Cesc, GPSs and Samir Nasri

Posted: May 14, 2010 by thevanster in Uncategorized

So it seems Cesc Fabregas wants his ‘future resolved’ before the world cup. First of all, not only do I doubt the authenticity of the quotes, I don’t see why there is anything to be resolved? Did he not sign a new, long term contract last year to make him the highest paid Arsenal player of all time? On top of a three million pound bonus to make up for being underpaid for two years? I do not begrudge Cesc a move. If I had his talent, was playing with the bunch of clowns he is currently playing with and was stirring up interest  from my boyhood club – the best team in the world – then I would take it in a snap. Cesc has stuck by us, played through injury and become a true gooner in his time here. Anyone who would wish him the worst is a disgrace . He’s done more than many would for us. Having said that though, I don’t want to see Arsenal let him go without a fight. The guy is Mr. Arsenal and is worth more to us than 50 million. Imagine the knock effect if he was to leave. Our whole style of play is based around him and he is one of the few genuinely world class players we have left in our squad. Which player would want to join us – a team of average players, trophyless for five years – who could effectively replace him? Who would show as much passion and determination and leadership as him? Not to mention his marketing capabilities. What would happen to the morale of the squad if he were to leave? Our leader and one of the few real voices left inside the club? Would they also not want to leave? Would they believe they can win a trophy without him? Would Wenger really spend the money to replace him – no, he would promote Denilson. What I want to see, is see Wenger ballsing up. Sir Alex fought tooth and nail to keep Ronaldo and he was professional enough to give him one more fantastic season before leaving for a world record fee. I want to see that fight in Wenger before letting our best player go, unlike his attitude towards past sales…We have the contract, so we have the power.

This whole GPS business is interesting and fair play to the Arsenal team – medical team that is, our management is shite – for implementing something new. Although by the sounds of it, teams like Fulham have already employed such technology. So much for Arsenal being the driving force in new techniques and development, eh? Once this comes in, I wonder if Wenger will use his “jaded” excuse anymore? I appreciate that it will take some time to collect enough reliable data to determine whether there is a correlation but by January, we should have enough data from our more ‘injury prone’ players to determine how often they reach their physical limit. Wenger should then be able to factor this in when planning for the amount of games we play in the second half of the season and decide how many players need to be brought in to cover adequately for any niggly injuries. After that point really, his excuses for players being ‘jaded’ and blaming niggly injuries will hold absolutely no sway to me and just confirm my thoughts that he is an arrogant man, who only listens to his own opinion. It would not surprise me in the slightest were Wenger to completely ignore the data presented to him.

On to the issue of Samir Nasri. Not really overly surprising is it? Has had an average season at best and the France team cannot really afford to take on board any passengers. Add that to the fact that Domench is a Wenger-hating cunt and the decision should have been expected. Which is surprising that Diaby was selected but I suppose he also offers a physical aspect which a lot of players cannot. In the end, Arsenal come out of this as winners as a fairly tender player gets a nice, long, safe rest, where the biggest danger is being guzzled by sharks. It will hopefully give him time to reflect on his season and help him build up the mental toughness that he so badly needs. If he doesn’t have the hunger to prove people wrong after this, I don’t want him at Arsenal.

Debate this more on the forum ( HERE )

The Fabster

  1. Trevor says:

    If I was Cesc and I thought all the fans were like you, I couldn’t leave fast enough.

  2. Gbenga says:

    Did you read your article at all. Sincerely, whatever you write shows your level of intelligence. Blaming Wenger for everything bad with Arsenal and insulating him from every positive things in the club shows that you lack the basics of constructive analysis. It suits you to be on the bandwagon of Wenger Bashers (who are in the minority of course). Intelligent and brave men look at issues dispassionately.

    • thevanster says:

      Yes, I should take the passion out of football when I form my opinions…. What would be the point then?

    • thevanster says:

      More so, you’re close mindedness also highlights you’re extreme deficit of intelligence. Intelligent people will consider both sides of the argument before posting shite and be able to respect the opinion of others.

  3. Trevor says:

    Sure. You are a sulphuric person. All your articles have one consistent message. is shit.

    You are not a supporter of Arsenal. You might be a fan. You might really want them to win. You might want that more than me or more than anyone for all I know. The difference between you and most of us is that we love and support our club. We support our players and our manager. Even the ones who aren’t as good as some of the others. And you know why we blindly do that? Clearly it’s not a concept that makes you comfortable but we do that because they are Arsenal and that’s what supporters do.

    Reading you is tiring. Insult after insult to the people that we are all rooting for and willing to win. It’s certainly no surprise that people get passionate around here. You pretend to be a supporter of Arsenal and then rubbish them with every breath.

    I’d ask you to take a minute. Sit back, pretend you are an Arsenal player and go and reread your own posts.

    Like I said, if the players ever got the impression that all Arsenal fans were like you, I wouldn’t blame them for shipping out as fast as their agents could make it happen.

    Anyway, I’ve seen how you respond to this kind of thing before. I know you won’t agree and that’s fine, really. It just makes me sad, is all.

    • Trevor says:

      [insert player or manager here] is shit, is what I attempted to write in that first line.

      • thevanster says:

        Right, I should blindly support what is taking our club downhill. I see your logic now!!!

  4. Jedi Gooner says:

    If Cesc does leave this summer, which I think he probably will, who can blame him?), I don’t.

    Won nothing since 2005

    • thevanster says:

      Agreed, he’s playing with a bunch of clowns and deserves better.

      • vote eboue says:

        you r the biggest clowns of all. fans like u are draggin us down. why dont u go support liversh*t? no they r too good for u. Burnley suits u.

  5. Trevor says:

    Yes. Arsenal supporters support Arsenal, funnily enough.

    If we got relegated in say, 3 years time. Would you still support Arsenal? Clearly you will be outraged at the question and claim that of course you will, but I doubt there is much truth in that.

    Anyway, I don’t like your site, that much is clear. An argument with you is pointless. Have your last word and fare well. I hope you get what you long for next season. We all have the same goal, after all.

    • thevanster says:

      Outraged? No, it merely highlights your idiocy. I am an Arsenal fan and want to see my club right at the top. Not 2nd, not 3rd but at the top. And at the moment the board and management team do not look like they have the ambition or capability to put together a team that is capable of doing that, despite having the resources to do so and having the gall to charge fans the highest ticket prices in the world.

      That is what outrages me. There are other ways to support the team, I will always get behind teams on match days and hope they win, of course. But I do not support the ideologies and policies of our incompetent manager and am outraged that the board will also blindly support him. Pressure and criticism bring out the best in people. The comfort zone that Arsenal F.C have created for their staff is not suitable for a top club, which is what I WANT US TO BE. If you’re happy being a poor Barcelona, fair enough, I am not. I also find the whole Arsenal PR system to be disgraceful. Because I don’t like how MY club is managed, it means I do not support the club? No, you are an idiot and very much mistaken.

      Now go suck Wenger’s cock and spread his message – We’re going to win a trophy next season! Like fuck we are….

      • Trevor says:


      • errrr says:

        Lol. Only one team can win the premiership each season.
        Supporters shouldn’t expect the club to win every season. We do not know what is going on behind the scenes.

        Yes, we feel disappointed. But imagine if you were a Liverpool fan. How would you think about the season?

  6. sach says:

    ‘Were going to win a trophy next season! Like fuck we are’ yeh u really sound like a fan u don’t expext ur team to win anything way before the seasons even begun. What’s the point in pretending to support arsenal?! Ur fed up with policies an management.. Deal with it, that’s how its gonna be ur not gonna change arsenal sitting at ur comp moaning everyday. U say we’ve got ‘clowns’ playing for our team yet u want half of them to leave, then I bet u would complain we don’t have enough players. Get a grip of urself an if ur not gonna write proper articles stop posting ur an embarrassment

    • thevanster says:

      Just being realistic. We are miles away from Chelsea and the two thrashings they gave us prove it. You don’t like my writing? Well it’s my method of output, it’s something you need to learn to deal with. Alternatively don’t read things that you know are likely to hurt you’re sensitive, conformist opinions. I am doing my part, providing feedback as a paying fan and trying to put pressure on Wenger and the board to manage the club propeerly.

      What constitutes a proper article? Saying “we might win the league this season?” Right, that’s what you think. And you’re obviously a fucking idiot. I’m saying “it;s very unlikely we will win anything next season”. Been saying it for the past 5 seasons and sadly, have not been proved wrong yet.

      Your close mindedness is an embarrassment to Arsenal fans. It’s because of you, half the footballing world is mocking us because “in wenger we trust”. It’s obvious to everyone bar thick fans like you’re self that Wenger has lost the plot and is using the club to serve his own needs.

      • john marbury says:

        “Just being realistic. We are miles away from Chelsea and the two thrashings they gave us prove it.” Didn’t Man City beat Chelsea quite easily home and away this season? Must mean Chelsea are miles behind City, someone better let them know quick.

  7. Gbenga says:

    I am not in competition with you on who has the most sulphuric tongue (or pen). But come to think of it 14 of those useless arsenal players are going to the World Cup with their national teams as first team players. Van Persie (Holland), Sagna, Gallas, Clichy, Diaby (France), Song (Cameroun), Bendtner (Denmark) Cesc (Spain), Eboue (Cote D’ivoire), Walcott (England), Vela (Mexico), Senderos (Switzerland) etc.

    The last time i checked, Arsenal is one of the teams sending the largest bulk of players to the mundial. If they are so bad as you keep potraying, then we should expect a dull World Cup.

    • thevanster says:

      Let’s be honest here…. Would Vela, Senderos, Bendtner or Eboue get into a team like Spain, Brazil or Portugal? Is Diaby even a starter for France?

      A player does not reflect the ability of his national team and vice versa.

  8. goonergerry says:

    It is time we woke up. The captain of a club is its leader on the field- it is not just an honour bestowed on a good player to bribe him to stay for one more season. That tactic has been tried by Wenger and it does not work. The real leader at Arsenal is Campbell or Van Persie. Cesc is a great player- a potentially world class player under Wenger- but a player who wants to play for another team. We know he will sit on the Barca bench for half of next season if he goes now- but how can he really be our captain when his ambition is to play for Barcelona?The real issue in this is the price. Barca want him for half what he is worth. They want to do a Juve or an Inter and swap him for a dud plus a balance. Forget it. Sell Cesc to Madrid for his full value. Its 70 m or nothing.

  9. sach says:

    So all ur interested in is being proved right every season because uve been saying were not gonna win anything and your right. To me it seems ur quite happy not winning everything. Yeh we lost against chelsea twice but so did man u. I’m not an supporter of wenger I’m a supporter of arsenal, however calling for his head is pointless and not going to happen this summer. So what is the point in constantly moaning? My closed mindedness? How?! All I’m saying is what’s the point in moaning all the time? Get behind the team its all we’ve got. So u want rid of nasri ur happy is fabregas leaves u don’t want denilson anymore. That’s 3 midfielders u want gone and who is gonna replace them? Yeh denilson takes a lot of stick but I’d prefer to have him rather than no1.he’s a squad player not 1st team but there as a sub. If you really wanted to put pressure on the board and management you wouldn’t be a paying arsenal fan. That’s the only way to get through to the board is to hit their pockets. When fans stop going to games and renewing season tickets and memberships. If your not convinced arsenal wouldn’t win something you wouldn’t go to games

  10. ray says:

    vanster leave them yu can t win its useless just leave them having orgasims for denilson diaby sylvester bendtner almunia fabianski and all the other idiots that the weirdo has braught to our club.in two or three years time they will recognise there mistake feeling goosebumps for denilson ha ha ha ha and they call themselves supporters ha

  11. Goonerandy says:

    I recently went to the AST meeting with Ivan Gazidis. We need four players to compete for trophies, there is no doubt, however we do not have the large amount of money to buy the top stars.

    We have £35 million to spend including wages, this equates to three players @ £10 million a piece! That is the story folks, get real. It is not Arsene Wengers Fault, this is what we have with the self sustaining financial model that the club have put in place, indeed Wenger has gone beyond the call of his own duties.

    As for Fabregas, he knows the situation, he has to accept it or leave, like the rest of us.

  12. . says:

    you put a lot of trust in men who make their livelihood’s largely on being untrustworthy. Could it be that this “self-sustaining financial model” is really just a smokescreen for the board to drive the value of their shares up by not investing in the squad? Frankly, if they want to be big-shot board members they should all pony up the dough from their own bank accounts and pour it into the Arsenal. Nevermind this “self-sustaining” horseshit. Meant to sustain their own wealth. If they don’t want to invest their own personal wealth into the club then they shouldn’t be big-shot board members.

    • Goonerant says:

      Goonerandy is spot on. After Chamakh comes in, Wenger will buy a maximum of 2 maybe 3 players because he can’t afford anymore. A keeper, centre back, and if we’re lucky a defensive midfielder.

      Self sustaining means that the club doesn’t spend or borrow more than it’s income allows it to pay back…….. common sense really. Anything else is madness unless you want us to be a play thing for a Sugar Daddy like the Glazers or Abramovich. No thanks. So, suck it up, live with it or go and support man city or chelski.

      And if we’re not happy with wenger or the team, that’s fine but be respectful (and passionate) about it. There’s no need for the venom or sulphur. AW has helped transform this club. That fact and his history with us demands that he is treated with respect even if some of us think his best with us may just be behind him.

    • Jed says:

      Are you genuinely this stupid and if so how do you get through life without 24 hour care? You clearly don’t know how business works so there isn’t much point explaining it to you. Suffice it to say the way you make money from a football club is by making the club more succesful and therefore marketable, pushing up the amount of money the club makes and in return it’s value. That is what Arsenal have done since 1995.

      Keeping money in the bank does not achieve this, especially when you don’t pay dividends to shareholders.

  13. CM. says:

    seriously, so the owner of a business should use his own money to fund it and not worry about its finances…. where have i seent hat model before…. oh ye, all those clubs that into administration. or chelski who we all hate. whats the difference between blindly hating and blindly loving? nothing. so why not try being positive and hopeful. do u wake up every day thinking of ‘all the negative things that have happened to u and so will undoubtly happen in the future too, until you die’ or do you think “right new day, how can i make today better”. obviously we’d all like to wake up and be rich famous and sexy. but realisticaly you gotta make changes as you go. we’ve been blessed with much success over the years, and we still havent finished outside of the CL places. where were you when we used to finish mid table? what about Peterborough supporters. are they all f*** idiots nfor supporting there team through thick n thin aswell? no, they support their team because thats the life of a football supporter. if you dont like, no scratch that, if you dont love this club of ours, kindly fuck off and go join another bandwaggon.

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