Wages will not put Arsenal off Joe Cole

Posted: June 2, 2010 by thevanster in Uncategorized

Just a very short piece from me to those who say that they cannot see Joe Cole coming to Arsenal because of his wage demands.

May I point out that Monsieur Wenger also broke the wage barrier for one Sol Campbell in the year 2001. Why? How did he justify it? Because he did not have to pay a transfer fee. And it’s an identical case for Mr. Cole.

Do I think it’s going to happen? Yes. Why? Don’t know, just have a gut feeling. It’s the sort of transfer Wenger will make, Joe Cole is the sort of player Wenger would like. As the metro has pointed out, Cole has just had a son, why would he want to move away from  London and uproot his family? He’s spent his whole life playing in  London. It hasn’t received wide spread news coverage yet. If every paper under the sun was reporting this, I would be inclined to believe it was BS. However, most papers think this is unlikely. First it was The Star and now The Metro. I don’t think The Metro would risk it’s reputation (the little it has) on a story they are unsure of when no one else was reporting it.  And for all the stick we give them, the tabloids do have their sources in the little people of the footballing world. After all, it was sport.co.uk who revealed the Chamakh and Vermaelen transfers. It was The Sun who revealed Bacary Sagna. It would be like Wenger to make a signing under the radar. Perhaps we don’t need reinforcement in that area, but Wenger signed Lassana Diarra when we had 5 central midfielders.

People may point out that The Star claimed that the deal would be signed. Who’s to say it hasn’t? Maybe it just has not been announced?

Comparisons with William Gallas? There are none. William Gallas is 33, wants a two year contract and has not completed a league season in 4 years. Knowing Wenger, there probably is some clause in Cole’s contract which says Arsenal can get shot of him if he doesn’t play X amount of games.

Am I happy with  the transfer? Well,  I’ve been screaming and bitching over here for Arsene to spend some money and sign a big name. And if this goes through, he will have. It may be a risk, but I’ve also been screaming at him to take risks. I can’t complain can I?

Personally, despite our strength in numbers in the creative department, I think we need a player like him. Fabregas can boss the midfield, but when he plays further up, we’re usually exposed at the back and he has no support usually. Arshavin is huffing and puffing on the left, Nasri will step up, make a few delicate touches and then get out muscled off the ball. When the going gets tight, I think having a player like Cole would be valuable and it will give us more attacking options on the bench.

And it wouldn’t be the first time Wenger took a chance on an injury prone player? Let’s hope Joe Cole turns out to be more like Marc Overmars than  Francis Jeffers.

Does this possibly signal the end of Carlos Vela or Emmanuel Eboue? I believe Cole will be in competition for a wingers spot and with Arshavin, Nasri and Vela (as we have too many options up front – unless Eduardo leaves) on the left, Theo and Eboue on the right – unless he plans to move Theo upfront, in which case one forward will leave. Either way, this signals the end of one Arsenal player’s career in my opinion.

I cannot however, see Andrey Arshavin being happy with this…. What with him making a measly 80,000 a week. Personally, I think this may mean he’s off. Apparently he was never Wenger’s signing anyway. It’s a shame. Despite his whining, he actually is a quality player. I think an extended period on the left wing next season will make that abundantly clear.

Wow, wasn’t such a short piece after all.

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  1. ali says:

    how confident are you that we will sign joe cole?

  2. momono says:

    he is a crock

  3. th14 says:

    Have read two Chelsea blogs which seem to agree that JC has already signed an agreement for a 3 year deal. Let’s hope it is true, I could do with a reason to watch Tott…England this summer!

  4. mike says:

    hi mate

    what do u mean he wasnt wengers player anyway

    do u mean he was signed by the board?

    • thevanster says:

      Reports have it that Ivan Gazidis signed him to appease the fans – hence why Wenger didn’t play him in the F.A Cup semis against Chelsea.

      Don’t know if it’s true, that’s just what reports say.

      • Joe says:


        What bollox. Wenger wouldn’t stand for it. Wenger makes the signings and picks the team. All else is speculative tripe.

      • DragonDragon says:

        Thought it was just Myles Palmer who said that…

      • Buck says:

        Arshavin didnt play vs Chelsea because Abromivich made that a condition when he helped broker the deal.

  5. liam says:

    joe Cole could be on the verge of making a shock move from Chelsea to Arsenal on a free transfer after rumours emerged today he has signed a three-year contract at the Emirates Stadium.
    According to reports, Cole’s representatives met up with Arsenal officials yesterday to thrash out the terms of the deal while the midfield playmaker was being called up to England’s World Cup squad by Fabio Capello.
    Barring any complications in the process the transfer is expected to be finalised next week, with a view to announcing the move before the tournament in South Africa begins in ten days’ time.
    The rumours follow hot on the heels of comments by Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp earlier today, when he admitted he believes Cole has agreed in principle to a move to another Premier League.

  6. Slice says:

    He’s just said how confident he is you end of bell

  7. Leon says:

    A highly paid treatment table warmer – are they bringing him in to keep RVP and Rosicky company ?

    • thevanster says:

      I can see why Arsenal fans may be wary of this, but he still managed 38 games this season. And apart from 08-09, has played fairly regularly.

  8. stonroy says:

    He would be a great signing. Joe Cole is extremely talented and fits the Arsenal style of play very well. I think this one is going to happen, after all he grew up a gooner and more importantly he will have a point to prove when he plays Chelsea. I’m happy about this one.

  9. GunnerSince!WasAGlintInTheMilkman'sEye says:

    Have you stopped calling Wenger a cunt for selling Cesc? Oh wait a minute, he is still a Gooner, you are a cunt.

  10. forza forza says:

    guys,believe it when you see it,that’s the moto.

  11. N7 Gooner says:

    1. Jack Wilshere could learn a LOT from Joe Cole – let’s hope AW doesn’t loan him to Bolton if he signs.

    2. I think Fab will go – Gourcuff and Joe Cole pleeeease!

    3. Wikipedia says Joe Cole grew up a Chelsea fan.

  12. George Graham says:

    Wenger signed Lassana Diarra because he was ‘one for the future’ & Campbell was worth it & injury-free.

    It was in the previous blog the report titled: ‘Joe Cole weighing up Arsenal offer’ – note the word ‘weighing’ as he demands of 120,000 a week whilst that report includes ‘It seems unlikely that Gunners boss Arsene Wenger would be willing to pay Coles massive pay packet, especially after rejecting William Gallas 80,000 a week demands on a new contract.’

  13. Paul N says:

    Can we have Eden Hazard also?

  14. eduardo says:

    the only idiot who has run the Arshavin is not a wenger signing is that muppet piles palmer on ANR, its just another stick for him to beat wenger and arsenal with

  15. jamesb says:

    great deal if goes through – will not believe it til i see it

    but think about that would mean we will have bought chamakh and cole for free 2 players in their prime both won title both champions league experience and will strengthen our team

    if cesc stays which arsenal comments seem to suggest (if not at least bumped up the transfer) and we get at least 1 new CB and hopefully a new keeper could be a very promising year ahead

  16. RJP says:

    Jamesb has pretty much summed things up,
    my manager was the one who told me about this rumour weeks ago and I didn’t believe him at the time, the other guy he told me was going to be playing for Arsenal next year is Buffon!
    I hope he is right, I wouldn’t mind us putting in a deluded but great bid for Lucio.

  17. Padre Pio says:

    Strange that Wenger said he blessed every mimute he spent signing Arshavin

  18. PTangYangKipperBang says:

    I would like this signing.

  19. simon says:

    I think it would be wired to make him the top paid player by gving him 120 000 a week. Even though it would be economicly justified because theres no transfer fee it would send out the wrong signals to players like Cesc, van Persie and Arshavin.

  20. Buck says:

    If this is true then it appear Wenger still has a bucket of cash to spend. Cole AND Chamak on free transfers.
    Only Wenger.

  21. wowness says:

    if you havnt noticed, wenger has first and final say on any possible transfers and no one else in the board has the power to directly sign a player other than wenger, so all signings are pretty damn much wenger signings especially ARSHAVIN. also wenger has made it very clear on numerous occasions that arshavin is pretty much his most favoured son and cherishes his ability to play the ball, so in absolutely no truth whatsoever would he not be a wenger signing. pure rubbish mate.

    secondly joe cole could be a replacement for the increasingly disappointing rosicky and to some extent eduardo, if these players dont match their ability prior to injury then they’ll see most of their time on the bench and goodbye next season.

  22. SW16Gooner says:

    It’s all gone quiet regarding the CB and GK positions, although the Koscielny rumours are still rumbling along. It would be fantastic if both he and Hangeland were signed – but I doubt that Hangeland will want to cross the river! But at 29 – and if a figure pf £10m was to be waved under Hodgson’s nose then, who knows! There was that earlier rumour that a deal for Green between the Arsenal sticks had been done, but nothing more about that has appeared. If true, he may well not be the accident-waiting-to -happen that everyone is expecting him to be and a good World Cup could do him a power of good. Let’s just see what happens – anyone know of any good CBs and GKs also available on frees??

  23. JOEL says:

    Probably a better player than Nasri and a harder worker than Arshavin but an unnecessary addition anyway-as he’s just adding to Arsenal’s merry band of lightweight ,skillful,and Injury prone attacking midfielders.
    Would he show Cesc that Arsenal mean business next Season ,and help persuade him to stay?-Perhaps!But first things first Arsenal need to bring in a proven Goal-Keeper (not from Fulham),Centre-Back (not from a mediocre French Outfit ) and Defensive Midfielder (Song needs help).
    If these new names persuade Cesc to change his mind-all well and good-if not at least we will have a side which can’t be bullied any more,with a better defensive outlook and one which would be better set up to revert back to 4-4-2.

  24. jimmy says:

    im all for joe cole joining us, i think he is a top player. but he is another injury prone player! arsenals whole season there are always top players sidelined which stuffs up our title challenge. so im a bit mixed with joe cole at the moment

  25. thevanster says:

    Edit: Apologies, incorrect stats.

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