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But of course Wenger tells us that finishing 3rd is more important then winning the FA cup

1 of the worst games I’ve seen in my life….YAWNNN!!!

2 teams who didn’t show any heart to win the game.Both happy with the draw.

in 90mins Arsenal had ONE shot of note that tested the keeper. Given went off injured and the 4th choice young keeper didn’t even have a effort to deal with.

I feel sorry for Robin Van Persie, No support in a 4-5-1! And even when Nic came on he was asked to play on the right wing? MADNESS!!

I’m sure the wenger team talk must go something like this……

OK LADS, This is what I want you to do……

Lets go back, Keep the ball! PASS
NO!! Lets go to the side
Ok, we are now on our 20th Pass, Lets keep it going.
Chance to shoot!! NOOOOOOOO! PASS
Keep the ball and pass
to the side!!
other side!!Back!!
Ok,I’m bored of this passing, We might as well just cross the ball..Pass to Sagna
Cross to….Ermmmm! Nobody!….Pat Rice what do you think? (PR – I agree with you boss)


I can see why there were so many empty seats today…60:500 (FCK OFF)

Ohh well. 1 pts is better then nothing..and Fabianski got a clean sheet.
In Aresne we trust!


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  1. GoonerJohn says:

    I would of felt like a mug to pay and go see this shit today, it gets me so mad and fustrated. I mean you need to shoot to score so were is the logic in passing 20000 times until you lose the ball?


  2. Danish gooner says:

    A boring draw is exactly what we needed – finally we did not throw 10 players forward the Arsenal way but did the right thing: Get 1 point, prevent City from getting 3

  3. mo says:

    Poor game, very boring from both teams and no shots on target. I dnt know y we still have faith in wenger

  4. goonergerry says:

    We were clueless in the last third-but at least we did not give them a 2 goal start.

  5. Nj says:

    It’s getting past stupid now, someone needs to sort this team out

  6. DAN says:

    There were empty seats because of “supporters” like you that never go to games, just sit at home on your little computer whining and spreading your negativity to any teenager insecure enough to read this crap every week.

    • aa says:

      so true.

    • jose Reyes says:

      Fuck you Sinbad. This is literally, 100% accurate (i checked), the first time you have posted a blog (a couple few before) since we had that bad streak against man u, chelsea, and aston villa back in feburary. hahahahahaha you are a pathetic excuse for an arsenal fan. some people stick up for you, but seriously, show some respect to the Arsenal name and actualy support your team you dick fuck. how can anyone call them selves an arsenal fan, and then try to destory the best manager Arsenal has ever had statisically (and in my opinon). he has changed the game at arsenal and in the world and has made arsenal a world class club. Yes he makes mistakes and doesn’t buy enought players, yet we have been in such extreme financial debt it is understandable. I recoomend you acutally do some fucking research before you make posts (i reccommend arsenal: the making of a superclub) and start making logical and knowlegdeable aruguments.

  7. Dan2 says:

    You’re the kind of mug that wouldn’t know a half decent football game if it spat in your face and pulled at your pig-tails.

    It was a fine game, Arsenal back to their fighting best – they looked like they wanted to win for once.

    If you want to support a team that wins every week in the most dramatic and incredible fashion ever, then go play FIFA.

  8. Gooner4life&beyond says:

    Normally I wouldn’t even comment as I’m not sure about Wenger one way or the other, but there is no way I can agree with you now after seeing your group on facebook.

    Are you completely stupid? George Graham a great manager? There is almost no difference between the two as they both were winners in the beginning and then proceeded to get Arsenal into a rut.

    No, I take that back, Graham really did only care about money, to the point that he was taking bungs.!As for crap signings, John Jensen, Glenn Helder. Any of this ringing any bells?? Plus Graham had us flirting with the outside possibility of being relegated.

    Get lost, you… I think you know many of the things I want to call you right now.

  9. Danish Gooner says:

    Stop using my name you copycat Danish Gooner,be a little imaginative and find another nickname.

  10. Danish Gooner says:

    This was rubbish and if Wenger are allowed to continue we will get more off the same bullshit just with a bit of new players………………WENGER OUT !!

  11. sinbads a genius says:

    Yes wenger out

    • Arsenal USA says:

      wow. this is why britain gets ass fucked by every country in the world. especially USA. you are all so fucking unloyal to your teams it is crazy. grow a pair of balls, buy an arsenal shirt, and shut the fuck up and support your team you dick heads

      • thevanster says:

        How do you support a failing team by shutting up dick wad? Just sit and watch whilst it’s on a downward spiral, spend our hard earned money on shit?

        Fucking yanks…

  12. Danish Gooner says:

    This was more dire then them games of the early eighties,at least then we could expect some calamity defending or rubbish goalkkeeping but for a team that is supposed to be up there with Barca this was dire ,dire rubbish.

  13. Dave Gun 78 says:

    I’ve been going for 7 years now and agree were going backwards. What’s the point of going foot if your not going to win things? Kaka has had a poor season I think we should buy him a new keeper and 2 centre halfs

    • jose Reyes says:

      we don’t have that kind of money you dumb-ass! Kaka, seriously? actually think before you post

  14. MistaKen says:

    Did some one say we had the easiest run in of the top 4? My god, what would have happened if we had Chelsea or Man U’s run in. Would we be in third place now?

  15. Dave Gun 78 says:

    No way 5th at best

  16. Zakk says:

    Hadthe feel of a pre season game. The team seem to have accepte the season is over. Why not blood thoses on the fringe or youth next few games.

  17. Willie says:

    This is it. For all of Arsene’s claim,Arsenal will be in serious trouble if nothing is done.The warning signs about the men to step in shd the senior players not play is that they are not good enough.
    Yeah I know Chelsea have seven players over 30 and Mu five. Arsenal have one.But come next season it could be more of the same.
    We don’t seem to have a winger like ires,Overmars,freddie. Mind you they were goal scoring ones.All the big teams have at least ne. Arsenal seldom use the width and are very predictable.
    I am afraid this is taste of things to come.

  18. gazgooner says:

    C’mon you morbid lot. Get a life. The season is over and we cannot do any better than third (4th if we’re terribly unlucky) so why should players try to kill themselves when there is a world cup coming up. Get some sense of reality and if you can’t accept what life really is all about then I suggest you hand in your memberships and go play Wii or something equally as intellectually challenging. These players have played so many games throughout the season and when the seaon is up, its up. I don’t blame them at all….see some sense of the real world rather than get yer knickers so tightly in a knot…ruins yer sperm count you know :)) chill brothers

  19. Willie 8 says:

    I agree with Willie.Arsenal’s style is very predictable. It’s pass here ,pass there, pass but don’t shoot when goal is in sight . I want the prefect/spectacular goal. No long ball.These tactics are very easy to counter. That’s why the gunners keep losing the big games.
    Arsenal were beaten last season by MU and Chelsea playing the same style and were beaten.There was no change this season and it aint surprising they lost again to the two teams.
    I say bring back GG but not KK whose attacking style caused Newcastle to lose the titile in 96.

  20. Dave Gun 78 says:

    It’s funny how you let my ironic posts through you mug. I really despise you and all of your kind. Fuck off to man city cunt

  21. Arsene Wenger's Red and White Army says:

    To get rid of Wenger now would be madness, the squad is just beginning to take shape and with a few players we will be a quality team.

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