“Exclusive” Spurs beat Arsenal in race for £12m Turkish Winger

Posted: May 15, 2010 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Arsenal Action can confirm that Spurs have beaten Arsenal in the race to sign Turkish winger Arda Turan.

The player who has been linked with a summer move to Arsenal, will sign for Spurs after he returns from the USA with Turkey for £12m and on  a 5 year contract.

Spurs moved fast in the race for the winger, and have beaten off Arsenal, Man City and Liverpool in the race to sign the talented winger.

Wenger, who has admits his admiration fo Turan in the past and his agent “Ahmet Bulut” recently said that “Arsenal are interested, and if they want him, Arda’s first choice is Arsenal.”

But Galatasaray Chairman “Adnan Polat” confirmed that a secret contract with Spurs had already been agreed and the player will sign for spurs in less then 12 days time.

Its seems that Arsenal waited far too long to get a deal on the table before spurs came in with a solid offer.

This is not the first time spurs have beaten Arsenal in a transfer race, Spurs also signed Luka Modric from under the nose of Arsenal.  Wenger had said that Modric was too lightweight for the premiership.

Its would seem that Arsenal take an eternity to sign a player, We saw this with the Nasri and Arshavin deal that dragged on for weeks. Arsenal always seem to want to get the player on the cheap and always risk the chance of losing them. As the Arda deal proves.

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  1. Dwaye says:

    Sad news. Rated him as a player. Arsenal waste to much time in the transfer market : (

  2. The Fan says:

    what is this?

    Just because wenger says the guy is good doens’t mean he was a transfer target.
    Next you’re gonna say that spurs beat arsenal in the race for joe cole

    • Bendtnersdad says:

      Once again I find myself thanking somone for saving me the trouble of telling a dullard what a dullard he is. Honestly, what a ridiculous, pointless and baseless blog entry. Criticizing Wenger is one thing making up crap to shit stir is poor form. Arsenal Action must do better!!!

  3. Pat says:

    Who said we were ever interested in him in the first place??

  4. VanDaManPersie says:

    How certain are u of this? this is upsetting news as i rate this player highly

  5. john says:

    doesnt mean spurs beat arsenal !! he said his first choice is arsenal and in my books thats a win for arsenal:P goood player but arsenal wernt after him:P:P:P sort out the title of this article m8 youll stir up some controversy:P

  6. Pat says:

    where is the link to the agent’s words?

  7. david says:

    We were never interested in him? Agents are hardly to be trusted.

  8. Ralph says:


    Wenger often says he likes players when asked – in fact I don’t think he’s ever been asked about a player and slagged them off.

    As for Modric – how on earth was Wenger ‘beaten’ to him by the spuds when he said he was too lightweight for the league (which most people would take as a lack of interest).

    Arshavin – we got him when other clubs couldn’t get far enough with his club and it was a great piece of negotiating frankly.

    Nasri – you’re confusing the date it was announced and the date Nasri signed. It wasn’t dragged out at all but his club held onto his international registration for the full four weeks they can before FIFA/UEFA get involved. if you want to know why look at who was at that club and who Wenger and co outed in teh French scandal.

    Really – it’s obvious you just want to knock Arsenal but you must try harder because this piece is would be laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic.

  9. dilshan says:

    lol..if we signed him you would have written a blog saying arsen has signed another little tricky player to the collection of many we have..i am happy it did not happen..we have more needs in other areas to utilise the money better..guess you are joining the red top tabloids and create a story out of nothing

  10. GTB says:

    Totally laughable!

  11. GMR says:

    He’s just another Modric. He has excellent technical ability but no pace whatsoever. Arsenal badly need a bit more pace in the side like we used to, Song, Cesc and co are pretty slow and it stops the counter attacking play we used to have. I’d pick Eden Hazard over Turan every time, not that we’ll get him either!!

  12. Clockers89 says:

    Arda Turan is a very good player, but don’t think he’s at the level of Eden Hazard, di Maria or Mesut Ozil.

    Moreover, Turan is right-footed and although they all prefer to play centrally Arshavin, Nasri and Rosicky also all are right-footed.

    Agree with the author and most of the posters that Spurs didn’t “beat” the likes of Arsenal or City to Arda Turan. It’s not at all clear that Wenger is looking for a wide forward / winger (even though we could use one).

    Think City have set their sites much higher on the likes of Ribery or David Silva if they’ll be swayed by enough money, but more realistically Hazard, Ozil or di Maria.

    Liverpool are in disarray. Have to buy before they can sell and have Benayoun, Kuyt, Babel and Maxi Rodriguez all as right footed wide players.

    Spurs win an imaginary transfer race!

  13. volkan says:

    can i just say as big as a arsenal fan i am, i am also turkish myself and i happen 2 support besiktas and ive checked all turkish sports news and websites about this transfer and none of them have said anything about arda agreeing to join tottenham, all they have said is arda will leave if a good offer from a good club comes in so arsenal can still get arda, i know arda very well he is a very good player, his style of play will suit us better than sp*rs, and arda is a admirer of wenger and arsenal. if he is 2 leave arsenal looks like d place he will b.

  14. perrygrovesworld says:

    No doubt Spurs was plan B for the agent and he wanted get his dig at Arsenal for not signing him (because AW has bigger players to chase). We need Subotic as CH not a winger…

  15. Danish Gooner says:

    A new Rosicky,Spurs can have it.

  16. Bigcheese says:

    Wenger has already mentioned that he will sign one attacking player and then add to the defensive part of the squad. We know that the attacking player is Chamakh. So it would be completely contradictory to his comments if he were, indeed, after Turan.

    So please stop this uninformed AW bashing… it just makes you look like a tool.

  17. a says:

    hazard is better!!!

  18. perrygrovesworld says:

    and Hazard is a youth so he’s a good fit..

  19. Thevamster says:

    This is a DISGRACE. It’s just another in a long line of transfer targets that Spurs have beaten us to that started way back with Ossie Ardiles.

    Gomes, Berbatov, Corluka, Bentley, Crouch, Defoe, Huddlestone. I could go on.

    It’s time to get a management team that knows how to buy a player. Rafa Benitez is surely available now that we have a transfer budget of sorts. Or Harry Redknapp. He has shown no loyalty to any club ever in the past. We could get him easily. There are no one better then these 2 at spending millions. Get them in now or I’m going to start a protest movement at the Emirates Cup.

    • Mike says:

      Your total lack of knowledge on this subject is obvious from the list of players given. None are world class, some aren’t even premiership class and as for Bentley…..well some of us are old enough to remember that he did play or us but WE sold him because he wasn’t nearly as good as he thought he was.

      Rather than protest at the Emirates Cup, why not just go and support Chelsea, it sounds like you deserve each other.

      • Bendtnersdad says:

        I think you’ll find he was taking the piss mate. At least I hope he was. 🙂

  20. paulie says:

    Wenger could’ve signed him and didn’t because the bottom line is he just isn’t worth that kind of cash, A poor man’s Craig Bellamy!

  21. wembleyspurs says:

    It’s ok gooners, you can have him. We already have Bale, Lennon, Bentley, Rose etc and we look pretty sure to get Joe Cole. Although really you should be concentrating on a more central midfielder as Fabregas has put out his come and get me plea to Barcelona!

    • jo says:

      Are u calling yourself that for your glorious semi-final defeat???
      We’ve already seen u jump up & down like rabid lemmings because you finished 4th but are u honestly celebrating your semi-final too??? Officially the saddest club on the planet!

      50 Year anniversary next season. Hilarious!!!!
      Tiny Tiny club with tiny tiny fans.

  22. ali gul says:

    this is a good news for spurs he is a very good winger and some body said his right footed this man can use bouth feet like wizard

  23. Steve says:

    As a spurs fan picking this article up on newsnow, this story is news to me. This player has been talked up by his agents for years. Every premier league side has been linked with him.

    Spurs fans would not really welcome this signing as we have Bale and Lennon. Can’t see us spending 12m on this guy.

    Oh and we have beaten you to plenty of players in the recent past. Robinson, Defoe, Zakora and Carrick to name but a few. All confirmed by either Wenger himself or the player. Doesn’t mean anything. No one team can sign everyone. Childish debate.

    • rugmuncherz says:

      When the voice of reason is that of a yid…..it’s really time to put an end to this farce.

  24. themightySPURS says:

    Come play for the mighty Spurs the boy looks like he has talent.

    Whats that coming over the hill is it the Tottenham is it the Tottenham…

  25. GunnerSince!WasAGlintInTheMilkman'sEye says:

    Nasri was signed staright away, just coz the deal could not b e published for weeks due to contractual shit dont mean it was dragged out.

    I am still gutted we dragged our feet in signing Tuncay..

  26. GunnerSince!WasAGlintInTheMilkman'sEye says:

    The spuds will need him when modric fucks off to united.

  27. […] “Exclusive” Spurs beat Arsenal in race for £12m Turkish Winger Arsenal Action can confirm that Spurs have beaten Arsenal in the race to sign Turkish winger Arda Turan. The player who […] […]

  28. denhen says:

    \Wenger admires every talented players but will never want to offer good transfer fee and wages. Time to get rid of Wenger.

  29. Lady Arsenal says:

    I’m actually rather interested to see who the scum buy. Turan could work, even though this story is of course pure bullshit. They should go and get some affordable seasoned CL campaigners, Saviola for example would be inspired in my opinion. Guys who aren’t scared of that level, and can keep the ball. Can’t wait to see the old bottom of the table scrapper Redknapp so completely out of his depth. All questions in English then, I presume.

    Alot of players are bought ‘under the nose’ of Arsenal, but that’s because we have the most advanced and comprehensive scouting network in world football, and we watch everyone. Making one of our scouts your chief scout is one way to try and catch up. Alternatively you’ve got old fish eye’s notorious African contacts.

    This all reminds me of my favourite ever Tottenham fact. Gerry Francis, as Spurs manager, was given the chance to make the double signing of Christophe Dugarry and Zinedine Zidane from Bordeaux. He laughed at his scouts, calling the latter too ‘wooden’ to ever make it. Still makes me laugh. It could all have been so different.

  30. jeremy goldsmith says:

    If Arsene doesn’t invest this coming season then the gunners will be fighting for cl qualifying status.If he continues with getting cast offs like Silvestre that’s it. Btw this guy is over 30 albeit less pay.
    Now in the Times mourino says arsene after winning the title in 2004, the Fm wanted to win in a different manner ie.maybe with kids/pretty soccer.The So said it is not possible. Well the FM has the last five seasons to do it and failed.
    Now what is the next stage?Don’t be surprised some unknown is brought to the ES.

  31. chelsea fan says:

    arshole fans u make me laugh wat have u won since ashley cole and henry left fuck all ! all u guys do is bitch about the spuds i can see spurs geting some decent players in the summer arsenal fans watch your back cause soon you will be looking up at spurs.

  32. Cescwolf says:

    Silvestre, Almunia and the Polish keeper dude are 3 of the best players on the planet. We are so so so lucky to have them, let us give and thanks and praise for such gifts of wonder.

    all together now..Kum by yaa m’a lord Kum by yaa………

    What is the difference between Almunia & the Polish dude and a big sack of stinking hot plop?

    Nothing. All 3 are a big sack of stinking hot plop of similar quality.

  33. shedzy says:

    How to secure a move to Tottenham

    1) Announce that Arsenal are interested in buying you
    2) Wait for Harry to call
    3) Offer Harry a few quid back if he buys you
    4) Sign the contract

  34. Steve says:

    Is this the same lady Arsenal who made up the stuff about Harry Redknapp the other day and got caught? Idiot.

    Same again mate. No proof behind your bitter twisted comments. It’s amazing how you make stuff up that makes you laugh. What you also talk to yourself as well?

  35. Steve says:

    Here’s an actual fact that always makes me laugh. Wenger has the chance to sign Wilson Palacios for 500k yet turns it down.

    You can have the best scouts in the world but it means nothing when your manager is such an idiot.

  36. Steve says:

    How to secure a move to Arsenal

    1) Hope that your club doesn’t demand a transfer fee.


    • tiny_tot_moron says:

      do you remember when petit was going to sign for spurs, until he got into a cab, went to arsenal and realised what a bunch of losers spurs are?

      i remember that.

      you were probably in nappies at the time. jog on loser.

  37. Gra says:

    We should offer Eduardo,Merida,+Cash for EdenHazard of Lille.

    • Foggy (Tottenham) says:

      Classico.There’s a touch of Christiano Ronaldo about this lad.( qiuck tell Harry.)

  38. yeh arsene wenger is such an idiot that he went through
    a season unbeated won several fa cups, prem leagues and earned himself the name le proffessor yeh thts right fuck of steve n u stupid yids u beat us once in 11 years but we beat u probly every time we play u oh and yeh we didn’t lose to burnley and we go to the champs league every single year lets see if tottshit will ever do that scum hahaha forever in our shadow yids haha arsenal for life

  39. oh yeh and chelsea fan stfu at least win a cup without diving , cheating and oh yeh without the millions of money
    you have you basically bought the league nb fa cups with ur money u cant say ure better than arsenal u scum i was actually going to congratulate you because of some of ur hard fought performances but no u just came to our website to piss us of we have probably ten times the players totenham have and yes look what buying one person did to arsenal this year it gave us undeniable steel and as we’re going to buy this summer we will definitely win this year. lets see if chelse could cope without drogba or lampard for most opf the season mugg loooooosserrrrrr

    • Steve says:

      Heavy dose of sour grapes.

      P.S if Arsene is so brilliant why do so many of you losers want him out?

      A quick look on newsnow paints an entirely different picture as to the one you are portraying.

      Maybe because all the examples you have provided me of Arsene’s brillance are so dated? Petit, Anelka, Unbeaten runs?

      • wondrinfree says:

        We have only this website claiming that Arsenal were in for this player and he certainly fit the Arsenal profile being short and nippy – but, I suspect we have enough players in this category that most Arsenal fans are hoping for bigger more powerful players to balance things out. I believe Arsene said something similar himself 2 months ago, probably the same time we stopped monitoring this player.

        Sure some Arsenal ‘fans’ are anti Wenger but every fan base has its share of morons who want to spend, spend, spend regardless of the finances of the club. Leeds and Liverpool should be warning enough to anyone with a little sense. But hey every year Spurs fans predict Arsenal’s demise and spurs over taking us – just goes to show every club has fans who seem incapable of learning anything.

  40. Barndoor Bendtner says:

    No evidence this is the case. If it is then why do you choose to gloat over a ‘failure’. So quick with the negatives and never a supporter, Arsewipe Action should hang their heads in shame.

  41. […] “Exclusive” Spurs beat Arsenal in race for £12m Turkish Winger Arsenal Action can confirm that Spurs have beaten Arsenal in the race to sign Turkish winger Arda Turan. The player […] […]

  42. African says:

    Another Nasri type?

  43. African says:

    WHO THE F IS THIS HAZARD GUY? It seems that everywhere I look, I see his name

  44. Arsenal Action [ FIRST WITH THE NEWS]

    Tottenham Hotspur look set to beat Arsenal and Liverpool to the signing of highly rated Galatasaray midfielder Arda Turan, according to reports in his homeland.

    Turkish radio station Radyospor have claimed Spurs have agreed in principal to sign the 23-year-old for €5 million plus Mexican forward Giovanni dos Santos.


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