[Photos] What on earth is going on with Cesc’s eyebrows?

Posted: June 3, 2010 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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I know it is a silly thing to pick up whilst all this stuff is going on, but i just couldn’t help but notice the change in Cesc’s eyebrows recently…

WHAT ON EARTH has cesc done?, is he playing supermodel or somehing? He just needs blusher and lipstick and he would look a right madam.

I am sorry but i just couldn’t help but laugh when i saw his recent photo!!

Old eyebrows…

New eyebrows…

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And if you are thinking about getting YOUR eyebrows done like Cesc…See this

In the era of the metrosexual male, for a guy to be well groomed is next to godliness. However, beware of eyebrows that are too well shaped. Learn how to get the perfect eyebrows– (not too shaped, but not too hairy), where to go and the different techniques to get rid of unwanted brow hair.

  1. mrswoo says:

    He’s had them threaded by the looks of it.

  2. Ross says:

    Those eyebrows make him look like gerard pique!

  3. dman says:

    CHeers 4 the vid

  4. Trojan says:

    That dude sure looks really stressed indeed. Meanwhile, after he was substituted, one of the fans on the stand behind the spanish bench was carrying a cardboard on which a message was being passed in spanish language obviously. But the only thing i could read out of it all was Barcelona and the fan carrying the cardboard was hitting the glass “hut” of the sub bench to get Cesc attention so he could read what he had on the cardboard. I suppose the spanish fans are in the game too??? Sad 4 Cesc

  5. Campcesc says:

    He apparently is going to buy out his Arsenal contract…

  6. Gunnarian says:

    Almost all the spanish players are doing the same thing with thier eyebrows. Look at Xavi, Dived Vila and all the others. It seems to be an ordenary thing for them.

  7. Qunicy says:

    Cesc looks so gay…

  8. h says:

    nice vid

  9. stonroy says:

    This has got to be the most stupid post since the internet was invented, you sound like a little baby. Geez man let’s stick to football.

    • Campcesc says:

      Get a life…it’s end of season and lifts the gloom n doom…keep going Aesenal action, great blog

  10. Chiedu says:

    I thought I was the only one to notice, that the guy’s grooming his eye brows!

    The time He has!

  11. noddy says:

    Hey at least they don’t meet in the middle.

  12. LOL says:

    He realized in order to be initiated into the Barca team he needed to look like a queer just like the players there so he’s just getting ready for that. David Villa did it last year just so he can be a year early.

  13. lol says:

    well he did have that modelling gig a few months back, maybe the photo was taken during that time. cause ive seen the photo before, it aint new.

  14. JSP says:

    Daigo Arsehole!! Piss off to Barca!!

    Gunners Rule!!!

  15. McJonathan says:

    leave fabregas alone please… am a gooner, but i support his move 2 d catalans. The guy is a great player nd he has no trophy 2 show 4 it! So let him go 2 where he’ll have more chance of gettin something. Cos ARSENAL ain’t gonna win anythin anytime soon….

  16. Ad says:

    He’s gonna buy out his contract is he? What? The £3million pound payment that we gave him to stay at the club and to buy out his contract would cost him personally just under £30 million pounds. And don’t start with the crap that barca can pay it because it would be illegal for them to do so, they would be fined massively and Fabregas would be banned from playing football professionally in Europe. Wank stain knob cheese!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. jaygooner says:

    This Cesc is going stuff is beginning to pee me right off. Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth (was it Stalin who said that?) These are the facts. Cesc has always said he would only move, no timeframe, to Barca. Barcacuntulunya spread stories in the media, gleefully lapped up by the British press and SkynotSportsnews, backed up by Spanish Barca players daily mouthing the Barca DNA blah blah blah, this lead to Cesc making the statement that he would put the issue in the hands of his manager and trust his decision, Barcacuntulunya made two unwelcome unofficial approaches followed by a laughable official bid, then the Mighty Arsenal acted. The classiest “fuck off and don’t come back” statement was issued. It wasnt a “come back with a better deal” statement, it was a 100% Cesc is staying statement. It amazes me that obviously intelligent Arsenal fans (knucklescrapers like Bazmundo take note) cannot see this. Cesc Fabregas is under contract to Arsenal Football Club until 2015, and dont, please dont, give it with the webster shit (his new contract is dated 2009) or a transfer request ( he is not a grubby want away) Cesc remains an Arsenal player and will only leave under the best terms for both himself and the Club. Anyone slagging Cesc off need to step back and wonder This man came off the bench while injured in the Villa and single handed won it This man played and scored a penalty against Baracuntulunya with a broken leg Seems to me Cesc might have a bit of the Mighty Arsenal DNA in him.

  18. Andy Mack says:

    If I understand it correctly, Cesc amended (extended) is contract last year, and the webster deal is that you can’t buy yourself out within 3 years of signing/amending the contract. If he leaves this summer it’ll be because Barca offer more than AW thinks he’s worth (£60/70m) and I don’t think barca can afford that.

  19. Supergunner14 says:

    thought that was funny!!eyebrow tip’s pisser and his gone for a beard.you should upload a video of that but with gennaro gattuso beard stlying tips too 🙂

  20. jaygooner says:

    And so it goes on….. Laporte uses his sources in the media to state Arsenal must “allow” the deal to progress. Ermmm hang on rewind…. Arsenal MUST allow? That is blatent tapping up FIFA/UEFA/FA must act now. A player on a long term contract and this prick at Barca says the Mighty Arsenal must allow? Tell you what Laporte allow me to tell you to fuck off. The official Arsenal statement said exactly that but more politely catalunyan pricks

  21. Campcesc says:

    Nice to see cesc has come out and said what he wants…….not

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