Wenger has turned this club into a farm

Posted: May 18, 2010 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Wenger and the board have turned this club into a farm, Since 2005 our manager has sold the clubs best players without investing that money back into the team.

Wenger has admitted in the past that the club has to sell one high profile player each summer to enable him to buy & the club to pay down debt.

In the scheme of things Wenger has been successful, the club’s target is clearly Champions League  football every season to that end Wenger has delivered, no argument with that.

The problem is that most fans want to see trophies, after all isn’t that what supporting a “big” club is all about? isn’t that what the fans pay over £1000 on a season ticket to see?

Every summer Wenger sells our best players without investing that Money back into the team. We could all see at the start of LAST season that we needed 3/4 players. But what did Wenger do? Sold Toure and Adebayor and banked the money. Soon Cesc will join the long list of players Arsenal/Wenger has sold for a massive profit, Adebayor, Toure, Hleb, Henry, Vieira, Overmars, Petit, Anelka.

I really cant blame Cesc for wanting to leave Arsenal. When Wenger had a chance of signing Alonso he missed out because he didnt want to spend that extra few £m. We have needed a goalkeeper for 2 seasons but yet Wenger sticks with a pair of clowns. We sell our best players and replace them with the licks of Silvestre.

Just think what we would have won if we didn’t sell those players?

And the future? Who is next to leave? Van persie? Arshavin? Vermaelen? Maybe all 3…£100m profit and maybe we will still finish 4th!

In arsene we trust!!!


By Sinbad – Join our forum and show the Arsenal board that we need change  ( HERE )

  1. GTB says:

    Every summer Wenger sell our best players

    Sinbad = Fool

  2. James Jones says:

    I have lost all faith in Arsenal FC. PATHETIC!
    Good luck Cesc you have been fantastic.
    I will now be supporting Barcelona.

    • goo says:

      i wouldnt go that far and stop supporting them…

    • Emir8 says:

      Spending on Big players doesn’t guarantee Success and Trophy…

      For instance, Barcelona & Real Madrid.

      Barcelona – Bought 2 players in the begining of the season.. And they won the league. but didn’t win the
      The signings, “IBRA” never did much for the team during the whole campaign. But they have
      understanding amongst the others

      R. Madrid – Bought a lot of players spending over £200m on transfer.. but lost out. Didn’t win the league
      nor the CL.

      Same as Chelsea, first few season of signing players never assured success.
      Same as Man City…. spent over £180m on transfers within 18months of the new owners and a re looking to spend another £150m this season.

      Arsenal only spent £10m on Thomas Verm. and yet despite all the injuries amongst the players we still came 3rd with 10points behind Chelsea. We almost did it this year but the injury and lack of confidence at the centre back and Goalkeeping position messed it up.

      We need a new Goalkeeper and CB to partner Thomas V. And also Yaya Toure might come as part of the deal.

      We have talents in the club like Wilshere, Ramsey, Lansbury, Gibbs all coming up as great players.. We can’t be buying players and not giving this kids a chance to become world class.
      Cesc Fab was given a chance at 16. Thats what made him who he is. He was signed for free.. And arsenal are looking to make over £40m on profit. Not a bad idea.

      We are called fans for a reason. Stand behind your team regardless of any decision that is made.

      Look at Portsmouth, They stood behind their Team… They never booed they players or the Management but some fake arsenal fans do.

      If you are supporting the money then feel free to go to Man city, Barcelona or Chelsea.

      “We are Gooners” Wenger has being the best manager ever had in the club..

      Good luck @ Barcelona. Glory Hunter.


      • simon says:

        Love it man!

      • GoonerJohn says:

        It might not determine trophies, but at least we would be able to compete, which we haven’t done in the last few seasons, chelsea and united been miles ahead of us.

      • Frank Lucas says:

        Great one mate. You actually spot on. No one is indispensable. I just heard on Sky sport that Barcelona wants to pay £30million maximum for him becos he was their player before..
        LOL. they must be having a laugh.

      • gunner says:

        how can u say that emir, firstly, abramhovic spent millions on his players since that point they have won

        3 premier league trophies

        3 f.a. cups

        2 carling cups

        what have arsenal won

        1 fa cup

        since then our team has always been rated as good but when it comes down to it we fizzle out like cheap champagne,this year every1 says we got close, chelsea are an ever aging team, and man u, lose 2 of their best players and still finish comfortably ahead of us, its as much as we have got stronger as united have become weaker

  3. eddy says:

    Totally agree.
    The Club as well as Wenger have a lot to answer for!!

  4. yupa says:


    Anyway, trying to look at it objectively. where should Arsenal finish, in a league with big spenders such as Chelsea and Man United? You allude to it, but the rest of the post is pure desperation. Think about it again. Where should we expect to finish against such financial muscle? Your solution is to become more..err, muscular finiancially. It’s really not that easy though is it. 5 years ago we knew we couldnt spunk money up the wall in 5 years time. Yes it would be nice to buy another Arshavin, and we definately need a keeper. The window hasnt closed yet, but seriously…it’s abit more complicated than “we should of just b da f-in best already”.

    • Rob says:

      This is the most pathetic argument i have ever heard. Chelsea have been the biggest spenders for years since the arrival of the Roman. Have their success been proportionate to their spending? haven’t they just won their first ever double in the season they had spent less than United, Liverpool and even Tottenham? It’s team spirit and good management that win you trophies, not money.

  5. Trevor says:

    Cesc hasn’t even gone yet and you’re already moaning that he hasn’t spent the money he made from the sale.

  6. brgkamp13 says:

    Angry 16 year-olds shouldn’t be allowed near computers. I’m going to have a word with your mother, young man.

    • The Happy Gooner says:

      Spot on brgkamp13. We all want trophies, but, in the long term, it is better to pay off the debt from the Highbury development and The Emirates and put us in a stong financial position in the (not too distant) future. Wenger has won more domestic trophies in his 13 years than all the previous managers combined in the prior 26 years. Whilst I am crying out for us to sign a ‘keeper, CB or two and a DM (and POSSIBLY someone to replace Cesc), I am sensible enough to see that Wenger hasn’t had the money to buy the players that he needs. There’s no point buying someone who is good, we need to buy someone who is fantastic and they cost a fortune that we haven’t had.
      Buying players doesn’t mean success – Liverpool, Man City, Real Madrid – all spent a fortune and won nothing. Man Utd are in debt and you know what their supporters think about that. Do I need to mention Portsmouths debt?
      The board always said they could get the money, but it would have meant borrowing. If it then goes tits up, we would be in a lot of trouble. I believe this is the first transfer window since we moved to the Emirates that Arsene will have any real money to spend. The window has only been open a couple of days in England, give him a chance!

  7. Frank Lucas says:








  8. Aaron says:

    I don’t want to lose Cesc either and would like to see some of our problems addressed in the transfer market. However, credi where it’s due the reason we’ve been able to watch the talents of Fabregas at Arsenal is because of one man – Arsene Wenger. We bought Francesc at 15 and paid c. £350k in compensation. We would fetch £40m+ if sold.

    No matter how good the player can you imagine what the fans would say if Wilshere or another youngster was poached for £350k and then bought back for £40m six years later. We’re on the better end of this deal no matter how you look at it, and it’s because of Wenger

  9. 7masters says:

    Cesc is gone is gone and let hope Wenger also goes. How many more players left to sell? RVP,TV,Song.

    Actually Chamack is going to change his mind joining Arsenal, Chelsea would be far better for him. Sorry guys but Wenger and the Board lies have finally come home to roast.

    I actually feel sorry for Wenger he already planned to sign only Chamack loool then tell us he cannot find quality at right price. Comedy that after making sure season ticket money has cleared in the bank.

    Au Revoir Wenger plus the board.

    • Amir2010 says:

      7masters said it all! you guys are punch of crying babies. IN ARSENE WE TRUST? for how long you’ll stick with arrogant french b…? come on guys, stop crying and start acting for your course. Could you once boycot the games and let AW and Hillwood feel the presure? MANU fans protest when needed, what is wrong with you Gooners? STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS!

  10. fuse says:

    Can I ask one thing? Will all of these monkeys that are jumping on this rumor (Cesc to Barca) come back here to apologise when it is discredited? Will they?

    I don’t believe he will go this summer. If he does then I trust Arsenal to do the best to replace him….

    But I hope that all who are overreacting will come back and retract what they have said…. Otherwise I sincerely hope they contract ebola…

    • simon says:


    • 7masters says:

      Don’t bank on it, he would be replaced by Nasri lool

      I pity your faith in Wenger, if the winners like Henry,Viera where never replaced how would cesc be replaced but if they goner sell, let be 100 milion enough to clear stadium debt plus denilson,eduardo, RVP , and others to raise extra 20 million to clear the debt. Not bad business but at least no more debt.

      But we would need new manager cause by then Wenget had enough, Au revoir

  11. ashdgajs says:

    Money HAS played its part, but the fact is Wenger didn’t have to spend much to bring trophies to Arsenal – maybe £30m tops – that would hardly bankrupt the club. It’s more to do with his so-called “vision”. His tactics are an utter disgrace, if he could coach defending Arsenal might have been champions this season, but he can’t. Wenger can do a good job, up to a point, but can’t push the club over the line due to his own arrogance, stubborness and refusal to bring defensive coaches in or change his blinkered methods. That’s the reason he should be sacked, nothing to do with money. I reckon a better coach could win trophies with this team right NOW just by organising the defence and playing a more rigid systen better suited to the players he has available.

  12. JOEL says:

    Yes-Unfortunately,it looks like Cesc’s departure is now inevitable and who could blame him for asking to leave.Despite receiving a ridiculous sum of money for Toure and Adebayor the Board and Manager chose,only, to re-invest a small proportion of this money in Vermaelen.A sum which should have been available,anyway,given the complete lack of defensive cover at that time.As the January Window opened it was obvious to all, that a couple of re-inforcements were needed if Arsenal were to have any chance of winning a Trophy.As we all feared Wenger made the same familiar noises and nothing happened-except the team huffing and puffing,being rolled over by Barca, and eventually struggling to hold on to third place,ahead of the Spuds!
    And so we are now all sitting in a very familiar place-waiting to see if nothing else-the Board are able to negotiate an outrageously high transfer fee.This current situation is,however,a little different to those which preceded it.At this moment in time we are not close to having a ready-made replacement within the ranks.Provided he fully recovers from his leg-break,there is no doubt that Rambo will slot into the Fabregas role- but that’s some time away!Nasri has been tried and failed!Against teams who supposedly offered an easy “run-in” his ability to control the Centre of Midfield amounted to nothing more than a damp squib.Diaby has a deep-seated ability of passing the ball to the opposition and Denilson is always capable of making a good pass as long as it is within the parameters of 5 feet and travels sideways.
    A Summer of hard bargaining and what should be a veritable influx of players will have to now take place if the Manager is to placate the fans and manage to compete properly next season.A new Goalkeeper,Centre Back,Defensive Midfielder,and now Play-Maker have to be the starting points,followed by a Re-Shaping of the Team,and a re-thinking of Team Strategy.

  13. Pier says:

    In Arsene we bust!

  14. hus says:

    all u F**ks are pathetic
    u call urselves arsenal supporters!!
    your article does have a point but i hope you guys know that we had a massive debt the past five years….give wenger some slack….hes the best manager we have ever had!!
    have a lil more faith…without cringing too much….
    its pathetic….in wenger i trust and a gooner for life!

  15. Willy young says:

    The club had reached a turning point and I fear Cesc ‘s departure is inevitable

    my concern is whether Wenger is the right man to reinvest any spare money and re-energise a team who will feel their Talisman has gone

    RVP may become disillusioned easily too and you can imagine the reaction of our Russian ego ( he should be sold too to any idiot team who will pay £20m)

    my point is to attract new blood and convince the remaining the club is moving forward a new start might be required

    arsene has been great but all good things come to an end and we need a new direction and leadership

    the prospects Wilshere Ramsey Lansbury JET Gibbs Schesny need to believe and a dressing room of moaners listening to the same old Wenger spin won’t work

    this is the Arsenal not FC Wenger or FC Fab !!

    A new start us needed that can pull us all together fans players and the board

  16. The Law says:

    Sinbad, you deluded moron, how many times do you have to be told to stay on your meds?

  17. dave guns gardna says:

    you muppet what can arsene do if he wants to go? lets get fat sam in he will know how 2 keep him, mug mug mug all u h8rz

  18. Robbie says:

    F*CK Y*U Arsene…
    Go back to Japan … CLOWN…
    Turned us into a feeder club.

  19. sameagain dave says:

    “Arsenal/Wenger has sold for a massive profit, Adebayor, Toure, Hleb, Henry, Vieira, Overmars, Petit, Anelka.”

    Appart from Anelka , they’ve done really well in their new club haven’t they, great careers , so if you gonna have a go at Wenger for his transfer policies , don’t mention those names you look like a right idiot.

    The only thing i agree with is the keeper situation , as for Fabregas story going to Barça , it’s from g.Ballague
    which means it’s totally made up, like last year and the year before that. and probably next year

    • perrygrovesworld says:

      Adebayor has had an indifferent season, Toure a crap one, Hleb a nonexistent one (doh he left Barca), Hnery has been ok but out of favour, Viera dissappeared and was always injured, Overmars retired very quickly with a recurring knee injury and Anelka took ages to settle at a club. So no Sameagain you’re talking bull… But who gives a f*** they brought money in and the club is stable unlike Manyoooo, the Scousers and others.

      It might have escaped your collective attention spans but yet Arsene has been covering for the boards lack of money despite what they say, for 5 years. Blame the recession for that, no one else…. The money’s there and Cesc’s itchy feet is as much about bad timing…

  20. Colin S says:

    When I use to say that I wanted Wenger out gooners use to say to me “If wenger leaves then all our best players will leave with him”…..HAHAHAHA what a joke. They are leaving anyway.

    I feel sorry for the next manager at Arsenal after wenger. He is slowly ripping this team apart and pretty soon Arsenal aint going to be in the top 5 of the table.

    Wenger is a cancer of this club, His lack of spending and one track mind (PROFIT) is this sol reason what we havent won anything since 2005.

    • GTB says:

      How long have saying you wanted him out for then you fucking idiot? Please do us a favour and fuck off

  21. Isaac says:

    I agree 100%, arsene has been developing good young players, but then when they reach their peak years and attract interest from big clubs he sells them,so whats the point of developing these players and when they become famous sells them.In Order to win trophies you must keep your best players and stars and buy high quality players.At the moment in these past five years arsene has been doing the opposite, selling his star players year after year and bought less quality players. HOW CAN YOU COMPETE WITH THE BEST ARSENE????? TIME TO WAKE UP!!!!!

  22. Bone says:

    Some have said that the club just doesn’t have the funds to go out and buy the players needed. Is Wenger covering for his Board? I think the truth will out this summer.

  23. sinbad is a prick says:

    Every year the same nonesense and every year you lap it up like deluded children.

    Try learning for a change. It’s what you do when you notice a pattern emerging and repeating itself over and over again. You look at the outcome of the last time it happened and hey presto……….you see it for what it is.

    I listened to people telling me the famous back 5 were finished every year for 7+ years and every year they just carried on being the best defense in the country, then when they did eventually get too old (many years later) it was all “I told you they were too old and washed up”. Yeah course you did.

    Then every year it was Vieira’s leaving, no really, I know I said it last year, but he’s defo going this year, it was in the newspapers and everything and on Sky Sports News, he’s off. That went on for about 5 years, every year without fail till eventually, it was actually time to sell and what happened? “I told he was leving”

    Then Henry was going to Barca for several years and every year was, no, really, he’s definately going blah blah blah blah


    The only person who has said Cesc is leaving is a Spanish reporter. That’s the ONLY PERSON WHO’S ACTUALLY SAID ANYTHING and he’s said the same thing before only for Cesc to say it’s all crap. Eveything else is different media outlets repeating the same boring quote from that one person.



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