Arsenal Action to the blogosphere: A reply to all our critics

Posted: May 8, 2010 by thevanster in Uncategorized
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It’s recently come to our attention that certain members of the Arsenal blogosphere are not overly happy with the content the site has been producing. One particular blogger seems to have taken issue with us, being outraged and incensed enough to mention little ol’ us on his weekly podcast (which by the way are getting blander and blander with each coming week). The Arsenal Action team would like to stress that Arsenal Action is a collaborative site with various authors, freelancers and team members, regularly contributing to the site. This is done to provide fresh and varied view points and to expose the public to the different schools of Arsenal thought. Personally, we think it’s rather more entertaining than the daily ramblings of some old Irishman…. Who like Wenger has been telling us for the last 5 years that ‘success is coming!’

Said blogger claimed that all we wanted is “failure to suit our own agenda”. And questioned “why would you actively want your club to fail?” Well, if said blogger had properly read said blog post, he would have realized that all the arguments were in there. To phrase want seems to be a popular phrase amongst the ‘Arsene Knows Brigade’, it’s about the long term. Isn’t it? I am of the OPINION that if Tottenham Hotspurs were to finish above us, Wenger would finally succumb to the pressure to spend the money that he claims to have and strengthen the squad to a sufficient level, so they can with trophies for the club I SUPPORT? Rather than using media PR and propaganda to convince the fans – who pay the highest ticket prices in the world – that they should be content with 3rd place. And let’s face it, as long as we’re above Spurs, most fans are content with 3rd place. I however AM NOT. Do I not have the right to that opinion?

Tell me, what part of that argument isn’t “eloquent”. I’m sorry if you would much rather read the torrent of “Wenger haz promized uz he will spend lotz of munniez, letz have faith!!!” but I don’t necessarily agree with that so will not reciprocate. So why do you not respect “my right to have my opinion”? How is my opinion any different to the millions of others? More so, if you had read the comments, you would realise that I AM NOT the only one with this OPINION. Instead of cowardly bad mouthing the forum that I REPRESENT, why not have the courtesy to email me or the forum?

Fact is, this blogger is preaching the values of respecting everyone’s right to an opinion, hell at times I’ve seen him be more civil to opposing fans, yet he seems to have made an exception for us? Fellow Arsenal fans. Why is that? Now I see that as betrayal to the cause, not wishing for something bad so we can have long term success. Sometimes bitter medicine is the only cure my friend. Do we not fall under the category of “eloquently expressing an opinion”? How? Would you rather you get given the power of the internet so you can maintain Nazi like control over those who would rather your club take an alternative road to success?

The Arsenal Action team would like to stress that the view points of one individual DO NOT necessarily represent the view points of the team and forum as a whole. We have plenty of forum members who are members of the styled ‘Arsene Knows Brigade’ but we have enough courtesy, dignity and respect for fellow Arsenal fans to manage to co-exist and debate those viewpoints – sometimes heatedly – but always within the boundaries of respect. We allow ALL members to have a voice – even if we do not personally agree with it – and refuse to restrict that just to please a minority. Anyone there with something interesting to say or something different to say, join up or contact us and we will post it.

Ultimately, I doubt we will get too much sympathy. This blogger is rather a big shot and like Wenger, has many puppies lapping milk out of the palm of his hand and will no doubt him and his minions will attack us with a torrent of abuse. Once again, this will be the case of the big fish asserting their dominance over the little people, who in the end, have as much a right to air their opinion as anyone else. Till today, we have never attacked another blog nor disrespected another blogger.

In short, if you don’t like our work, f#ck off you C#nt. :) Oh and thanks for the publicity our old blogger chum.


The Arsenal Action Team

Please feel free to debate with us on the forum ( HERE )

  1. Marko says:

    Do we not fall under the category of “eloquently expressing an opinion”?

    Well not really you call players and managers cunts. And I’m pretty sure Sinbad is a racist or at least a Xenophobe. In fairness there’s an awful lot of negative shite blogs out there and they seem to be mostly Arsenal blogs.

    • thevanster says:

      Ironic. Arseblogger taught me the meaning of the word ‘cunt’ when I was 12 years old.

      • paulie says:

        When was that vanster … 2 years ago? You spotty virgin!

      • Marko says:

        I’m not familiar with Arseblog I just think it’s rich coming from this blog thats complaining about someone critising them. I’ve never read anything good from this blog it’s usually insulting crap really.

      • thevanster says:

        Well, you haven’t read all the articles then have you?

  2. Lee says:

    You have the right to critisize –
    and we have the right to say you talk vitriolic, imbecilic, uneducated, adolescent, risible, asinine, hypocritical shit.
    Because you do.

    Not a peep from any of you when all was sweet prior to the Barca game, in fact quite glowing. 3 games later, you’ve got a petition to get Wenger the sack.

    Get a girlfriend, you’ll enjoy that more.

    • paulie says:


    • thevanster says:

      You have no right to insult because we are not insulting you. We are expressing an opinion.

      Again, we have different people on this blog, posting different opinions. Obviously after a bad defeat the ‘wenger out’ people will come out in the open…

      • Alex! says:

        What’s this about having ‘no right to insult’? In other words, when someone expresses an opinion about you that you don’t like, freely expressing that opinion suddenly becomes unacceptable? What a crock of shit. If you have the right to talk what I consider to be utter bollocks about the manager, then I have the right to talk what you clearly consider to be a similar level of bollocks, about you, your site and indeed the motives behind your controversial views. Your double standards are pathetic, and the original article was beneath contempt. It appears that you can dish it out but are far from prepared to take it yourself.

  3. Clarky says:

    Arseblog is not always right but he’s very amusing and he’s behind the team. Sorry but the stuff on your website does not come across as support, whether your intentions are good or not. Its hard to know what would actually make you happy. Spending millions, sacking Wenger? Benitez has failed with the spending millions approach (somethng he conveniently forgets when complaining about broken board promises). Personally, I think Wenger has had a serious wake-up call and I think we will make some good buys this summer.

    • thevanster says:

      Different people. Different opinions. Different things make different people happy.

      Beauty of our website.

      Why would I support a shite management and shite team? I support the club and the crest and contribute money towards it.

      • Clarky says:

        Shite management and shite team? Get real. Take out injuries and we would have had an OK season, not a great one admittedly. Had Fabregas and Rambo not got crocked, leaving us with the lackadaiscal Diaby in midfield (who I would gladly sell as his speed of thought is too slow for the EPL), I am convinced we would not have lost the recent string of games (apart from Barca). Comfortable 3rd place in the toughest league in Europe is not so bad, try supporting some lower league team and you will know about “shite” teams and management.

      • Marko says:

        Beauty of our website? Jesus you’re crazy. Crap more like it.

      • GTB says:

        Dont then support someone else you are not likely to be missed

      • thevanster says:

        Why should I support someone else? Who are you to tell me who to support? I want to see my club be successful and this is how I think it will happen. Get over it.

  4. Adam says:

    I’m just about to throw on a couple of Butt Chickens; really, you’re missing out

    • GTB says:

      Vanster I wasnt telling you who to support just somebody else as we do not need the likes of you. Can you please tell me how old you are ? how long you have been an ‘Arsenal fan’ ? and how many matches you go to ? It may help people to understand you more. Also please refrain from comments like ‘Get over it’ it makes you sound gay. Just a bit of advice.

  5. Me says:

    Bottom line is that however well your argument is presented, you wanted Spurs to finish above Arsenal. That is not really going to pass without comment. You can say whatever you like on your own site, but if an Arsenal fans says they want Spurs to do better than their own team, that’s going to provoke comment, which I guess is what you were after. To be honest, if I hadn’t heard about this site on Arseblog I would never have heard of it at all. So congratulations, you got the attention you wanted.

    I want Wenger to leave and think he has been spectacularly lucky over the years and very unambitious in recent years, but I don’t want Spurs to finish above us, thanks very much. For one thing, it won’t change Wenger one jot.

  6. ian says:

    Jesus! with everything that goes on in life, kids, work, fucking getting by, im amazed when i come on newsnow to read this kind of childish rubbish. Dont you think you sad bastards would make a better statement by just ignoring whoever this person is, dont you think they are giggling at the extent you have gone to. Are you a bunch of balless cockless 17 year olds high fiving over the desk? Grow the fuck up you have made yourselves look so so stupid writing this. On the topic of your ‘writing’ you start the article well but the ending is like you have asked some random 17 year old on an asbo to type the cummulative text. Anyway, Fuck this blog im off to spend time with the kids, eat then fuck my misses and relax, try it you fucking shocking bunch of pussies. Some fresh air might clear up your spots, get rid of the scent of sweat. And focus on our club, if nothing happens try not writing anything instead of writing bollocks.

  7. Howard says:

    You’re starting to sound like a Yank.

  8. jack says:

    i like reading arseblog, but i get where you are coming from… in saying that i can also understand the reaction of some fans when reading a fellow arsenal fan saying they’d like spurs to finish above us in the league, for whatever the reasons or motives, to some, myself included it would be too much to take for the c*nts to finish above us in the league, its bad enough the beat us this year… everyone is entitled to their opinion in my eyes, but some are gona get stick more than others

  9. perrygrovesworld says:

    Haha, the mature response would be to ignore Arseblog’s comments, rise above it, have some self belief but no…… you blinked and responded, like a guilty child answering back when an adult caught you in the act and told you off. Also he never actually named you, only your heinous deed. We the readers have no idea, Sinbad how old you are or how long you have followed Arsenal or even how many games you go to in a season.

    The giveaway is that you called Arseblog old and yet age in football fandom is respected rather than vilified as teams are supported for life not just your youth. Consequently older fans have a better perspective on a teams history. Without this history that shapes it, football would be a shallow sport. The measure of good fan following is getting through the bad times knowing it will get better, rather than short term kneejerk reactions.

    The reason so much abuse comes your way is that there is never a balance in your arguments. Arseblog and the up and coming Ladyarse both have generally balanced views on the team and management and respect all sides. As a result they get massive readerships. While you attack the ‘Arsene Knows’ brigade your views will be regarded as farcical, immature and irrelevant and open to ridicule.

    To want the team to do badly to ‘force’ the manager out will always be seen as hysterical by long standing fans who invest time and lot more MONEY than you probably do, having far more right to complain. I have seen the glory days and the bad periods in this club’s history. Where were you when we had to endure the post George Graham bung era before Wenger arrived?

    Football is a business not just a sport and it is defined by sensible spending not by outrageous fan pleasing signings.
    Maybe you’re too young to remember Leeds demise but he who forgets the past is doomed to repeat it……………

    • thevanster says:

      He blatantly mentioned us in his podcast and told us to fuck off…. I was justifying the article…

      I remember the Leeds demise very well 😦

      • nelly says:

        You should be honoured that your poxy childish blog is getting some publicity.

        You moan about having the freedom of choice and speech, then whinge when someone questions your opinions. Nice work.

        Maybe take a little bit of time to gauge the mood of a fanbase n general before spouting your anti-Wenger propaganda.

        If you choose to leave games early out of protest, go for it. You will not be missed by anyone.

        In fact, tear up you season ticket and don’t bother renewing it. Let someone who will enjoy and savour the opportunity have your seat instead.

        Fucking child.

  10. Paul says:

    Jeez….bit touchy aren’t we? I’m sure the ‘Irishman’ was simply exercising his right to ‘his own opinion’. As part of the Arsenal ‘blogosphere’ you put yourself out there to be critiqued so learn to live with it. Don’t confuse me for some sort of pro-Arseblog campaigner because I’m not but in this instance I’ll have to go along with his criticism of your view. A strategy to take one step back in order to take 4 steps forward is rather spasticated if you don’t mind me saying. If you think Wenger is going to change his entire plans because Spurs overtake us on the last day of the season you are seriously deluded. Now, along with every other gooner I am adament that we need new players. Quality centre backs and an ESTABLISHED keeper are absolutely needed but Wenger has his plans in place and isn’t going to change them on the last day of the season. You should be content with the hammerings we got from Barca, United, and Chelsea without wishing for Spurs to overtake us and put our Champions League place in jeopardy! Surely those losses will have had a far greater impact on the managers thoughts than failing to get 3 points against Fulham on the last day of the season.

    Anyway, I for one will be hoping my team goes out and tonks the cottagers tomorrow to secure 3rd place and automatic qualification (strange that isnt it). I do reckon, however, that we will beat a depleted Fulham team tomorrow no hassle and we’ll just have to wait and see how the Summer pans out! I hope for Wenger’s sake he signs what we need (whether it means spending 5 million or 50 million) because he seems to be on his last chance with most gooners.


    • DB10 says:

      Well said! Eloquently put….maybe you should write this blog instead of some of these WANKERS

  11. jack says:

    to be fair aswell, sinbad in particular really seems like half the time he’s just coming out with stuff to provoke a reaction… either that or he’s like a child, overly petulant and ridiculously over reactionary… incidentally there are some of the points he and others on here make, that i agree with, its just the way its put across that rankles with me, and most other arsenal fans i think… i think wenger’s time is up, and i believe alot of our players are nowhere near good enough, but theres a big part of me, wants to see wenger have one more crack at it, and see what kind of additions he brings to the team over the summer, and what players are still with us come august…

    • Marko says:

      Or a racist or a xenophobe. Some of the Sinbad posts though should never be seen and would never be seen on a respectable or decent blog. IT’s just this one here is just plain awful.

  12. FlipFlop says:

    Well wanting your club to finish below your clubs long standing rival is a bit cuntish, is it not? Surely you can argue why you want to see a change without resorting to that kind of childish logic. I get the frustration and the anger athow the season has panned out. But surely wanting the best for the club, like we all do, shouldnt resort to wanting the club to be handicapped (financially, with less prize money for a lower finish and also fitness wise as the players get less of a break and play 2 furher games in early pre season) just becaue you thik it will mean wholesale changes will result from it. I would be worried if the club took the reactionary and quite frankly panicked decision to sack a manager because spurs finished above us.

  13. Patty says:

    I’ve said this many times before, the petulance and idiocy used to write this blog can only lead me to believe that writers are young and immature. The best thing to do is ignore them and or just have a good old laugh at the nonsense that is consistently produced. Also I really hope the point about this site not posting anything when we had the best form on the league, but calling for wenger’s head when we lose, is not lost on the readers of this site.

  14. Mean Lean says:

    I can appreciate that Gooners have different views, That is only natural. People who I respect post different views on my blog and I understand that.

    But the stuff that comes out from Sinbad is just a total disgrace. When absolutely nothing but negative, Xenophobic and racist nonsense gets spouted every time you post then I am sorry, you cannot call yourself Gooner.

    • Marko says:

      Bang on Mean Lean you’ve a blog you can be proud of that’s for sure.

    • aa says:

      totally agreed. i doubt that sinbad guy actually support the arsenal. wont be surprise if he’s a spurs troll

    • Hannis says:

      Again well said, MeanLean, as your own blog was today. Mature, considered and loyal to your team. All that can not be said about this childish excuse for an Arsenal-blog!

  15. adam says:

    I agree with Marko.
    Sinbad is the worst sort of so called journalist.
    I am sure you will say that that AA is a balanced view of fans views. That maybe so, but his attitude and language alienates so many people and unfortunately gives this blog zero cred to be taken seriously by others.
    So the moral is you don’t throw sticks and stones, fans may show you some love

  16. AfriX says:

    To hell with all this squabbling between the fans. To hell with Arsene Wenger & his feeble players. Bottom line is that this current team is crap compared 2 the invincibles era & I simply do not buy Wenger’s reasons on why the team is what it is today! Wenger has chosen not to take the league & FA cups seriously, and also chosen not to spend on experienced players since he wants the kids to mature. The consequences of his choices is the team not having a winning mentality & pampered kids who constantly get rewarded for mediocrity. all of this has divided & frustrated the fans & interestingly as human beings we have different ways to deal with frustration. Some of us will still be hopeful that things will improve while others will lose hope & want things to be done differently. Clearly most of arsenal action fans fall in the losing hope category & them wanting the teams to finish below spurs is just one way they believe will get the fans to understand the hopelessness of the situation. That does not make them lesser fans & for some self appointed deacons of what makes a true fan to say they are lesser fans is just absurd. anyway i’m personally would not mind if we finish below spurs since given what i’ve seen from wenger & his team does deserve to finish below spurs! What I doubt is whether it will make a difference to Wenger lackeys!

  17. Martin says:

    Lee, you should be a bit more humble – you only have that right because unlike some blog moderators the mods here apparently have chosen to respect your roght to have that say. I know from personal experience there are many football blog moderators with little or no regard to anyone’s right to say anything unless they agree with it.

    Vanster, I think this is the phenomenon of the emotion-driven football blogger. Which is to say they approach intellectual subjects and debates with emotion driven opinions and arguments, and to them you are either behind the team or against it, being too pessimistic or not optimistic enough, if you point out problems you want the team to fail.

    I wonder honestly why these people care at all if we win or lose anything – a match, a league, a trophy – really. Or more accurately why they care enough to want to discuss or debate why since there can only be one answer – the answer they want to believe. Or why have sites like thses to encourage discussion and debate only to get annoyed when people show up who don’t share their views or the logic they employ in forming those views. Its one thing to celebrate winning together or to be there to ease one another’s pain as best as possible, but why even open discussions that lead to such fractious debate if they don’t want that debate on their sites except on their terms?

  18. RedCurrant says:

    I read Arseblog every day, as do thousands of other Gooners, because he’s:

    1. articulate
    2. funny
    3. passionate about Asenal

    Start demonstrating any two of the above and I may come and read your blog once in a while.

    • Martin says:

      Have to ask – how do you know that a blog writer is or is not funny articulate or passionate about Arsenal without READING what he or she says in the first place? Just curious.

  19. Arseblogger says:

    Feck off Cunt!.

  20. Daz says:

    First time I have read this blog to be honest but I agree with your points. There are so many fans out there that seem to think criticism is high treason and therefore you cant be a ‘true supporter’. What utter rubbish.

    As you point out, we pay the highest ticket prices in the world only to be told at the end of the season that 3rd place is success. Fans are not interested in getting comprehensively out played against the teams above us and finishing 3rd. We are the Arsenal. Indeed, bar Liverpool away, we have lost every away game against a decent side. Not good enough. The attitude, application and desire since Barca has been nothing short of disgraceful. Especially WHL of all places. Why should we tolerate this? For this I do hold Arsene responsible. Have Chelsea and Man U sulked after Inter and Bayern, licked their wounds and waited for the season to end?

    We can go on about injuries (we have been unlucky there) but Chelsea have been without their best midfielder for months and Ferdinand has hardly played for the mancs. Injuries are what a squad is assembled for and the truth is we are not equipped for it. Djourou was injured in August so how can you go through an entire season with Silvestre as first choice back-up? Ridiculous. Song gets injured/suspended, who else have we got? I wont even go into the keeper thing, but why does AW insult our intelligence by telling us that they’re class keepers? We have been brought up on class keepers, we know what they look like!

    I’m not against Arsene, far from it but I feel his stubborn attitude towards his youth project is jeopardizing real progress. Its like he’s constantly keeping one arm tied behind his back. Spending money is not an exact science (Arshavin has been a disappointment) but get it right (Vermaelen) and the benefit both in terms of skill and attitude are obvious.

    Here’s hoping the right decisions are made in the summer, the issues that need addressing are more glaringly obvious than ever before.

    • loftandlost says:

      “we pay the highest ticket prices in the world”

      No, we don’t. The cheaper seats at TNHOF are competitive in comparison with Chelski. We’ve built a state-of-the-art new stadium, on time and under budget, in one of the most expensive cities in the world.

      We haven’t had much of a transfer budget as a result. Now money is starting to flow as we’ve paid off much of our debt, we should be able to compete a bit more in the marketplace.

      Wishing Sp*rs to finish above us when they have consistently outspent – by a hundred million or so – is absolutely ludicrous. Whilst I don’t agree with some of Wenger’s signings (or lack of signings), there are few other managers who could do so much with so little.

  21. Danish Gooner says:

    Marko and the rest of the Arsene knows brigade,go fuck yourselfes it is your kind of drivel that leads Wenger to believe mediocrity are ok,you lot are the bland know it alls that any club have to go along with.The author is entitled to his opinion and the Arsene knows brigade should just switch of if you cant hack it,Arsene isnt god,he has made countless of mistakes during the last five years and he keeps committing them,if you lot cant see it you are as blind as the proverbial mice.I think anyone pro or conta Wenger would love him to succeed but when he is this stubborn and self deafeating and tells porkies and generallly lie a lot, enough is enough.But i think it is fairly esay to predict a winner at this argument,if Wenger goes another 9 months without a trophy i think there will be a case for the Arsene knows brigade to fuck of back to their hole in the ground.

    • Marko says:

      Oh shut up you dickhead. What are you room mates with Sinbad or something? Or maybe more you prick. And why is it that when someone doesn’t agree with calling the manager or players cunts and doesn’t support a bunch of idiots who can’t make a point or sense without cursing someone, why is he in the Arsene knows brigade? I mean if you’re gonna start classing people who disagree with people like you then maybe we should start classing fans like you as complete arseholes.

  22. Jeffers says:

    I’m sick of the manager, I’m sick of the players and pretty much sick of everything going on at the club right now but when the players cross that white line I support them 100% each and every game without fail.

    If you ever want Spurs to finish above Arsenal because you think it MIGHT send a message to Wenger then you cannot be a true Arsenal fan. No way!

    I can add pathetic FAKE fans who write their sad little blogs to list of things that piss me off about Arsenal at the moment.

  23. The Law says:

    There is not one Arsenal fan of my acquaintance who is happy that we’ve not won anything for a while. However, many realise that we’ve had our hands tied by the new stadium, and the fact that the Highbury redevelopment took so long to come good, what with the credit crunch and the bottom dropping out of the property market.

    Some say Wenger should go because he’s taken us as far as he can, fair play to them. Others, myself included, believe the man has done an amazing job on a budget no other manager on earth would accept, and feel we should give him an opportunity to utilize the increased spending power brought by the new stadium (a stadium he virtually built, by the way).

    Now, there are blogs out there who are negative about the situation, and there are positive blogs, and there are balanced blogs who criticize the bad, and hail the good.

    The problem with this particular sad excuse for a blog is that we never hear a peep out of Sinidiot and his ilk when we’re doing well. If you had articles praising our good performances, then no one would begrudge you the right to criticize the team when it plays poorly. However, you have never, and I stand to be corrected on that one, ever posted any articles when the Arsenal win a game. Where were your articles about the great fightback at Stoke? Where was your outrage at another of your players being the victim of a mindless thug? Where was your praise for the determination of the team to win those hard games at Bolton, at home to Wolves, etc? Where was the joy? Were you fuming that the team was playing well? Did it hurt? Myles Palmer is another moron, but at least even though he tried to ridicule and belittle the team when it was winning, he at least had something to say.

    It’s only when we have bad spells that we hear from you cunts, and you have the guts, the sheer audacity to come on here and insult Arseblogger?! He supports the team, and he, unlike you idiots, criticizes when we play poorly, and praises when we play well. He’s not blind to the team’s problems, and while sometimes I disagree with him, his heart is in the right place and that is what counts.

    You fuckers have got a lot of nerve calling him out! I say it loud and clear, if you want the scum to finish above us, then you should kindly fuck off down whatever hole you came from, and leave us to our Arsenal. We don’t fucking need you.

    • thevanster says:

      And there are plenty more. Please read the blog properly next time.

      Sinbad posts more, simply because he has more time to commit. If you want to post positive things on here, email us the articles or join the forum and we will gladly post it up for you.

      • The Law says:

        Sincunt only posts when we lose. Is that a fact or not?

      • adam truman says:

        Now find one that Sinbad has written. He is the one that belittles this site

      • thevanster says:

        You’d have to come on to the forum, but believe it or not, there are some positive posts from him.

        I’ll admit he comes out of the shadows more when we’re doing badly but so do most people. It’s something I’ve brought up with him before but hardly a crime ffs.

  24. strider says:

    I feel extremely let down, when you guys here and on some other blogs start getting on the backs of the manager while the season is still in progress. How on one hand can you start cribbing about the players not showing motivation ,while you yourself threaten to stop backing the manager?. By all means criticize,but please give credit where credit is due. To ask a man who has served us well and has continued to keep us competitive on a shoestring budget is very daft. No one enjoys seeing us play like we have been recently, I am sure even arseblogger does not.

  25. thevanster says:

    Tell me what is the difference between 3rd and 4th? Not much.

    Would it infuriate the fans? Yes. Would it put Wenger under pressure to spend money to gain short term success (like with Arshavin)? Most likely.

    If we finish 3rd again, will the fans be mellowed and be optimistic that Wenger (who has promised – AGAIN – to spend big) will bring in new players? Almost definitely?

    Will we have a better chance of ‘long term’ success? Yes.

    I swear, a combination of extremely good PR and Arsenal propaganda has brain washed a section of the Arsenal support beyond belief. If you come out with an alternative way to success you get called a Spurs fan and told to fuck off. That is not right. Criticism is a good thing. It helps people improve rather than stagnate.

    For fucks sake, some people predicted the mess we would be in right at the start and they got told to fuck off. Now there’s a lot more people singing from the same tune. It’s take years to get to the point where people are willing to accept that Wenger is fallible. Does no one else see how fucked up that is? How one man having so much power is a bad thing?

    Fall behind Spurs and that power is diminished and he is forced to take steps to fix that problem.

    • GTB says:

      Theres a massive difference bertween 3 and 4th and also if them mugs up the road finished a place above Arsenal why would that force Wenger to do anything different? It is idiotic to even mention such stupid things as hoping spurs finish above Arsenal just makes me think you have not been a supporter for very long.

  26. Kaz says:

    I read the Arseblog almost every day, and i enjoy his podcast as much as the ways he writes. However he is not always right, but you will have to admit not everyone is. I for sure do not like his comment about Dein and the Usmanov, As i do not support Kroenke to takeover of the club, and there are big reason for it. Arseblogger can call Usmanov a big fat criminal cunt. But there is a choice i will chosen the Russian Man U Pig as i know he will pump his own money into the club as far as he is concern he view this as a hobbies, like the rest of his fucking rich pal in the premierL. I for one, fucking hate to admit its not sporting but have to admit that its pretty effective is it? But for what he had done in the past and for us to view him as a criminal now is abit belittle to ourselves. People have did something wrong in the past but it doesnt mean that he will not change, criminal who is out of jail still needs a job. Its not for us to slate if he is correct or bad as you know politics in Russian is not in our knowledge. But i certainly have the knowledge of working with Sporting Giant America.
    The American will always view this as and investment as if the right money comes along, you can be 100percent sure he is going to sells, This is very rite! coz its business at the end of the day. But for us supporters and the staffs we will experience huge changes time to time which is not good for the club in the long run. The club in this case takes drastic measure to ensure first: the club own debt is to be paid off or decrease at a rate that when Kronke cames in the debt will not spiral into a huge mess. But be sure even if all the club debt have been paid off, you will be sure Mr Kron debt is going to add to that again and the club is never debt free. Look at the two Rubbish Blue at the rival city as a set and the two stupid Reds from the other and you will have a more easy picture. For a long run, which will you prefer? Be a cunt for begin a winner with the club you support, or be a humble loser and see your club creating a new history in the wrong page in a book. And for those out there working for the Americans, you know, sympathy and self emotional passion have not place in business.

  27. Kaz says:

    For once i hope that its no use responding back to Arseblogger. At the end each has each own opinion, but all of us as a supporter are ones that supports our club,Arsenal, We do not support Wenger. We support and respect Arsene for what he have done for the club in the past, but not to also forget how we hang our frustration head in shame going to work, as his comments do no good to our motivation every day in the present. Please let us respect each other comment Positive or Negative, no use cursing around as at the end of the day, We Supports One Club, and thats ARSENAL.

  28. Hugo says:

    I have to say that I’m a regular critic of this blog, for all the same reasons as Arseblogger. BUT I also have to say that your content is not all bad and you do have writers capable of composing an eloquent sentence and a reasoned argument. I don’t think it is necessarily this website itself that people object to, it is the childish, pathetic and barely literate rantings of one certain blogger. I won’t name names because I think we all know who I’m referring to, but your site does produce some decent material and it’s a shame he drags your name down into the mud.

  29. Nick says:

    First, you got it wrong — deliberately, I suppose.

    Arseblogger said no true supporter, no matter how mad, would ever want the team to do worse than Spurs. He went out of his way to grant that others could have opinions he didn’t support, but this, and another, whose effect would be to snub the players and the whole season, were mean and not in the Arsenal tradition.

    I suggest you try to show why you should be considered a supporter when you want the team to do worse than Spurs — simple as that.

  30. GTB says:

    Decent material? Who on earth would want there rivals to finish above them? Not much difference between 3 and 4th how about the extra qualifying games in a world cup year and higher price money? You mention childish and pathetic well this is what this blog is!

  31. Jenkinson says:

    It’s the tone of your offerings which is so poor – always (at least on the few occasions when I have come across it) raucously negative and destructive. Anyway I have now blocked it.

  32. MistaKen says:

    I think what frustrates us all is that we have seen Arsenal win so many games with with such breathtaking football to know just how close we are to having a team to win the PL and CL. I ask myself all the time if AW knows where we need to strengthen. I ask myself if we really have the necessary funds. I really like David Moyes and believe he would bring success if he was in a top 4 club. Do I believe AW should go? No. Why? Because I believe Arsenal and Man U (though Man U to a much greater extent) have a greater history of successes than other top teams because they have not sacked their managers causing disruption to the team because they failed to win a trophy. At some point AW will have to go. I’m just not convinced this it the right time because though I curse him sometimes I still believe he is one of the best manages in the world.

  33. trollz says:

    Team Arsenal Action for life!

    this blog speaks the truth

  34. clcckendrider says:

    For me the ultimate arbiter is this. As a season ticket holder, I have never met or heard anyone in the stadium actually vocalise negative stuff of the force and idiocy of the articles which regularly appear on this blog before during or after games. This leads me to belive that the constant trickle of negativity emanating from blogs like this is not reflected in the real world, you know, the one where people actually go to games, where people accept that there are financial imperatives which have restricted the ability to invest in the playing staff since 2005, where people don’t spend all their lives playing Championship Manager applying cheats where Senderos gets sold for 30 million and Messi is bought for 30 bob.
    The interweb has unfortunately given the opportunity to anybody with the technical skills to get a message out regardless of the poverty of their arguments or ability to construct any kind of syntactically or grammatically correct sentence. The genie is out of the bottle unfortunately as ow everyone has views of their own perceptiveness fashioned by an exam system designed to reward mediocrity and the ability to do a media studies degree at some fifth rate former secretarial college. The grown ups amiong us will just need to learn that there are people out there who will scream and shout like 7 year olds when they don’t get their own way. But just like your 7 year old, it just needs to be ignored as eventually they’ll grow up. For the most part. Clearly this may not true of Sinbad.

  35. perrygrovesworld says:

    Haha today (Sunday)Arseblog more or less called Sinbad a cockgobbler oh and Ladyarse took a swipe too….

    Come on you Gunners make it 3rd so we don’t have to go through that Celtic trauma again, and the prospective signings don’t get itchy feet with a qualifier impending (didn’t think of THAT did you Sinbad?)

  36. nelly says:

    Cockgobbler seems overly polite to me.

  37. perrygrovesworld says:

    Sinbad Sinbad whats the score…….

  38. df says:

    i agree, that cocksucker wenger needs to fuck off to real madrid of wherever so arsenal can actually start winning trophies again

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