Losing to Wigan was the best thing that could happen to Arsenal.

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This might sound like complete madness but in a way the best thing that could of happened to Arsenal was losing the way we did this weekend.


Well lets face it, we were never going to win the league anyway, and now after watching that shower of shite vs Wigan I feel that its now finally hit home to Wenger that this squad is not good enough.

Losing in the manner we did,  for me was the final straw. It showed that we need a complete overhaul of players in the summer. The spine of the team needs to be reinforced from our goalkeeper to centre back to a ball winner in midfield to the striker. We need 4/5 new signings this summer.

I think that if we would have won this weekend and finished 3rd, alot of fans and maybe even Wenger would have seen that as a success. But lets be honest, We blew a great chance this season to win the league. This season was a one off, I cant see Chelsea and Man Utd losing as many games next season. This season was our chance and to have come so close and to be given so many chances to win the league to lose it in the manner we did was just a joke.

So for me losing the way we did has made it clear to Wenger, the board and the fans who many for the first time are doubting Wenger, and now for the first time as Arsenal manager he has pressure to deliver.

But I would go even deeper then signing 4/5 players.

I would allow the deadwood of players like Eduardo,Denilson,Eboue,Almunia, Silvestre to leave.

I would also dump this 4/3/3 or 4/5/1 system that Wenger has used this season and bring back 2 strikers.

But most of all, If Wenger is going to stay on we need to change the backroom staff. Something clearly is not right at Arsenal. How many injuries did we pick up this season? This must have something to do with training, warming up and down, or the diet.

I think its now time that Wenger bought in a new number 2, and for me the perfect man would be Martin Keown. Pat Rice has done a great job over the years but I feel we just need to freshen things up as its gotten stale in recent years.

So for me its simple. Bring in a new GK, CB, CM and a CF – lose the deadwood and go back to 4-4-2 and bring in Martin Keown and then we might have a great chance of getting back to the winning ways.

lets face it, with nothing to show since 2005, Something needs to change.

Jason Goldstein [ proud member of Arsenal Action ]

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  1. arsenal4ever says:

    completely agree!!!

  2. adam says:

    wow a decent article from this site without the usual fireworks. Well done

  3. dave says:

    and i disagree!!!

  4. george says:

    maybe we could buy the barca team as no doubt their fans like you will demand a compleat overhaul because they lost a game and that must mean the manager is crap ect ect

    • George, its not “losing a game”
      Won nothing since 2005 mate

      • Anonymouse says:

        incidentally, Barcelona didnt win a trophy for six years on the trot… Why are arsenal fans so fickle? Let the manager do what he has to do and just show your support, we have a healthy club challenging for trophies, built within our means and with a health generation of youth coming through. Why this obsession with how many years without a trophy! Its like taking a shit, relax, it will come!

  5. Max says:

    I agree with you for once. We need more backup and not 2 or 3 new players. 4 or 5 is what we need considering how many players we will loose. We will be down to Thomas V as CB. Djourou is constantly injured so I don’t consider him as a team member really.

  6. Mega says:

    i dont think we need to other players except Almunia and silvestre because if we seel eduardo or denilson then we will still have the same number of players as before because eduardo will be replaced with chamakh and denilson by another midfielder

    • terry says:

      thats right but denilson is a liability in the team look at the no of goals we have conceeded bcoz of him he has absolutely no motivation we need some passionated hard tackling def mid who can motivate this team and denilson will always suck in the premier league as per his stats he would be better off in seria A.

  7. top gunner says:

    Well said, keown will make sure they pull their fingers out.

  8. bajo says:

    4/3/3 or 4/5/1 is great with the right players

    • But we dont have the right players. And 4/3/3 or 4/5/1 is gash with the wrong players. Yes we have loads of the ball but nothing in the box. How many times have we seen our striker isolated

      • jock says:

        You can’t play Fabregas in a 442. Your vision of our ability to play the system has been skewed by Robin’s absence (remember how good we were before that?), Arshavin’s abyssmal form, Diaby’s hot and cold displays, Rosicky being played out of position and generally having a poor season, Eduardo’s lack of cutting edge, and the mysterious disappearance of Vela. The fact is that we lost too many players to be able to effectively play the system as well we can throughout the length of the season. The system is fine and it suits Cesc more than any other, but we do need reinforcements – whether from the Academy or the transfer market.

  9. silent stan says:

    only thing i do not agree with is that i believe the next few seasons at least WILL se the likes of united and chelsea losing as many. With city, spurs, pool, villa everton improving it is far more difficult to win away than it has been. in a way it increases the degree of difficulty in winning the league but by the same token, with a drastic improvement in our defensive and disruptive capabilities it will put us seriously in the mix

  10. Iceman says:

    Yes, I also agree, but take a look at these figures. These are the teams that have spent more than us over the last eight years: Everton; Birmingham; Fulham; Sunderland; Manu; Villa; Yids; Liverpool; Citeh; Chelsea. All of these teams from Everton up to Chelsea. In those eight years we have spent appx £32.3m, whereas Manu have spent £139.2m and Chelski an amazing £366.3m. Shit, even the Yids have spent £176m!

    Now I know that only Manu & Chelski have won the EPL, but this is a stark reminder that as a club Arsenal cannot compete in money terms. What we have achieved under AW is nothing short of a miracle. I know that at the moment it seems like the end of the world, but just think what life is like at shite fart stain – all that investment and no title to speak of since 1961!

    So let’s be realistic, we all want signings, but we will not get the cream as this will inevitably go to those with a fatter cheque book. We will survive because we are Arsenal, and have set standards that 98% of teams around the globe will never match.

    I say that if Chamakh is ours then well done, as he looks decent, and if we can get a good keeper – possibly Hart and then maybe Cahill and Eden Hazard then we will win the league again next year.

    • If we signed Hart, Cahill and Hazard I would be over the moon. But I cant see Wenger doing so. Kills me to say it but I can see him saying “Djouoru will be like a new signing”

    • george says:

      now why come on here talking sense ? its much better to moan .City spent 200 million in 2 years so it seems thats not enough.i wonder how much is?

  11. bajo says:

    all players except 1 or 2 have to go on loan for 4 years

  12. Troy says:

    They should ditch Wenger and get a team that does not dive all over the field. Embarassing to watch. I remember we had a tough team, but that is a thing of the past, as is silverware

  13. Chrispy says:

    I agree with some of things you say but letting all those players go you mention weakens the ‘squad’ too much. With the exception of Silvestre, they can all do a good job for the side and gives strength in depth which we’ve been crying out for. They may even up their game if they actually have to fight for a place. Almunia is OK as a No2 keeper, Eboue is a good backup RB, Eduardo would flourish in a 4-4-2 you’re demanding and Denilson is a bit hot and cold but he does have a good game now then. Plus if we got shot of all the deadwood, who would we moan about;)

  14. Wolz says:

    So you would sell Eboue who all in all has had a good season, and you wouldn’t buy another RB? Eboue’s been better than Sagna this year and Arsene had it right in the first half of the season rotating them depending on the opposition. How he’s being put alongside Almunia and Silvestre is beyond me…

  15. Dean says:

    finally!!!!!!! someone who is on the exact word for word page i am in everyway, if we bought in a world class def centre mid then the midfield would not be swamped, we would have width too, diaby needs to too – he has no heart no backbone, i agree something has to change i our training as there are just too many injuries to our squad for it to be coincidence. brilliant post!

  16. aidan daley says:

    Totally agree with everything in this article, both Rosicky and Walcott should go too. I love Arsenal but can’t bring myself to watch the rest of the season with Almunia and Fabianski in goal. Between them they have cost us 6 to 9 points this season. And if nothing is done in the transfer window to rectify the dire situation of watching second rate players disgracing a first rate club, then I will not even bother watching next year. Arsene’s project youth has failed to deliver. Time for change….

  17. Gooner Swede says:

    Wenger won’t buy in the summer.

    Wenger has never got rid of the dead wood until far, far too late and will say again in summer that the team has matured and learnt from the mistakes of last year. He says that every year. And every year we say ‘buy players’ and every year he buys 1 or 2 max. NO WAY will Wenger bow to fan pressure. Last year he said it was the fans fault for the teams failure for not showing more support. OUR fault!!!!

    Pat Rice will be there next year, although I agree things must change but Wenger will NEVER change his beliefs, regardless. However Campbell proved his ‘players are too old to be good’ theory to be complete crap.

    We’ve got problems.

  18. Chrispy says:

    LOL…..agree with AA and get a nice fluffy reply.
    Aiden Daley, what a true fan you are ‘ won’t bother to watch next year’ pfff …..If we sold Diaby, Rosicky, Walcot etc we would have no depth at all…..I despair at some of the muppetry written on some of these blogs.


    I have been a season ticket holder since 1987 and although I do nopt support Wenger in everything
    he does i can’t believe what a load of crap you are spouting.we had 7 first choice players out for the match on Saturday against Wigan but i suppose that doesn’t matter.More than half of our injuries have been caused by reckless challenges this season i suppose that is something to do with training , warming down etc.Funny how you pick out Eduardo and Denilson to go but forget to mention that they were not even on the pitch on Saturday.Arsenal action is just embarrassing to real Arsenal fans and your article proves this point.To say that Chelsea and Man Utd won’t lose as many games next season i think is utter bollox as well , do you have a crystal ball ??
    The real point is that if Van Persie (broken ankle caused by tackle) , Nasri(broken leg caused by training ground tackle) , Fabregas(broken bone caused by barca tackle) , Ramsey (snapped leg caused by shawcross assault) had played for most of the season we would have won the league.If any other top 4 team had the injuries we have had this season they would struggle to be in the top 4 this year .People should read the real Arsenal blog sites like Arseblog and Untold Arsenal for real fans views and not just some jumped up fairweather supporters who just can’t wait for Arsenal to lose to spout their nonsense.
    Arsenal Forever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Fredwest says:

    Pick the bones out of that randy. Well done Jason

  21. AFC says:

    I agree with everything but the 442 thing. We wont get the best from fabregas unless we play him in a free role. It also makes it impossible for us to play with walcott or arshavin because they can’t defend. Sure walcott can learn, bur arshavin is to old to change his game…

  22. SE London says:

    Need at least one winger too and get shot of that clumsy useless gum chewing donkey up front!

    • Me 2, Would love to see Hazard or Ibrahim Afellay. Wenger seems to always want to play the likes of Arshavin, Nasri and Rosicky on the wings when non of the above are wingers.

  23. Andy says:

    jesus, why are so many “fans” panicking after a couple of poor performances at the end of a long season in which we had a crazy amount of injuries but still managed to compete for the title up to the last 4 games? i think we’ve made great progress this season, especially when you factor in the horrendous injury list and the inexplicable lapses in form from guys like eduardo, clichy etc…

    i don’t think we need a whole lot to make the big step forward next season. united and chelksi have a lot of work to do on their squads in the summer so there is no guarantee they will be any better next season. in fact i think it will be even more open with citeh, spuds, villa, pool and even everton all capable of mounting a charge.

    i like the idea of bringing keown or someone else in who can teach these guys how to defend (both as a defence and as a team). our biggest problem this season has been our inability to defend a lead and the panic that ensues all over the pitch whenever we go ahead and it gets late in the game. i think a lot of this is down to not have a top class keeper, which should be le boss’s no.1 priority this summer. would be nice to get an older, experienced keeper that will last us 3-4 seasons while we bed Szczęsny into the squad (he looks a real prospect).

    A decent backup to Song as DM would also be nice (I like Denilson, but he just doesn’t use his strength enough when playing there) but not essential.

    I’d also look for an out and out speed merchant on the wing. we really need a player that can stretch defences and keep their full backs pinned back. Walcott can play that role, but he’s the only one i can see in the squad who is capable of it and another similar player would be a nice weapon to have.

    We also need to teach clichy and sagna how to cross the f*ckin ball properly. with two guys as good in the air as bendtner and chamakh we should be much more of a threat from crosses, and it’s a nice option when our normal game isn’t working well…

    As a final point. Anyone that says wenger should go is a complete f*ckin moron. go do some research and tell me what other manager out there could have achieved what he has on a net transfer spend of -26m (yes, that’s minus 26 million!!) between 04 and 09: http://transferleague.co.uk/data/data.html

    fortunately, it looks like our days of parimony are nearly over and i expect the great man to loosen the purse strings a little this summer…

    let’s go bash abu-dhabi citeh this weekend!!!

  24. Dan says:

    You mean “losing to Wigan was the best thing that could happen for Arsenal action and it’s lemming plastic supporters” because now you’ve all come out of the woodwork like dirty mites, whining and bitching celebrating an Arsenal loss because now the possibilty exists that if you cry loud enough, maybe the board will see that you’ve done well on Champioship manager and give you the job, then you can sign every world class player in the world, saving before any big game in case you lose and therefore can load it up again and win.

    Where have you all been all season?? I guess the queue to suck on Sinbad’s balls kept you all busy until we lost both the Champs league and Premier league.

    We’ve had to play with our 4th (Sol) and 6th (Silvestre) choice CBs recently…any team would struggle without Gallas, TV, Djourou and Song. If Chelsea where asked to do that, their defence would be Ivanovic and Bruma; Man Utd- Brown and Cathcart; Liverpool- Skrtel and Ayala. Let alone without RVP for 5/6 months and his backup Bendtner for 3 months, Arshavin and Fabregas (missed 3/4 months in total this season) for the last month, Clichy for 4/5 months and his back up Gibbs for 6 months, sadly Denilson hasn’t been injured too much, Walcott for months, Nasri missed months, Eduardo hasn’t and probably won’t ever recover from the compound fracture 3 years ago, Ramsey for months and another 6 months but apparently it’s Wenger’s fault because our 6th choice CB is shit… if any of you can find a 6th choice CB that isn’t shit for a team, I become a little lemming like the rest of you and support your “slit your wrist campaign”, heck, I’ll even sign you childish little petition.

    You’re the same fans that never go to games or just sit there whining and booing at games when you do go. God forbid any of you sing or actually support the club, why bother when you can sit at home on your computers playing computer games then watching Arsenal on some shitty stream then come on here and indulge your melancholic selfs by crying and tugging on Sinbad’s prepubescent testicles.

    It’s been said before but this site celebrates when ‘we’ lose and never has that been anymore obvious than this article and it’s heading. Think about it, you’re happy we aren’t going to win the league so…. well so something changes… that makes sense to you?? How about we want to win games and want to win the league (like most normal fans) then try to improve our squad. Oh no because then you wouldn’t be able to whine and cry and bitch and boooooooooooooooo.

    Superficial plastic fans that other teams laugh at and have every right to do so.


    • Jon says:

      Spot on. “queue to suck on Sinbad’s balls”…LMFAO

      • goonerboy says:

        What you fail to realise is that chelsea and man utd HAVE had injury problems this year. Utd at one point had NO centre backs and had a pairing of fletcher and carrick. Chelsea have been missing Eissien most of the season whilst they hardly battered an eyelid during the African nations cup withouth drogba, kalou etc. Van der saar missed lots of games, as did chec. So has giggs, cole (joe and ashley), scholes, neville etc. ALL teams have injuries, it’s how you adjust your squad accordingly and the quality of the players you replacing them with that is key and based on the last few seasons it is clear our squad is not strong enough.

        As an aside, in the carling cup final of 2007 when Wenger played the ‘kids’ against Chelsea. He said this team would go on to win loads of trophies. With the exception of Fabregas from the starting 11, no one else has improved at all. And i include Walcott in that.

      • J says:

        Well said Dan

  25. stephen says:

    The reason arsenal get so many bad injuries is because managers of other teams tell their players that the only way they can beat us to to get in hard tackles and be as physical as possible, not diet or training.

  26. Zakk says:

    Only minor surgery needed. Make Szchney no2 and get a number 1. A new central defender and give Bartley/ Nordveit/ JET/ Wiltshire/ Eastmond/ Vela (ahh he’s at the WC) a full and competitive pre season.

    Resign Super Sol.

    we are almost there the Wizards plan will come good. If not… well it will or we will fight like hell. No need for doom and gloom.

  27. Andrew from Malta says:

    I think the injuries issue is an important one to look at. Year in year out we seem to suffer far more than anyone else. I think this must be attributed to the physical preparation and aslo to the style of play. we keep the ball more than most so we are fouled more than most. Also physically it is more taxing than United`s or Chelski`s style so we tend to run out of steam towards the end of the season.
    The gk issue is the most urgent. Almunia and Fabianski are clearly not good. We need a gk to dominate once and for all. Problem is there arent many around. Can we take Joe Hart ? Is he ready ? I`m not sure. The big mistake was not getting Shay Given.
    We also need a reliable Central Defender and we should keep Campbell and Gallas also. We dont know how Djorou will come back.
    Final thought – Nasri, Rosicky, Arshavin and Theo are too lightweight when 2 or 3 of them are on the pitch

  28. barney says:

    I think the 4-3-3 system has given us the chance to challenge this year,look how well fabregas has done in front of goal this year!

    A world class keeper is a must, also a half decent no2
    A tough tackling centre back who wont get pushed about,
    and bring back matty flamini to replace denilson in midfield.
    with him and song winning the ball for cesc,rvp and the 2 wide men to create the chances, and he didnt have a bad goalscoring record

  29. Steven says:

    Barney I agree with you. No need to change the 4-3-3 formation but certainly there is a NEED to CHANGE the PLAYERS employed for it. We need a strong, no-nonsense CB to partner TV5 and we need a tireless and tenacious B2B to partner Song behind Cesc. I would’nt mind placing Chamakh upfront with AA and RvP in wide forward position. Of course a real GK is a MUST;no more excuses for the duo of Almunia and Fabiaski;one of them goes and the other drops to the bench.

  30. craig says:

    Arsenal must learn the art of beautiful defending.We cant defend for sh#t.Defend,defend,defend.Like Everton or Fulham.

  31. Fredwest says:

    We just need one change. Wenger out, Jose mourinho in

  32. Steven says:

    Fredwest, of all the pple that can take over from Wenger you pick Mourinho? Due respect to him, he’s a tactical genius with a winning mentality but hardly what Arsenal need. No way, cos there are other coaches like Pep, Guus or even Van Gaal who can equally do well here.
    Having said that, I cringe at how sloppy, disorganized and half-hearted we are at defending both as individuals or as a team;a problem that was there even during the Invincibles era but was less pronounced due to the quality of players in the team then;the were battlers, warriors. Perhaps it holds true that Wenger doesn’t teach tactics or defending? My goodness, some strikers like Rooney and Drogba do a better job at defending than most f our defenders;its that bad!

    Arsenal will either go into the preseason, get into some form of gym for physical strength and tenacity, and really learn the art of disciplined, organized and relentless man-marking as individuals and defending as a team OR remain ‘also-rans’ and ‘nearly men’.

    The team right now only knows how to attack and even the attack relies on too many players and never direct enough leading to 1,001 sideways and unnecessary passes that produce nothing. Every great team learns to both attack and defend well.

    Knowing how to attack is like running with just one of your two legs;learning to defend is the OTHER LEG that will get this team to the next level;but has Arsene SEEN this(may not have seen it due to is selective vision syndrome) and will he get it sorted out during the preseason?

    QUESTIONS, questions, questions…

  33. Frank says:

    If we’ve got deadwood, what the fuck have ManUtd got, a petrified forest? Kneejerk bullshit, 3 players at most.

  34. filmfucker says:

    It amazes me that people want to get rid of Eboue, a decent back-up player, and keep the likes of Diaby, an under-performing first teamer. The guy is a joke. He had a great run in January (or Feb) but has done nothing for Arsenal in over 4 years. Terrible. Arsenal fans need to wake up and stop calling for the head of players who haven’t been given a chance.

  35. sosolid says:

    wow 50/50 its gettin closer as the baron years go by .i feel old watchin this young team.alot of deadwood and alot of players that should be on there last years chance.i think DIABY is pooooor and rosicky has 1 last chance to make a complete pass.almunia is a bad keeper full stop silvestre was sent here by ferguson as a spanner in the works.eboue shold be sold if we can get 12 million for him.fabianski is a third.denielson has improved a bit this season or is it that every1 around him looks so bad?back to 442 i agree completely agree.also bentner looks so annoying chewing that fuckin gum looks like a dimwit lazy cunt.And finally theres only 1 man thats to blame and 1 man that can fix it and we all know who that is so lets stop foolin ourselves cos if im sittin here in 15 months time and were still talkin bout the same shite trophy less.well then it will be just 2 much and hel have to go ….

  36. BJOHNSON says:


  37. Lady Arsenal says:

    Thanks for your thoughts, jason goldstein.

    That’s a good old-fashioned football name.

  38. PTangYangKipperBang says:

    Personally, I think the article goes a bit too far. Yes I agree to some numbers coming in. I do not think, however that we should let Eduardo, Denilson, Eboue keave. Also, Almunia is ok for number 2 for me. The attack on the medical staff seems a bit strong too. We have very well renowned medical staff. There is something else that is causing injuries. Maybe deficiencies in the squad mean that players get played too much. Injuries can be like a vicious circle: people get injured so other players have to play more. They then get injured putting more pressure on the squad. Also, we used to kill teams in half an hour quite often a few years ago. Now we are fighting to put in headers against Wolves in the 94th minute. Its a complex old thing I reckon. Not just ‘ship a load out’ and ‘get a load in’. More ins than outs please.

  39. awail says:

    something needs to change all right,HOW ABOUR STARTING WITH THE MANAGER

  40. Dean D says:

    I can stand these support wenger no matter what fans!!!!

    Has wenger got top level tactics? NO!!!

    Do u think wenger has on par tactics, team organisation, defensive strategys as guss, mourinho, van gaal, ferguson, mancini, rafa

    NO! Wenger won’t ever be able to win champions league becoz the champions league is full of tactical coaches plus he’s stubburn and will choose not to learn these things! (Unlike fergy!! Who went to italy to learn defense!!)

    Forget injuries!! Wenger tactics have been all wrong!! Against wigan VanP should of been on from at least 65mins!! He never had no centre backs on the bench or defensive mids!! Could of brought on coquelin etc should have recalled bartley or ayling! I’d rather see them f up than silvestre who’s just a accident waiting 2 happen!!

    Against barca second leg silvestre or campbell 2 start??

    Spurs, Why didn’t VanP start then take him off at half time?? (R we not trying 2 win da league??) Spurs 2 upfront looked more stronger than our 3 up front!!

    Wengers very good talent spotter and haggler!! But he should of done more big men deals that wouldn’t cost that much more than some of his 15year old deals!! How many youngsters does he thinks gonna make it thru 2 the first team!! Evry year he buys more youngsters than possible 1st teamers!! And ontop of all of that wenger has now got the players young players saying we have achieved something this season!!

    Is that a winners mentality!!!!!?????

  41. Ken says:

    Martin Keown as No.2 … A man who has ZERO experience as a coach. Brilliant Einstein! What else? David Hillier as a midfield Technical advisor? What utter bollocks does this site spew up all the time?

    Would you have called that team on sunday a ‘Shower Of Shite’ had Fabianski held the ball instead of gifting them the equalizer for an easy 2-1 win? Were you calling them a Shower Of Shite pre-Spurs 3pts off the title? No. Because you are the Shower of Shite in your Shit-Shower of a site. Right?


  42. Andy says:

    I agree, we do need a spine to the team but more importantly you have highlighted a change for the #2, which I have been calling for all season and last season. Pat Rice whilst being a great servant for years, is generally a yes man. Keown as #2 is a great idea, wenger should’ve got Paddy in January and groomed him as #2!!! hate to say it but look at Manure, they change their #2 every 2/3 years to keep things fresh! And there’s always the Iceman 🙂

  43. Wayne says:


    What has changed since last summer? It was clear to me that we needed players last summer. Did Wenger go out and spend? NO. We sold Toure and Adebayor.

    We have done better then last seson, so why should Wenger spend?…

    In wengers mind everything is great and there is no need to spend.

    Thats why he has to go, STubborn old fool

  44. GILBO says:

    Watching the match on Sunday, Arsenal made Wigan look like Barcelona they put the ball around the Arsenal defence as though it was a ping pong game. In the Champions league game Barcelona were good but Arsenal made them look like a team from another planet.

  45. Kowino says:

    The problem is wenger not players, he shuld go coz is the one who signs those cheap players.

  46. afc bob says:

    I’m so bored of these tedious blogs… We need a brilliant goal keeper, brilliant defender, brilliant midfielder… so obvious, so tedious….

    Spend spend spend, change the manager, fire everyone… burn the stadium… change the formation… blah blah blah…

    play a few games championship manager on the ps3 and everyone can run a real club… or write a few blogs and you’re a journalist… honest guv…

  47. James says:

    My article of why I think there’s something very deeply wrong with Arsenal

  48. Nick says:

    Sell Eboue – idiot, he’s been one of our most consistent performers, and is one of the few players to who actually cares.

  49. perrygrovesworld says:

    Leave Pat Rice or Dr Death will hunt you down; didn’t you see his bloodied face?

    But seriously why pick on him? do you lurk around the training ground or something? Do you have some kind of inside info?

    No? then shut up.

  50. Alex says:

    I totally agree with this article. I said exactly the same thing after the Wigan game that in the cold light of day this might do us a favour. We all know deep in our hearts that us being in the title race for so long was more through Chelski and Man Ure dropping points than it was us building a title challenging momentum.

    No doubt, we have the nucleus of a title winning team but it is time for Arsenal to show their spending power in the right areas and add to the squad and bring competition.

  51. GoonerJohn says:

    It’s beyond me how people think we actually did well to compete for the title, open your eyes for fuck sakes!

    We lost 8 games this season, and we only held on in the title race because Chelsea and United lost roughly the same amount, so for anyone to even say we’re getting closer to them is a retard, and for wenger to say it aswell is a bigger retard. We couldn’t even take advantage of United and Chelsea this year even when they both flopped! The league has been there for the taking year after year.

    Wenger is to blame and it’s time he left to do us all a favour, we have always been a big club and will remain so with or without him. I respect what his done for us, but get real, 5 seasons without nothing to show for is disgusting, and for wenger to say the F.A. Cup isn’t a big priority when it’s probably the only thing we can win right now just makes me mad to listen too.

    People actually believe he has nothing to spend when the board constantly and openly say we have some funding. We may not have a 100mil to spend but vermaelen and arshavin didn’t cost much and look how excellent they are?

    Just need to get rid of all the shite players we have and bring in some new half decent players (don’t have to be world class known players…. again look at arshavin and verminator)

    At the moment it’s becoming a joke with what we got. You have to be insane to think we could actually win the Champions League with this squad. Yet Wenger always takes it so serious because his ambitions to win it one day are so high. He needs to let that go because thats whats costing us season after season. The squad aint big enough to handle it and it always fucks up our league chances (take a real good think about it… seriously).

    We won’t win anything under wenger again, unless his stubborness goes and he changes.

    The geezer hasn’t got a clue about tactics anymore…

  52. […] Losing to Wigan was the best thing that could happen to Arsenal. This might sound like complete madness but in a way the best thing that could of happened to Arsenal was losing the […] […]

  53. CruEL says:

    bleah, hate it when the article is so well written.

    Nicely done. I totally agree with nothing more to add!

  54. Gooner TJ says:

    We don’t like this fuckin man ” SILVESTRE”.. If he played ,
    Arsenal defend will be in danger .. Arsenal will lose..

    I dont why Wenger keep this player ..useless, no points..
    Better sell him or release him…

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