan eduardo. buy players to bench Almunia, Diaby, Denilson, Rosicky, Nasri, Sagna,Theo. Id go for Chamakh, Eden Hazard, Joe Hart on that list. And add more to DM and Defense. Id bring back Jay simpson. dont mean to be discriminate ,am an african but very few english players can afford to have the lazy attitude displayed by the foreign palyers that diaby etc seem to have. English football is aggressive and the hunger for the game is part of the culture and jay simpson, J.E.T, Jack wilshere seem to bring that with them. In addition, Martin Keown shaped the defense unit that took us to the UEFA 96 final. Wenger is rubbish at defense. Forget Vermalaen, he should reinstate tony adams or keown or some of those english greats to defense coach. Eboue should be reinstated to right back and lets add real competition and depth to the club. This youth policy has taught us one thing. we will always develp talent but at what expense? the league . no way. these kids now need to realise they need to earn the right to Sol has already proved we need both the maturity and players who show great potential to displace the members of top XI. like Jack, Jet, Otherwise Merida, Barazite, and all our academy kids need to realise Cesc was an exeption and they need to work at it. Eastmond looked like a fish out of water

      • Hugo says:

        A lovely try in comparing our academy to United’s. Unfortunately of the players you mention only O’Shea and Scholes are actually products of their academy, and only Scholes could be considered a ‘regular’ on the scoresheet, and even he’s pushing it with a massive 3 league goals this season. And Macheda’s lucky punt against villa and handball against chelsea do not make him a ‘regular’.

        Grow up and stop trying to paint what we have a worse light than it it really is.

  15. Reetesh says:

    Am sorry dude but you got screwed up
    Wenger has been very good for those last 5years.
    Any other manager would struggle to get Arsenal where he brought Arsenal today. He is human so sometimes he might opt for the wrong tactics. We had had a depleted squad still we are third.

  16. RomfordPele says:

    Get rid of Arsene? And replace him with who?? Tell me another manager in the world who can keep us reasonably competitive and solvent during these difficult time. Arsene will know that what he has seen has not been good enough sometimes this season. He will act soon enough. Thankfully he takes no notice of sites like these.

  17. Gooner says:

    Wenger definately should not be sacked, i agree with almost everyone that he needs to change his transfer policy but no other manager in the world would get what Wenger does out of this below par Arsenal squad! Fact!

  18. Simon says:

    Do you mind telling me what Arsene did wrong today?
    If van Persie isnt fully fit only a fool would risk him when 2-0 up. Thing like this are bound to happen when a team has six or seven first team starters out at once. No manager in the whole world could cope with that.

  19. AA is an Ass says:

    You are a complete idiot…
    I’m sure you were cheering his name when we were winning..
    Don’t call yourself a fan…
    Go kill urself.. u twat…

  20. spit yo game says:

    all you cluless cunts are the same as the cluless players we have,wake the fuck up you fucking pricks we are fucked as long as the man in charge is in a job

    • Marko says:

      You’re ability to get a point across without curse words and insults is quite brilliant. Really great debate son. I’m totally being sarcastic incase your stupid self doesn’t get it.

  21. Romeo says:

    Yes. I believe Arsenal mustafa new boss. Change will be good , and thats only possible with a new man incharge.
    What I dont understand is why so many of our fans believe Arsene is irreplacable !!!

  22. Andy says:

    If he doesn’t buy a goalkeeper in the summer i would be inclined to agree, we’re not that far away all we need is luck with injuries for once.

  23. chris says:

    In Arsene i trust. Which manager will come and do a better job? none. If we change manager you will be wishing for champions league football and 4th place. Before Wenger we were an average club with occasional good years like Everton Spurs Villa, they wish they had our last 5 years let alone last 10 years. Chelsea and now Man city have money, but no one else does. We get a new manager we can not afford a complete new team, that is what a new manager would want. Be careful what you wish for.

  24. tonyadamsisgod says:

    Simon – This is bigger than just today. But if you insist. Are you so concerned with Holland’s World Cup campaign that you think RvP should be played very sparingly?? he could even have brought Vela on but seems intent on making sure he is NEVER given a chance. Fabianski ahd another stinker! Who signed him? Who signed Almunia? Gallas is always injured so why rely on him? Don’t tell me you think Silvestre is adequate back up? The game went stale at bout 60 minutes and we needed something to change it for us but as usual Wenger just sat their not instructing his team one little bit. The only time that man leaves his seat is to have a pop at the 4th official.

  25. spit yo game says:

    these lot on here are happy we surrenders to fucking wigan,as log as they can back there deluded one there fine,i hope thye fuck off with him when he does go,what the fuck they going to do without him.

  26. Kalum says:

    So fucking dumb. I agree with ‘a real fan’.. you are just weak fans get your face togeather and support your team for fuck sakes.

  27. tonyadamsisgod says:

    The question shouldn’t be ‘what did Arsene do wrong today?’ it should be ‘what has Arsene done right in the last 5 years?’….

  28. gambon says:

    Nice one taig,

    Arsene used to be a good manager, just like Ali used to be a good boxer, things move on, and these days he’s so far out of his depth its embarassing.

    He’s probably got Alzheimers, not his fault.

  29. Dave says:

    Arsene is over-rated. Any idiot can do what he did at Arsenal, he should be a football guru instead of being a coach. Too many over-rated teenagers, less committed players and a manager who has been making the same mistakes for the past five years, that is why we will never have a sniff of a trophy. What arsene has being doing is wrong, you can not continue raising hope and instilling belief of fans in something that he knows is unattainable and not learning from past mistakes.
    We need direct players, all the time ball is played forever in front of the oppostion goal, yet we are told this is ”the arsenal way” I am sure he can tell that to the current crop.Time after time we are told they will mature and get better but inconstitencies shown are horrendous. AW should not be taking us for ride, he can get away with this for now but fans will be asking questions about his ability soon. You can’t live on past glories but at least show improvement. We are lucky this season because it is an inconsistant season but this is no excuse, otherwise we should be sitting fifth or sixth. Personally I do not think he should be sacked, neither we should feel indebted to his past achievements but at least show a ruthless streak towards players who do not contribute.

    • senderos' mum says:

      ‘any idiot could have done what wenger has done’…are you fucking serious. all the trophies he has won us over the years, while making a profit…you are pathetic.why is it that all you plastic fans do this after any and every defeat. you just wait to jump on the bandwagon. sort it out, who is avaliable that could actually replace wenger?

  30. DN says:

    Wenger out? Seriously, you know shit about football. Ungrateful, brainless ass.

  31. mark says:

    I had enough of this in Arsene we trust bullshit…Wenger fuck off along with those friggin AKBs…btw pls take that old senile of an excuse for a chairman peter hill deadwood

  32. YourMom says:


    I bet you don’t even go to away games.

    We were finishing mid-table before Wenger came along.

    Have some respect you fucking cunt fuck cunt!

  33. awail says:

    its time for wenger too go back too the j league, where a lot of brilliant managers reside,he is not capable of delivering trophies or even seriously challenging for them, must not be given money too spend as he is a poor judge of player and we could end up with cygans twin brother. tactically naive and too proud too get a proper second in command, unlike fergie who once had a real madrid manager helping him collect trophies

  34. tonyadamsisgod says:

    oldgooner Says:
    April 18, 2010 at 4:12 pm
    Did you hear the real fans singing the mans name today? You know, the ones who went to the game, you plastic cunt. Fuck off.

    Yeah, you’re a plastic fan if you can’t afford to spend more money on Arsenal’s cheapest ticket than Man Utd’s most expensive!!

    P.s. you did very well to get back from Wigan, onto your PC and find this post in such a short space of time. What a numpty……..

  35. goonermichael says:

    Get back on le-grove and stop causing trouble 🙂

    • Marko says:

      90% of Arsenal blogs are negative anyway so it doesn’t matter where he voices his anger mate. It’s just a shame really that the minority of fans who call our manager and players cunts after a defeat (and sometimes after a win) seem to control the blogosphere.

  36. goonermichael says:

    We’re shit and we know we are

  37. spit yo game says:

    viva le grove

  38. tdot says:

    you guys are a disgrace

    just because we havent won a trophy in 4 years you want him out

    you dont seem to realise the level of debt we are in because of the stadium

    you dont realiuse that if wenger goes then the core of the team will go fabregas, persie, arshavin,song,gallas, etc etc….they are only here because of wenger

    he has come out and said he will spend this summer and this time its not just same old same old, he will spend

    and the new manager you want will have to rebuild a team with a limited transfer budget i.e 25 million…….we will go into complete disarray if this happens…debts will increas

    wenger has done wonders to the team and has given us consistent champions leagiue football for yearssss and a top 4 finish ever year whilst making money for the club and helping its debt situation

    you guys are a disgrace…..you should take the good and the bad……we’ve had the good now we should take the bad….we are only 2-3 players way from wining a trophy and in the summer once wenger has bought some players, you will see the benefits

    you should take that facebook group down

  39. tonyadamsisgod says:

    ha ha 😀

  40. Endymion says:

    Arsene Wenger has done more for my club than your shallow ignorances allow you to know.

    • tonyadamsisgod says:

      And that counts for fuck all if he keeps driving us backwards!! No one would ever dare deny he brought us our best years but there is nothing wrong in admitting that your time has come to an end. Just because he built us up, doesn’t mean he should be allowed to smash us down again. Like any job in the world, you are only so good at it for so long.

      • Marko says:

        Eh was it just me or did we makes progress this season. Last season we finished 18 points behind and this season we’re 6 behind so far, could be more could be less. Be in the title race til 3 games were left. Backwards!?! You’re backwards.

      • Alan says:

        I think everyone would agree that Chelsea and Manu have gone backwards. We’ve just stagnated

  41. bruno dante says:

    yes i want wenger gone

    but i do not agree with this kind of witchhunt.

    I hope wenger steps down at the end of the season so he can have an acceptable sending off.

  42. gambon says:


    I have a MUCH better idea about the finances than you, youre talking shit.

    • tdot says:

      so what ok so you know more than me……wenger has come out just this weelk and said he will spend big

      if u want another manager in, he will have a small budget also and players will leave why wont people understand that

      these players stay bec of wenger….they wont care about mourinho etc etc

      we will be a mid table team again if u lot get your way

  43. bruno dante says:

    “Arsene Wenger has done more for my club than your shallow ignorances allow you to know.”

    football is about results in the here and now. 5 seasons is a long time and the club continues to decline. How long can we watch our club fail and say in arsene we trust… When Fabregas goes the identity of the club could be completely gone altogether. Its not Arsene Wenger its Arsenal.

    move on, dont be blind, show some intelligence.

    wenger sold vieira when his legs went, we need to do the same to him.

  44. Raymond Malta says:

    Hay every one hold on evry body or some want to suck AW i FILL DOWN AGAIN WITH OUT A TROPY but what AW dan to the club . Lets say that we have some stupid players hows not even have the wright to put Arsenal socks on thers about five to sixes players how should been suck first and not AW they thout that are biger then the club 1st Fambiansky, Silvester, Bertner ,Denilson , Diaby, and themost stupid one Almunia and bring some good players in. In my opinion we should give AW another year to prove and bring Silver to Club.

  45. Bongo says:


  46. Stevie KL says:

    this is not the answer.

    If AW goes – Cesc will go, and soon RVP,arshavin, Song the players who play for him as well as the fans.

    we will get in some 2 Bob manager that wont fit the bill then sack one a year like Chelsea.

    you are mad for thinking this is the answer to our problems.

  47. tonyadamsisgod says:

    tdot – its ‘fans’ like you that are more concerned with finances than trophies that are killing us. I would rather have stayed at Highbury and won things. 4 years without a trophy? By next year it will be 6 years. Those players would not go if Wenegr went. Fabregas maybe but only because it would be a good time to leave rather than because Wenger has left. And as for Arshavin, he definitely wouldn’t follow him.

    • Romeo says:

      Sack Wenger , give the players a raise .. and let me see how many leave !!

    • tdot says:

      of course im concerned with finances rather than trophies oin the short term…in the long run of course i want trophies but we just had a stadium built and are in debt and now that debt has been reduced, it is time to invest in the team and wenger said he will this summwr ….you want short term success combined with millions of debt…..you’re the idiot mate ……

      we are making millions of pounds of profit, and wenger has just come out saying he will spend this summer as we are in a better financial position….he never came out in the last 4 years and said he will spend……

      barcalona went 6 years without a trophy before they began to dominate europe in the last couple of seasons…with two-3 signings, i beleive we can win a trophy and be in a good fnancial position

      man utd have won endless trophies in the last 5 years but are in 700 million pounds debt…that is nonsne i would rather woin nothing for 5 years, have healthy finances and guaranteed top four finishes and then with money generated, push on

      this is what wenger will do this summer,

      u guys are insane if u want wenger out

  48. tonyadamsisgod says:

    tdot – if Wenger is so shrewd with his money then please tell me how many of the 17 players who contracts have been extended by Wenger since May 2009 actually deserve it??

    • Marko says:

      Unbelievably how ignorant or stupid a football supporter you are. You haven’t a clue of how a football club should be run. You’ve no idea how much anybody at the club makes so why even bring it up as a point in an argument. Lame.

      • tdot says:

        tell me then how a club should be run…..

        my view is this:

        club directors (people who run our club) want success in the form of profit and trophies

        we are making profit and have progressed as a club, having built a new stadium …..yeh in the short run we havent won trophies but that will change soon as wneger has publically said he will spend this summer

      • Marko says:

        Eh I agree tdot. Think you miss understood my comment.

  49. tdot says:

    And as for Arshavin, he definitely wouldn’t follow him.

    have a day off mate please

    arsahvin will be on the next plane to a top european club
    ure kidding yourself mate…..he took a wage cut to come here and came because of wenger

  50. tdot says:

    wenger sold vieira when his legs went, we need to do the same to him.

    his legs have not gone yet he still has a couple of years left in him

  51. tonyadamsisgod says:

    tdot – We don’t want him to spend £100m a year!!!! He could easily afford to spend around £30m last summer but chose not to. That 30m could have got us a good GK and at least a very good striker. If you think we didn’t have that money to spend then it means Arsenal were relying on City being stupid enough to spend around £45m on 2 of our players. I don’t think Arsenal are stupid enough to bank on that happening to survive.

    • Romeo says:

      Maybe he’s on a commission .. who knows ??

    • tdot says:

      yeh i agree with you there…he should have spent then and this january as well however, he has changed his policies and has publically stated he will buy players this summer…..he has never done that before

      the signings of campbell, and chamakh show this along with him attempting to buy sorenson…

      he has realised he needs quality and he will buy

  52. tonyadamsisgod says:

    tdot – Arshavin won’t go because Wenger went you moron!! There is more chance of him leaving if Wenger stayed. Fucking catch up with the actual argument of players leaving because Wenger did.

  53. Grivas says:

    Bring back David Dein. He is the only one who can tell Wenger how it really is.

  54. tonyadamsisgod says:

    tdot – he says he will sign players every year! Every year!

  55. Gunner! says:

    What an aweful performance by the Gunners! We still have matches against City, Blackburn & Fulham to go…with the level of performance put up today, most likely all the 3 teams gonna have a field day against the Gunners! AW lost the plot!

  56. tdot says:

    ok fine arshavin stays but fabregas goes, persie goes, galas goes, nasri will go simple as

  57. Jules says:

    If you want to be given respect…..or attention, which clearly you do, do not produce such drivel. We lost today,fact, but Wenger is the only football manager taking his respected club in the right direction. Most clubs in and around the top four have improved apon last season save Man utd, Chelsea and Liverpool. We have shown desire this season and with a little more luck and a few key signings we will have a very strong team.

    If you and your supporters succeed in ousting AW think of the consequences. We’ll hasten the departure of our top class players and leave a newly appointed manager very little money to progress. Wenger is doing an incredible job with the resources available.

    So either think before writing next time or shut up.

  58. Jon says:

    Our opposition would love it if we sacked Wenger. He’s pretty much the only thing that’s held us in the top 4 for the past 5 years. It’s him that made Wednesday night such a huge victory for spuds, because they so rarely beat one of his sides. Yes it’s been harder on a lited budget, but show me a premiership manager who’d have done better. Starting a campaign to sack the manager just because a few of your spud mates are taking the piss helps noone. Don’t be a plastic and just get behind your team.

    • gambon says:

      We dont have a limited budget, when are people gonna wake up FFS

      • Marko says:

        How would you, a supposed supporter, know how much we have to spend on players?

      • gambon says:

        Well i know how much money the club generates, how much money we have in the bank & i work in finance, so it isnt hard to put it together Marko.

      • Jon says:

        We don’t so much now but that’s ony been since the flats sold. I assume that you think that Arsene’s just been keeping it all under his bed, then?

      • Marko says:

        Yes but do you know how much our debt is? Or how much our wage bill is? Or how much it takes to run a club? And don’t gimme that “you know how much we’ve in the bank” cause you only know as much as the club wants you to know and what the papers tell you.

      • gambon says:

        So you choose to beleive the club are lying to you about finances, anything to cling to your love of Arsene.

        3 years ago Fiszman said wenger could sign £30m players, yet Wenger is obsessed with the idea of a young team. He is 100% the reason we dont spend any money.

      • Marko says:

        Well I love Arsenal not Arsene and I’ll support both as long as their together. But again you’re believing what you want to believe. Of course Fizman’s gonna say that he has to to keep people like you happy or in your case angry. And it’s bollocks that Wenger doesn’t wanna spend money, why the hell would he care if we spent money. He’s had to go the youth way because there’s fuck all of it these past few years. We paid for a stadium for christs sake, you don’t pay that off over night.

      • gambon says:

        Yeah marko, youre right, you dont pay it overnight, you pay it over 25 years, and the reason they did that is to make money available to the senile french mug.

      • Marko says:

        Resorting to name calling is always a great way of getting your point across and a great way of being taken seriously. Anyway my point is your reasoning for hating Wenger is all in your head cause he IS working with a limited budget for these past few years wether you believe it or not. He’s not just siting on a pile of money to frustrate people like you who want us to buy this player and that player. For the record I also want him to buy this player and that but I’m a realist but I support them all the same.

      • BigL says:

        @Marko Says:
        April 18, 2010 at 5:31 pm

        Yes but do you know how much our debt is? Or how much our wage bill is? Or how much it takes to run a club?


        Simple answer to that is company accounts. being a limited company all that data is public and has to be submitted to the tax office.

        We have money to spend, it’s there in the accounts

  59. gambon says:

    So Arsene is the only manager that can sign & keep good players???

    Last time i checked there were plenty of teams in europe with very good players.

  60. Awg says:

    Wenger a poor judge of players? Fuck off, I guess you’ve only started to watch the arsenal recently as he has unearthered some of the worlds best talent. Now fuck off you plastic cunts, your the reason everyone slates arsenal fans because all you do is moan about everything and everyone associated with Afc. Wengers one of the best managers the world has seen. Fuck off you shit cunts, go join the manure bandwagon you glory hunting wankers. FUCK OFF!

    • arsebandit says:

      ‘Unearthed’, oh dear.

      His signings have actually not been that good, can only think of Anelka and Cesc who he ‘unearthed’.

      • james says:

        veira? Henry? Ljungberg? Toure? Cole?(as much of a cunt he is) Van persie? They were hardly big players before they came to Arsenal through wenger

  61. tonyadamsisgod says:

    Fabregas – huge loss
    RvP – 90 starts in his Arsenal career, not so worrying
    Gallas – old
    Nasri – fat & Lazy

  62. ArsenalAction can suckmy hairy balls says:

    You are the biggest cunt ever, I’ve seen your picture on facebook now, if I see you at a game I’m gonna punch you and drive you in the boot of the car to stamford bridge cos thats where you belong you fickle cunt. Go support chelski or citeh or even spuds, you douschebag. Ungrateful cunt. Wenger single handedly turned this club into a good club to a world renound club. but yeah i suppose it is his fault they built a stadium to make us competitive in 10, 20 and 50 years time when teams like united and liverpool are screwed financially and abramovich gets killed by the mafia and chelsea are fucked. haha. so we’ve had to compromise for a bit. it sucks but it was the best thing for the club long term. but i suppose you’d rather be like leeds and get some short term success then be screwed long term. Go fuck your mother you stupid retarded cock muncher.

  63. Cuba Montana says:

    We’re all laughing at you, you bunch of South London Scumbags! You’re team is falling apart and you’re pathetic support astonishes all true football fans.

    You’re all pathetic, without Wenger you’re club would be nothing, you would attract no one and would have no vision of the future without amassing huge debt.

    Pretty soon that library of a stadium you’ve built would become a giant car park, with Car Boot Sale’s happening once a week & you’ll no doubt want to ground share with the mighty Tottenham, although I’m sure we’ll tell you to f off to Leyton or Hackney Marshes!

    It makes us all laugh that u spazz-mo gooners that want to rid yourself of the best manager you’ve ever had, write such crap online and call into radio talk shows moaning like cheap whores.

    Go back down to South London where you belong! You bunch of wastemen! You aren’t real football fans, go support a MLS franchise or a Basketball or something, you whores of babylon!

    • senderos' mum says:

      it shows how ashamed i am of you plastic fans when i am actually agreeing with this cunt. get off the band-wagon…if we had won yesterday none of this shit would be here, you all wait for one bad result and then think we should blindly sack our manager with no replacement.
      dozy cunts.

  64. tonyadamsisgod says:

    Jon – David Moyes has done a brilliant job of creating a good team out of nothing as has Hodgson.

  65. Sinbads a cunt says:

    Oh Wow a facebook group ! How imaginative you absolute wanker. How long have you been “supporting” arsenal for sinbad you fucking mug?

    • tonyadamsisgod says:

      Why not make a constructive argument against it rather than acting like a brainless prick who is incapable of forming their own opinion??

    • gambon says:

      Only one cunt around here mate, and it aint sinbad.

      • tonyadamsisgod says:

        You better fucking not mean me gambon!! 😀

      • Sinbads a cunt says:

        Why would I even bother to try and be constructive with idiots like sinbad? He is an embarrasment to arsenal and clearly knows nothing about football and I wonder how long he had been following the team? Also, he is a complete cunt.

    • Marko says:

      Wow a good Le Grove love in starting here. Careful they might make a point to call a player or the manager a cunt. Or even Gunnersauros

  66. Grivas says:

    What is the point of calling this bloke a cunt and so on…….???????

    We are all upset but we need to talk constructively. I still believe David Dein needs to come back and perhaps it’s time Wenger had a new No 2.

  67. Marko says:

    Ha ha thats good.

  68. Kav says:

    Are you for real?
    That’s the most impressively short-sighted and assenine statement I’ve heard. Sadly, you are not alone. Thankfully, you are not in the majority.
    Look at what the man has been able to do with the limited resources available. We have a new stadium generating fantastic match day revenues. Our debt is now below £200 million. And we STILL manage to stay in the Champions League positions.
    Wenger is going about building a dynasty that will last for a decade. Things of substance do not come about overnight.
    Granted that collectively the team performed poorly recently and I thought did not show enough character (with some exceptions) but that’s what you get when you’re young. Consistency will come with age and experience. So will trophies. We are missing one or two key signings and that’s all. eg. I think that our back four would play better if they had more confidence in their goalkeeper and I don’t think that Almunia or Fabiansky offer them that. They say that good teams are founded on sound defenses, and the key to the best defenses is a commanding GK.
    We’d probably benefit from a bit more cover in the strikers (addressed, presumably, by the aquisition of Chamack), And more cover for CB given their combined age of a billion years old today!
    On a practical note, I have a question for you. Who on earth would you suggest realistically that you could replace Arsene with, given the financially prudent way Our Club is run?
    Mate, we all want success, but I for one would rather build it on sound foundations than end up like Portsmouth – bankrupt and a focus of pity for the price of one (or maybe two) cups.

  69. arizzy says:

    Hell yeah this idiot of a manager should go. Arsene has not got a clue about how this team shd play. These current crop of players have nothing in them. Take a look Nasri, Diaby, Silvestre, Almunia, Walcott, Denilson, Bendtner, Fabianski,Vela n Eduardo (2010), they are all average to poor players who will not get into any of the top sides in europe. These are supposedly arsenal’s talented youth, hmmm please give me a break. What this Wigan game has taught us is that Wenger does not know what he’s doing. Diaby n Nasri shd have gone off 10mins into the second half but no Le Proffesseur kept these 2 idiots on. We’ve had enough bag ur bags n sod off Wenger!!!

  70. Kav says:

    One more thing. I think the team let Arsene down, not the other way around.

  71. Mannix says:

    Another madness chant for Anti-Wenger maskerteers. Calling for Wenger to be sacked is pure nonsense. How can you win without you 8 key player especially in defensively.Wenger must stay & board must resign coz Wenger is only protecting his bosses interests.

  72. Mannix says:

    Is this Sinbad an alien in this world or just in this world of football by mistake..If sinbad & his friends are tired of Wenger u can join spurs coz Wenger is there to stay..Am proud of Wenger coz we manage in top flight without so called stars.

  73. Mannix says:

    Arizzi stop calling Nasri an idiot,maybe you are.Have you ever play football or just an idiot spectetor frm a borrowed tv.Respect others in order to be respected.

  74. Dean D says:

    Do these supporters support arsenal or wenger??

    They say if u don’t support wenger your not an arsenal fan?? No I’m a arsenal fan who no longer supports wenger!!

    Then they say your a glory hunter!! I’ve been an arsenal fan for over 20 years!!!!!! And yes I do want to have some glory!!!

    These dumb fans aren’t arsenal fans there wenger fans brain washed by his lying silver tongue!!!

    I believe if your an arsenal fan u wanna see them do there best and win cups!!! If your a wenger fan all u want is to see him in a job!! When wenger finally does go I hope these twits follow him!!!

    (Ps I respect what he has done for us over the years but he doesn’t have the tactical know how to win the champions league!!!)
    And yeah I’m hunting for arsenal glory in that competition!)

  75. Dave says:

    Your out of order, look at our injury list u mug

  76. Dean D says:

    Is it me or are all the we love wenger fans!! All foul mouthed chavvy sounding people?? Lmao!!

    Do these fans think wenger has top level tactical awareness?? Lkie guss, mourinho, pep?? Even barca are trained to close the ball down when they haven’t got it in packs!! And we r no barca!! There centre backs and defensive mid men stay back and ewveyone else can move into other postions? What was his tactics to at least try and deal with messi? “We will concentrate on what we do” ok but a manager should also know what there opponents do and try and shut that down!!

    Anyone who thinks wenger is a tactician doesn’t have a clue about what tactic are!!!

    I’ll never forget when the invisables were beating chelsea in th champions league 1 nil and wenger took off pires left mid and put cygan there!! That was his way of making the team more defensive??? He’s got a great scouting network!! And he can spot kids with great potential BUT not every1 gets even near there potential!! And the process is very slow e.g buying a 15 year old keeper from argentina for 3.5mill and shay given cost 5mill??


  77. Pooner says:

    Arsene Wenger’s philosophy which he instilled in this club has enabled us to compete at the highest levels for the entirety of his tenure without anywhere near the finances of our competitors. Look at how much teams like Chelsea, Spurs, Liverpool and Real Madrid have spent in order to attain less or similar success to us. Look at how many managers these teams have got through. Stability and prudent financial management are the keys to long term success and this team, with this manager are on the right track. We are speedily repaying our debts, Arsene has now revealed he’s had more money to spend than ever before. Our future footballing success is based on financial security rather than the other way round as is the case with Man United, Liverpool or Chelsea. This group of players, this club, this manager have a far brighter, and more stable, future than any other top club. Everyone who follows this club is disappointed but considering our limited finances the fact that we have such a promising future is amazing. Arsene has done with this club what no other manger could have, and the fact that you can’t see that illustrates your narrow-mindedness.

  78. bruno dante says:


    arsene chooses not to spend the money our finances are great.

    we have paid off far more of our mortgage than we had to and we are making great profits.

    in 2007 hill wood said

    “The stadium has not held Arsenal back at all in terms of bringing in players. It’s actually given us the opportunity to compete with the biggest clubs in the world.”

    arsene chooses not to spend, its his project and its killing us

  79. Basha says:

    Yeah its true he must have go els where like japan if he need jocking we don’t want him any more the boared has to do some thing . Here in africa how many fun of arsenal lost there life because of this defeat we realy het him

  80. para says:

    This is the truest thing about Arsenal.
    AW has absolutely no strategy(s) at all, he cannot see the strength or weaknesses of other teams like other coaches, he puts the players on the field and says play, no help from him, no changes when the other team surprises, no tactical sense of football at all. This is my view watching last season and this one. ManU and Chelsea are weaker this season, thats why we even are in the top 3, ManC and TotH are stronger this season, and will be next season along with ManU and Chel.
    Its time to thank AW for his economic tactics and get a real footballing coach.

  81. PTangYangKipperBang says:

    Y’all should be ashamed. Football/Wenger/Arsenal…..FACEBOOK! FUCK OFF! He is human, he can make mistakes but Jeez! Get real you muppets and stop swallowing all the media shite. Why do you want AFC to follow the crowd? Big money signings for immediate success. Our opponents can outmuscle us in that area. Citeh, Chavs etc. Wenger et al are swallowing bitter pills for this club. Seeing their reputations go down …. FOR the club! Taking unnecessary flack from our own supporters is very harmful (potentially). STOP IT!

  82. Gooner from Sydney says:

    Sinbad you fucking scum, you predicted wed finish 7th, go fuck yourself you piece of trash, go die in a hole cos no real arsenal fan gives 2 shits about u

  83. archway boy says:

    You fucking wanker. Fuck off and support Chelski or the scum.
    Who are you going to replace him with any ideas…..don’t see any. Cunt

  84. Sinbads a cunt says:

    Have to agree with Gooner from Sydney. This prick made all kinds of negative predictions the didn’t say anything at all when we on a good run now he starts all his bollocks again. Sinbad you are an embarrasing fool and you are even getting fans from other clubs taking the piss. Cunt.

  85. yer maw says:

    look what he has done 2 this club and if we got a another manager he will get rid of loads of key players and get more crappy players

  86. Chris says:


    Ive told u once, twice and now the third time! Your a Cunt and so are all those other tossers that think wenger should be out Blah Blah Blah. You can stick your pettion, FB groups what ever up your Arse! PLEASE DO EVERYONE A FAVOUR AND FUCK OFF TO THE TRAPS OF TOTTENHAM! OR THE CHAVS OF CHELSEA.



  87. Abdallah says:

    If any of you, starting with the person who created a facebook group wenger out, has been in a premier league coaching position at this level and/or really knows what really happened in the entrails of the Arsenal Board / coaching over the last few years…..do yourselves a huge favour AND SHUT THE HELL UP !!!!

    I was gutted to see us loose and I was even more gutted to see the lack of commitment of our players to kill the game or even hold on to our lead….There is only so much a coach can do. Players should own up to the shit they did not do!!!

    Arsene Wenger, what a stupid reactive and illegitimate reaction..ppppfffffffffff !!!!!!

  88. Ben says:

    Why people keep on saying Arsene not signing? Isn’t Arshavin, Nasri, Vermaelen world class signing? Do you mean we have to sign Berbatov for 30 mil or Ibrahimovic for 45 mil so to call successful signing?? He sign Campbell & Silvestre for 4th & 5th back up CB, which usually a team doesnt need at all if they stay fit. (I doesnt like Silvestre because hes one of the worst MU player, but maybe its ok for the 5th CB) As for Striker role, Chamakh is on his way FREE, during winter Bordeux doesnt seem to let him go, and winter period signing a player is really tough consider half way through the campaign, Arshavin deal almost fell off. In term of signing player, I thought we are one of the best, if not the best. And pls dont fight anymore, whether you like Arsene or not, we are all supporting Arsenal, we share the joy of success & misery of failure, no one favor defeat over success, as a fan, a manager or a player, we are in the same team, imagine the players fighting on the pitch, it is so embarassing and disgrace, isnt what we seem like now??!!

  89. Najuna says:

    I entirely agree with most people. Its high time we turned our knives to Wenger. What the hell was he doing with RVP?????? To bring him after the horror winner goal??????????

  90. TaeluvTW14 says:

    simply put. If Arsenal have problem financially, and the team go down, I wondered where all this anti Wenger will call their club? I am sure they will blame it on him and move on to citeh or better still liverpool. Why dont you just fuck off to other team now, if you think Wenger is not doing well.

  91. ash says:

    Stupid, very stupid.
    Thats what everyone doubting Wenger are.
    We have a new stadium, have been in the Champions league for a decade!!
    We need trophies, we need a triumph. We will get that. It matters to him as a manager, he feels it much more than us (fans). In him i trust anyways (yes still) he will act.
    And if he doesnt , then he may leave without winning a trophy with hes new team, but he will have left an everlasting effect.
    He is definitely without doubt one of the best managers.

  92. khalil says:

    the lack of fight among the players was embarrassing. who is responsible for this culture?? even Barcelona, the team we hope to imitate, were working hard pressing the ball than most EPL teams. Do you think Manu U players can get away with a performance like this. I feel Wenger is overprotective of his players and does not teach good work ethics to his team.

  93. perrygrovesworld says:

    there should be an age limit on blogs as 16 year old Sinbad only comes out of the closet when things go wrong. When we are looking good, not a peep. He probably came along in 2005 and has been upset ever since. On the other hand its probably a Spud conspiracy…..

    I was as pissed off as any other Gooner at the result but I was also aware of the injuries we have and how depleted the squad is.
    No doubt Sinbad thinks Wenger ruffs up the players during training!!

  94. TonyAdams4Ever says:

    I also get mad and curse AW when we lose and continue to make the same errors time and time again.

    However, as quite a few people point out; who would do better? Do we want a “top manager” who would expect to get £ 60-80 mio. for new players every season ? Not me. We compete at the very top spending only what we have and can afford. That’s the way I like it and no one does it better than AW.

    What we need is better back room staff. We need someone to work the tactics as AW doesn’t know how to.

    Solve that problem and sack THE PLAYERS who doesn’t appreciate wearing the shirt – then we will be ok.

  95. arsenal in my blood says:

    i dont agree wenger will get it right …..

  96. arsenal in my blood says:

    we must remember we have lots of injures and you no why coz teams cant deal with us so the only way to stop us is take us down.if our players were not injured we wouldent be where we are now we would of won PL..

  97. arsenal in my blood says:

    and who would do a better job than wenger …i cant think of 1 hes the man for arsenal every time we have a bad game you want to blame wenger its not right he dont deserve that …

  98. L.K.P.G says:

    Oh u Le Groovers… Moaners snd doomers. When Diaby and Fabianski play like SHITE it’s the usual Wengerranting ringing. Guess u’d be the first in line to embrace the man if results where going the other way. Is a mediocre team all to blame upon the very existence of Le Wenger? What about the board of AFC? Wenger’s stubborn policy off making gold with inexperienced and young players have not payed off. True. But give the man some decent cash and I’ll bet there will be difference. Players with fat wages that are to lazy and to tired to do their job are the ones who shuld be sacked. It’s a shame some of these sloppy boys sleeping away sunday on the pitch yesterday – even dress up in Arsenal Kits! A big clean-up is comming. Like a rising Volcano. Changes will come with summer. Ashes ahead!

  99. Montywithnail says:

    What a load of rubbish! I dont understand all this crap about sacking Wenger. Why would you sack a manager all the top clubs are after who has a proven record? It is idiots that post rubbish like this and set up useless “Get wenger out boards” that need to be fucked out! Grow the fuck up or fuck off! You sound like whining Utd fans!

  100. fuck off says:

    Fuck off you knob.

    the last thing we need are clueless pricks like you trying to start something that we dont need.

    To do something like this against Wenger – your no fan – your scum in white. Stupid thick child.

  101. cunuts max says:

    Lets get things into perspective here.. we had 75% of our first choice team missing… and we still cud have played tottenham… “get wenger sacked my left testicle….”

    I bet those people expect everything for nothing, Who are we going to get… mourinho? alan curbishley? what about phil brown?,,

    jumping on a bandwagon.. juust to get your blog some headline news…..

    we have got some real dumb arse supporters…. see them everyweek at the stadium… your one of them,,

  102. TonyM says:

    sinbad you’re a despicable little turd. not surprised at all. was waiting for you to crawl out of your hole with some typical bile. please stop blogging about our club
    this re-iterates my opinion that facebook is for muppets. get a fucking life. too many people living in a pathetic virtual world these days

  103. Gooner Dave says:

    You must be a Spurs fan.

    True Arsenal fans will stick with Wenger; who history will reveal as the most creative budgeting genius vs the billionaires in the top of the PL.

    Yes, a bit of spending would sort out a few key positions; and we all pary that will happen this Summer. Wenger has worked miracles on his budget, and he certainly sweats blood and tears for this team.

    We will get it right.

    Please keep the faith!

    (or we will end up like Spurs)

  104. Petter says:

    This is truly a sad day! “Fans” going ballistic on the team and manager. Wenger is the best manager Arsenal can have period! You win some, you loose some, that is the way things are. Sure I was frustrated yesterday, sure I was angry about the not to clever subs.

    We will learn from this, and I’m quite positive that Wenger has told the board to supply him with cash so he can strengthen the team this summer.

    For all you want-to-be-gooners-demaing-wengers-resignation SHAME ON YOU!

  105. Gooner Dave says:

    PS – Stop the knee jerk reactions.

    Yes, yesterday was disappointing to say the least; but if you step back and look at the bigger picture Wenger has been our most succesful manager EVER, bar none.

    Remember that Uited fans wanted Ferguson to go c.3 years ago. Then he went on to deliver the title.

    Wenger will do the same.

  106. dom says:

    the fact that you can’t even write properly speaks volumes.

    arsene is the man for the job, he just needs to be slapped and made to spend on experienced players, give up on those who won’t progress quick enough.

    sacking him would be counterproductive.

  107. Sean says:

    There is life after Arsene Wenger. There will eventually come a time in which Wenger is not the manager of Arsenal football club. Maybe the umbilical cord should be cut at the point when after 5 years, Arsenal are looking less and less likely to win anything?

  108. Richard says:

    they dont’t know but ignorance is not an excuse!! U need to think…think…think and then write

  109. bmw says:

    support .wenger please leave our team with denlison. Be quick.

  110. Peter Oloo says:

    U seem to share the same views as Roman Abrahamovic & The Florentino Perezs. Ur thinking capacity shd really b bigger than that if ur a gunner.
    Those two have hired & fired coaches to no avail so, fire Arsene? Then get who-urself?
    How many coaches succeed with so little?

    U shd actually apologise Sinbad & pls next time write abt something u actually understand buddy!

  111. Evs says:

    I hate you soo much Sinbad. if we would’ve won the league you would be prasing him
    we have just been incredibly unfortunate with injuries
    we have a great squad able to compete
    sol campbell and tom vermalen are the signings of the season
    we just need a goalkeeper
    ❤ Wenger

  112. Andy says:

    Arsenal are a football team not a project Arsene. Time to go. Thanks for your efforts and all that!

  113. jack says:

    Sinbad – fuck off!

    What are u 12???

    Funny how quiet you were in March, isn’t it. Wanker!

  114. Miklos Gooner says:

    what a stupid idea, you are not proper fans! if arsene goes then so will cesc and van persie etc the most important player that the team is built around. you should go and sit in the corner and think twice about what you are saying this is a disgrace to all true arsenal fans FACT!

  115. Erichero says:

    The irony of a site like this is that they will only give the next new manager 3 months to win the title before drawing up their next manager-out petition.

    You’ll always get a section of fans like this one baying blood at every dropped point. At least at a club like Arsenal we have the maturity to ignore them. Imagine being a Spurs fan with 25 managers in the last 2 years (okay, something like that!).

    You do have to wonder though. Imagine being a Hull fan and you look at Gooners and wonder how on earth they are screaming for blood because they only came 3rd?

  116. Goonerman says:

    10th was not good enough for CHARLTON ATHLETIC now look where they have got to without Curbishley.
    Careful what you wish for.

  117. Jason says:

    Idiots… Sack the greatest Manager we have ever had.. You fools will only realise when he is gone!


  118. MikeB says:

    Well you got what you wanted… dozens of rabid morons spouting disgusting insults against a man who has more footballing brain and tactical awareness in his little finger than they have in their entire worthless and foul-mouthed bodies.
    Shame on you for the article, and shame on them as so-called Arsenal fans.

  119. In arsene we trust says:

    What a bunch if twats how can tou quetion his actions look what he has accomplished for this team before him what was arsenal, not a major force in Europe, not dominant in the league, we are consistent in the champs league for 10 years, Remember alex ferguson Never won anything for years before he won his first trophy. Was it ten years, now he is level with Liverpool on league titles and has two champs league trophies. Fuckig grow up, no loyalty at all, I fr one would love to see new faces as I do think we need them, I think he wanted this team to prove they could do it this season and has found out we can’t without world class cover or players. we have had such bad luck with injuries. Imagine if we had a full squad just imagine everyone was fit, then what?!?! In arsene we should always trust, next season if it happens again then you can ask for his head.

  120. Franc marenna says:

    Fucking arse holes every single one of you that want wenger out, some yid probably put this up and all u fucking mugs agree with him/her. Call urselves arsenal supporters.

  121. Sinbads a cunt says:

    How old is sinbad???? Can anyone Answer this?

  122. olajuninho says:

    wenger if u can’t get us trophies pls leave asrenal at your ouw conviniency.fans are dying for trophies here.nonsense.

  123. piestealer says:

    Sinbad is about 14 yrs old, hes immature stupid and has no idea about Arsenal football club.
    If this thick twat had his way he would sack Wenger and replace him with a lesser manager who likes to spend lots of money. Said manager would then try and bankrupt the club with no guarantee of silverware. Then in about 10 years time there will be no Arsenal as we know it.
    Is this what you want Sinbad you stupid fuck.
    if you wanna watch a team try to buy success and spend beyond their means and eventually fall into bankruptcy then I suggest you fuck off and support Spurs, coz your not a Gooner and never will be.

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