What takes Arsenal SO LONG to sign a player?..

Posted: May 17, 2010 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Arsenal signings

Why is it that Arsenal seem to take an eternity to complete a transfer for a new player?

Every summer we seem to have a long transfer saga that’s drags on for weeks and is played out in the press?

First it was Hatem Trabelsi,& then Baptista and then it was Nasri and of course who could forget the on/off comedy of the Arshavin transfer?

Now we have the Chamakh deal that has dragged on.

This seems to be “The Arsenal Way” but why? What takes Arsenal such a long time to clinch the deal?

I understand that there are a number of issues around a transfer and its not as easy was some of us think, But other teams don’t seem to have this problem? So whats the problem at Arsenal?…When we sell a player is seems to be done in a few days [Kolo Toure]

When was the last time Arsenal announced a new signing totally out of the blue? ….Reyes?

I’m not having a go at the club of the manager, was just looking for a few answers to why Arsenal take so long compared to other teams?….. I hate to think of the players we came close by didnt sign because we took so long? [Drogba, Cech, Ronaldo]…maybe more?

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  1. john says:

    eduardo was totally out of the blue. sagna was quite quick as well. i think the buildup for the chamack transfer is down to the fact that the season has just finished.

    the instances of arsenal taking longer normally come about due to trying to wrangle out the best deal. i.e. arshavin, it was a case of playing hard ball and gradually wearing down their demands.

    teams who do it quickly tend to do so because they are willing to overplay, with the toure and adebayor deals being prime examples.

  2. adam says:

    Because the final agreements are left to Arsene Wenger. When Dein was doing the transfer business it was much more efficient. Even now I doubt whether Arsene can actually make his mind up that any potential target is better than the players already at the club. In that conundrum lies one of the reasons for the lack of success. If he can really not be persuaded that there are better players available than Denilson, Almunia, Fabianski, Rosicky, Diaby and Bendtner then we are in a lot of trouble. It is scary indeed to think that he MIGHT not sign a world-class ‘keeper. Scary and ominous.

  3. Kevin Rowe says:

    I’ve always wondered too, I posed the question on the official board too and nobody seemed to have any suggestions. I wonder if it’s because Arsene scouts a player longer than any other manager, the transfer becomes in the public eye sooner than other club transfers do?

    The only other thing I can think of is that at Arsenal Arsene gets involved in all that whereas at other clubs it’s left to the pure businessmen to sort it out.

  4. Eoin says:

    vermaelen was pretty unexpected. but with the internet we find out a day early jus…..

  5. rellends says:

    cech was permit related. price hike on ronaldo i believe. never knew we tried for drogba. but agreed it’s very annoying that we seem to take for ages to get somebody to sign on the dotted line.

  6. Chris Redmond says:

    Actually the last out-of-the-blue signing was Eduardo. I remember waking up one morning, turning on Sky Sports and there it was. Lovely surprise! Such a shame that his career has effectively been ruined by that cunt Taylor.

  7. Boris says:

    Man City offer crazy money so the selling club can rush it through before they come to their senses.

    Eduardo & Sagna signings were pretty much under the radar.

  8. George says:

    You don’t think it’s anything to do with the fact that we had to wait until his contract was finished?

  9. Steven says:

    I think Wenger has his hand firmed placed on the self-destruct button and someone needs to ‘deliver’ him from ‘himself’ before takes the club down with him!Only a man set on destruct will say there are no better players than Denilson, Diaby, Almunia and Fabiaski. I can see he’ll even be prepared to let Fabregas, RvP and Arshavin go just to hold onto those mediocres! I think the best thing that can happen to him is a BIG SHOCK like the departure of those 3! When a man becomes imprisoned by his own ‘ideas’ of HOW the game should be played, we have a ticking bomb on our hands…I don’t even want to iagine that he’ll actually continue with those 2 keepers!?

  10. perrygrovesworld says:

    How about the start of the transfer season! For England its after the last game, in Europe its June 1st, so from France (in this case) we have to wait. You follow Sky Sports like slaves and they are no better than the money grabbing tabloids.

    Do your homework guys it took me two seconds on Google……

  11. DeiseGooner says:

    well….we all have known about chamakh since last summer – he was running down his contract to join us on a free – his contract wont be up till the end of the month – hes signed a pre contract agreement with us but cant sign until his contract finishes – then it will be announced.

    AA23 was because his club really fucked about with the transfer for an age and not just with us either

    Ditto Nasri – until the club actually releases his papers we can officially announce it – and marseille actually hung unto it for the full alloted time before handing it to uefa

  12. eduardo says:

    vermaelen was done fast, and Nasri was signed over a month before it was announced cos his club did not want it announced. And if you knew anything about the transfer rules you would know we can not sign Chamkh offically till his contract expires in about a month, a pre-contract agreement is no longer legally binding so Arsenal would not announce signing a player on one of them, we may sign Chamakh tomorrow but his contract would not take effect till next month at the earliest, otherwise we would have to pay a fee for him.

    We did not come close to signign Drogba, we looked at him but decided he was not needed as we had Henry, as for Cech we did not complete the deal cos we were refused a work permit for him. As for Ronaldo deal, utd were in for him as long as we were, we agreed a fee and utd trebled the amount we agreed, it had nothing to do with us dragging it out.
    Adam as for Dein doing deals quicker, it took 18 months to get pires, dein was here for the baptista deal, DD done deals no quciker or no slower than Gazidis, its just that deals get into the media easier now, agents want more bidders so they get bigger cut if fee is bigger.

    • gunner17 says:

      refusing a young drogba who would have cost £250k because we had henry in his pomp was amazingly shortsighted. henry was always going to fade away physically by 28. and for a lot of his time he was the only useful forward we had. we were very dependent on him. there would have been ample space for a young drogba, or an up-and-coming berbatov.

      it’s a crazy thing to say, but wenger shows an amateurish lack of planning at times. going into seasons with only one real striker. going into last season with only gallas and vermaelen as our central defenders. any old codger and his dog can see that you will never win anything without a basic level of quality depth in every position. a team will always be limited by its weakest link.

  13. Kung-Fu says:

    Why are you so impatient mate. The season starts in August. It’s only May!!!

  14. ARSENE WENGER says:


  15. chengiskhan says:

    Eduardo, Sagna, Gallas, and Diarra were all pretty much out of the blue. Nasri, Arshavin, Vermaelen, and Chamakh have been known well in advance.

  16. mark74 says:

    breaking news,Chamakh deal on hold and not expected to be announced tomorrow, i heard they were still arguing over who would pay for lunch…typical Arsenal

  17. Arsenaloid says:

    Reyes is still Strong, Wenger sold Campbell and he brought him BACK AGAIN ? A. Cole is doing cool,Viera could still be the MAN …What matters is …DO NOT SELL THE TOP PLAYERS , and yes, you can sell player like Bendtner

  18. ARSENE WENGER says:


  19. ARSENE WENGER says:


  20. The Law says:

    Is there actually a point to this fucking blog, or is it all about moaning and whining?

  21. Banker says:

    They are probably pushing for a little more discount…
    7mil? How bout 6.99?

  22. jeremy goldsmith says:

    There are many ifs regarding last season.If Arsenal/Arsene had brought in a loan signing when RVP was injured ,would the season turn out differently?What about the defence?Arsene said he ws in for Ronaldo.he was out bid/bade by the red faced. Whether it is trueor not God knows.
    The thing is if Arsenal are decided on a player act decisively . Of course money comes in.Arsenal are not a penny/cent pinching club. Surely they can afford someone in the 15 to 25 million range.
    I personally believe next season will be make or break for the gunners. I know we have mentioned it before but with MC/Spuds/AV j fourth place cannot be taken for granted.I have not mentioned challenge for the title because based on the present squad the gunners can easily be swept aside by the red faced and Chelsea.

  23. Erik says:

    Jason, like Eduardo said above… is unlikely it would be announced as an official transfer until his contract has ended which isn’t for another 12 days I beleive.

    And is not Arsenal that take time to sign someone, remember that we have a wage structure, is probable that agents as usual try to get more and more and more, during this time Wenger is probably gonna say: “no”.. they’ll try to find a compromise a few days later… to which Wenger will say: “no” and depending on how stubborn that agent is to just accept the deal, that’s how long it might take to sign.

    Other factors could be that Wenger is actually on holiday abroad… when you get paid his wages and work the hours he works for most of the year you deserve at least 2 whole weeks in the Caribbean or something like that… maybe when Wenger gets back his transfer target could be on holiday as well and unreachable? which could add up to a month to the transfer?

    I thought the Arshavin transfer was a good example of why we wait… months before we bought Arshavin his value was around the £25-30m mark, specially after his performances with Russia and winning the Euro Cup with Zenit, we waited and waited on transfer day and got him for £12m-15m.. half off its estimated value… if we can get prices down that much then I think they are worth waiting for.

  24. denilson was out of the blue.. so not too long ago may i add.

  25. Goona says:

    The reason me and other Gooners are worried why this proposed transfer taking so long is other clubs could come in at the last moment and scupper any deal we make, That wouldn’t surprise me. The writer is right why do we take so long?…..

    • john marbury says:

      We have a pre-contract agreement with Chamakh but he can’t sign a contract with another club until his current one with Bordeaux expires which is believed to be at the end of May. After that happens he will sign a contract and we will announce it.

      You are right he can still sign with another club as a pre-contract agreement is not a binding contract. But seeing as we can’t legally sign him for another week or so there isn’t much we can do and announcing his signing isn’t going to change that. Worse case scenario we end up looking foolish if we announce his signing and he still goes elsewhere.

    • perrygrovesworld says:

      Get a life and a sense of humour…. And go play on your Championship Manager games. Most of the over 18s here know that these things take time, every contract is different and both sides want to get the best out of a deal. As there is no transfer fee his lawyers know they can get more for their man. Despite what your beloved Sky Sports says ..June 1st it is and Bordeaux won’t rush to hand over papers as they hate the fact that the Premier League pisses on theirs.

      Actually if you are bored go and have a look at the Gazidis Q&A videos on Arsenal.com and get a reality check.

  26. gunner17 says:

    arsenal do give the impression of being indecisive in the transfer market…over the past few years they have had to scrimp and save because of the stadium move so i can forgive a bit of pennypinching hardball in transfer negotiations.

    but in recent months the club have been busy telling us about all the money they can now spend. if the club really is all cash rich now, then let’s do away with the pennypinching attitude.

    i’m not saying we should waste our money on mega money bids, but if a negotiation hinges on a £250k signing fee, just fucking pay it. if we want to be a big club, the days of losing Xabi Alonso for the want of a £200k signing bonus must come to an end.

    come on arsenal! learn to close the deal.

  27. gunner17 says:

    wenger being on holiday is no excuse for the club not concluding transfers. does wenger need to hold the club’s hand through everything? he should have identified the players he wants months ago. the board should be able to conduct negotiations and close deals without the daily input of wenger. our club is so amateurish in some ways.

  28. Knobber says:

    Cecs is flying back to London today to tell Wenger that he wants a move to Barca this summer.

  29. gunner17 says:

    cesc is flying back to london so he can come home and shag his girlfriend. he’ll be an arsenal player for another 2-3 years guaranteed.

  30. rellends says:

    anybody willing to offer me odds that barcelona will tie up a deal for fabregas before we manage to get chamakh to sign for us? if fabregas does go, anybody willing to offer me odds that for a change we will play hard ball and try and get a player in exchange? i didn’t think so.

  31. gunner17 says:

    i’ll be very surprised indeed if wenger takes yaya toure.

    he will buy a new keeper, a like for like replacement for gallas, and chamakh. that’s it.

    he’ll let almunia, gallas, silvestre, traore and merida go. he’ll keep campbell and will say that him and djorou provide us with the defensive height that we’ve been missing.

    our poor cover for song and fabregas in the middle of the park will be unchanged. one of denilson and diaby might come good but probably not.

    wenger will continue to be clueless about he uses nasri, rosicky, vela, walcott and arshavin. none of them will find their feel and none of them will really contribute.

    we might win the league on the back of manU and chelsea getting older and more vulnerable, but that’s it.

    it takes wenger two years to see problems in the team and one year after that to fix them.

  32. gunner17 says:

    if arsenal are serious, they should buy an experienced 30+ year old goalkeeper and two strong central defenders before doing anything else.

    how difficult can it be to wrap up a deal for sorensen? cahill has said he’s willing to go to a big club this summer. we can use wilshere as a bargaining chip. how many quality players are going free this summer? metzelder? joe cole? where the f*ck are we? we should have wrapped up our business months ago. i say again, amateurish.

  33. gunner17 says:

    we need negotiators who fly into clubs on helicopters, absail down and smash through the windows of the directors’ offices, negotiators who are in and out with what they want in an afternoon, negotiators who pull out their metaphorical dicks, drop them through tables and say ‘this is getting done today.’

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