[Video] Mark Schwarzer is a clown, Sign Mesut Ozil NOW

Posted: June 13, 2010 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Tonight I watched the Germans v Australia World cup game and did my own little scouting report on a player we are linked with Mark Schwarzer.

All I can say is lets hope and pray that we dont sign this clown.

God knows why we are even looking at a 37 year old keeper who has never played at the top club or at the top level or in the champions league is beyond me?

But I wanted to be proved wrong tonight and wanted to see him have a good game.

It couldnt be any worst, to say that Rob Green and the Algerian keeper looked better would be harsh. Schwarzer got a “hand” to the first goal and for the 2nd it was pure Comedy. He came flapping for a cross that he was never going to get and got beat by a header into an open goal. Not the type of thing we would want to see after the sights of Almunia and Fabianski last season.

After that he was all over the place, Poor kicking, poor punching and just looked a disaster waiting to happen….In all Schwarzer let in only FOUR goals.

I hope Arsene watch tonights game and this made his mind up. PLEASE Arsene dont do this to us. DONT SIGN THIS CLOWN!

On the other hand the young german Mesut Ozil looks a fine player and a perfect replacement for Cesc, “IF” he was to leave

The guy was amazing, Pace and vison and had a hand in everything. Sweet left peg and would be a fantastic signing. No doubt after tonight all the big clubs will be looking at him.

Debate this more on the forum (HERE)


Video of the 2nd goal

  1. anders says:

    amen to that.

  2. Colin says:

    Your being a bit harsh. you are only judging him on 1 performance. he is way better than what we have at the moment

  3. angelo says:

    He’s not good enough!!! I watch the game and for me not world class!!! Arsenal need to get Gigi Buffon or Joe Hart… C’mon Arsenal pay the money and stop messing around..

    • DLS says:

      Based on one game you’ve decided that Mark Schwarzer is a crap keeper. What about the fact that the Australia team in front of him is generally not very good and defended awfully. What about the fact that Schwarzer has been very impressive for his club side this season. Considered any of that. Don’t be so narrow minded and reactionary.

      Also, please don’t base your ludicrous suggestions for Arsenal signings based on one game you’ve seen. It makes you look really immature and fickle. I can only assume that most managers are aware of this Ozil bloke and won’t have suddenly discovered him on ITV prime time like you.

      • We knew about Ozil a long time ago >> http://arsenalaction.com/board/mesut-ozil-t951.html

        Its not based on tonights game

      • Aaron says:

        We’ve also been linked with him a few times before and he’s not making these suggestions because of this one game, this one game just backs up other evidences of Schwarzer being garbage and Ozil being a genius. Ozil will be better than Fabregas soon enough, he is absolutly brilliant and the runs he makes just blow my mind with how easy he can kill a defense.

    • hitesh says:

      ozil is really good and is really amazing and it would be really better if he will partner cesc,joe cole and up in front chamakh and van persie and then arsenal should buy two defenders……one for cover and one to start with vermalen and they should buy a quality goalkeeper like Lloris,neuer as they are young and really good in front of goal and they should also sell sagna and buy glen johnson………i would like arsenal to see play in this kind of formation


      clichy kosciencly vermalen glen johnson

      cesc ozil joe cole

      van persie chamakh

  4. baz says:

    right.. so over his career spanning 17 (give or take) years, your judging him on ONE game? nice one prik!

    • Nope. Also watched him vs Arsenal this season and he was crap.. Watch our goals on that game

      • Spursaholic says:

        You are completely full of shit. Mark Schwarzer has been one of themost consistent keepers in the Prem this season. This is coming from a Spurs fan. You are a typical whinging Arsenil fan. Just like your manager.

  5. Mark says:

    He is a lot more consistant that what we have now, you can’t judge him on one game when to be honest he was at fault for just one of the goals.

    As for saying Ozil would be a perfect replacement for Cesc….that’s just ridiculous. How can you compare him after one game against a team of what are essentially mid table has beens playing for a national side? Besides, that Muller looked a lot more of a player

  6. Lee says:

    People are blaming da ball imagine almunia with the jabulani ball

  7. Kazirifath says:

    Totally agree with u. I would rather keep almunia. Ozil just fantastic if we sign him he will be better than cese a future worldstar. I hope wenger watch this game and also fear others clubs will be after him after this match

  8. Akinremi Abayomi says:

    I have always had my fear about Arsene signing Schwarzer. No way better than Almunia or Fabianski who are all mediocres in my book. Joe Hart is a better choice with age on his side. Beg Arsene not kill this club further.

  9. Lee says:

    I would rather hve enyeama of nigirea and ozil vry gud 4 werder brumen as well and pienaar jst bcz iam South african

  10. Turk says:

    Ozil is class, forget joe cole ozil is the one!!

    • arsenal4ever says:

      Cole for free and Ozil for 20 mill sounds good business to me!!! Cole has already agreed terms with us!!!

  11. Dan.Aust says:

    Schwarzer and cahill are usually our two best players, my heart says I’d love to see an Australian play for Arsenal, but my head says keep waiting cause Schwarzer isnt the answer (better than Green though). I thought Mertesaker looked good, Ozil was great getting forward and was mentioned in the Australian Broadcast as a potential replacement for Cesc, but is he enough of a box to box type player? We’ll have to wait and see

  12. Turk says:

    Ozil is class forget cole

  13. arsenal norway says:

    Should signed özil a long time ago, think his price will go up now. Hope we dont sign schwarzer!

  14. Turk says:

    Guys on a series note ozil gas been peforming like that for 2 years and Many fans are not basing this on one game-he was the star in Germany under 21 tournament after scoring 4 against England and taking Bremen to the urfa cup final….he has great vision and is Germany best player and would walk into England and arsenal team…

    Schwarzer to be arsenL number 1 – not for me…..he has never played in the champions league or for a top club and he is 37

  15. Danish Gooner says:

    Schwarzer is dirt cheap that is why wenger wants him

  16. FM says:

    If we are to be judging players by a game, then considering Petr cech performance against Turkey in Europe, he should be playing for leeds utd now,right?

  17. Campcesc says:

    Well said Arsenal action..agree with you on both

  18. Fulhamfan says:

    Just goes to show that most of posters here are fair weather football fans. Ozil has been a known talent for at least 12 months, so the fact you are only crying for his signature shows you dont watch football other than highlights from MOTD. Oh and I’m more than happy to keep Mark Schwarer at Fulham… he is quailty, but we at Fulham know his strengths are not shot stopping at close range. He plays very well in an organised defence which don’t all close up action, I.E Fulhams.

  19. Amso says:

    Ozil daaaaah iz gud 4 us but african keeper doesnot belivable.Plz keep alimunia.

  20. Ranj says:

    Fabianski must go. Immediately. I knew that when Alladyce said when we lost to Blackburn, we knew that the keeper wouldn’t be able to cope with balls in the air. He was right, Fabianski couldn’t. How anyone can say that he is better than ANY keeper is beyond me. He’s the worst thing to happen to Arsenal since Pascal Cygan. Australia were crap, but take nothing away from Ozil, he was awsome 2nite. Too early to say if he can replace Cesc, but I agree an offer shoulld be made, coz we might not land him. By now spending giants like Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Chelsea and Man City have taken note of his performance. There are other players who could replace Cesc.

  21. perrygrovesworld says:

    oh for god’s sake is it your first World Cup? Every manager in the business (excluding Championship Manager gamers like you) know that you don’t judge players based on the World Cup. Too many flash in the pain stars have turned out to be expensive failures let me start with Baros, Angel……. The list goes on.

    Watch and learn but don’t spunk your transfer budget on the first good performance…

  22. Jon says:

    Ozil looked a very good player tonight but, we have to bear in mind that Australia didn’toress the German team high enough up the pitch to reduce the space that he would have. Whether he will bve great or not will be determined by his performance against world class defensive midfielders. But as fortonight he was awesome and by far the stand out player of the game.

  23. Ross says:

    I dont want that diving cunt ozil to play for Arsenal!!

    He may be good, but has no class

  24. Breezy says:

    The only one who’s a clown here is you, judging a player on 1 or 2 games is sure sign of your football ignorance. Schwarzer has probably been one of the most consistent keepers the league over the past few years, both at Fulham and Middlesbrough before, and I’d take him over the two keepers we currently have.

  25. George says:

    Booked for diving.. Sign him up!

  26. hagi says:

    r u guys crazy this old keeper is not better then any of our keepers we rather not sign him there is keepers that we need to sign
    1. south africa keeper jumps like a tiger
    2. nigerian keeper is perfect for arsenal and costs less then 5mil
    3. or robert green those three keepers fit for our hunger of a title race or keeper

  27. Dave says:

    m8 you are the Clown! Shwarz had a pretty good game, the only fault was hesitating on that fantastic header! Which is totally unlike him, i don’t even need to make excuses for him, but it couldve been the ball! He is way better then anything we have at the emirates at the moment (not including scez ofcourse). Don’t judge, Australia went through the qualification stages hardly conceding a goal, which was in large due to the efforts of this man. You saw how bad our back 4 were last night…Mark will be a great interim keeper and is probably the best keeper in the premier league at the moment. The rest are too inconsistant.

  28. Dave says:

    oh and we don’t want diving #*$(_]’s at Arsenal you idiots!

    and don’t judge a keeper on two games, ie fulham last game and australia germany last night. Just google him you morons. Shits all over big al and flapa, fantastic goal keeper he is.

  29. kc says:

    Ozil is the real deal. The guy led all of Bundesliga in Assists last season for Weder Bremen. He isn’t sum “flash in the pants”. I read he’s valued at 12 million, but I imagine that’s too low for a young player of his quality. Truly a super star in the making. A dream signing.

  30. Goonerant says:

    An opinion on Schwarzer after his first game in the world cup. Don’t be ridiculous! I can’t take this seriously. It’s entertaining though…..

  31. Deano says:

    Ozil is a good player but will never be as efficient as cesc! We also have wilshere and ramsey for attacking midfield so i wouldn’t boher trying to sign him! The best young attacking talent is eden hazard anyway!

  32. brian says:

    Almunia is a clown buy he is way better than what Schwarzer showed yesterday. He didnt command his goal well. U cant blame it one the whole team really coz even if Nigeria were crap against Argentina, the goalkeeper was fantastic. the same for the south African keeper not to mention the American keeper. so no Schwarzer for Arsenal. we should rather have Mannone.

  33. Tommygun says:

    Mark Schwarzer is cleary not good enough and you are right, lets hope we dont sign him.

    As for Mesut Ozil? We have a player who is the same if not better. Jack Wilshere

  34. jamesb says:

    schwarzer aint world class but had a better season than almunia and fabianski, unfair to call him shit just because had a bad game, I don’t know what arsenal going to do with keepers next year, if stays the same then we are going to struggle again.

    and yes ozil a quality player but id rather wilshere any day who looks as good and is much younger

  35. Gooner from Sydney says:

    Are you nuts? This guy is class, I’m not just being biased cos hes Aussie, he is really a brilliant keeper that has occasionally kept Australia up on his own. Stop being so short sighted and judge him on more than one match

    • Tommygun says:

      Gooner from “sydney” You are Audtallian so you are going to say that your keeper is class.

      From the outside he is far from class and not better then Almunia or Fabianski

    • Dan.Aust says:

      He was Australian Footballer of the year in 2009, sure there isnt much competition with most of better players playing in the smaller European leagues leaving Grella, Emerton, Cahill, Garcia and Breciano in the top leagues but the guy was a star for us during qualifying, which Im sure is believable if you consider the way our defence played last night and the fact we qualified, he had alot of saves to make 😛

      And if I was put in the position of having to decide between Schwazer and Green, I would pick Schwazer…

      I just hope we DONT have to pick between them… Neither are going to answer our problems

  36. Oliver says:

    What a moron you are. Didn’t you write an entire article last week ridiculing Arsenal for signing young players. Suddenly, we should sign Ozil because he looked good in 1 game you saw him in.


    Know nothing.

  37. Gordon says:

    Nice vent there?

    Schwarzer is no Buffon or Lloris, but he’s better than the lads Arsenal have at the moment. If you look at the all the goals besides the second, the defence is the real let down. Sure, he misjudged the second goal, but he made plenty of other fine saves.

    Combine poor defence with a team like Germany and he’s not going to win the game by himself.

    I don’t think we need reminding of Almunia ‘tapping’ the ball into his own net vs Birmingham or Fabianksi picking up that back pass vs Porto.

    You seem to base his whole career on this game, yet forget that without him, Fulham, wouldn’t have gone as far as they did in Europe.

  38. Brahmabull says:

    Ozil is too expensive, and the cat’s out of the bag now that he’s shown what he can do in front of the world. Forget him, it’s fantasy now.

    Cesc is not going anywhere – he’s going to have a fantastic Cup run, and his price will only stay up, not go down. Barca cannot afford him.

    Fulham have said Schwarzer is not for sale. Full stop. I expect my club, the Arsenal, to respect other clubs when they say their players are not for sale unlike those cunts in Barcelona.

    So in both cases, let’s look elsewhere. We need a new keeper, we need two new CB’s. Otherwise, we’re fine.

  39. kc says:

    I sure hope Wilshire developes into this super star a lot of us already think he is. There’s a difference between being ready now and being ready in 2 to 3 years. I watched Jack play almost every game last season and he is not near to Cesc level yet. Ozil is.

  40. Ad says:

    My sentiments exactly. Don’t rate Schwarzer very highly anyway particularly and he ain’t gone up in my estimations now. And at half time I* was on wikipedia trying to find out about Ozil. Very impressed by his performance. 22 year old and at Werder Bremen. We should try and get a package deal sorted out with Pertersacker in the mix as well. Very good solid German display. They are the ones to beat so far!

  41. Ouwais says:

    Hi Guys. I was lucky enough to be at the game I totally agree with the author however I’d like to add Thomas Mueller to the list of possibilities he looked the part and you know what the Germans play football that is similar to Arsenal’s. The German keeper looked good and so did Mertesacker I guess it was the usuall german efficiency.

  42. Adam says:

    I doubt a keeper on the planet would have saved the first goal. The second was an error, though more an error in not getting off his line a moment quicker… The other goals were not his fault either.

    While it was not a commanding game by him he was under siege by the Germans and receiving little support from those in front of him. I think he actually made a couple of good saves and the scoreline could have been a lot worse.

    But that said, I would prefer a better keeper than Schwarzer (or Almunia or Fabianski).

    Ozil a replacement for Fabregas. He is a quality player and had a great game but he is a different player to Fabregas and not a direct replacement.

  43. Bektas says:

    We wont sign Ozil, and there is no chance of it. His value has probably sky-rocketed.

  44. GOONA says:

    Well if Swartz or Green joins us there’ll be another clown along with the other two and our manage whoops!! bank manager will be the ring master oh what a circus we’d have goals scored against us from the half way line that wouldn’t at all surprise me. For gawds sake pay the cash and get us a decent keeper and not one near pension age because thats what the majority of us long suffering gooners want….

  45. rellends says:

    schwarzer is light years ahead of anything we have right now. give germany a bit of credit as well.

  46. […] [Video] Mark Schwarzer is a clown, Sign Mesut Ozil NOW Tonight I watched the Germans v Australia World cup game and did my own little scouting report on a player we are […] […]

  47. Gioo says:

    Way too harsh. Just look at Schwarzer’s performances from Fulham last season and you’ll see how good it he is. Definately one of the top 5 keepers in the EPL. And as with Ozil? Well, apparently we were in ‘advanced’ talks with him although that never eventuated. After his performance against Australia, his price probably just grew astronomically and i doubt we’ll sign him, unless Wenger splashes out a lot of cash. I’d pick out of him and Gourcuff, even if Fabregas stays.

  48. Curt says:

    Mark Schwarzer has never played at the top level. Two world cups as a first choice keeper apparently means no top level experience these days?

    What about taking Fulham to the Europa final? That wasn’t bad.
    What about him being the keeper with the most saves in the EPL 08/09 season

    This is the definition of knee-jerk reactions to a player.

  49. groucho says:

    schwarzer is a clown, youre right!
    not only because of bad keeping. he mentioned the german keepers are underclass.
    no more comment on that.
    özil? extremely good player, but i dont think he will leave werder bremen soon.

  50. […] [Video] Mark Schwarzer is a clown, Sign Mesut Ozil NOW […]

  51. […] his mistakes vs Germany , Keeper Mark Schwarzer (37)  ended his poor World Cup with another mistake and poor show last […]

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