Bendtner doubtful for World cup and blames Arsenal

Posted: May 22, 2010 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Reports in the Danish Press [Link] claim that Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner is a major doubt for the World Cup and blames his groin injury on the Arsenal medical staff.

Bendtner said : I would not say that I have been treated wrong, there have been some situations where it could have been done better, but let us stop now ( Questions relating to injury).

Bendtner is not alone, recently Andrey Arshavin questioned the medical expertise at Arsenal, Arshavin told the Mirror: “Let’s say for me it was always easier to be treated by Zenit St Petersburg doctors. I cannot claim I really know the reasons behind so many injuries at Arsenal.

So do we have a problem with our medical staff at Arsenal? Is this the reason why we have so many injurys last season?

Debate this more on the forum ( HERE )

  1. dani says:

    Well yes. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and sounds like one – then it’s a DUCK!!!
    In other words, AFC do have a MAJOR problem with their medics. Too many horrific injuries and long lasting injuries than in any other EPL club. Someone over there has to take notice of that!

    • AM says:

      What a coincidence that Gary Lewin left us for England 2 seasons ago, and we now got alot of niggly and muscle injuries.

      Good we have now invested into the technology being used by most of the other top clubs, dont know why we did not have it way before,

      • Jimmy says:

        I’m sorry but that’s not right at all… I remember specifically hoping that when Lewin and our chief doctor left that our terrible injury record would improve, however it seems to have made no difference.

  2. Alan says:

    Well something is wrong. How many times have you heard Wenger say ‘Small chance for Saturday’ only for the player to miss the next 5 months

  3. Rich says:

    Hey boys why don’t you just shut yer yobs and play football? Talking to the press against your current employer, who may I remind you, pay you insane amounts of money to kick a ball is completely unacceptable. Don’t like it? Leave. Bitchy girly girls.

    • RobM says:

      Yeah, what’s with these players having brains and thinking and speaking for themselves instead of behaving like lobotomised robots like the players in your copy of FIFA 2010 do. Waah waah waah.

      It isn’t like Bendtner’s out there shouting the odds every week. If there’s a problem with part of our setup it needs to be fixed.

  4. forza forza says:

    good,hopefully he will fuck off aswell

  5. Bigdog says:

    Yeah, ta ra bendtner you heap of shit!!

  6. Tom says:

    Anyone got the address of a Donkey Sanctuary?

  7. john says:

    You knob heads bendtner has been playing through the pain barrier and still scored important goals.

    I knew he waasnt match fit you can tell but he still wanted to play. And we need him cause eduardo was hopeless and carlos vela kept getting injured.

    The kid done brilliant for us and he isnt blaming arsenal

  8. George says:

    I dare you guys to come up with a single positive article about the club you are meant to support.

  9. darren says:

    Bendtner is an over rated player. he’s pure lousy and doesn’t give a rat’s ass, but he is correct in his opinion of our medical / physio staff. something needs to be done.

    As for the rest of the eejits on here who have their head in the sand and are all yes men unwilling to admit to faults in our club and the crapness of certain players….. OPEN YOUR EYES. Bendtner is an average player playing for a top team who will always create chances.

    • Simon says:

      Why not just say he is not good enough for Arsenal and leave it at that? Which I agree he isn’t. But the way you try and force your opinion across by calling him lousy and calling everyone eejits makes it sound like you yourself have no respect for our great club. Have some respect mate we all want the best for Arsenal and if Bendtner’s what we got and keep, i will cheer him till my voice goes hoarse.

    • TrueGunner says:

      Pure Lousy and does not give a rat’s arse?

      Bendtner always works hard for the team and has scored alot of important goals, he misses alot of chances but so did Henry when he first came, AW stuck with him and rest is history, granted Bendtner is no Henry but he gets himself into great positions never hides and keeps going, he also scores at international level, but he is PURE lousy yeah ?

      He is still young, he had a nightmare game got mocked in the media next game he got a hatrick the papers had to eat humble pie, many others would have crumpled the guys got guts , Wenger knows how to pick a player, people like you would have scrapped Song aswell.

      You do not have a clue mate.

  10. GOONA says:

    I’m not at all surprised our bank manager probably got ’em on the cheap like he does with our inferior players. Yah get what yah pay for.

  11. Amos says:

    You need to try a bit harder to understand what is being said. He says clearly that he hasn’t been treated incorrectly – but that he has had to play too many matches. In other words he’s blaming Arsenal for playing him while he was only 70 or 80% fit and if he had taken ‘better to take care of himself’. In other words if he had ruled himself out of Arsenals games (the club that plays his wages) he would have had more chance of being fit to play for Denmark (at Arsenals expense).

  12. DANNY says:

    l hope Arsene awakes and realise that this Danish is worse than Ade.what kind of a striker is he,l guess he is the worst pathetic forward ever to play for Gunners.must go with this twit Russian.bring Henry back as a backup.

  13. yay says:

    Yes! Let’s ArsenalAction handles our injury situation. Appoint them Arsene, im sure they’d do a much better job!

  14. luke says:

    Wow,looks like there are so many players to be ridiculed,kicked out and abused. And so many quick silver fans are ready to shoot from the hips, blind-folded. Firstly,why are these players here? Wenger did not bring in players lightly,except some opportunistic ones,does that mean Wenger has been wrong all along,should he go too? And maybe the whole team should be dissolved? What pathetic short sighted view some people seem to have,without looking at the roots of incidents. Secondly,the medical staff had not covered themselves with glory,a disturbing fact. And lastly,mainly due to massive injuries,players had been playing out of positions or not enough cover,hence the dip in form for most,not to mention there were not enough muscles to give sufficient defensive shield. Will judge them better next season,without too many injuries, one hopes.

    • Vikinggooner says:

      So pathetic to read some of comments ….how old is Bendtner? Looks like u all think he is like 30..well he aint that old he..? 23!..remember when i was that age…had to lie for my mam and dad to keep them comfortable with me…point is…Bendtner probably said that he feels fine..i want to what do u do medical staff,when a 23 year old big dane full of testosteron says….I WANT TO PLAY..IM READY!!!? Did cesc burry that penalty with a broken leg????? AFC 4 EVER!!!!

  15. The Fan says:

    I don’t know what goes on in the club or not but if injuries aren’t handled well enough then arsenal best sort it out asap because buying a new medical staff is cheaper than a new player and in this case may be more important.

  16. Willsie says:

    Bendtner should of kept quiet or said it to Wenger. Not to the press, so it’s easy to see why is often touted as cocky or arrogant. A cloud of negativity hangs of the club which may lead to its demise if Wenger doesn’t steady the ship.

    However, despite of how much he makes us pull out our hair(Bendtner), I must concede he has delivered during Van Persies injury, his tally to goals ratio were great and he scored important goals.

    He needs to improve his game but I fear that many supporters ay end up eating their word about this danish fellow.

    Kiss My Arsenal UK

  17. Adam says:

    What a bunch of thick faggots some of you are.

    Bendtner is shit is he? You fucking morons, look at his goal tally then look at his age! He’s getting better every season and is going to be an amazing player for us.

    Every big club needs a young up and coming striker as a third or fourth choice, no top 20 goal a year striker will sit on the bench with 3 players in front of him.

  18. Khalle@ says:

    I don’t want to say that I have been treated wrong, but that i did not get enough time to treat the injury BECAUSE we played many games. So, maybe I could be better at lookiung after myself. .

    – Jeg vil ikke sige, at jeg er blevet behandlet forkert, men jeg vil sige, at jeg ikke har fået tid til at behandle skaden, fordi vi har spillet mange kampe. Så jeg kunne måske være bedre til at passe bedre på mig selv. Jeg har altid gerne ville spille alle kampe, siger Bendtner til

  19. G by blood says:


  20. Goonerant says:

    Arsenal Action is great! Whenever I need a stories from the darkside I always check in…….. We shoudln’t glorify Bendtner’s moaning by commenting on it……….

  21. GOONA says:

    I agree with Adam. Well said sir!

  22. BigL says:

    Anyone else starting to think that the players are starting to think Wenger has lost it?

    First Cesc wanting to leave, now Vela? Looks like yet another year of rebuilding on the cards

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