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Yet again today proved that Wenger is out of touch and needs to leave Arsenal.

Wenger gets paid a shead load of money at Arsenal and he wants us to trust him?

HOW and WHY should we?

He gets so many things WRONG!

Our tactics : For weeks we have played with this GASH 4-5-1!! NO SUPPORT for the stiker. We never test the keeper.ITS NOT WORKING!! How are so many fans able to see this but the manager CANT!!

Spending : Wenger tells us that he knows what the problems are and he will sign 1/2 players in the summer. BUT a midfield players is not one of them as he is happy with Denilson and Diaby. How can I trust a manager who cant see that the likes of Denilson & Diaby are not good enough to win the league. How can I trust a manager that allows Flamini, Diarra and Gilberto to leave without replacing them.

Wenger we cant trust you. One win in 7 games. Not won anything since 2005. We now have a bunch of players with no heart and fight but you keep telling us about the ‘spirit of champions’



Thank you for everything you have done Arsenal but its time to go, Go to Madrid and enjoy the sun…

Calling Jose Mourinho

Sinbad –

IF YOU WANT CHANGE AT ARSENAL : Join the other 200 + Arsenal fans who no longer “TRUST” and want him out [ HERE ]

  1. AfriX says:

    U can’t trust him, he must fuck off with his useless players!

  2. Hmmm says:

    Great story bruv… o_O

  3. JK# says:

    We better secure 3rd place or else you can fuck right off Wenger and take these shower of shits with you!!

    And he better not back fabianski again the fucking stubborn cunt, hes holding Arsenal back now.


  4. guy says:

    i agree wenger needs to fuck off

  5. ashdgajs says:

    wenger wont fix arsenal in the summer. he will sell some players and replace them, nothing more. it wont be enough. arsenal will fight for 4th next season with liverpool, man city, aston villa, everton and tottenham. arsenal are not better than those clubs anymore. its time for a change. wenger thinks he is god and has no ambition. half the players couldn’t give a shit.

  6. stonroy says:

    No Jose bring on Gus Hiddink he is a better manager for Arsenal.

  7. frankie frankie says:

    I know some people might say these are post defeat blues and that may be slightly the case but this has gone on all season long. if there is no van persie or fabregas then we are crap. Don’t shot, don’t create and don’t score. However the biggest problem is the defense. How the fuck can wenger say Fabianski is getting over his mistakes because of the man city game. Sorry arsene, they didn’t have a shot! what did fabiaski have to do. He made a couple of good saves today but they were all straight at him. And when he was called on to show some strength, he crumbled like a biscuit. and Mikle silvestre! the less said about him the better. But by far in all the worst signing ever made by wenger is Vela. Some might not agree but what the fuck has he done all season. Why play him on the wing? Wenger has fucked him up. One or two players might make a difference to the first team but the whole squad. You cannot not rely on the sqaud to pick up points and get you through cup games if it consists of players like fabianski, vela, silvestre, traore, denilson, eduardo and the rest of the shit. But wenger wont change so another season of the same thing.

  8. Miha says:


    They were a shit today. What i am worried about is the fact that he desnt see problem in midfield ?! They were unable to hold the ball against blackburn, never mind barcelona. pfff
    and yes he is stuborn . This team lacks strong holding midfielder or two. proper back up for CB, GK !!!, striker who is not injuried all the time and proper winger- this team dosen even get behind the defenders-somethnih that henry, pires, ljundberg did with ease…

    and why on earth did he left diarra go ?!

  9. tuks says:

    man i cant belive arsenal has come to this,yet some people will him like a god

  10. BigL says:

    The problem is some fans think Wenger is Arsenal and he can do no wrong. Its never his fault, always injuries, the ref, the board, the pitch. Never the fact that he wont buy the bloody players.

    For a few years I thought that we were 2 or 3 players short of an unbeatable team, now I think we are 5 or 6.

    Wenger started to make the right noises; we will buy players in the summer. We will buy before the world cup, but already he is backtracking. He has said the midfield is fine and we don’t need to strengthen, he has said he trusts Fabianski (who he believes to be a world class keeper) and he has said that he will only buy a defender if Gallas leaves. It’s probably given that we’ll get Chamakh, but don’t be surprised if thats it. Players coming back from injury in Wengers world are like new signings.

    Any trust I had for him went a long time ago. He has to go now or next season it will be more of the same.

    • Tom says:

      Oh BigL, it seems we share the same though here 🙂

      “Wenger started to make the right noises; we will buy players in the summer. We will buy before the world cup, but already he is backtracking. He has said the midfield is fine and we don’t need to strengthen, he has said he trusts Fabianski (who he believes to be a world class keeper) and he has said that he will only buy a defender if Gallas leaves. It’s probably given that we’ll get Chamakh, but don’t be surprised if thats it. Players coming back from injury in Wengers world are like new signings.” + “Its never his fault, always injuries, the ref, the board, the pitch. Never the fact that he wont buy the bloody players.”

      Don’t u think injuries, ref, pitch, opponent tactic & hectic schedule is always the reason used by AW when everything goes wrong??? It’s a merry go round every season though 🙂

      Another antic they like to use for end of season is “AW got monies to spend”, “we got ambition”, “AW can get/buy whoever he want” which later turn out become “injured players when come back = new signings”, “I can’t get what I want”, “current squad is good enough to win trophies”!!!

      Sit back & wait for latest episode of drama to unfold as current season almost come to an end 🙂

  11. Miha says:

    oh yes and if he wont sign gallas because “over 30 ” rule he is really lost his mind.

    And one thing… he really is a good maneger and developer, but he is not and never was good tactician, never.

  12. Herts_Gooner says:

    In all fairness, this is a 4-5-1 that has worked well all season long, up until the last 4 weeks when injuries really have taken their toll.

  13. senderos' mum says:

    i hate this blog so much, its so fucking negative and is just waiting for a defeat to bitch about wenger. but what i hate more is that after a loss, all the comments start to suddenly agree with this prick. you fickle fans should go jump off a bridge, its not wenger that lost today, it was a dead game that meant nothing and the players knew that and it showed.
    a month ago we were in the title race with half a fucking squad, where were you cunts then? you were praising wenger for keeping us up there, as soon as our depleted squad capitulates you all start up again. your not fit to support arsenal you ungrateful, mindless bastards.

    • Gunn'Ho says:

      Todat it was a dead game. Was it a dead game at White Shite Lane? Did anyone bother to play there? NO. All these foreign mercenaries care only about the big stage – and when they all smelled the coffee in Barcelona, they just stopped playing. They can’t be bothered to appear at all. Wenger should pack ASAP and take the dead wood with him. Otherwise, well it will get even worse

    • shooy says:

      I’m not getting into a war between fellow gooners, but senderos’ mum, this was not technically a dead game. We still need a point to secure third place or Spurs to drop points. Do you not realaise that if we were to lose next week and Tottenham won their last two games theyll finish above us? Sounds like a damn good reason for getting something from Blackburn today! But then we’re the Arsenal and we never do things the easy way.

    • Gooner from Sydney says:

      Completely agree with you mate

    • aged gooner says:


    • top gunner says:

      RE: sendros mum, did you get out at wrong side of the bed?

    • Leon says:

      Wenger apologist – if you refuse to recognise the problems at Arsenal then you are as gormless and blind as those you slate. If you can’t see that Arsenals squad has become progressively worse it’s because your head is between wengers legs. It’s not just this site you witless cunt it’s every site because we all see yet another capitulation by this shower of shit that is the Arsenal squad. We could still throw 3rd place away if we lose on Sunday and spurs win their remaining games so it’s hardly a meaningless game – no game involving Arsenal us meaningless. I thank god that many apologists like yourself are seeing where this club is going under wenger and it’s not up.

  14. Paul N says:

    I wonder how Arsene trust punk up and down Arsenal supporters who didnt get behind the team until after the Ramsey incident.

    We trust Wenger because he has gotten us thus far and will bring in the players we need.

    You guys who are dissing Wenger have no guts or backbone but thats what you expect from Arsenal every match irregardles of the situation.

    No damn class!!

  15. sy4 says:

    he has to back his players as the transfer window closed. Why would he slag off his current players? Firstly it would devalue them – IDIOTS!! it is a business and a football club. Arsene has money now to spend – back him as he has brought the club more success than any other manager and plays great football.

    • .AFC. says:

      Great football? With the likes of Diaby, Denilson and Walcott?! You must be having a fucking laugh

    • top gunner says:

      i’d rather we play shit football and win trophies, didnt wenger asked to be judged at the end of the season. If united and chelski didnt drop so many points we would have been out of the race ages ago.

  16. Manx Gooner says:

    Call me cynical, but I reckon the board wants us to finish fourth as there will be gate receipts from an additional game.

  17. Goonoo says:

    Are you lot fucking insane! rather than telling Wenger to Fuck off, you lot should fuck off to Man City or some other shit glory seeking miilionaire club. Stop believing everything Sky tell you, you twats!

    • .AFC. says:

      Your the type of clueless twat that is holding us back keeping your faith in Wenger! Open your eyes he’s lost the plot with the team and we aint going anywhere!! His tactics are shit, if your going to play 4-5-1 you need to support your striker, just like Chelsea do, just like Barcalona do! We offer no fucking support what so ever, these players are not fit enough to wear the red and white of Arsenal!! Even if we havent had the best squad over the years, we have had a team that fights and this team shows no passion what so ever!! TIME TO FUCK OFF WENGER!!

    • top gunner says:

      calm down take couple of deep breaths we are slating wenger for being stubborn, no one is slating Arsenal so you shut the fuckup we support the club not the manager who’s just there to pick 6m up every year for doing what in the last 5 years.

  18. nickoman says:

    look at the big picture he has had his hands tied in terms of transfer kitty and has kept us in the top four so he deserves some respect .However he has shown poor judgement within this framework and made some foolish mistakes ie silvestre over senderos, sticking with fabianski, playing denilson as a holding midfielder, continueing with walcott on the wing and leaving us with bendtner to name a few. Ive backed and supported wenger up to now like many people i know but if he doesnt bring in 3 players and replace another 3 or 4 im sorry mr weger ur going to have alot of arsenal supporters turning against u this summer.One more tansfer window do the business or u can kiss the baby…….

  19. tuks says:

    so we should fuck off coz we think and have an opinion and not sticking our heads up wengers ass.i wounder why you think arsenal is wenger.if you dont like the post then what the fuck are you doing reading it.

  20. Bigars says:

    I agree we will never see change at arsenal with wenger.The squad needs 5 or 6 players who are eager for succes & discard the likes of fabianisky,silvester,denilsen,diabx,vela.But wenger will never do so & arsenal will never become champion like this.So let him go.Brig in huddink or morinho or other who have the willing to buy players can read games on the pitch&change,who do not backup faulty players,who don’t release good players without replacement every year.

  21. fozzy says:

    starting to loose faith in this team,no fight,no passion and boring as shit,yes boring 4,5,1,shit.wenger one more year,but thats it.

  22. Martin says:

    Bigars can you say with any confidence those managers will even consider coming to Arsenal without guaratees that significantly more is available for transfers and equally crtically, WAGES. And if they cam ewithout such guarantees how much could anyother manager do with the same Money Mr. Wenger apparently has had – or has not had – at their disposal?

  23. tuks says:

    look guys,a blog like this supports if a player or manager is not good enough then im sure any fan has the right to there if your happy that the club has not won anything in 5years,then your not a true hurts when you see something you love go down becoz of 1 sturbon man

  24. nickoman says:

    u guys should stop cursing eachother everyone has a right to an opinion and if we werent all passionate Arsenal fans we wouldnt have one. Its time for the board and mr wenger to stop confusing everyone with all their spin. Enough is enough we need Arsenal pedigree there are far too many wishy washy players inthe squad in both skill and comitment any fool can see that ‘stand and deliver……..

  25. marco says:

    Gunn ho, u r an idiot! You all are idiots! I will never read this blog again. On 1 hand you call foreign players mercenaries, and then you say Wenger is an idiot 4 not signing players! I wish one thing, i wish Wenger to win the title next season, and then to go! Why? So we can get the manager u all ask for and head 4 the bottom ten, in financial ruin like the other clubs. Then maybe u half-ass supporters will piss off and go support the next ‘hip’ team and we at AFC and go on and b the great club we are without ur likes! Fucking ‘anti arsene wenger brigade’ is all a bunch of pilliks who have no idea about football clubs!

  26. marco says:

    and WHY would Mourinho come to Arsenal where he knows he will NOT have an open cheque book to buy trophy’s. . .

  27. Dobbi says:

    Oh dear…. Sinbad and his cronnies… you guys are so sad! So so sad…

  28. jeremy goldsmith says:

    Arsene maybe good at spotting talent.Tactically he is outhought by the other top managers.He seems oblivious to the fact that the name of the game is winning.That’s why Arsenal have a stero type of play.
    I am afraid 90% of fans have lost their trust in him because of his actions and sayings.Sooner or later he will consign Arsenal to mid table team. Seven years ago he seemed poised to replace the red faced cunt as top manager but since then he has fallen off the pedestal. He tore up the blue print which had been so successful for project youth.

  29. guy says:

    for ffs, will the board kick out wenger, or do the fans to kick him out themselves

  30. guy says:

    for ffs, will the board kick out wenger, or do the fans need to kick him out themselves

  31. Kaz says:

    Last 3 weeks after the baca game i told those Positive gooners that if we lose the game at Spud, then the team need to go into overhaul, they called me crazy, I told them Arsenal is not about Wenger. They called me shit. Well here is the shits. I dun want Wenger to go as i say only if he still protect those low life wearing the Arsenal Shirt with no pride after the Wigan match than he needs to go. But now this! and the midfield praise and Fabianski. Is any positive fans thinks he dun mean it for 5 yrs, you must be blind, the same as him. Blackburn tatics, Fuck off they just catch us fare and square, as they know we will not be up for the fight. The Blind Guy is Wenger. I bought every of his books, and now i have simply lost respect with him. He was teasing us with every possible season since Dein went. And before next season he wants 3 or 4 transfere and now 2. and to remember my maths are not that bad, we are going to have 2 or 3 players out. and we are going to get two, every season our squad is getting smaller and younger. Where on the fuck is our goalkeeper not training with the goalkeeper coach Bob! why the hell is our defense not working with defend coach rather all 1st team trains with Wenger on outfield? I remember the last time Keown trains the defends the back tighten up, Now after 5 season things started to tied up and im beginning to get the whole picture. Dein is the one who gets Wenger, control him, help him on transfer, says the fucking NO word to him rather than those Yes man now. He has a genius in Gary Lewin in Physio. A really made Legend of Bergkamp. And the Strong back 4 who all had left. For Christ sake its not really about him, If you told me its becoz of Wenger, than go support Wenger FC. not Arsenal. I dun mind lose games but with no fucking pride and heart playing and big excuse? Who care Walcott not going to WC? He not even playing great at the club who pays him and at this rate hes going he cant even gets into the Arsenal Youth Cup. The Chairman talks shit in the newspaper and getting a laugh at, And all those Dein selling the club at the back of the shareholder? They are now selling the club to the 1st guy Dein came in with, Wrong? After hes gone what we got was a sponser which price we got was cheaper than a Spud. I wont want my kids to support that stubborn self Freak, becoz they will grows to have tons on excuse if they are not doing well years after years and never learn to buck up. Those fucking one dimension tactic, i could almost know the routine before the match starts. I feel sorry for Vela and Edurdo. They are brought for a 442 system. not this 451 in disgust as a 433 system and not every player are versatile. Not to mention those young players talks so much but offers soo little and they have not even make it to the top yet, and Adam those day will kick their ass so hard that the next wannabe will feel it. And if we happens to win something next season luckily, still Wenger is going to dismantle the squad rather than build from it coz it happens every time we won a cup. And how could we be so sure that Vema will not be crap like Sagna a 1yr wonder, he has already show a bit of wonder on some of the games before he gone injured? not winning more header and mispositioning? Slowing he learning the Arsene ways than his own way when he just came where he was so different than what we have for crap defends. This old man has simply lose control and think now hes bigger than the club. Do you think at this rate and excuse hes giving to the press, he will enjoy his time at Spain. I dun think he will last a season at the galacticos. And NO Mourinho Please, we do not need any more Press coverage for what we have now. Gus will be great. as he prefer hardworking play.

  32. Kaz says:


  33. Bazi says:

    Well said….! If wenger continues saying Fabianski is the best goalkeeper then wenger must be blind or something else. The whole world is seeing the fact of his goalkeeping skills. Despite of this, Wenger is the only person who supports Fabianski. In addition to that, he backs few players whoever is in worst form like Eduordo, Diaby etc., this clearly illustrates that he’s no longer interested in Arsenal. If he doesn’t sign a world class goalkeeper and a defender in this summer then the only way to solve this issue is, Sack Wenger! YES ! The club management should not give him once more chance to renew his contract. We no longer support Wenger ! We need a change !

  34. Imranzo87 says:

    I really love ur blog especially for your view and critics towards Arsenal itself…..It shows that you are an analysis type of fan that does express the problems that Arsenal are facing today.

    *I am an Arsenal fan from Malaysia and consistently following your blog with passion

  35. Imranzo87 says:

    I totally agree with Kaz..!!!

    • Kaz says:

      Thanks, hope you could understand im not critical of Wenger. But his excuse is 3 step too far as im concern. His tactic is clearly not working and his not correcting or adjusting, his sooo dream of playing like Barc. I miss the old days and not this 1 dimension Tactic, and really thank Wenger for the only Henry but thats about it really. the history needs to moved on from now. Wenger Quote from Blackburn game for Positive guys out there : “I think Lucasz had a good game – it should affect the confidence of the referee,”. THe only things i know is that it sure affect my confidence in him. Done a Taibi one too many times.

  36. The Song says:

    Wenger out. Enough is enough. I’ve seen this season 4 times now. Nothing has changed.
    He has stalled on his idea. Watch him do very little this summer, and compare with this squad in september.
    Again you will see and know in your heart that it’s not good enough, but you will hope. Again.
    And you will be disappointed. Again.

    I don’t think he has what it takes to axe players either. Probably family to him by now.
    The only reason for still hanging on to Denilson is if you feel sorry for him. He’s crap.
    He wouldnt get into any other team above mid-table. Yet Wenger plays him.

    He made the invincibles for christ sake, and I still want him to go. That is the amount of love that’s gone.
    That is a whole lotta love.

    His project failed. He must go.

  37. temesgen eskezia says:

    in arsen we trust

  38. mubinho says:

    agree with kaz

  39. pete smith says:

    “How can I trust a manager that allows Flamini, Diarra and Gilberto to leave without replacing them.”

    Flamini can’t get in the AC team. Diarra has only ever made it at Pompey, having failed at Arsenal, Chelski, and Madrid. Gilberto, granted was quality, but you cannot compare success in the Greek league to being able to still cut it in the Prem. Maybe we could have got one more season out of him.

    If you don’t like ‘foregin mercenaries’, you should have no problem with Gallas leaving. The Old Back Four, and DB10 were all willing to take on year contracts until later 30’s, Gallas would too if he cared.

    4-5-1 we have used all season, and it clearly has worked as Wenger has got us 3rd/4th. Considering what you think of the players (Denilson, Diaby, Walcott), this is a fcuking miracle right?

    Seriously, you are brainless….your argument is so inconsistent.

    • Knobber says:

      So its worked has it? You must be happy with finishing each season 3rd/4th.. Typical Arsenal fan, who forgets that we have a REAL chance of winning the league.

      But yet YOU are happy with nothing. Clueless

  40. GOONA says:

    Now I hear that he’s after Upson of West Ham he’s going backwards what we need is to go forwards Mr Wenger like the Spuds are doing they’re already snapping at our heels and I can see that mob finishing above us and leaving us way behind next year at the rate we’re going. Yes folks it could even happen with Europe this year. Why the hell he didn’t use Mannone last night I don’t know not brilliant but he’s better than Fab that’s for sure. True we’ve had injuries but he should have seen that could happen and made the squad one hell of a lot stronger either last summer or at xmas. So now we need a point against Fulham gawd it should never have come to this Grrrrr!!!!!

  41. Jonny says:

    I think we can guarentee at least a pont against fulham with a few more players back and fulham having their cup final not long after. 3rd isnt a terrible season with the amount of csh the teams around us have spent. Chelsae have been very goodthis year and deseve the league. I know we alwayssay this, but next season is the last chanc for Wenger in my eyes. Sign some new faces,get rid ofthe shite. Utd and chelsea wont be as good. It our best shot.

  42. WengerIsWrong says:

    This is because the fans who “In Arsene We Trust”.
    It made Wenger Big headed.
    Almost every games in Emirates i saw “In Arsene We Trust” and bla bla bla. If the fans keep doing that, it makes Arsenal backward. Wenger is not bigger than the club.
    Remember tha. I’m bored keep waiting for throphy every year.
    And also, what is theo walcott doing in every games. Ohhhh man.

  43. Tp says:

    Only when he’s gone will you realise. The stadium, the champions league, beautiful football the best playernin the world… where was all of the before wenger. Perhaps he is stubborn and has been avoiding real truths, but I for one think we’d be in a mess without him. No one could maintain what he has on such a budget.

    I want to give him the summer and next season to obtain the legacy that warrants his work at Arsenal.

    The ‘fuck wenger brigade’ are fickle, short sighted and should grow up.


  44. Biggus Dickus says:

    Mourinho won’t come back to the PL, he has Chelsea in him, he’ll go to Real and we’ll be left with Mr “We faded a little bit physically” Wenger and his useless bunch of lightweights. He’ll even sell Arshavin this summer, the tonka.

  45. KJ says:

    Cannot believe i am reading this tripe

    Transfers are a game of poker , why should Wenger show his hand ?

    Dead game , technically , no , but in reality , yes . Players are not machines , there was ALWAYS going to be a letdown once we were a) out of CL and/or b) out of the title race .

    Wenger has held it together with smoke and mirrors and managed to get us CL football again .

    I just hope that most Arsenal fans can get over the disappointment of the finish and realise that this has been a successful season .

    We need to add in crtain areas and I am sure we can win the Prem next year .

    Face it , no one believed we would have been where we are at the start of the season .

    • donald says:

      you mean hanging onto 3rd with 9 defeats, more goals conceded than ever and 11pts off the leaders who have also had their worst season !!!
      if thats an overachievement god help us if we have a bad season !!

    • Steven says:

      KJ, do feel anything for Arsenal as a fan? People are expressing the painful loss to sides we should be beating at will! And does surpassing what pundits say was ‘impossible’ for us the license to play the way we have in the last three games? Do we still have a manager? Better still, is this the same manager that built the Invincibles and is rated as our best coach ever? Is there any pride in wearing the Arsenal shirt in these set of ‘invisibles’? When will Wenger stop praising mediocrity and rewarding folly? That we rant at such shambolic performances from Arsenal players, does that make the rest of us lesser fans than the AKBs? Since when did professional football stop being about trophies and victories and even PRIDE?

  46. Liams Left foot says:

    What is it with you lot? you don’t have to wish a long painful death for Wenger, or, to offer your youngest child as sacrifice to assure his services. He is, for the present, the manger,myopic and stubborn at times for sure but a big name in world football who, if he will put your money where his mouth is, will be capable
    of drawing bigger names that 95% of other currently jobbing managers around Europe. But those players need to be the kinds that hate loosing, who don’t need the manager to polish over there failings but instead demand improvement of themselves{i;e give Gallas the contract he deserves}.Lets get a defensive coach on board that is answerable for that role and give those players who do pull the shirt on with pride some worthy brothers to take to the pitch with.I think we all know who they are and who there not, but get behind the team ,because ‘Those’ players deserve your support even if there are some out there who might believe your approval is for them.
    Come on, its the Arsenal, let not the Shit down the road see our family squabbles.

  47. bb says:

    put the womens team on this sunday. they have more balls than the cowardly diaby and co. in fact the womens team would stuff this current lot who are the biggest girls in world football

  48. Kaz says:

    Wenger Quote from Blackburn game for Positive guys out there : “I think Lucasz had a good game – it should affect the confidence of the referee,”. THe only things i know is that it sure affect my confidence in him. Dunno wat This Old Man Smoking? I wouldnt wan none.

  49. JOEL says:

    How many games do Fabianski,Almunia,Traore,Eboue,Diaby,Denilson,Vela,Sylvestre,Eduardo and even Nasri and Walcott ,have to play poorly during the course of one season, before the Manager can see that they are not up to the task!?
    How many matches does the 4-3-3 formation have to degenerate into farce before the Manager starts to believe that it’s not the right one!?
    At what stage does the Manager take on board that the squad needs re-inforcing through the “spine” of the team!?
    But if he cant magnanimously admit that the opposition used the correct tactics which exploited our weaknesses and seemed to have a greater winning desire which meant that they deserved to win the game-then we can’t expect the Real Truth to be delivered at any time soon.If no-one has been brought in to supplement the Squad prior to the World Cup (other than Chamach) then very little will change in preparation for next Season…I can’t write any more..I’m getting too depressed!!!

  50. in Arsene we trust
    just this

  51. opty says:

    no way we dont need a cheat like mourinho and arsenal has no money to buy off refs so he wont come anyways. wenger was a far better manager than mourinho though i dont know what to fuck he has been doing the last couple seasons, why rip up the blue print when it was amazing. when wenger first came his teams played at a ferocious pace they ripped teams apart with the percision of a surgeon. the oppostion would be left thinking what to fuck just happened. those arsenal had it all pace vision creativity they where physical and most important they had the heart and the desire to win throphies. now we are left with a bunch of spoilt useless girls, they are an embarrasment to arsenal and are ruining the reputation of both wenger and arsenal. this team is the complete opposite of the early wenger teams, they are boring tame and predictable they pass the ball to death and have all the penetration of a hamsters dick. wenger needs to get back to basics back to the type of football that had us all drooling, remember the times viera would crunch someone with his trademark tackle, then release an exquisite pass to split the oppostions defence that henry would bust a gut to get to, then bury it to put the gooners on their way to another victory. now we are left watching denislon the pansy losing the ball in midfield making no attempt to win back possesion the oppostion swings a cross in somebody gets a weak header on target and almunia or fabianski flap about like a chicken and its one nill to the oppostion , and whats arsenals responce they pass the ball about in midfield something they are no longer any good at diaby ou denilson will pass it to the oppostion bang 2 nill to the opposition. thses heartless cunts should be shown the door they are a disgrace to the arsenal name and dont deserve to be wearing the shirt. wenger needs to sort the defence and he needs to get the steel back in midfeild and the team just needs to get more direct in attack.why try and pass the ball 5 times when one pass will be more effective . and why to fuck dont they just shoot instead of trying to thread a ball through a space the size of a keyhole to a team mate who has 3 defenders on his tail. fuck this team has become infuriating to watch. sometimes i think wenger would be better asking a few fans to play at least they would try their hearts out and they couldnt be much worse than some of the spineless rejects we now have at arsenal. wenger needs to get the finger out and buy players that want to play for arsenal to repay the faith the fans have in him and to regain his repetuation as the best manager in football.

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