I want Spurs to finish above us

Posted: May 5, 2010 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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This post was taken from this thread on the forum

You know what, tonight a massive part of me wants spurs to win and wants them to finish above us in the league.

No doubt that many of you will call me a disgrace but I feel that finishing below the spurs would be the best thing that could happen to Arsenal FC the fans and the manager.

Some of you fans and even the manager and the board only care about finishing above the spurs and qualifying for the Champions league.

If we finish above the spurs you class our season as a success, No doubt if we beat Fulham this weekend and finish 3rd and above the spurs the players will do a lap of honer and the fans will be happy.

But in fact the players should do a lap of shame after the fulham game even if they win.

I would love it if Fulham beat us and the fans turned on the players and wenger, Because that’s what Wenger needs. Forget this “in Arsene we trust cobblers”

Wenger and the board need to know that finishing in 3rd place is not a success, We want to win things again. Wenger says that finishing 3rd is better then winning the FA cup and that finishing 3rd is like winning the 2nd league. What a load of crap! We had a great chance of winning something this season and we blew it.

You can blame it on the injuries to key players AGAIN but the sad fact is that our players bottled it and Wengers poor tactics and lack of spending had a massive part to play in it.

That’s why a part of me wants spurs to finish above us. So that we for once, can all stand up and admit that this needs to change. Finishing 3rd and above spurs cant be our target at the start of each season.

Wenger the board and the fans must now all come together and admit that this project of wengers is over and something needs to change in the summer.

A change of policies with regards to transfers or maybe a change in staff and wenger gets a new backroom. Some fans like me might even say that Wenger needs to go and we need a new manager.

Today the Arsenal.com and Wenger propaganda spin started again, the same BS since 2005. “I will sign 2 super super super class players” etc etc, and then he starts to backtrack on his words and says the players who are returning from injury will be like new signings etc.

If I’m honest I am now sick of wenger and all his crap. The fact that he wont admit that he is wrong or that the players are not good enough and wants to blame everything and everyone but not himself.

For years now Wenger has told the fans that we would be reassured by the summer transfers only to see our best players sold and replaced with cheap kids or players like Silvestre, and this poor 4-5-1 tactic is not working but wenger is to stubborn to revert back to a 4-4-2.

I want us to finish below spurs so that the Arsenal board, Wenger and the fans know that we don’t have a divine right to do so each year and we cant be arrogant to think that finishing 3rd and above the spurs is good enough anymore.

If only our fans protested this weekend or somehow turned there back on Wenger rather then hang a banner up saying “in Arsene we trust” when most of us dont anymore

It kills me to say this but COYS

Debate this more on the forum ( HERE )

  1. shedzy says:


    i know what you mean BUT come on – whether they finish above us or not, and whether Arsene says that he’s ‘not worried’ or not, the fact remains that he knows that THEY are rubbish, and he knows that we’re about to finish at most a point or 4 ahead of them – surely thats enough………….

    i hope they draw, with adebayor and king dying in the last minute, by kicking one anothers heads clean off.

    • RobM says:

      If Spurs are rubbish, why didn’t we beat them? What does that make us? Come on… They’re rubbish… they beat us… so what are we? For God’s sake wake up and smell the coffee. They might be rubbish, they might not, but right now we’re no better.

      Fact is whether you like it or not they’ve done well this year and deserve to beat Citeh to CL football imho… and it might be better for us and the other “big but not mega” clubs if Spurs do beat Citeh too.

      Lé Boss, too, needs to wake up and smell the coffee. His great experiment has failed. The vast majority of the pampered pets from the Colney Creche just don’t have what it takes. He even knows this himself – for all his talk in trusting in the kids he’d rather play a first teamer out of position than give one of the supposedly oh so great kids a run out most of the time.

      AW has done great things for Arsenal. But he is in a rut and he needs to either wake up and start fucking sparking or he needs to hand over the controls to someone who can.

      • shedzy says:

        Rob – they ARE rubbish, have you seen them play?? I know that WE’RE rubbish too, thats the point i’m making!

  2. Iain says:

    you’re gonna get loads of abuse.
    The fact is you are 100% correct and anyone who uses excuses re injuries etc are fooling themselves. I feel it is time for a change of direction, let wenger see out his contract then it is time for a change. Too many people are shit scared of losing wenger..every great player/ manager has his time and is replaced. we are not good enough at the moment which is fine if you wanna settle for mediocrity.
    Look at our midfiels..Song and Diaby would not get in Chelsea, Man utd or even Liverpools team so why should that be good enough for us… and that goes for most of the team.

    • Mike says:

      I’m not going to argue about the article as a whole. There are some very valid points. However we’ve overachieved this season. The thing I want to take issue with you Iain is saying that Song isn’t good enough. Sorry mate but he has been the best defensive midfielders in Europe this season so behave.

      • iain says:

        He’s getting better, but honestly…your just jumping on the ‘I Love Song’ band waggon… he can tackle but his distribution is shit. He’s a long way from being in the top 10 midfielders in England let alone europe.

  3. jack says:

    i can understand ur sentiments, and i kinda get where you are coming from, but christ its ridiculous to say you want it to actually happen, can you imagine those spurs morons if it happened, you’d never hear the end of it, seriously id prefer us to just scrape a draw on sunday, just so it means we dont have to qualify, and whoever of out shitty and spuds gets 4th, to be honest i couldnt give a f*ck about… definately agree tho that the board and wenger need a massive wake up call, but i dont think it’ll happen, i think next year will be much of the same, we’ll recruit a player or two more, and still hand out the odd battering to few relagtion battlers, but when it comes to the business end, i can envisage plenty of injuries, lack of bottle and all round dissappointment, and if that does happen, i think wenger will leave, not sacked, but leave off his own accord and claim he doesnt have the backing of the fans or something, cos as it is, they are already plenty tearing the hair out and questionning his ability to take the team forward, so if another season like the previous 5 were to happen there would be so much resentment and frustration i could see him walking…
    In summary tho, no i dont want those dirty rotten sp*d c*nts to finish above us in the league, not now, not ever

    • Drew says:

      “In summary tho, no i dont want those dirty rotten sp*d c*nts to finish above us in the league, not now, not ever”


  4. ashdgajs says:

    I don’t think coming fourth will make any difference to anything, besides coming third will be a walk in the park – Fulham will put out a shadow side on Sunday and when Arsenal thrash them wenger will say we dont need anyone anymore.

  5. Asmo says:

    We’ve known you’re a Spurs fan for ages mate, no need to devote a whole post to it.

  6. top gunner says:

    I will give him till August to see who he buys if no quality comes in and we’re still stuck with shite i want him out the board wont do anything they’re happy with him making them money it’s the fans that have to let them idiots know we have had enough.

  7. are you says:

    what a dickhead, get back in your pram!

  8. Gunnnerrr says:

    Fans like you preticted that we would no even finish in the top 4 this sesaon. Now all the sudden you want us to win. Your a mappet, you plastic fan.

  9. anonymous says:

    if we finish 3rd we get more money and automatic passage to champo league – its not just about finishing above spurs

  10. inzaghi says:

    (sorry for the capitals) but even if spurs do finish above us i still see wenger bein a stubborn old git! we dont have2go and break the bank but proper players must be signed….wenger bought silvestre for a few hundred grand (who was over 30@the tym of signin) yet he is playin silly buggers with gallas’ contract…hypocrit.
    i do think he is the man that can stil take us 2glorydays again but he needs2snap outta dis blind faith in crap! ur so true about the usually pre-transfer window promises….then we get told “havin ***** back from injury is like a new signing” to…..”i wont be held to ransom” to “i believe in the players i have….judge me in May” TWAT!
    sorry i had 2vent there…..btw i prefer the 4 3 3(4 5 1) it suits all our best players more so than playin attackin mids on the wing in a 4 4 2. srry2burn ur ears off lool

  11. James Otieno says:

    And just WHO do you trust in ? Many are sayin Wenger should go but NO ONE is saying WHO should take over from him. 3rd place in such a tough league is quite decent guys, with all the injury problems we had. We also made last 8 in CL, Real Madrid just for the record didn’t, with their 100m plus squad so let’s look on the bright side of life guys.

    • Curt.B says:

      Somebody asks this question in every single article, and yet they still ask it as though they are the only one who sees the issue.

      It’s such a stupid question, not only are there many many good managers out there, Wenger himself arrived from almost total obscurity. If Wenger arrived from noweher then his replacement could come from nowhere aswell.

  12. Dazzer says:

    I’m thinking that all the fans should take cheque books with them this week and on the lap of honour they should wave them at wenger. Maybe then he’d finally get the message.

  13. mangetout says:

    you deserve lots of abuse for writing this. what next? you hope we finish 5th or out of europe altogether or maybe we should be relegated? you remind me of a small child having a tantrum. grow up!

  14. Rich says:

    DON’T say you speak for the majority of Arsenal supporters – you simply do not. This website and people on it have been a continuing source of drivel throughout the season and it’s so annoying reading comment and opinion like this, to think that it may actually influence people out there.

    A lap of “honer” you say. Says it all.

    There are really excellent Arsenal blogs out there, Arseblog as the finest – which people should read. This drivel, and Le Grove in particular as well, I urge people simply to avoid.

    • Rachid says:

      Dude, I completely agree with you. I’m on this forum and I hate seeing this guy post because he makes it seem like he speaks for all of us there but I assure you he doesn’t. I can’t stand him either. He’s a complete jackass and on top of that he’s pompous enough to make posts like these as if he’s speaking for the rest of us. It’s absolutely sickening.

      • Ghjjfgf says:

        That’s the point of a forum is it not. So if u disagree with somebody you are a jackass?

      • Knobber says:

        Who are you and we should agree with everything you say Rachid?

        Sinbad has never said that he speaks for all Arsenal fans or members of the forum.

        AA is a great forum and allows people to have a DIFFERENT VIEW

      • Rachid says:

        Look “Ghjjfgf”, since your reasoning fails so badly let me break it down in its minutest form so you can get it through your thick skull. I didn’t say he’s a jackass for disagreeing with anything. He’s a jackass for wanting our rivals to do better than us. As simple as that. Don’t go fanning flames when you don’t even comprehend what you read.

      • Rachid says:

        “Knobber”, your name says it all. I know who you really are and you chose the perfect moniker to go by.

        Anyway, did you not notice the “arsenalaction” at the top of the article, which suggests he made the blog post on behalf of the board? When others post here they don’t do that. Their name alone is there which means it’s their thought, not a collective view. I don’t give a rat’s ass if you agree with me or not.

  15. bigsnoop says:

    Iain Song would walk into the liverpool side lets be real. Alex Song has absolutely nothing to do with our recent run. Wigan, Blackburn, Tottenham, Bacalona (away) the only game in that run which we didn’t lose to was Man City and guess who played in that game.

    Song has had a great season but his looked worldclass in recent weeks.

  16. GMR says:

    I totally agree that things need to change and I’m one of those who wouldn’t mind at all if Wenger walked away, but no true Arsenal fan would want the spuds to finish above us. I don’t recall any gooner saying this season would be a success if we finish top 4 and ahead of the spuds. Lets be honest the spuds haven’t been a threat to us in years & who knows this may well be another of their one off years due to all the top teams being fairly crap.

    Iain, Song would’ve got in Chelsea’s midfield with ease this year (with Essien missing), as for Liverpool apart from Gerrard who are their great midfielders, and why didn’t they finish above us?? The fact is we need better players & I don’t think Wenger will buy them, we now need someone who is better with tactics & can work with the kids that are already at the club. Of course they would want to bring in some fresh talent but the club don’t have the sort of funds to overhaul the whole squad. I’d like to see what David Moyes could do with this bunch & some cash to spend which he’s never had at Everton.

  17. Lee says:

    You cannot be serious? You fucking are aint you!!!

    Go and support chelsea or man utd, with the other thousands of glory hunting fans. If you think we have got it bad speak to leeds fans who went from champions legaue semi final to league 1.

    Wishing our greatest rivals finish above us, you dont deserve Arsenal.

  18. GoonerT says:

    Spurs finishing above us won’t change anything at the club

  19. thundertinygooneri says:

    The reason we must finish 3rd is that it automatically qualifies us for the group stage of the Champions League,4th means the qualifying round which may be tougher and alters your pre-season preparation.I suspect Spurs might struggle with that little hurdle.
    Re your bigger point i’ve hoped Wenger would be shocked into action in the past but I suspect it took David Dein to do the shocking (note the transfer splurges in 1997 and 2001 and the Doubles that followed. We do need a world class
    keeper and at least one top centre half but we also need to look in detail at the adequacy of our conditioning training and the quality of our medical team.Our injury record over several seasons is atrocious.The best resul tonight is a draw.We’re third then automatically.

  20. Lynzo says:

    Lyk u said u must b a disgrace! I’m obsessd wif d gunners. They ar ar fun to watch n dat’s al dat matters to me. Hope we av a fairer injury list next seasn. Wonder hw am gunner cope witout EPL footbl 4 abt 3 mnths n dnt evn say WORLD CUP!

  21. crew cut says:

    we must be twins,action is needed on the last day of the season (YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING PROFESSOR ) would be a start and empty seats when the lap of honour is taking place.
    personally id pay up wenger’s contract and bring in a quality manager, giving wenger money is wasteful and better give it too mourinho who is a winner

  22. E-ON says:

    ITS NOT acase of blaming injuries as that was a massive factor in our failing!!! the case is that we have not signed players we should of to deal with injuries! there are players in the FIRST team selection that would struggle to get a place at clubs like blackburn yet somehow wenger sees them good enough for arsenal. Yet these players rely on the team around them being good enough to pull us through so its like we start with ten men! Silvestre is a prime example when I see his name in the first team line up its like we are playing not only with 3 defenders but with a player that causes more problems than he solves!!!! Wenger needs to address the situation this transfer window or he can kiss good bye to more key players next season!

    New GK
    New DEFENDERS not defender!
    maybe a New midfielder that fully compliment Cesc
    New STRIKER (Chamakh looks like he has signed)

  23. perrygrovesworld says:

    Sinbad strikes again. What a tit! so Arsenal go fourth and have to qualify for the CL. A new manager comes in, we buy more than 3 players meaning we have to bed in a new team( its well known that more than 4 players and you run the risk of failing; ask Liverpool). So we fail to qualify, Spurs automatically qualify. Bragging rights get out of hand. The new manager doesn’t have an easy start (oh by the way which magic manager do you think we will get? Mourinho? forget it). Sinbad returns and starts demanding a new manager… Again. Real Madrid under Wenger is flying at the top of La Liga. …
    Do me a favour bad boy, it ain’t gonna happen. Wenger is going to be at the Emirates in August and you will still be ranting whenever things go wrong and life will go on as before.
    Like I said TIT.

    By the way Sinbad have you ever been to the Emirates because its clear your’e not a regular visitor.

  24. umz says:

    Mate you need 2 gt a life seriously!!!

  25. fingooner says:

    I have supported Arsenal since a slip of a 7 year old in 1978 .. so this will really sound bad but its honest .. I think we shouldn’t even get in the ECL. We have been in there for 10+ years now and got one final to show for it. Other than that not even a semi and that is just pure cr*p performance. If we are not going to make a serious assault on it then move over and let some other team have a chance that might treat it as a prestige trophy to win rather than a source of revenue. A year away from it might also focus the board and managements collective minds (in that you don’t miss the water until the well runs dry) so they then put the investment needed in to actually deliver the goods. Sorry after 30 years support it pains me that we have not got our names on that trophy and utter sh*te like Steau Bucherest have 😦

  26. bb says:

    fuk off rich you arse, wenger out and take le coward diaby with you

  27. perrygrovesworld says:

    and just to finish….

    with the World Cup this year any team in fourth will find it harder to qualify for CL with knackered players coming back from SA having to play qualifiers…

    Actually to call you a tit is an insult to tits everywhere, braindead more like. You’re not fit to wear the red and white anywhere.

  28. Wengers a loony says:

    Wenger out!!
    I Agree with most things you say except
    1) please dont call them :The spurs”
    2) I want fulham to beat us, so Wenger and the team gets abuse. I will not hang around after the whistle for the lap of honour (sic) For the first season in 44 years. But hopefully man city will win tonight, so we get 3rd.
    3)Spuds finish above us…….No thanks!!

    I trully beleve while Wenger is at our club, we will never win a trophy. Ive wanted him out for a while now, for many reasons. But throwing the F A cup game at stoke was the final straw.

  29. AfriX says:

    Couldn’t have said it better Sinbad, it’s these AKBs that give Wenger an undeserved sense of security!!! Enough of treating Wenger with gentle hands, he has lowered his pre-2005 standards to something unrecognizable and quite pathetic to be honest. On top of that Wenger behaves as if he’s doing the fans a favour with his endless stream of lies !! If it takes Spurs finishing above us to get the point home so be it !!!! Wenger fuck off, u were once good but now u r rubbish we want our club back, damn soft whiner !!!!

  30. The Fan says:

    Check this as a reminder: http://transferleague.co.uk/
    Sorry to break your fantasy but money does relate closely to success in football and Arsenal has overachieved whether you like it or not.
    If anything, spurs going above us would bring you down to earth.

    With all Arsenal have done this season we deserve 3rd. We couldn’t beat chelsea and were unlucky against united once and outplayed the next time but still showed a lot of spirit after those defeats and that got us more consistency against lesser teams than united and chelsea.
    After both chelsea games we had a very impressive run and dominated the form table for some time.

    And using injuries as an excuse isn’t right cos it happens but it doesn’t deny we did well most of the season without those injured players. The reason injuries are not an excuse is because its not the best team that should win the league but the best squad and that is chelseas.

    Also a perspective is lost that though Arsene has made some mistakes he has still kept us in the title race for a long time with a squad valued at a fraction of chelseas.

    You need to understand that despite being a club that
    wants to win, there are barely any managers that can take these bunch of players and win something with them.

    You can pinpoint games that cost us the title and look at Arsene’s mistakes but if it wasn’t for Arsene we wouldn’t of been in those situations to talk about the title in the first place.

    I always want my team to win and will be disapointed if they don’t but I at least try and be realistic here.

  31. piestealer says:

    sinbad, do you wear long trousers to school yet or are you still in shorts?
    finishing 3rd is better than winning the FA cup, you dont get into the champions league for winning a cup, do you?
    and i suppose your one of these clowns that think Mourinho can be our manager after you sack Wengar. Well heres the news pal, Mourinho will only manage a club with lots of cash to flash, just like that twitchy cunt at spurs he likes to spend alot, more than the club can afford. and when you go down that road you end up in the same place as Liverpool, huge debts, no money for future investment and sinking into mid table mediocrity. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT, COZ THATS WHAT WILL HAPPEN.

  32. The Law says:

    Sinbad, you sir, are a buffoon of the highest possible order. Indeed, in the High Council of Buffoonery and Moron-Idiots, there’s a special chair reserved for you for your great achievements in advancing the spouting of idiocy.

    Please fuck off and support the scum from Shite Hart Lane. I couldn’t think of anyone who deserves it more.

  33. GunnerSince!WasAGlintInTheMilkman'sEye says:

    I doubt there are many Gooners who are even a bit surprised that you feel like this, given the fact that most people think you are a spud to begin with.

    You are a clown, a no nothing, sky sport fed, tabloid reading, arm chair plastic fair weather “supporter”.

    Your support is neither needed, or asked for and wont be missed when you finally f*ck off to the other lot down the road, or any other team that flashes the cash.

    Why are you even pretending to still be a Gooner?

  34. perrygrovesworld says:

    well said The Fan and piestealer. The trouble with Championship Manager style fans is they don’t live in the real world. Even Abramovic is saying that their youth academy needs to bring Chelsea new players and that he isn’t going to invest silly money anymore and Man U have got financial problems now for future purchases. We have now got the long awaited money from Highbury Sq which was delayed by the credit crunch. We have somehow survived without it in the Big 4 up to now, thanks to our ‘oh so hated manager’. Which means that players will still want to come and play for us now we are back in the money….

    I have to ask why some of you saddos don’t go and support another team and save yourself the stress, or perhaps you haven’t been around long check Arsenal’s history and you will see we will come back unlike big spenders like Liverpool…

  35. northernbof says:

    Wenger will never learn .Neither demonstration or plea will move him-neither will the board. So we’re stuck. Except for anything benefiting Spurs I agreed with many of your thoughts,but I heartily dislike those blinkered fans who feel the need to insult any blogger who floats an unusual argument. We can all swear and hurl abuse but I didn’t know it was called debate.Semper Fi.

    • GunnerSince!WasAGlintInTheMilkman'sEye says:

      Debate is no9t a concept the twat whp wrote this garbage is familiar with. If it were then he would not be getting such abuse. He has consoistently thrown his toys out the pram on a whim, then when it looked like we could win the title, this same “fan” was oh so fucking silent, never heard a peep from her. Then, when we lost it, she comes crawling out the woodwork, like the insect she is.

      At a time, when tempers are frayed, emotions running high. Basically using the anger of another fruitless season to get support for some of the most pathetic, over simplistic and puerile statements I have ever read and I have had the misfortune to read most Arsenalk blogs.

  36. Rob says:

    I totally, totally agree with you. Those who don’t are simply not thinking with their brain but with their heart and that is quite normal for us, football fans. But when will we realize that those who wear the colors of our beloved club, those who are supposed to sweat and bleed for our crest and history are simply interested in money and future career advancement in what they consider as more prestigious clubs?

    I think that we should maybe, for once, take the pain of finishing fourth and behind our foes because it would definitely unite the supporters against a manager that has completely lost it for the 6 past years. We need that sort of failure so that he can admit what everybody is now clearly seeing and eventually do what pragmatic thinking requires…

    I’m also fed up with that Arsenal.com propaganda. I mean, they can’t even call themselves journalists… Stop that arsenal tv online and all those shit articles that: 1- bring quotes late and isolated so that they can have their quota of articles for the week thanks the one and only 20 minutes pre match conference of the week 2- Are useless when you have sky, espn, bbc and eurosport. Nothing exclusive in there…

    We need some big shock at Arsenal because now we are like that guy married to his fat, old and annoying wife for 30 or 40 years scared of what would happen if he gets rid of her because:
    1. He thinks he can’t actually do anything without her.
    2. She’s maintaining him in a state of dependency (cooking, cleaning, you know all the shit…)
    3. She could leave and fuck him by taking half of his money (in our case players like Fabregas, maybe RVP and all the shit frenchies we have)
    4. And finally he sometimes looks back and thinks about the good times, the first kiss etc… And goes back to his comfort zone until he painfully realizes again that he… made a mistake.

    Do you really think that a guy who is 60, and who’s been stubborn for the last 6 years is gonna change in 2 months? That he will turn shit players to gold before september? We should really have the balls to adress this situation and do it with class which means a protest Sunday, whatever the result, with white handkerchiefs for example.

    Arsenal is currently living in a lie and someone has to be honest with the fans, because without us, this club is nothing. We are the reason why football exists. Hope that the future will be brighter.

    • realist says:

      it amazes me how many of you fools cant se the bigger picture – u all think wenger is doing this cos hes stubburn wen in fact hes doing it for our future. he decided 10years ago that we needed to move 2 a bigger stadium and the only way to stay competitive during this period was to develop young talent. It was always known that he would have 2 sell 1 or 2 star players a season to balance the books. But now we are on the brink of seeing the fruits of his endevour and u bunch of dicks want him sacked. Trust me, he doesnt have a problem spending money as long as ther is value in it! Just b patient, we will dominate for years 2 come, we only have a small fraction of our debt to pay off!

  37. Matt says:

    You are not a disgrace at all.

    You are far, far worse than that.

    The Law was almost right about you, except he is being far too polite.

    You are a total moron, and a total twat.

    Please stop using the name Arsenal in your blog, as you are clearly not an Arsenal fan.

    You need to grow up, and stop crying like a little bitch.

    Or carry on with your silly little boycott, so real fans can in turn come and boycott against twats like you.

  38. Benjamin Peterson says:

    Wenger is just a BITCH. The truth is dat wenger is not going to sign more dan two players. MARK MY WORD..

  39. piestealer says:


  40. Vivb says:

    Sit yourself down with a cup of tea and think long and hard before celebrating St Totteringham Day which will be confirmed later tonight.

    The season fell apart at the end but with 10 first teamers and little to play for thats not unexpected. Get wound up at the end of the transfer window not now.

  41. Matt says:

    Get back to your homework Benjamin – the priority should be to concentrate on your English grammar and spelling.

    A Blog written by a Twat, and seemingly read by more Twat’s.

    • RobM says:

      Hey Mr Grammar Critic just thought you would like to know that “Twat’s” is not the right way to use an apostrophe. I wouldn’t normally say but you seem to think these things are important.

  42. rockingrick says:

    “No doubt that many of you will call me a disgrace ”
    -Yep, disgrace.

  43. gunster says:

    Sometimes you need bitter medicines to make you well again. Will spurs be that medicine?

  44. gunster says:

    wenger is shameless, didnt even bother if he let the fans down, only interested in his ego.

  45. Pooner says:

    This is the whingiest Arsenal blog on the internet. You hate Arsene Wenger so you want Spurs to finish above us? How on earth does that make sense? You are a fucking moron and amply provide an example of just why the democratisation of opinion provided by the internet is so infuriating. Idiots like you shouldn’t be allowed to have such a public domain their opinions, keep it to the bar you fucking cunt.

  46. omar says:

    Its not really important what u think anyway coz arsenal don’t need fans like you. U want the crowd to turn on wenger and the players? What kind of a fan are u. Remind me again what was arsenals positions in the league before wenger came? Seems like a lot of u guys forgot that finishing 3rd would have been an achievement those days

  47. Vince Bartram says:

    Mate, I am pretty concerned about where this team is going, and whether Wenger has lost the plot. But wanting Sp*rs to finish above us? That is not on from a so called Arsenal fan. Not on at all.

  48. vinagunner says:

    to wish totts finish above us is insane and disgraceful, shame on u!

    ok, they beat us at the lane, but we fucked them at the emirates! third place is no treat for u but it’s a dream of 17 other teams in the epl, and some of them have spent a lot more money than arsenal as well. 3rd place is already a thorn in the side of most pundits who tipped us below 6th place.

    of course i’m not celebrating 3rd place, and neither does wenger, the players or anyone else at the club. but i can assure u the totts or the citeh are going to celebrate like madness if they finish 4th, despite having spent more money than arsenal.

    u should grow up or bug off to the shite lane.

    i will never read arsenalaction again.

  49. sambo says:

    i do feel ur right that arsenal need a slap in the face and realise its time to wake up… however to be hoping for our rivals to finish above us gives me the shivers with all the showing off they will do… i also feel those who constantly earn for titles and cups are should look at themselves and stop being glory hunters… arsenal have a new legacy of good football we are playing top class football if people dont like it they should go support chelski or manu.

  50. Doomed says:

    Spurs beat man city…. Is it st arsene day yet

  51. AfriX says:

    Ahhh Sinbad u r 1 match away from your wish, spurs won! If Wenger was properly doing his job we would have celebrated St Totteringham day a couple of weeks back but no we have spineless players who can’t do the job without Cesc & a couple of Sunday league keepers & Wenger has the nerve to tell us they have mental strength. More like bubble strength!

  52. Buzz3210(Gooner4LIFE) says:

    Spuds to finish above us please go and lie down somewhere reagrdless of our last couple of weeks We do not deserve that from the pratts down at Fart lane. I can almost guarantee that they will do a liverpool next season and maybe finish 6th-8th then bye bye redknapp.

  53. pauley says:

    Great bit of comedy.

    You call yourself an Arsenal fan..pah!

  54. […] I want Spurs to finish above us This post was taken from this thread on the forum You know what, tonight a massive part of me wants spurs to win and wan […] […]

  55. Ben says:

    I cannot agree a single view from this article. You might want us to drop to 4th place to get Wenger & the board realised something, well I on the other hand would like to see Wenger gone, and we fighting for CL spot for the next 10 years to realise how well Arsenal is handling now. Fans from Citeh & Spurs are cheering up because they might finally get a place in CL, yet we been in CL for the last decade and the fans are shouting to sack the manager & the board, I really hope you guys know what you are doing here.

  56. goonerjay says:

    Who on the board will sack him? He is more powerful than anyone else there. He is Arsenal. After youve sacked him who are you going to appoint? Losing third place to spuds means very little in the overall scheme of things.

  57. Liams Left foot says:

    If you really want to miss the chance of the Spuds falling flat on the faces in the qualifier after straining for years to get a shot at
    CL{ ask any Liverpool fan about Evertons shot} you have got to
    be mental. Why don’t you actually go and support the Spuds because you seem to hate at least as big a percentage of Arsenal as any self respecting Spud should. Things are far from perfect at
    Arsenal but 98% of prem supporters would look at your comments in disbelief. You aren’t represented by some large trade union by any chance are you? you seem to be prouder of being a member of red action than a supporter of Arsenal FC

  58. JSP says:

    Didn’t even bother reading this shit once I saw the header. Call yourself an Arsenal fan, you’re am disgrace!!!!

  59. Knobber says:

    The only way things would change is that if Arsenal missed out on a champ league place.

    Wenger will get a new 3 year deal come the end of the season and Arsenal have rewarded him for winning nothing

  60. marco says:

    Another messed up article by the same pillik. The comments of some. You’d swear the bunch of u are managers! Get rid of Song? Yet by pundits he has been ranked as the best DM in the league this year? What do they know. . . Wenger not spending? For years he spend money, Henry, Reyes, van Persie, Vieira, new stadium and he stops spending? Why is that difficult to understand? Oh, but yes, Wenger is a twat for NOT spending the money AFC DOESNT HAVE! Wake up Anti-AWB!

  61. JSP says:

    Marco, common sense at last!!!

  62. Tak says:

    YOU MAD?

  63. Asmo says:

    Where’ve you been by the way Sinbad? You were very quiet during our title challenge?

    Supporter, or customer?

  64. Paul says:

    Sinbad = Coys supporter, never been more sure of anything!

  65. ScotchEggsRUle says:

    Anyone that”supports” Arsenal and want’s ‘them’ to finish above us is a cunt, pure and simple and should fuck off and support someone else. We don’t need cunts like you hoping our rivals do better than us. In your weird twisted mind that is logical, to the rest of us, it proves what an almighty cunt you really are. In fact if there was a competition to gauge who is the biggest cunt in the world, you’d come 2nd (why not 1st I hear you ask?), because your such a cunt.

  66. roger says:

    supporters like you make me sick..Wenger has not had money to spend and has been told up until now to balance the books..He even has said as much himself and for the first time since moving to the Emirates(Probably only been built cause of wengers past transfer dealings) he has money ad no doubt will spend this summer and no doubt will challenge more strongly for the league

  67. Erichero says:

    Like any other Arsenal fan, I would love us to win the league. But I’m also grateful for what we have: yet another year in the Champions League, top 8 team in Europe, fantastic youth potential, beautiful attacking football, financial stability.

    By changing the coach, you put most of that at risk. Yes, we might get the next Ancelotti and win the league. But getting the next Ramos or Mancini is a VERY REAL possibility.

    Some fans here remind me of the Geordies when they sacked Bobby Robson. At the time, who would have believed you if you said they’d be in the Championship shortly after that?

  68. goon says:

    have a word with yourself mate

  69. pipwilliams says:

    Your argument is nonsense and as empty and shallow as the so called fan you claim to be.

    I don’t know ANY Arsenal fan that claims a good season is coming higher in the table than Spurs, and trust me mate, I know quite a few..

    Let’s suppose Arsenal were to get new management, who do you suggest would come in and do a job? Nobody who’s worth their salt is available! And even if they were, any new manager wants to stamp their style as quickly as possible onto their team. This undoubtedly means even more bleeding in time, and ultimately no silver as they settle in. In short, we’re no better off.

    The same goes for players. It’s all good and well dreaming up the cream of the crop for the club, but with the sheer spending clout of Chelsea, United, City et al, Arsenal simply can’t lure the best out there. Simple as that.

    It’s not rocket science fella. The sooner you comes to terms with this, the quicker you can move on to some other pointless obsession. Get a life, get behind the team, and most importantly, have a think before you spout your muck, or shut the fuck up!

  70. FlipFlop says:

    Look no matter how shit you think we are, no matter how angry you are with Wenger and the players – at no point should you want spurs to better our league position – that just makes you a cunt – fact 🙂

  71. pete smith says:

    you idiot…only small clubs like Spurs judge success by their proximity to their geographical rivals.

    Fact is 3rd would be a decent season, and would avoid a play off in the CL after a WC summer.

    yes we are a little too far from the top, but its not been too bad.

    maybe we have run out of steasm due to our CL extra fixtures, and you want that again next year.

    fcuking idiot

  72. Chet says:

    Its natural that any team has different fans with different views on the team which is fair enough but come on, them finsh above us, no way mate! I been stressed since yesterday thinking we could end up fourth. That means coming back early and a whole load of other crap, like trying to qualify!!!

    I usually back Wenger and I think we should give him this final opportunity to make a menze as such. I’ts the 1st time since the stadium i’ve heard him refer to the finances as such, stating we can now compete on transfer fees which we haven’t recently. Lets wait and see what he does. If he addreseses the key areas and we don’t lose much from the squad then we should see what happens next season.

    Wenger is a winner, no matter what people may say and i’m convinced his hands have been tied with transfers otherwise why would he not address certain issues? Yea agreed sometimes he has blind faith but all managers do. He hurts so bad after each game, imagine how he feels when he ends up trophy less. I think we dont appreciate what we have, ask Charlton how they feel? I know i’ll get ripped for that comparison but name me another mangager who could have kept us competetive whilst moving the team to a new 300mill staidum. ? S**** spent far more than us for years yet they have just got into CL.

    Gooners we have to accept we are not a sacking club and will always appreciate and hounour what a manager has done for this great club. Look at Harbert Chapman, still remembered now, 70 years on from his days ! Come on people lets get behind the team, respect views and just hope Le Prof gets it right cos we all know that when we do win something big with his team, theres going to be Gooners around the world doing what I will………Rip my heartout and slam it into the faces of all the Arsenal knockers and say ……..F****** come on!!!! Arsenal ’til I die!!!!

  73. aogfc says:

    anyone that wants to sack Wenger and just says we’ll get Mourinho is both an idiot (he’d never come) and a c*nt (for even thinking it)

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