I’m not the only one who’s pissed off… + A general look at the squad

Posted: May 14, 2010 by thevanster in Uncategorized


This is interesting news… And a bit of a slap in the face for all those talking about “real fans, who go to real games would not spend their time protesting on a website”. Well,  each to their own and if this is true, then respect to the fans who are making a stand. It’s not just the bloggers and website runners who are pissed off. It’s the fans who pay money to support the club and even legends like Lee Dixon. It is our club, we fund it so we should be able to protest if we don’t like the way it’s run. Arsenal F.C and Wenger are massively out of touch with the fans and at the moment, it seems like only Ivan Gazidis who is making the remotest effort to rectify the situation. It’s why I was not against the boo-ing of Eboue. In reality, no one reads the forums and websites and pays much attention to them. So the only way to get our voices heard is by  making a statement at games and Arsenal F.C make this very difficult as it is.

It’s obvious to all that our #1 spot is not occupied by a player who can help us attain success. Obviously though, we have to give Wenger a chance to make the signing. I’m hopeful that he will. But I also fear that he’s playing the fans like he has in previous seasons. I’ve heard the same stuff every season. “I’m going to give Wenger one more season”, “We’ve been unlucky with injuries”, “We have a young squad who are developing”, “The funds are there to spend if he wants it”, “We were unlucky with injuries”, “We’re only one or two signings short”, “We pass the ball too much”, “We need to toughen up”, “We need a plan B”. All of those are situations that happen to us constantly yet nothing seems to be done. It’s no coincidence that it happens again and again and again. We seem to be a club of many words but no actions. A good goalkeeper would have won us the league this season. We simply cannot go into the new season with our current options or we may as well give 4th place to the spuds.

With the likelihood that our defence next season will consist of “Vermaelen, New player, Campbell, Djourou and Bartley/Nordtveidt”, a good goalkeeper is a must. Depending on if Campbell can keep up performances and the new player we bring does suit Vermaelen, that’s a potentially very good defence – though perhaps, slightly injury prone. I don’t see Wenger buying more than one center back so let’s hope Bartley can come good. In fact, let’s not hope. Spunk out a couple of extra million pounds on another back up defender. Let’s face it… Campbell can only keep up his form for so long.

Let’s say we only have 35 millions to spend – which I believe to be BS by the way, we have more than that – 15 million on a centerback, 12 million on a goalkeeper and a couple of million on a back up defensive midfielder – perhaps raise some funds by flogging off Denilson, Fabianski and Traore. Do that Arsene and we’re looking at a decent squad. I beg you. I once idolised you, please give me that feeling back.

Once we have a fit Ramsey back – though, sadly, I have my doubts about that – the only weak spot in that squad is Theo Walcott, who I’m hopeful will come good. Anyone else think that Wenger plans on playing Chamakh on the right wing? I wouldn’t be against it…. We don’t have the quality of the Chelsea team, but I’m hoping that the pensioners over there all suffer a Gilberto-like season and Rooney can only come good for United for so long. Vidic is off for them and Ferdinand is shit. Our squad has been together the longest and with some good management (phhh…), they can potentially scrap the league next season. Tottenham had a period of golden form this season, shouldn’t happen next season. Man City seem to be our biggest rivals to be honest and even they look likely to have a squad overhaul. The likes of Villa took advantage of what was a freak season this season, it won’t happen next season. Which is something we should pay attention to as well. The league will not be as open next season. Let’s make sure we comfortably earn our position next season, rather than over achieve.

Please Wenger, spend the money you claim to have. It’s all we ask.  Listen to the advise of the people around you. If he doesn’t listen, well, there’s no hope for him.

Debate this more on the forum ( HERE )

The Fabster

  1. GunnerSince!WasAGlintInTheMilkman'sEye says:

    You’ve been whining and bitchin for ages and yet, when we were doing well, you were oh so fucking quiet.

    You would get more respect if that wasnt the case. There are plenty are whing, moaning Gooners who go to the stadium, that is hardly a shock. I sit near to loads of silent Stans, who only make a noise when it is to berate our own players.

    You are by no means alone little one, but that dont make it right, in my view.

    No offence.

    • thevanster says:

      It’s not true, don’t generalise me.

    • ashdgajs says:

      Why would he be complain when we were doing well you stupid cunt. Who complains about anything when they’re doing well???? Jesus, some people are so fucking thick.

      • GunnerSince!WasAGlintInTheMilkman'sEye says:

        Hahaha! How thick are you??? You made a complete dick of yourself there for all to see! He doesnt have anything to sday when things are going well because he only wants to slate and whinge you thick fucker!

        You really are the thickest cunt on this blog and that is saying something!


  2. richard says:

    I was following you there for a while, but then you state that Vidic is off (where?) and Rio is crap. A half fit Rio is better then any defender wearing an Arsenal shirt. Evans is the next great thing and has already proven to better then anything that you have and that includes the Belgian. Chelsea will add two or three great players and they will challenge for the EPl title and United , well all they do is win 🙂

    • GunnerSince!WasAGlintInTheMilkman'sEye says:

      Rio is finished, anyone can see that. Vidic is gone, thats clear too and as for Evans? Average.

      Vermealen is top quality and was great with gallas. The keepers and lack of cover in central midfield did for us, along with the usual crippling injury list.

  3. TonyM says:

    chamakh has got to go in the middle, he’s deadly in the air, we need someone on the right who can cross a ball

  4. anto says:

    couldnt b bothered 2 finish readin ur blog.u talk nutin but bullshit.call urself a gunner?arsenal doesnt need u.no1 cares bout wat crap u have to say

    • thevanster says:

      Yet they care about you? You seem strangely obsessed with the blog. Don’t like it, don’t post.

      • anto says:


  5. Marko says:

    Seriously though there has never been anything positive from this blog ever. All these negative feelings though you’ll give yourself colon cancer if you’re not careful. And also are we to expect these types of post all summer long? Cause if so then christ on a cross it’s gonna be a long summer of shite. I realize your bored but there are other ways of combating your boredom, how about instead of attacking Arsene and booing players and condoning calling people cunts you go and support Chelsea or Spurs or how about a jog in the morning.

    • thevanster says:

      There have been positive things, just because you have not read any, doesn’t make it true.

      • Marko says:

        That’s your response. Are you serious? Everything that comes from this blog is aggressive and sensationalistic. You don’t even make any attempt to apologize for that scum bag sinbad. You just encourage booing, calling players cunts, trying to get the manager sacked on facebook (really nice touch by the way). This blog reeks of something but I can’t tell if it’s racism or xenophobia or something else entirely. I just know I’m not comfortably with my club having “fans” like the one’s you get here. IT makes me sick.

  6. richard says:

    Vidic–is going nowhere and Rio is still good enough to play for England and better then any Arsenal defender!!!!!!!Evans is average, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Really, that’s why so many clubs attempted to buy him, inclusive of Barca and Real Madrid.
    You need to worry about hanging on to Fabby, who you stole from Barca. It’s time he went back home. No Fabby, well, you know the rest.

    • GunnerSince!WasAGlintInTheMilkman'sEye says:

      You are obviously a long distance United “fan”, relying on the tabloids and sky for all your indsight into your favourite team.

      Yes, Barca and Real madrid are really interested in Evans aint they?

      Rio plays less games than Van Persie FFS! Your are deluded if you think Vidic is staying and with that billion dollar debt, times are looking grim up north.

  7. GTB says:

    “If it’s true” you Finished your point then. Your quoting a load of bollocks from another complete idiot who will not give the name out of the big bad person who says he is organising a protest! Fucking pathetic yet again. How long have you supposedly followed arsenal and how old are you?

  8. adam truman says:

    Here we go again…
    Are you sure you’re not Sinbad with a new name.

    Ok we could be better, but the ups and downs are all part of supporting a club thru thick and thin. Now is the time to judge Arsenal as the short term loans are paid up and all monies go into the transfer pot

  9. SteveO says:

    I’m also deflated with the end to the season and I to hope hesigns the players in the positions we all know we need but, but…jesus mate get a grip on reality, we finished third and were in the title race until the last month. Reading this u would think we finished mid table, u need to stop with the overeaction and negativity it’s pathetic. Add van persie, arshavin, fabregas, song, vermalean, gallas to the run in and who knows where we would finish.
    Get a grip.

  10. Verminator5 says:

    Though i agree with ur frustrations surrounding the gk situation, some of ur points are somewhat misguided. Fans do have a right to protest but its best left on the forums and messageboards. To boo a player in your own stadium is disgraceful and epitomises the general stupidity of most arsenal fans. It is demoralising for the squad as a whole rather than a solitary player. Every home match i here the nonsensical ramblings of middle-aged arsenal “supporters”, slagging off players for their perceived lack of ability. The same “fans” who are red top, tabloid reading idiots, believing every transfer rumour or media tale as a statement of fact. The fact is that the vast majority of fans know nothing about football. They read the papers, listen to idiots calling in to radio shows and make judgements without actually having an understanding of the game itself. To state Vidic is off and Ferdinand is shit is possibily one of the dumbest things i’ve read since Jermaine Pennant is wanted by Real Madrid. Stating such things highlights your most probable ignorance as a football fan. The supposed sale of Vidic is once more the concoction of an over-imaginative press desperate to sell papers, whilst Ferdinand being “shit” ignores the fact that he spent much of the season injured or unfit. Man U’s decline this season is not so much to do with the loss of Ronaldo but the ubiquitous absence of the best CB pairing in Europe. Chamakh on the right-wing also highlights your lack of knowledge about what he will add to our team whilst Aston Villa taking advantage of a freak season ignores the fact that they have been challenging for a CL place for the last couple of years.
    Whenever I read this blog (directed by Newsnow) i only ever read negative stories complaining about wenger and the general shitness of Arsenal. Though its been another disappointing season, to advocate the the firing of Wenger, as numerous fans have, merely affirms their superficial support of the club. What we have achieved needs to be put in perspective. 13 years qualifying for the CL amidst a backdrop of teams whose financial firepower far exceeds are own is impressive indeed. Though it is vital we win something soon, what Wenger has done for the club must be appreciated more. Many, including myself, are pissed off with another trophyless season but wholsale changes are not needed. A GK, CB and CF are all that is needed. Denilson, contrary to your assertation, should not be sold. Championship winning sides are built around squads, and Denilson is a crucial part of that squad. He may not dazzle you with his skill, or defence splitting passes, but he is more than a competant player who rarely puts a foot wrong. I wish people knew more about football. Unfortunately the majority of blog writers on arsenalaction don’t seem to have a clue. Their transparency more than evident by the content that they publish.

    • thevanster says:

      I would be more inclined to take that post seriously if you had not said ‘Denilson is a crucial part of the squad’.

      The media generally just spouts shit, I can make my own opinions. You however, strike me as someone on the opposite end of the spectrum, who likes disagreeing with the general opinion because it makes you feel special….

      • Jed says:

        Then both of us can make our own opinions, difference is yours are wrong. You want a squad with backup players in it but want us to sell players like Denilson who are exactly that?

        You are an absolute cunt and the original poster is absolutely right about your lack of football knowledge (Chamaakh right wing, Vidic leaving, Ferdinand shit?)

        And as for your crap about “You however, strike me as someone on the opposite end of the spectrum, who likes disagreeing with the general opinion because it makes you feel special”, 90% of Arsenal fans want Arsene to stay and you don’t. Doesn’t this make you someone on the opposite end of the spectrum who likes disagreeing with the general opinion because it makes you feel special? Cunt.

  11. JL says:

    “Let’s say we only have 35 millions to spend – which I believe to be BS by the way” – What are you basing this belief on? A quick look at the accounts (which I have to hand as an independent shareholder) shows £35m is actually about £5m more than we really do have to spend. That money is not just for transfer fees either. It includes signing on fees, first year’s wages, agent’s fees and solicitor’s costs.

    You really do need to get real about the way you view the club. Under Wenger, we have punched above our weight for 10 of the last 13 years. Only since the Champions League Final have we actually been at a level where a balanced individual, taking the last 3 decades into account, can say we have been disappointing. Again, anyone with sense would realise the construction of a new stadium would mean cost cutting from every other aspect of the club. Over recent seasons, when the board/manager has spoken publicly about the club being rich, you have to realise they aren’t saying these things to patronise the fans. They do it to keep confidence in the club high. There has to be confidence in the share value of the club for it to make any money off the pitch.

    You are clearly one of the short-sighted ‘fans’ spoilt by 10 years of success who cannot understand the wider machinations of a football club – let alone a business. Quite frankly you’re a joke. Until you gain some perspective (and some grammar coaching) I suggest you stop writing on topics which are beyond you.

  12. truth says:

    You and Myles Palmer are like two balls in a sack.

  13. your a twat says:

    your a sad prick, is this how you spend your time like a 15 year old girl locked away in her bedroom and moaning she aint got a boyfriend. whats your problem? do you want to win every game and every trophy? guess what, football aint like that you fucking child.

  14. johnny says:

    I understand your frustrations. I love this club and I want to win and sometimes dont understand the manager’s decisions. However, he is not as irrational as he seems and you need to stop the hyperbole. Just listen to what Gazidis has to say. Just tome down the constant -tivity…it doesnt do anyone any good and only loses you credibility. Think about it.
    JUST WATCH IT: http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/ivan-gazidis-ast-video-part-1

  15. The Fan says:

    Chelsea spent the most. So if they don’t win , it is an upset. They have underachieved more than us by not winning the 3 seasons before this one. If you spent the most and have the highest wage bills, you should be winning. Simple.

    We should aim for the top, we should aim to improve but in no way should the title be ours simply because we are arsenal or won it in ’04.

    Times have changed. Player wages and transfers skyrocketed due to chelsea (and kinda real madrid). They ruined the league. So how do expect us to have the best squad if we spend less on transfers (by a mile) and spend less on wages than a lot of clubs. Don’t get me wrong, I still believe we can have a squad as good as theirs but if we did it would be a HUGE success because we managed to better a team that spent a fortune and that would be down to the manager and club not being as good as chelsea but BETTER. I want morality to triumph over greed. But at the moment it is not the case. Money does bring success. You can say thats not true because real and man city but thats just it, they ARE failures, not arsenal. They are the teams that have underachieved.

    You can pinpoint mistakes that cost us the title but its a miracle we were even in the race in the first place if you think about it.

    You lot probably said we wouldnt get into the top 4 yet we bettered our position from last year.

    Hope Arsenal win a title, don’;t demand it because we haven’t spent enoguh to earn it.

  16. Marko says:

    Nothing no. No response to whether or not the clowns on this blog are racists, xenophobe or whether they’re just plain stupid when it comes to football.

    • Brandon says:

      I go with stupid. In this post he starts by saying we would have won the league with a better GK and he finishes by saying that we over achieved. And this is just one example of many of the logical incoherence in this post. Stupid has to be the clear winner by a mile, which would explain everything else as a result of ignorance.

      • Slobodan says:

        Spot on, Brandon. The bit at the end about ‘over achieving’ was meant to ward off potential criticism of yet another woeful effort. Very clumsy at best!

        It’s no wonder there’s more life around the entrance to my arsehole than there is on this rotten, retarded forum. Yet another puberty induced load of pap.

  17. Danish Gooner says:

    Please people,Wenger will make a profit yet again at the expense of a poorer and poorer squad but he doesnt give a tosh anymore because he is not in it to win trophies he said that himself several of times that trophies isnt all and if you think that buying a couple of players and a goalkeeper is gonna turn this lot of losers in to winners you are all naive beyond believe,Chelsea and Manure are miles ahead in every department and 3 months wont chance that i guarentee you.

  18. Danish Gooner says:

    Lets us ask all these Arsene knows ignorants if they would like their workplace to be run by an egomaniac who doesnt give a shite about shareholders and spouts platitudes and rubbsih lies because he has lost touch with the real world and therebu damaging their workplaces……off course not,dumb ignorant fucks.

  19. Ax says:

    Danish, you can’t disagree with thevanster on this blog, he just censors you. Write something else.

  20. Fred says:

    Despite us being fun to watch, and I enjoy our game, I honestly do not see us winning EPL or Champ’s League in the short term and under Wenger. I see other teams that will improve quicker than us, and he’s sometimes blind allegiance to his mistakes (goalies, anyone?) is baffling at best. I am not saying get rid of him, he’s better than most. But I just can’t see us winning anything of substance in the near future. Hope I am wrong

  21. lee says:

    Arsene Wenger is a brilliant manager, we have a fantastic young team that is getting better year on year. We only need a few additions for next season. We have a stunning new stadium. We are very solvent.
    If we have better luck with injurys next season we can do great things.
    Good to be, good to be A GUNNER!!!!!
    Cheer up!!!!! lol

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