Tactically Domenech & Wenger Are The SAME!

Posted: June 17, 2010 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Having watched Raymond Domenech’s french side lose 2-0 tonight vs Mexico and drawing 0-0 vs Uruguay, I noticed that his style of football & tactics at times is just like our own manager in recent years.

At times tonight watching the french was just like watching Arsenal.

Loads of the ball, passing from side to side. But how many saves did the mexican keeper have to make in the game? How many saves did the Uruguay keeper make? How isolated was the lone striker? How many times did the cross come in with nobody in the box?….. Things we have all said about the Arsenal recently.

Both Domenech and Wenger are clueless when it comes to tactics.

Both play with only ONE striker and both blind to see that its not working and both stubborn to admit they made a mistake and change there style and play 4-4-2.

No doubt the in Arsene we trust massive will come out and tell me how plastic I am but everything I have said in this post is fact.

Tactically Domenech & Wenger are the SAME! and thats why the french have not won anything in years and thats why Arsenal have not won anything in years.

Sinbad – www.arsenalaction.com

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  1. realist says:

    We only started playing 4-5-1 consistantly this year..we always played 4-4-2!! there are similiarities in how we play but to say wenger and domenech are the same is madness!!
    get off wengers back.

  2. fred says:

    I totally agree with you,

  3. Danish gooner says:

    No way near the same – an insult to Wenger
    France had no concept, no idea, no plan A, no plan B – no coach
    If Arsenal play this way they would not get near top 4

    The France players do not want to play for France – they want to go home and have some beer – it shows so clearly

  4. angered ghanian fan says:

    RUBBISH! Wenger may not always be clued on tactically but the same as domenech?! don’t be ridiculous! domenech is absolutely awful! n we only played with one up this season n rarely before that!

  5. lee says:

    Look who’s crawled out of from under their rock to talk shit again!

    you are such a mug, mate.

    Domenech & Wenger couldn’t be further apart and if you knew anything about their past and their total animosity for each other’s beliefs & ethics, you would know that. but you don’t, ‘cos basically you’re uneducated idiot who needs to get a life and get away from his laptop.

    Sad Twat!

  6. Aaron says:

    I agree that their tactics are a little similar but domanech doesn’t know how to use the players he has, he makes terrible starting line ups, terrible substitutions, and terrible decisions and doesn’t get his players to just get over themselves and play for their country. The possession that France did have didn’t look any bit similar to the possession arsenal usually have where they are at least dangerous and have a midfielder that can actually unlock a defense at any time. Domanech is just a terrible coach and not even close to Wenger’s level, and his first mistake was the team he took with him…

  7. Bogi says:

    You are an absolute disgrace to compare that nutter to our intelligent professor! Absolute disgrace! So Arsenal never get any shots on target, eh? Is that one of the ‘FACTS’ that you are talking about?

    You are as crazy as Domenech himself it seems…

  8. Ardian says:

    I’m not sure how did you came up with comparision this Domenech 4 – 2 – 3 – 1 formation with 4-3-3 of Wenger, having on mid all the time healthy Arsenal. What lacked in this France team was two main weapons of Arsene’s game., Player with killer pass from the midfield (Fabregas) and intelligent striker who can create space (Vab Persie). If you add to this difference in class between Govou and Arshavin, lightning pace of healthy Walcott on the wings, real centre back such is Vermaalen (not an worn out left back playing in the centre) you might see the difference. In relation to the 4-2-3-1 formation, you might have seen that also in the German national team that can work wonders, off course you need to have midfield maestro such is Ozil to make it work out. The bottom line is, good coach makes formation’s based on the available type of players, and as for Domenech, he neither did select best available players, nor made the best solution based on the chosen players.

  9. KarlAFC says:

    “If Arsenal play this way they would not get near top 4”

    Well said Danish.

    Author is a cuntbucket imo.

  10. piestealer says:

    and like you would be a good manager cunthead
    Domenach is nothing like Wenger you wanker; he is just a french mentalist, the froggy version of Mclaren, only he had a raincoat instead of umbrella.
    You are so thick it is unreal

    • Curt.B says:

      To be fair, he is a long way from claiming he would be a better manager…. don’t get your g-string in a knot.

      Managers have their strengths and weaknesses. Wenger is strong on finding (relatively) unknown talent and fostering them into good players. He is strong on moulding players to his vision of them.

      He is not, by any stretch of the imagination, strong tactically. He is inflexible, stubborn and easy to predict. Other high profile managers consistantly out manouvere him; Ferguson, Mourinho, Ancellotti. The list could run rather deep.

      All season we have compleined and been disappointed because our play is drab and predictable. We never shoot, and when we do, the quality is often quite abominable for players of our technical calibre. Our players play without drive or ambition, they mull around waiting for something to happen, rather than doing it themselves. We are in many way like this France team, but not as awful.

  11. Stu says:

    What a load of shit.

    If Wenger was manager of France he would have played Gourcuff, not brought Govou or Valbuena at all. Domenech is a shit manager. Hate Wenger all you want but to compare them is insulting to AW.

  12. joe says:

    not only are you disrespectful with your weekly brainless rant. you are absolutely clueless. wenger has delivered 3 league titles 4 fa cups and CL final…in limited funds and built a new stadium, and we play great football, our best manager ever.

    how dare you criticise our best manager ever by comparing him to an idiot?

    i find your lack of respect and your idiotic rants based on nothing annoying. you show an amazing level of stupidity……ppl like you should not exist imo

    • The Vanster says:

      In 15 years….

      How many other top 4 managers would have survived if they had delivered 3 titles in 15 years.

      We are not a big club, we have the potential to be one, but Wenger is holding us back.

      • Spursaholic says:

        Lololol. Not even £1,000,000,000 would stop Arsenil fans from whinging. You lot are a disgrace to British football. All you do is bitch about everything. Do the rest of the Prem a favour and grow up you immature little boys.


      • looneygooner says:

        13 titles,10 FA CUPS European trophies, third most successful club in English history not a big club, go away you fucking idiot, clubs like Spurs,Chelsea are not a big club, what a mug you are, and I bet you are an armchair supporter

      • looneygooner says:

        Spursaholic, it’s rare I agree with any Spurs fans but today you are spot on, it’s these fucking clowns who make the Emirates home games shit for the players, these fucking idiots do my head in and have no idea about support. so you are spot on

  13. moshea says:

    Another dumb statement from someone who keeps on giving……..if Dom was Spanish would we have heard the same statement? I don’t think so. So both are French and with your excellent math skills you had French = French so therefore your post is true.

  14. arsenal norway says:

    Are you 4 real??? Comparing a retard against professor wenger is a disgrace!!! Are you sure you are an arsenal fan??

  15. RavMaster says:

    Look mate, I wont be abusive, i dont feel there is any need to, my fellow gunner fans have stated above, kudos guys,
    Firstly: Domech is poor, his for some reason believes in stars, allignment and all that magic pixy wonderland stuff, from that he decides on his tactics, when have you see a man with an economics degree sitting there and decide what tactics to play from what the star signs tell him?
    Secondly: Even you as a gunner fan admits, when have you seen arsenal play negative football, even against a great barca side, we tried to go out gunz blazing, someone like domech would probably look into the stars and decide ok; “z sun iz wery powerful and showz ztrong directon on 4-5-1, we play thiz one”
    Thirdly: well done clever cloggs, 4-5-1 domech and wenger player, soooo, our formation usally ends up have 4-2-4 throughout the game and we tactically have far more fluidity and massive player roaming.

    seriouslly mate you really need to rethink that toilet you wrote at the top

    everyone else, have a wonderful evening,

  16. Campcesc says:

    Agree with you sinbad, wenger loves 4/5/1 and I can’t understand why wenger plays bendner on the wing?

    • Ben says:

      Fool. Wenger plays 4-3-3 not 4-5-1. He doesn’t play Bendtner in the middle because he’s not good enough to be up there alone yet, hence the signing of Chamakh. Now Arshavin will play on the left, Chamakh in the middle and RVP on the right. Do you have a f***ing brain? Do you know anything about football?

  17. PTangYangKipperBang says:

    Big Difference. Domenech has never won anything.

    • Campcesc says:

      And wenger has won nothing since 2005

      • joe says:

        and do you think arsenal has a divine right to win titles? sometimes we do , sometimes we don..thats life…..f.ck of and support chelsea than,

      • PTangYangKipperBang says:

        Domenech has NEVER won anything. Your attitude amazes me. Can you not give the club you are supposed to love some credit. Do you not realise that we have moved stadium and almost completely re-structured in that time. We are now, I believe well prepared for the future in the modern world. Even a club like Arsenal needs a re-furb say every 93 years. Notwithstanding this last season we finished 3rd, in the toughest league in the world, with the youngest squad in the league. I don’t think Domenech would’ve done that somehow. Let alone be pivotal in the development of the game as a whole and dragged an already strong league into the 21st century. Oh, and he is our most successful manager in our history; dear oh dear…..

  18. omar says:

    If u honestly think that u can win 3 league titles and 4 fa cups by being tactically similar to domenech then I’m really sorry but u don’t understand anything about football.

    • Campcesc says:

      Do they or do they not play the same style?

      • joe says:

        they dont you clueless moron. 23 of the 32 teams in the world cup play 433/4231…….as does most teams in spain, italy and holland, as does chelsea, liverpool and manu

        do you think wenger together with domenich founded the 433? brainless idiot.

        its like saying all managers who plays442 has the same ability.

        idiot idiot idiot idiot…no brain what so ever

  19. RavMaster says:

    same style?
    u demented fool, campcesc, fix up man, appear to be sharper on this man, you look like some retard,

    arsenal played similar to how spain played the other day, french nothing alike

  20. Stone says:

    why the fuck do some Arsenal fans act like last season we didn’t win a game, like we are in Liverpool’s position but not third having been in the title race until April. Now I’m not saying that this was a great season, not by any means, but common. For 3 months we had to play a midget up front because both our strikers were out injured, a fucking 5 foot midget. Forget the three games against United and Chelsea when we were outplayed and we could have challenged. Remember before RvP got injured? We scored 3 goals a game and were the most attracting team in Europe, even more so than Barcelona with all their millions and millions of pounds do spend in benchwarming central defenders. We failed last season but to say that Wenger is tactically inadequate and our striker is so isolated, bla bla bla. RvP wasn’t very isolated when he scored 7 in 11 despite struggling at the start to adapt to his new role. You are talking out of your ass, bitter by the fact that we didn’t win the title last season. And yes, you are allowed to be bitter, of course your spoiled ass wants to win it every year and everything below that is unacceptable. Now go ahead and give Mourinho or Ferguson or Ancelotti, Redknapp, Benitez or even Guardiola a 10 million budget a transfer window and see how they cope with it

    • PTangYangKipperBang says:

      Agree with u Stone 100%. The fact is you don’t finish in the top 4 in this country and challenge for the title every year if your tactically inept. We are 1 of a very small number who have been in the CL every year. When you think of what Arsenal has been going through (New Stadium etc) to do what we’ve done is amazing. Wenger is amazing. The author of this article is worse than a fool. He is dangerous. His negative views corrupt the thinking of the more susceptible among us. The less perceptive folk who are influenced by our ridiculous media. The voice of stupidity grows louder and needs to be countered whenever possible. Up the Arsenal. Victoria Concordia Crescit.

    • looneygooner says:

      agree with that

  21. g man says:

    Sinbad! Daring! Sweetie! There is a reason that Wenger is the manger of a great football team and your just a long haired greasy nobody with a ring through your nose! It’s a little thing called intelligence. Sit down you bum sit down!

  22. The Vanster says:

    I love how people

    NO ONE IS DENYING WENGER’S SKILL ON THE TRANSFER MARKET. So statements about his budget and cost cutting schemes are irrelevant.

    Tactically, THEY ARE THE SAME. I love how people are denying it, yet are not even attempting to try and prove otherwise.

    “Oh our PROFFESSOR can not be as bad as that guy”. FFS, get over yourself. You’ve got it in your heads that because of Wenger’s degree in economics, he is some sort of God that can do no wrong. I would much rather a rough talking Scott like Ferguson, who can PRODUCE RESULTS.

    FFS, the guy has got you all wrapped up around his little finger.

    • looneygooner says:

      Fergie has had unlimited funds for years you trophy hunter, if you feel so bad fuck off and support the Mancs you glory hunting twat

  23. hnic says:

    Wenger has a style of play!!! Domenech dont!!

    Wenger has the team behind him Domenech dont!!!

    Wenger would of thrown another striker on an not taken of Anelka!!

    HOWEVER!!!! Wenger doesn’t study the other teams tactics and try fustrate them!! ASK FABREGAS!!

    He doesn’t make tactical changes only substitutions!! Doesn’t do any clever training ground freekicks!!!

    And the biggest characteristic that did look exactly like Domenech was the arrogance in their face to be stuburn and go against the feelings of the majority of fans and big named experienced players!!! (our experienced players ended up leaving!! and when wenger brought one back every said it was such a good signing!!!! I THOUGHT SO WHY DID WE EVER ALLOW HIM TO GO!!???)

    • joe says:

      because sol campbell lost his mind in 2006 AND wanted to go….maybe you were not born in 2006 when that happened…..prick

      exactly when has the majority of the fans gone against wenger? we had no money to spend because we built a new stadium….what do you want wenger to do, rob banks to sign players?

      once again you show your ignorance. ppl who criticise wenger are usually clueless pricks who don’t understand where we are as a club, cant understand we’ve had no money for few years as we built a stadium, cant understand what great job wenger still did to keep us in the CL….as the money are about to flow in..so will the signings of players.

      you immature morons cant understand that…..all you do is talk sh.te….f.ck of

      • SPECTRUM says:

        “As the money about to flow in so will the signings of players” So where are they? No older, EXPERIENCED players have arrived.The World Cup is on, and the values of targets will have shot up.Quality signings will now cost much more. We HAVE the money NOW. As usual, Wenger waits and waits and waits.He says he is prepared to spend big, but he doesn’t.How genuine is he in strenghtening the team in crucial areas ?

  24. hnic says:

    Does anyone remember when the invincibles played chelsea in the champions league and wenger took off Pires (left midfield) and put on cygan (at left midfield) this was his method of suring up the wings!!!

    or when he put senderos at right back against blackburn and Benni mcCathy easily rounded him and sent the ball in the top corner!!!

    Or when wenger tried to make us believe Justin Hoyte was good enough to RB even Centre Back against ManU!!! FA cup!! I could go on and on!!!

    Wengers scouting system is second 2 none!! FACT and he has a brilliant attacking philosophy However when u face the top top level managers, like in the champions league and now the premiership as now there are 4-5 top class managers (where ten years ago there were probably 2 Wenger/Sir Alex)

    TOP QUALITY ATTACK ONLY GETS U SO FAR!!! Without any form of defensive tactics/ well drilled positioning trying to win these cups will 4ever be a dream!!!! And by the way, nearly aint a winners mentality!!!!! WINNERS WIN!!!! 2nd place aint nothing to bw happy about!! Man U aint singing on how they came 2nd!!! But wengers some how Jedi mind controlled a lot of fans that second is OK!! Not great but OK!!

    You guys sound like LOSERRRRRSS!!!

    • PTangYangKipperBang says:

      Arsene does not settle for second and neither do fans. What Wenger does realise, and likewise most fans however, is that some other teams in this most powerful league of ours, have definate advantages. How could Arsenes squad at this time match up to teams who have no economic limits. “Yeah give him £200 grand a week”. This is also a massively difficult league to win. But amazingly we have kept pace. Ok we have had a couple of hidings but we finished 3rd this year, still pushing for the title. That must be considered challenging. 2 seasons ago the table finished 83-85-87 with us in third. Thats pretty close. When you think of the money that the other 2 teams have spent. How you have managed to find those seemingly negative points does you no credit. You must’ve worked hard to get them. You would not have to work nearly so hard to highlight Wengers genius.

  25. hnic says:

    And joe im 30!!!

    Been an arsenal fan since 1990!!! And FYI Sol Campbell’s dad had died so he was in a very bad place!!! He didn’t go mad!!!! LOL Your comment just shows how stupid u are!!

    Then he went to Portsmouth, wenger said he had to go coz he was “killing off senderos’s development!! (and we know what happended to senderos) and at portsmouth he kept a record amount of clean sheets being the general at the back that we needed!! and even won an FA cup!!!

    Im a proper gunner!!! I support ARSENAL!!!! & KNOW THERES LIFE AFTER WENGER!!! I’VE NEVER NOT BEEN BEHIND MY TEAM!!! I JUST WANT THE BEST FOR ARSENAL NOT THE BEST FOR ARSENE! I respect what he has done!! But there comes a time when u work in the private sector!! If your not acheiving your main targets you lose your job!!

    • PTangYangKipperBang says:

      Thats the thing, Arsene has been achieving his targets. And no I don’t mean being also rans. Hopefully the important members of the board realise that nobody, nobody could’ve managed our club as well as Arsene over the last few years. On the last 6 years transfer budget I reckon Mourinho would’ve struggled to finish 5th. But he wouldn’t because Mourinho is very skillful at self grandisation. I actually think that Arsene has selflessly taken flak for the club. He has, in my opinion, done the very best he could with what he’s had to work with. He could’ve gone to his boyhood hero club Real Madrid last summer. To supervise their greatest ever spending spree. But no, he cares deeply about Arsenal and tries his best, always. How dare you slag him. And I am not in the “questioning him is blasphemy” pigeonhole either. Think about what you wish for Gooner, because it may come true. Then we all will be sad.

  26. Fletch says:

    Wenger is a tactical cunt. It’s no surprise that we cannot win any big games because we have been found out and Wenger has no tactical acumen to fall back on!

    You can go and tell your players to believe in themselves and play their way against the lesser teams but you have to be a bit more sophisticated against decent teams. (I can’t believe I have to point this out ’cause it’s so fucking basic)

    You need to study the oppositions players, discuss their weaknesses, find out which is their weaker foot so you can try to push them that way, Remember Barca – Wenger was asked if he will man mark Messi in the 2nd leg and he just laughed and said no! What a dick !

    It’s called fucking tactics Wenger you Muppet, something you never had and now the other teams have caught up, we will NEVER win a fucking thing with this tactical inept cunt in charge!

  27. Erik says:

    Guys guys, let me introduce…. Sinbad….

    He claims to be an Arsenal supporter, but every single blog entry he has made in the past year has been to slate the team, manager, staff, board… I am surprised he hasnt moaned about the janitors and the people that sell food….. yet.

    In fact, he is such a distingushed writer that whenever I read a blog entry and just seems like the biggest pile of “!£$ I have ever read, the name -Sinbad comes up over half the time.

    So just that you know, Sinbad just writes headlines that are likely to get your attention, then he writes the most stupid article with no real substance and then ignores all his readers… well I rarely see him reply to anything anyway.

  28. Lady Arsenal says:

    I watched Spain Switzerland now that was EXACTLY like watching Arsenal.

    • looneygooner says:

      what two defeats in 48 games for the European champions, your point is what lady,well I beg to differ taking it up the Arse

  29. Cpt John says:

    The author of this article and the idiots that are jumping on his band wagon are to say the very least retarded!!! Forest Gump was a lot more intelligent that you morons!!! You concur to the view of this misguided kids ethos which could not be further from fact!!! Wenger.. The man who engineered a side which produce the most attractive football and create the most chances through their amazing technical abilities to play in the tightest of spaces and provide the finest of defence splitting passes.. That Wenger is the one that’s similar to Raymond Buffoon Domenech??? You guys must be out of your very tiny minds!!!! This guy insists on playing with 2 or more defensive-minded midfielders if he can and relies heavily on wing play from wide men who would only look great if they had a creative inlet like a Zidane to bounce off of!!! Without which they run up and down like headless chickens and we see results like the one tonight!!!

    Wenger has always been critical of Domenech’s tactics and has forever been at logger-heads with him so to suggest that they’re cut from the same cloth because of their nationality is nothing short of ignorant and prejudice!!! Then again this blog has always taken a negative somewhat dim-witted approach to everything Arsenal/Wenger!!! I’ll be curious to see a blog on this website when we get back to winning ways under the professor!!! DISGRACEFUL/DISTASTEFUL WRITING!!!!!!!!

  30. c c says:

    Self admitedly part of the IWWT brigade, I wont start ranting about how Arsene has revolutionised the club, set us up for the future ect, but there are a still a couple of things I have to point out:

    Yes Arsene got alot of things wrong last season, a fan with even the most rosy of spectacles could see that and despite how stubborn and set in his ways we know the man to be, we know he’s intelligent enough to change things up next season.

    Domenech however is a lunatic, you’re talking about the man that didn’t pick Pires because of his STAR SIGN???? plays Govou despite him being over the hill and blunt for both Lyon and France in recent times? Makes Evra (who is the worlds best left back, for the record) captain thus dividing the french squad and lowering the team spriit that is required for a decent world cup run in normal conditions, let alone the altitude, humidity, noise ect which none of the players who are in south africa this year are used to? And leaves the most inspirational french player to hit the world scene since zidane (henry, despite his age and lack of play time this season) on the bench to the frustration of french fan and neutral alike?

    We’re all used to wenger being cautious and over protective, but when it comes to the crunch he always picks the players who are in form and puts out a team that functions.

    It’s a sin to compare them, quite frankly.

    ps he didn’t pick Pires because of HIS STAR SIGN???

  31. Sharkz says:

    This guy who wrote this article is an idiot. Purely an idiotic moron. Domenach is crap. His football tactic is not even a joy to watch. And u compared to AW. Go write something else.

  32. goonerpk says:

    Well i thought spain were lot like arsenal… i am amazed you enjoyed french playing as much as arsenal…france are no where near arsenal

  33. AusGunner says:

    Sinbad, you could write your sum knowledge of football on your bellend. jog on wanker.

  34. Larry says:

    Can we improve our language here pls? Wenger is alot much better than Domenech,NO DOUBT

  35. hyper says:

    i agreed with u mate. it is a fact!

  36. Babar says:


  37. Tommygun says:

    Sinbad – You hit the nail on the head. I have been saying this for a very long time. Wenger is good at one thing. Finding a talented young player and then making them better.

    When it comes to tactics wenger is very poor. As shown he is always outwitted by the likes of Fat Sam.
    The one up front that wenger played last season proves that he is trying something NEW but it didnt work and he should have gone back to a 4-4-2.

    Its sad that MOST “arsenal” fans will not admit this and you can see by the amount of comments aimed towards you that MOST “arsenal” fans are not infact fans of the team but are “arsene” fans.

    Keep it going Sinbad, You speak for the REAL Gooners and not the muppets who are blind to whats going on and that Wenger is to blame with his poor tactics and lack of spending.

    I ask you all, Where is Wenger now? Working on new signings? NO he is working for French TV during the world cup. No doubt he will come out and say that “he is 2 busy to sign new players again”

    • looneygooner says:

      Slut bad speaks for the misguided glory hunting armchair booing fuckwits and that includes you shit for brains, REAL Gooners I doubt if you even understand that remark

  38. SD-London says:

    Sinbad !!! or what ever , i don’t know what side of the bed you woke up from but definitely something else must be pissing you off for you to post this .

    How can you compare Domenech to Wenger or even discuss them in the same article?
    Domeneche is a nutter and you only need to see all that has happened in the team before the world cup even started to know he is a nutter.

    Tactically he is a doughnut and comparing him to Wenger is criminal and i suggest you express your anger in a different way.
    Wenger himself can’t understand how he became French coach and it baffles me even.
    He kept Maluda on the bench in their fisrt game , didn’t take Benzema because he had a bad season at Real then hasn’t played Henry at all (So why not take Benzema if you are not going to play Henry?)

    He nearly came to blows wit Malouda last week and changed his captain 5 days to their first game and still started the ex captain (Gallas?)

    Please don’t do this again , please , please because posts like this just spoils someone’s day.

  39. SD-London says:

    Sinbad !!! or what ever , i don’t know what side of the bed you woke up from but definitely something else must be pissing you off for you to post this .
    How can you compare Domenech to Wenger or even discuss them in the same article?
    Domeneche is a nutter and you only need to see all that has happened in the team before the world cup even started to know he is a nutter.

    Tactically he is a doughnut and comparing him to Wenger is criminal and i suggest you express your anger in a different way.
    Wenger himself can’t understand how he became French coach and it baffles me even.
    He kept Maluda on the bench in their fisrt game , didn’t take Benzema because he had a bad season at Real then hasn’t played Henry at all (So why not take Benzema if you are not going to play Henry?)

    He nearly came to blows wit Malouda last week and changed his captain 5 days to their first game and still started the ex captain (Gallas?)
    Please don’t do this again , please , please because posts like this just spoils someone’s day.

  40. perrygrovesworld says:

    Its getting to the end of the line…. There was a time when you were worth a good banter, a slag off, but its now become too boring and lets face it you have become too predictable; we know you only write when you have something negative to say or need some attention. Enough Newsnow Arsenal readers look out for your latest rants and insult you as part of their Arsenal day and we know your ‘fans’ names who are probably alter egos. The shock value has gone.

    Myles Palmer is on my ‘don’t bother looking there anymore’ list and I think I should add Arsenal Action as well…

    It’s a bit like playing a ‘shoot em up’ game. Once everyone has been killed off, the novelty wears off quickly……….

  41. martin says:

    im sorry but this post is pretty much WRONG

    how is playing one up front not worked for us

    were u saying that when we were scoring 6 goals against blackburn/everton…4 goals against portsmouthx2/wigan/bolton/az/etc etc

    loool @ this post when did france have lots of the ball

    did u watch that match

  42. simplesciman says:

    I wouldn’t say Wenger is tactically naive. Arsenal were effective for large portions of the season and seemed to only break down seriously at the end of the season. Our lone striker formation was actually the 4-3-3 that is favoured by Manchester United, Chelsea and Barcelona, so not entirely made. I do agree maybe a switch to 4-4-2 would have worked for arsenal but a) We barely had any effective strikers last season b) Our midfield would be over run if we only had two midfielders centrally.

    Finally I would like to point out that France played like a joke last night, they were all over the place and had absolutely no direction.

  43. mjc says:

    If Wenger walked on water, Sinbad would say it was because he doesn’t know how to swim.

  44. ilya says:

    Anyone who actually believes in what this bitter and lonely person is spewing has to ask themselves some serious questions. Questions like; am I doing this to get attention? why do I have to force my ignorance on those unfortunate enough to read these articles? Why do I love punishment and abuse? There’s like 4 of u and everyone hates u, so I’m really just curious about the motivational factors that would allow someone to become so anti-social and genuinely derided by anyone with a basic level of intelligence and loyalty. Seriously guys, this is one of the most horrid aspects of the internet, that idiots like u can have a voice and actually find others to share in ur demented philosophy. I don’t need any arguments to support my views since any half-way logical person can see that u have no valid points and ur thought-process is more simplistic then a 12 year olds. Which begs the question; how old are u? (Answer could be either biological or mental)

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