[Podcast] Arsenal need Usmanov or Kroenke to take over and save us

Posted: May 19, 2010 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Enjoy the Arsenal Action Podcast # 2

Also talking about Pat Rice and our need for a new number 2, And players who would die for the club…

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  1. Ross says:


    What do the Liverpool’s owners, Stan Kroenke and Man Utd’s owners have in common? Their all american.

    Manchester United and Liverpool have both been run into some ridiculous unneeded debt.

    With our current debt we dont need that.

  2. Ali says:

    Listen mate you need to stop whining seriously.Everyday i read your articles and they are always so negative.We dont know if cesc is going to leave yet.Its all barcelona and the media are chatting a load of nonsense.As far as im concerned cesc has 4 years left on his contract so his future should not even be in doubt.Those media and barcelona hypocrites need to get the message and quick. Im gob smacked with all the bullshit im hearing from arsenal fans whether it be on here talksport other forums its just not on.People saying rip arsenal and im just cringing inside with all the bullshit thats been said of late.Its not nowhere near as bad as your making out.

  3. Ivan says:

    Do you know anything about business????? You should be proud that Arsenal have a self-sustainable model. Now that we’ve paid off our debt for the property stuff we’re going to have a lot more disposable income which can be used on players or re-invested in the club. The last thing we need is a single investor-owner. You should read a little of the history about the club you purport to support and see what its value system is.

  4. GunnerPete says:

    Look sunshine you have every right to critisise and to publish same.BUT…now and again its a good idea to sit and wonder why you are always in such a minority with your anti AFC ,anti Arsene ,anti Rice etc etc.

    My worry is the same as most Gunners….we are not good enough and have not been since the stadium decision took all the spare cash. If we are to beleive what is coming out of The Emirates..we are flushed with more cash than AW has had since his arrival. If its the case then this is the summer to judge him because I really beleive that he has at some time around 2005 agreed to take all the shite whilst the money is scarce. I also think he really tried to build a side our of cheapo kids snatched from all over and it nearly worked. It failed always at the final hurdle because AW could not buy without selling.

    Now there is no such excuse and if we do not add some real stars to our broken squad then we know its all been in vain and we will become the permanent London team of nearly boys.

    So lets just hope AW has some big surprises for us, not the least keeping Cesc. Although I am not worried if he goes as I think we will benefit from the money etc. And I think Im right in that our record without him is very good?

    So keep you sniping to yourself for a while and hope!

  5. Toby says:

    I actually think that this guy is right. I have been an arsenal supporter through and through for almost 20 years now, and no one can doubt this, but I think alot not all of the things the podcast says are correct. Whenever I talk to my friends about Arsenal im always disheartened. Wenger has lost the plot! I am fed up of hearing wenger;s constant lies, and if he does not sign a goalkeeper i might give next season a miss. What is the point of giving support when wenger does absolutely nothing to deserve it. Yes he has changed us, he has made us a consistent force in europe, but even the finest caviar has its sell by date. Why can’t he give us the fans something to feel good about. How about signing milner? wouldnt that raise spirits, he’s a darn better player then nasri, diaby, denilson put together! We need new ideas and more ENGLISH players who will show true heart and grit. By signing english players this does allows us fans not to hear the same old rumours every year about players wanting to ‘go home’. We need hart, cahill and parker to start off with. Getting rid of the endless french players is a must as well.

  6. N5CHU says:

    Save us from what? FFS!

    • Selling our best players

    • Toby says:

      are you deluded? the dirty yids propbaly have a better team than us now if fabregas leaves!!! so do city!! how can you call yourself a supporter if you just take 5 years of nothing. it’s not even shit….. its nothing….. if we dont make top quality signings the yids will finish above us. and they have got a nice quality english spine, i hate to say it but its true

      • John says:

        how many fans in the world would call a champions league final appearance ‘not even shit, nothing’.
        how many fans in the world would call 5 seasons in the row of qualifying for the champions league ‘not even shit, nothing’
        how many fans the world would call watching some of the best football in the world, during which 2 strong pushes for the championship nothing?
        and all whilst building one of the best new stadiums in the world, bang in the centre of one of a capital city.

        if thats ‘nothing’ then i don’t know how you would describe the experience of being a football fan for 99% of other supporters.

        find another club, and find it fast.

      • Toby says:

        find a new club fast? haha erm no. i bleed arsenal i this is why i am so hurt. yes your points are correct and i thought of them when i wrote my post. do you think anyone will remember the years 2005-2010 in ten years? no i thought not. no one remembers a team that finishes second and that is why i cried after we lost the final, no one remember the losers. i support arsenal i dont care about how many fans would love to be in our position to be honest. i love wenger, but if he came out and said we would finish second that would be better then him sayin we will win it then selling 3 star players and buying some algerian “wonderkid”. your point about the stadium is true, i forgot about that so i apologize, but i still think my other points are valid. im not trying to be a dick, but these are my views, i am a cynical supporter. wenger said he would sign “a few players of top, top quality”. i have my doubts as last year he said we would keep team together, yet sold two top players and bought one unproven, which tommy has proved to be an absolute amazing buy. its the endless lies, the truth from wenger would be so refreshing.
        so please dont tell me to find another club, because you dont have the right to say that. arsenal are my life, it is the first thing i check in the morning and probably the last, a bit sad i know, but dont doubt my support

  7. GraffikViolenz says:

    Dude, I really don’t get what you are doing supporting Arsenal, the suggestion that either of these business men are fundamentally interested in arsenal as a football club as opposed to a financial investment or a media tool to brag and flaunt their supposed worth with is ridiculous. Exactly how long has Kreonke been an arsenal fan, was he there when Don Howe created one of the most defensive stratagies of all time, did he suffer as George Graham slowly lost his direction does he know who Alan Sunderland is, or Frank Stapleton, Georgie Armstrong, Sammy Nelson… He probably thinks that Charlie George is a drunk cabbie who keeps accidently stumbling into the museum reception… actually, do you know who any of these people are… Whatever happens with Cesc, good luck to him, he’s been an amazing player for us and hopefully will continue… if I were you I’d look into something else to vent your anger at like the Tory/ Lib Dem coalition

    • So you are happy to pay over £1000 for a season ticket each season and just watch Wenger and the board sell off the best players?

      • John says:

        apparently people are. i am. the huge waiting list suggest 20,000 people would in fact be happy to pay for the priviledge of watching wenger and the board sell our best players

  8. iamgooner says:

    oi Toby the problem with english players is that there is VERY few that actually make the grade in the football quality at Arsenal compared to the spanish/dutch/french/italy and german players

    maybe that is just me? but thats what i think anyway…

    just think decent english players are rare..

    am i right?

    another nice podcast, dont listen to these muppets, its a joke how the Arsenal lie to us constantly, getting very boring espcially as we are the ones funding the club.

    • Cheers mate. And glad to see you signed up to the forum.. You are very welcome mate

    • Toby says:

      yeah its true but who would you rather have? parker or denilson? cahill or gallas? hart or almunia? even upson? im sure none of these apart from maybe cahill would cost more than 8m each? i’m not saying that they are exceptional players, they are rather average, but they are capable of learning, just like denilson, song (i love him dont worry) and diaby have had years. i would rather have a shit team with english players, than a shit team where players will inevitably leave because they miss home. you know what i mean? would milner ever come out in the papers and say “oh i miss leeds i want to return”?. no because its only a car journey. we have all know fabregas would leave. what i dont understand is how players like fucking almunia or denilson are given endless opportunities to impress, yet bentley was shafted off after what? 3 appearances. if bentley was freach he would still be here. i dont think decent players are rare, look at what birmingham have done. i would love more than anything than wenger taking a gamble and signing a chamionship player like city did with johnson, and look what a signing he has been!

  9. Vincent says:

    Arsene, please:
    1. Sell wanted-back-home Cesc to Barcelona for 40-50 mil NOW, don’t beg him to stay for one more season, because we need to build the team without him and to keep unhappy and unfocused player is not in the club’s favor.
    2. Spend this amount plus the available funds for 5-6 good and experienced players – goalkeeper (Buffon or Hart), at least 2 central defenders (Hangeland, Richards, Campbell, Subotic, Diakhate or Sakho), defensive midfileder (Mello, Parker or Y. Toure), playmaker (Hazard, Arteta or Gourcuff)
    3. Keep your wonderful project alive without Fabregas. Bring Jack Wilshere back and give him a role in the 1st team, give further chances to Szceszny, Bartley, Eastmond, Emmanuel-Thomas, Lansbury, soon the next boys will going to emerge – Freeman, Aneke, Afobe, etc… and you will keep the chance to make them even more successful and glorious than Busby Babes.

  10. adam truman says:

    Lol this site always cheers me up.

    Instead of screaming like a little girl everytime the media come out with some sh!t, you should just mellow out and see the whole picture.

    The story came from AS, the Barcelona propaganda newspaper machine.
    Arsenal have not received an official or unofficial offer for Cesc
    and finally Wenger is not even in the country when Cesc came.

    • Whats the whole picture brother man? Didnt we sell Adebayor and Toure last summer? to me all wenger has done since 2005 is break up the team and sell there best players and replaced them with very ave players like Silvestre

      • arsenal123 says:

        if you really think adebayor and toure were our best players then you’re a very poor judge of football. selling them for 40 million was an achievement, to be applauded

      • And the fact that we didnt spend that is a disgrace

      • adam truman says:

        Boo hoo !

        Look at how well they have done at Man City. Every player thats left Arsenal never reaches the heights elsewhere and we get a top price. When we moved to a world class stadium, we had to make sacrifices with the budget hence the youth option. Well we still qualified for the Champions League each year gaining extra funds to pay the debts. The short term loans are now paid off. The club should reap the rewards and we can now bid with the big boys now to buy more experienced players to come thru with our youth set up which has just won the league again. Hopefully this will provide us with some class like at Barcelonas set up and we can be there for whole season instead of fading towards the end. Supporting a club is to be there through the bad times as well as the good. Of course I am disappointed sometimes, but this club is now self suffient if you look at the accounts and doesn’t need a sugar daddy to compete, so that is that is the BIGGER PICTURE and why this site gets so much grief from so many people and sites

  11. iamgooner says:

    hay arsenal123.. adebayor knew how to score a goal eduardo and bendtner dont…

    toure is better than senderos and silvestre….

    soo to let them go and not replace them is stupid, because we was without a striker in january and with out a centreback in january because they was not replaced..

    its not only about the quality of the pair, these boys added depth in squad, and we sold the pair of them making it even more of a challenge to get through the season, we could of had toure to cover for gallas instead for alot of the season we had silvestre, and we could of had adebayor in january but instead we had arshavin (who did a great job considering he aint a striker)

    so instead of sniping peoples views and getting cheeky listen to the points & facts at hand you cunt

  12. BrianTheGooner says:

    arsenalaction says…”to me all wenger has done since 2005 is break up the team and sell there best players and replaced them with very ave players like Silvestre”….
    Nasri,Rosicky,Arshavin,Walcott,Vermaelen,Eduardo,Sagna,Ramsey,Gallas and Adebayor himself….all players signed since 2005…..average ?????????……are you NUTS ????

    • Nasri – very hot and cold…Rosicky – when fit great player, but never fit…Arshavin – great one week, crap for the next 3…Walcott – Yet to show his hype, Eduardo – not the same player he was and wasted in a 4-5-1…Sagna – One good season, Crap going forward…Gallas – the chavs getting Cole was a better deal…Vermaelen – A great signing, HOW LONG TILL WE SELL HIM FOR A MASSIVE PROFIT

      • BrianTheGooner says:

        Yes but you can’t imply that AW has sat back and done nothing since 2005. Who was to know that Rosicky would have the problems he had ? Did he not look like the real deal at first . Who was to know that Eduardo would have that horrific injury ? Did he not look like the real deal at first ? Arshavin is a class act who just needs time. Did he not look like the real deal at first ? Walcott , again , Did he not look the real deal at first ? and he still has time on his side. As for Sagna…I would rather my full backs strength lie in defending than going forward.But again a class act. None of these players are average.Far from it. For one reason or another they may have not performed as well as they and we would have liked but the trouble is that too many people want world-class performances week-in week-out. It doesn’t happen like that with relatively new players. Did you see Dennis Bergkamp’s first season at Arsenal ? If you didn’t , I will tell you…it was AVERAGE….his second was not much better either….and he was an experienced international with medals when he signed for us. So if we gave DB10 a few seasons to find his feet and become the legend he is…why can’t we do the same for Arshavin, Nasri,Eduardo et al ?

  13. BrianTheGooner says:

    “So to let them go and not replace them was stupid” (Toure and Adebayor)….AW might point out that we improved from 4th to 3rd place without them this season.

  14. sam says:

    I don’t see how you are just making the statement that “Pat Rice needs to go”, like you have any idea what goes on at London Colney…

    I’m not saying your wrong that maybe Pat Rice doesn’t have the positive influence he should, but again this is the same man who helped us win two doubles, go unbeaten etc.

    I’m not saying that makes him untouchable either, but to just say ‘he should go’ stinks of a kneejerk reaction, from someone who has no clue what goes on at training sessions.

    You seriously seem like a mug. What are you on about Kroenke and Usmanov, telling them they have to take over immediately? They aremulti-millionaires and I get the impression that financially they know what they’re doing a little too much to take advice from you. Plus a takeover does not necessarily translate to huge funds to spend, look at QPR for example.

    We all know we need new signings, but the post you made about Turan let’s me know that you are a simpleton who thinks spending money is the only route to success? Since when do we need another attacking midfielder or winger? What kind of a waste of money would that be, when we already need to spend on tightening up at the back, a keeper and some strength in midfield?

    Stop whinging and start thinking.

  15. BrianTheGooner says:

    Toure was replaced….Adebayor wasn’t and I can understand why. AW obviously thought RVP,Eduardo,Bendtner,Arshavin and maybe Vela gave him enough options. It turns out he was wrong but I doubt that selling those two was the main reason we came up short.

    • iamgooner says:

      brian the gooner WHEN! V.Persie ,Eduardo,Bendtner,Arshavin and maybe Vela came up short of the mark.. he KNEW this in JANUARY which is when he could of BOUGHT A REPLACEMENT.. bent, dzecko, anyone… but he didnt THIS IS MY POINT..

      and who did he replace toure with? i take it you mean campbell? if you do mean this campbell was only a temporary thing! PLUS if he was a replacement he would have been bought in the summer.. campbell was bought in january to alloy for the gallas absence!

      wenger bought vermalaen but he new djouro was out, he has the funds to add some depth, the bottom line is he didnt and we came up short.. like the last few seasons AGAIN

      • BrianTheGooner says:

        “Thomas Vermaelen looks set to have a long, prosperous Arsenal career.

        He was the Club’s major summer signing in 2009 and has proved to be an ideal replacement for Kolo Toure, who left for Manchester City.”……..http://www.arsenal.com/first-team/players/thomas-vermaelen

        Or are you actually trying to tell me that AW did not know that Kolo was going to leave and he only signed Vermaelen because Djourou was injured ? Did it slip your mind that Kolo had demanded a transfer in january 2009 ?

  16. iamgooner says:

    no no i did know that… i just think it wouldnt hurt to have more depth in squad thats all, im sure you agree…

    now eden hazard on the other hand is another story! have you seen this guy!? sign him up wenger or he’ll just go to spain or worse! MANU

    does anyone think we will sign hazard? EVER?

    • SPECTRUM says:

      Well, Wenger was supposed to be interested in Ardar Turan.But as usual, he takes so long to get around to signing players, that we missed out , and he’s gone to Spurs instead.Even now that he has the money, Wenger’s scrooge mentality, means he won’t pay the required price to secure the quality we need.He’d rather stick with the kids.An approach that has consistently failed.
      Remember that we need DEPTH to the squad, to allow for injuries – yes, Wenger, injuries DO actually occur to players you know, a fact you were oblivious to last transfer window.We need about five players in, as a MINIMUM.We’ll lose three or four ( including Cesc ).So we’ll probably have a net gain of one or two.Will that be enough ?

      • iamgooner says:

        well said that man!

        wenger is ARSENAL there is no better manager for the arsenal then him, but he has to stop buggering about in the transfer market…

        i want to see top class players come in this summer, and plenty of them, to add DEPTH and QUALITY and EXPERIANCE!

        and if fabregas goes…80MILLION no less! he’s in the top five players in the world and only just 23years old! AND FOUR YEARS ON THE CONTRACT!!

      • Knobber says:

        Agree with Spectrum. Wenger wants to prove that he can do things HIS WAY without the need of spending on players. He wants to prove everybody wrong. But this is the mind of a mad man. Wenger has lost the plot BIG time and somebody at the club needs to speak to him and say enuff is enuff. Your project didnt work and its time to spend some of this money

  17. iamgooner says:

    exactly! and it annoys me when people say “be patient” weve been patient for FIVE YEARS and it hasnt worked out… we have money now BUY NOW

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