Senderos the Scapegoat joins Fulham

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The story of Philippe Sylvain Senderos – Big Phil aka Swiss Tony.

He signed for Arsenal in December 2002, though he remained at Servette until the following summer. The transfer fee was reportedly £2.5m.

His first season at Arsenal was plagued by injury But Big Phil made a name for himself in 2006 with Kolo Toure at the heart of Arsenal’s Champions League run which included a record-breaking run of ten clean sheets.

I was convinced that Senderos was a future Arsenal captain.

He was a very good young defender. Decent in the air, solid in a 50/50 tackle. Senderos was committed & professional for club and country.

However, Senderos suffered at the hands of Drogba & Torres and was blamed for everyhing..Senderos just could not handle the power of Drogba, time and time again Drogba would score and you would see Senderos walk off with his head down… But since Senderos what has changed? NOTHING.. Drogba is still doing the same thing to Silvestre,Gallas and Thomas Vermaelen. So Maybe it was not all his fault?

And in a Recent Poll on Arsenal Action, When asked who Arsenal fans would rather have out of Senderos or Silvestre? Senderos got 280 votes to Silvestre 28.

But Senderos was blamed for everything and in 2008 Senderos was sent out on loan to AC Milan and played 12 games, Returning to Arsenal he was overlooked behind Silvestre and was loaned out again to Everton…

During this time did Arsenal’s weak defence look more solid without Senderos? NO… High balls into the box vs teams like Blackburn, Stoke, Wigan and Bolton still a massive problem. EVEN without Senderos…

But for a player still only 25 he has been treated very badly by Wenger and been made to look like a Scapegoat.

Personally I would pick Senderos ahead of Silvestre all day and night…

Well now the Scapegoat has gone and i wish him all the best. I’m sorry to see him go.. Good luck Swiss Tony

Debate this more on the forum ( HERE )

No doubt Silvestre will get a new deal at Arsenal now.

  1. GunnerSince!WasAGlintInTheMilkman'sEye says:

    You just cannot help yourself can you?

    You AREW a spud!!!


  2. mike says:

    totally agree mate he was scapegoted and it is unfortunate that after cl defeat at anfield, wenger lost faith in him

    also agree i would always choose him above that numpty silvestre

  3. GunnerSince!WasAGlintInTheMilkman'sEye says:

    I was agreeing with you right uo til you just HAD to use this as a way of slating the manager yet again!

    He was scape goated by Gooners like you, you 2 faced twat.

    Wenger, if anything, showed him too much faith and gave him numerous chances. I really thought he would be a great player for us, but his is a mental problem. A bit like the “author” of this blog!

  4. rellends says:

    unfairly treated in my opinion. problem was he always seemed to need a run of games to build his confidence up and he just never seemed to get that. would have had him in ahead of alien head every time.

  5. JOEL says:

    I never particularly rated him but you are absolutely correct in your assessment-he should have played before Sylvestre every single time!

  6. oliver says:

    I do not think too many would realistically agree that Senderos is a better choice than Silvestre – considering who we are comparing him too, however, that is not saying too much. Has too much been made of Drogba owning him? Probably, and I agree Drogba dominates most defenders (Lucio and Samuel being a notable exception). However, I think the end of Senderos’ Arsenal career came at Anfield in the second leg of the Spring 2008 CL QF tie – he left his man, Hyppia of all people – for the one goal and was left for dead by Torres for another. I have nothing personal against Senderos, I do not believe that Ashley Cole/Myles Palmer garbage about his blowing Keown off, but I don’t think he ever really improved as a player. One can argue he was not given an opportunity here, but Milan and Everton did give him opportunities and neither chose to keep him. Good luck to him at Fulham, I hope he does well. For me, however, he never took the next step from his 05-6 form. He has the size and physical strength to be a top defender, but is too slow and does not seem mentally strong enough. AW lost faith in him and there is no point in keeping him around.

    • But yet Wenger still has faith willl the likes of Silvestre, Denilson,Almunia and Fabianski

      • oliver says:

        If the decision were up to me, Silvestre and Almunia would never, ever wear our shirt again. Fabianski and Denilson would start next season as reserves, to work on confidence/basics and application/effort, respectively. But the thing is, these decisions are NOT up to me. As much as I disagree with many of AW’s personnel and tactical moves, I do not profess to know better than him. And, as it so happens, I agree with this particular decision (Senderos). It does not mean I am more correct than someone who disagrees, it just means I have my own take on it. I can debate what I feel are AW’s best moves and his worst moves, ad nauseum. But at the end of the day, they are all opinions, just like everyone else that does not have direct input or make these decisions.

  7. oliver says:

    Sorry – in my first sentence, I am attempting to make the point that Senderos is a better option to Silvestre. It seems to read quite the opposite – my bad!

  8. Ato says:

    He was good you mean? He couldn’t even get into Everton’s team. He was sent to Milan on loan/purchase deal but Milan didn’t exercise their option and that means a lot.

    Please don’t hype a mediocre player. He was just not good; same as Denilson, Almunia, Diaby, Fabianski, Rosicky, Eduardo and Traore who’re being pampered with big contracts to continue to play trash.

  9. Campcesc says:

    Arsenal action yet again u have hit the nail on the head. Senderos is only 25 but yet we have gallas, silvestre and Campbell all over 30 and all avalb to leave this summer like senderos for free. Wenger should have given him a chance last season to try n win a new contract ahead of that prat silvestre

    • you're all wrong says:

      He had the chance to earn a contract at milan and everton and failed, Wenger ancelotti and moyes all decided not to play him….

      slow of mind and slow of foot thats senderos.

  10. scottsheldon says:

    He had the turning circle of an hgv and unfortunatley every mistake he made was punished by a goal

  11. potter says:

    Phil Senderos needs regular football to be at the top of his game and like many others on the fringe of the first team squad suffers from the clubs policy of using the reserve team as a youth experiment.I just wonder how much actual competitive playing time these players get. They can’t develop by just training and sitting on the bench.

  12. GTB says:

    Why could my post not stand? Is it because someone chose to disagree with you? Mug.

  13. Nick says:

    Such utter nonsense, you write. We’ll never know the truth about why he wanted out so badly, but its clear that he did — if you have evidence that it was the club’s doing, present it, or withdraw your accusations as the baseless malice they appear to be. Garbage.

  14. MrC says:

    Tony Adams had a shaky few seasons at first. Got slaughtered and was made scapegoat for England’s early exit from Euro 88.
    Every club has these love to hate players. Some have turned many opinions around Mr Song I’m starting to like you now….others like Phil wont get a second chance.
    Hodgson will get the best out of Senderos. Good luck to him.

  15. johnny hoy says:

    The big sin at Anfield was the way he turned his back on his man as the corner came over. Not only is it the last thing you do but he did exactly the same thing in a lge game at Highbury earlier in the season. I’m sorry I can’t recall who the opposition was that day but to have a pro committing errors of the type – only to re-commit it again only weeks later… Come on man, you can’t blame Wenger for giving up on the guy.
    Senderos, like most of the side, seems like a decent person and I wish him well.

    Arsenal need a couple of less than decent people is the fact of the matter.

  16. Goonerant says:

    Senderos could have been a great defender under George Graham (no criticism of Wenger). He seemed to be the sort of defender that needed to be coached and drilled in defence. Its no coincidence that his best season was under the coaching influence of Keown. Best of luck Swiss Tony.

  17. PTangYangKipperBang says:

    I don’t think he was scapegoated. He just turned out to be somehow too slow and clumsy/cumbersome. He had the turning circle of a tanker. He was skinned so badly in 1 game the poor fellow was reported to be balling his eyes out at half time. However, I actually think that he is a good defender, he just needs to be in the right sort of team and defensive setup. He was exposed badly at Arsenal because of the high line we play. It requires defenders to be really quick. Quick on the turn as well. I think he was a good fellow though and would’ve given his all for the club. Be lucky Big Phil.

  18. Eddee says:

    Aint got much to say, but in as much as I respect the views of everybody here I wish to state that Philippe Senderos didn’t deserve to go at least not without Mikael Sylvestre and Almunia. Lol

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