[Podcast] Cesc leaving? Will Wenger spend the monies?

Posted: May 18, 2010 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Whats going on with Cesc? … £30m enough? And will Wenger spend the money??

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  1. Stu says:

    30m is definately not enough. Try 60m. If Ibra costs 65m+ and wanker Ronaldo costs 80m despite wanting to leave, then fuck it, we should demand 60m at the very least.

    Apparently the board have decided to cash in on Cesc, Wenger was fuming and thats why he hasnt signed a fresh contract…yet.

    We need quality players to come in, not fucking leave to those cunts Barca.
    Barca are such cocky bastards they are willing to pay 35-40m on 28year old Villa but dont want to pay a penny over 30m for Fabregas..shows how much they want him doesnt it. They think they are entitled to him just because he is from there.

  2. iamgooner says:

    nice podcast i agree with most the things you are saying..

    if the club lets him go cheep il be disgusted, 60million minimum!

    i would be happy with this though, yaya toure +ibrohimovic + 20million

    nevon subotic is great
    yaya toure is great

    • Cheers for the feedback mate…Joan Laporta of has just told Spanish radio that deals for David Villa and Cesc Fabregas are DONE, according to El Football Blog. & Yaya Toure’s agent Dimitri Selcuk – “There is a one in a thousand chance that Toure will be involved in the move Cesc Fabregas.”

      • iamgooner says:

        bloody hell this doesnt look good then does it?.. but yeah mate i just came across your site, i am liking it keep it up!

        i wouldnt be botherd as much knowing we have aaron ramsey, but the problem is the poor fellas got a broken leg, he’ll be training in OCTOBER soo by the time he has fully recoverd.. your talking the season after that! look at the time it took nasri to come on form from his broken leg this season! and that wasnt as badder break!

        villa a done deal? you know what price? i heard £42million… that means fabregas has to be atleast that because of his AGE!

        a few days ago i didnt think the fabregas rumours were true to be honest, because i heard he just bought a new house in st.albans guess not though


    • terry says:

      what about 50m and yaya … we can spend the 50m on ribery one class player goes 2 come in apart from that fuck off!!!!!!!!!!!

      • zhenyu says:

        Really stop dreaming… i prefer what Cesc said about leaving is true and stay in the end!!! however if he goes and arsenal happens to receive 50m, i doubt we will ever see any top world class player coming in…

        Reasons: Market price inflated (maybe), this squad has the mental strength and potential or even experience (who’s bluffing who?? a man to a blind? ), buying does not gurantee success (if only base upon real madrid consistent spending spree), enough squad members ”including cheap deadwoods” to cover the whole season(quantity vs quality, many high quality deadwoods we have), buying destroy the youth’s career (debatable, no class players = no youth learning class skills) etc..

        To sum up: just be prepared to forget this transfer period.We r juz unlucky tis season, but we have what it takes to be champions next n yrs..

  3. luke says:

    Unlikely Cesc is leaving,not this year any way. There is this unfinished business of not winning any silverware on his watch. Being a true captain,he will most properly be pressing for answers,is the manager going to stay himself,is there any ambition other than balance sheet figures. Unless the answers are both negative,he will stay. Because if you are ever good in your job but always not given the tools you will know you are in the wrong place,leave is the best option. And for those ostriches slating him on this score,should it happen and citing the royalty card. Try asking themselves this question,should he leave,and it will definitely put the club out of first four in the league,hence there will be this expected shortfall in revenue. So will those ROYAL fans come up with the difference or go fund raising to plug the gap? This is balance sheet stuff,serious matter. The enormity of his presence has been obvious,AW shaped the team-play around him,it will take time and better players to gather momentum again,so just cross your toes that he stays till other talents could come up,otherwise show some gratitude and common sense.

  4. Knobber says:

    Great podcast. Made me LOL.. Looking forward to the next one man

  5. sam says:

    I don’t see how you are just making the statement that “Pat Rice needs to go”, like you have any idea what goes on at London Colney…

    I’m not saying your wrong that maybe Pat Rice doesn’t have the positive influence he should, but again this is the same man who helped us win two doubles, go unbeaten etc.

    I’m not saying that makes him untouchable either, but to just say ‘he should go’ stinks of a kneejerk reaction, from someone who has no clue what goes on at training sessions.

    You seriously seem like a mug. What are you on about Kroenke and Usmanov, telling them they have to take over immediately? They aremulti-millionaires and I get the impression that financially they know what they’re doing a little too much to take advice from you. Plus a takeover does not necessarily translate to huge funds to spend, look at QPR for example.

    We all know we need new signings, but the post you made about Turan let’s me know that you are a simpleton who thinks spending money is the only route to success? Since when do we need another attacking midfielder or winger? What kind of a waste of money would that be, when we already need to spend on tightening up at the back, a keeper and some strength in midfield?

    Stop whinging and start thinking.

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