[POLL] As an Arsenal fan, are you…

Posted: May 5, 2010 by curtisreidbarnes in Uncategorized

This set of polls is designed to pose unbias questions. I simply want a consesnsus of whether the fans truly are pleased with the performance
and direction of the club this year. Perhaps, the honest answers will speak for themselves.

As an Arsenal fan, are you…

Debate on the forum ( HERE )


  1. The Fan says:

    I hope you get enough votes to get a clear view of thoughts.

  2. Pooner says:

    Maybe we should just line up the entire Arsenal staff and shoot them.

  3. 3Stacks says:

    Wenger would be best serving Arsenal as a Sporting Director.I feel as a coach he has lost the inspiration to lead the team

  4. paulie says:

    Shoot Wenger please, hes a disaster.

  5. irish gooner says:

    il be truley happy when,almunia,fabianski,silvestre,diaby,vela,eduardo are axed and we bring in a top keeper,2 cb,bring wilshere and jet through to first team squad,maybe rosicky should leave aswell,we have chamakh already and i think wenger should get 1 more striker,who?i donk know but sumbody like the old eduardo would be nice!!

    • RobM says:

      I don’t know why everyone’s so excited about chamakh. I’m sure he’s a nice guy and everything but as a player he’s just more of the same old not quite good enough bullshit.

      • Michael says:

        I think chamakh will be quality for us.imagine bendtner with a better touch,pace,better finishing,heading and leading the line and you got a very good player.and at 26 hes not too young and he will still get better.and hes got one thing alot of our players are missing.PASSION.Hes dying to play for us and win trophies,this is the attitude we need more of in our team.

  6. Michael says:

    I mean it is definitely a tough one.When you think of the players that wenger has got rid of in the paste and the players he is now sticking with as a fan you have to wonder if hes not as competent as he once was.Remember how how we got rid of manninger and taylor?arguably better keepers than the ones we have now.Hes such an intelligent man I just cant imagine he cant see whats going on and know the best way to fix it.David Dein has dinner with him all the time,he must say to him,come on Wenger what you playing at you no the team aint good enough and u need more quality and experience.im gana stick with wenger because of wot he has done for this club,i can exuse not winning a trophy for 5 years because of our move to the emirates,but he is starting to piss me off im not gana lie.his constant moaning just vexes me.Come on wenger,just spend a bit of money,not alot,jus a few experienced players and im sure we challenge properly for the title next year.were not asking for 40 million pound signings at the end of the day now are we??

  7. arsenalred says:

    Why is it the SPUDS have a coaching team & we have Pat Rice,
    We might as well bring back Radford Simpson& Mclintock,

    Thats why we only have one plan

  8. Buzz3210(Gooner4LIFE) says:

    cmon guys 4 weeks ago we were all feeling this could be it but the in the end we ran out of steam and had to many big player injuries i will say this if we do not get at least a cup next season then i will actually agree with the doubters and say do not bother signing a new contract. Cmon Le Boss get the cheque book out !!

  9. craig says:

    interesting post and poll, i enjoyed it, i trust wenger i jus hope he dont let all of us down and not buy the players we need, we desperately need a new keeper. id luv it if we could get joe hart, thats why i didnt mind too much the yids beating shiteh, maybe we’ll av a better chance of getting him being able to offer champions league football, i hope so n e way. and obviously we need a CB, a DM, an maybe a AM, with chamakh on his way we’ll definately av a squad worthy of winning the league, nice1 guys

  10. arsene wenger says:

    some of the questions are a bit misleading, like are you happy with our league position, well at the start of the season i thought we might struggle to come fourth, so im happy we have achieved that, but 3 or 4 games ago we were in a title race and now were in a battle for 3rd so its like a split decision

    and would i give arsene a new contract, no because he has one year left and if he dont deliver he has to take the walk of shame,i can see a summer of hatred building up if he dont spend,if i hear denilson gettin a new deal i will cry, not just denilson, any single one of the losers who already has five years on their deal gettin a petty pay rise

  11. forza forza says:

    giving him a new contract might aswell say on it,you are free to win fuck all,keep the good work up arsene and keep or pockets full there’s a good chap,fuck the fans being mugged off every season it’s ok we still love you

    • forza forza says:

      fuck the peasants there fuck all,they only pay for denilson and theo to be on 60 large a week

  12. forza forza says:

    it’s ok if you don’t win a trophy we don’t need to as long as we keep the emirates cup intact all is forgiven

  13. Gunnnerrr says:

    Im sorry but some of you (so called) Arsenal fans need to wake up. Barcelona went 6 years without winning a single trophy to become the team they are today. They sacrafised cups in order to produce home grown quailty prayers. You will see, next season Arsenal will prevale and be the dominant force of europe. We are nearly there. In Wenger we trust.

    • Curt.B says:

      Yes, they do produce good home grown players.

      …. along with buying Henry, Ibrahimovic, Eto’o, Hleb, Maxwell, Busquets, Alves, Keita, Milito, Chygrynskiy, Abidal, Marques, Yaya Toure, Guðjohnsen,….

      The list goes ON and ON.

      Barca may grow players, but they also buy the best players in the world. Have you noticed that? funny connection with being the best team in the world and buying the bets players in the world….

      Oh, and they’re also lining up David Villa this summer! Isn’t that great!

      • Damnit says:

        They built their team on a home grown base. And if you look at their buys. I wouldnt currently rate Henry, Ibhra, helb, gudjohnsen and busquets. They havent spent really big amounts of money that often.
        Looking at the bigger picture, wenger for all his brains has faults especially in the tactical department however, i say cut him abit of slack because i think it’s rather obvious we were working on a shoe string budget which wasnt necessarily planned. Building the emirates has set us back financially yes but i doubt anyone foresaw the economic crunch that was to follow and what the board has done in reacting to the economy to avoid potential financial problems was to pay off the debt as quick as possible while remaining in the champions league. thus restricting wenger’s budget on transfers. Now financially we have ridden out the worse part of the storm and are safe financially. So to give wenger the boot now would be a shame because i fully doubt anyone other manager would have gotten us constant top 4 finishes in the last 3-4 years. It’d be a shame because Wenger wouldnt be able to fully benefit from all his hard work and should be given a chance to prove himself with the Emirate’s new financial muscle. I say if he still doesnt utilize the new found money and get replacements CB and a GK in the summer than my arguement has been wrong and he’s an arrogant twat living off past glories.

  14. GoonerGaz says:

    I’m unhappy about many things about the Arsenal, but only one is worth talking about. A new goal keeper!

    If Wenger cannot see this or even worse can see it, but is too stubborn and wanting to prove everyone wrong with his: ‘wait and see’ comments, then I’ll for the first time ever as an Arsenal fan believe we can’t win the league.

    I’m usually very optimistic, but even a blind man could see how bad almunia and fabianski are.

  15. Postie says:

    GUNNERRR In your statement you say Barcelona went 6 years without a trophy in order to produce home grown quality players. Thats great if it works but our homegrown players are being held back by very mediocre foreign signings, Denilson Silvestre just to name a few. Surely we have got an up and coming centre half how is quicker and better than Silvestre because if we havn’t then god we are in trouble. But what i am trying to get at is get rid of the mediocre foriegn players and give the reserves there chance ( if we havn’t got any money ) because at least they would show some fight and passion which lets be honest has been missing for a good few games now. If he has got money then he simply has to spend because again the squad will be to weak to last the whole season, and every body knew that was the case this season.

  16. jim says:

    In Wenger we trust.

  17. Mark says:

    Contract extensions are awarded to:


    Why are failures being rewarded?? Enuf of all these BS!

    Wenger is tactically blind, no Plan B, stubborn and worse of all he is unable to motivate his players. Thats his job as manager! I want Wenger out!

  18. goonerjay says:

    We have to recognise that the reserves are not good enough to step in and hold the fort. The team appears unable to function without Cesc Fabregas and Alex Song.

  19. t.boyle says:

    lets face it there are too many players in the comfort zone they know he cant spend or replace them why is the 2nd best player at the club saving bolton when we have watch lazy players like diaby denilson rosicky arshaven surely senderos is better than silvestre also you woundt play a dwarf at cb so why play one in goal

  20. D.A. says:

    considering the lack of signings and clear lack of depth in some areas starting the season, if someone then told me we would lose RVP all season, Fabregas would break his leg on the stretch run as does Ramsay, Gallas would miss most of the second part of the season and we’ve been relying on the admittedly impressive form of Sol being re-signed from Notts County and playing the incompetent Silvestre- and you factor in we’ve had both keepers give up games almost at will….and you THEN told me we lost everygame convincingly to United and Chelsea…if you told me we would be competing for the title up until a fortnight ago, and made it to the champs league quarter final we’ve likely finished in 3rd place and improvement to last season. I would have taken it. Fecking right i would. The wheels have come off lately no doubt- but considering what we’ve had to endure this season, we’ve done pretty well. Wenger has to address the back and the goalkeeping situation- it would be negligent not too…but we arent’ far away and we should keep the faith a bit.

  21. Ben says:

    Lets hope next season we have no injuries, this season we are very close if the injuries could be better. I think this team is awesome, only GK has some issues. No doubt in my mind our player have qualities regardless what you say about Diaby, Eboue, Bendtner or…, all they need is injury free & consistancy. IN ARSENE I TRUST.

  22. Vince says:

    I still feel that the reason for our failure is from our management or what some of you call board.
    We did suffer for our new stadium but I still think that the board need to play the gamble by forget the debt and bring in quality and mature players to win some trophies. You might gain more for playing this gamble rather than save all your money to pay your debt, this is how big football club should run. I will not spend a cent on the club next season unless the board show me that they really care about us, the fans!

  23. Nick the Gooner says:

    Give Arsene a new contract but with severence clause tied to agreed performance targets

  24. eric says:

    14 years without Champion league title is a fatal disaster.
    Only one way to win Champion League:-

    Arsene Wenger :- OUT
    Mouriho or Louis Van Gaal : IN


    Arsene simply don’t have the champion manager quality and tactics, he should have been kicked out from the club in 2006…

    Long Over Due……

  25. LDSBTANW says:

    we are in danger of becoming Keegan’s Newcastle, or Totthnam for last 40 years. all pretty football and no balls or defensive steel or tactics. in my opinion we need world class keeper, 2 or 3 world class experienced 6 foot plus centre halves (preferably english or played in premier league), that could let us move TV5 into centre mid alongside Song & Cesc, a good shield who would never surrender. also would be good to have a left sided winger who is left foooted, who can give us something different to the right footed left wingers passing the ball to death. im too old to believe all the hype surrounding potential signings, but Buffon, Hangeland, Gary Cahill, Upson, N’zogbia and Chamakh. get rid of almunia, sylvestre, senderos, vela. if i see our current numbers 1 and 18 in team photo next season, i will not be happy.

  26. jay says:

    Perhaps Wenger has run his time at Arsenal.14 years is a long time and I think it would be a good thing for the club and AW to part now.he seems to have run out of ideas and the same old bullshit each season around season ticket renewal time about new players is weaing a bit thin.Chamakh will cost nothing,and you can bet one or two cheap deals are on the horizon.It is time for a major sort out or we will be also rans for years to come.

  27. Kaz says:

    If Im Dein, i will definitly poison him while on dinner,….Maybe he did just that as Wenger had became winging foolish prick that fails to convince us recently. Quote, I Will Sign 2 SUPER player, Is Chamak Super? the only thing that is Super about him is that he cant really scores with his foot. And if this news about Pape Malickou Diakhate is true, Ill be godsmack. Experience? he is not. Super maybe! coz of his name, Im a lousy english speaker maybe his name is pronoun as: Pape might lick your Dickhead? Super fun, imagine the stadium of terrible speaker supporting and shouting his last name. Nothing personal against him or sorry for that joke, but Pls dun come to Arsenal as he was loan off from Dynamo.If his is good i guess the club should have kept he than loaning him out. Not every loanies is as good as Yoann Gourcuff.

  28. Kaz says:

    As far as i have adore Arsene in the past, I also learn to hate him just as much now. He toy with the supporters too much with the last 5 season with his comment and promise, Now the players is also begin toyed with to please with his own vision which is 5 times off the railway track and not to mention comments on other team tactics.

    INTRESTING quote from Arsebog: I blame Arsene Wenger for picking him. The manager sent Fabianski into the lions den to try and prove a point that didn’t need to be proved. Fabianski was the nerd with a pocket full of lunch money sent into the schoolyard full of bullies.
    The same is with Vela and Edurdo, they are a 442 system striker. Its the same like: Hill Wood im going to put you into the goalkeeping role because of your age and experience and you wont need long to fit into the squad, the next thing you know is PHW will be panting like a K9. One Thing he should learn is that he should not play with a players career as their career is very short. IF they are not ready or do not fit into your tactic dun push them into the lions den just to satisfy your own needs! I felt sorry for these 2 players really as they are class player but they just dont fit into our 1 dimension tactic. Its no coincidence the same skill type of players suffers the smiliar fate of not doing well on the left wide winger roles in england at our club. The rest like Diaby lose the Balls, Dennilson walking,Big Mouth talking Walcott, Daily routine Sgna can go and fuck themselves. And as you bet Theo is really FAST. FAST TO LOSE THE BALL TOO.

  29. t.boyle says:

    what is the point of having 3 billionairs as shareholders if they dont put any money in why dont some one ask gazides next week

  30. pete smith says:

    “Why is it the SPUDS have a coaching team & we have Pat Rice,
    We might as well bring back Radford Simpson& Mclintock,

    Thats why we only have one plan”

    There coaching team is Les Ferdinand and Tim Sherwood….ooohhhhhh


  31. dossilfuels says:

    Greattt….. i am one of fan of Arsenal too…

    Could you tell me which the page fans of Arsenal in facebook is?

  32. andygooner says:

    Are we being taken for a ride?
    We pay the highest prices in WORLD football, not to watch these players serve their apprenticeship, but to purchase in combination with the said players, top quality to win everything, the mancs and the chavs do this, where not asking for a spend every season, as each player has a 4 year deal! Can the manager or the board for that matter not see that we need a goalkeeper, aggressive midfielder, striker and defender tall enough to win the first ball?

    How difficult does it get?

    What is the point of budgeting for a new stadium and not including the main furnishings…..Signings?

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