[Poll] is it time for Arsenal to replace Pat Rice as Wengers right hand man?

Posted: June 24, 2010 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized

Pat Rice, Arsenal legend and number 2 to manager Arsene Wenger.

There has been a LONG debate on our forum about this subject.

Is it now time for Arsenal to replace Pat Rice as Wengers right hand man?

There was some reports last summer that Pat Rice was considering retirement?, this was followed by a officaial statement on Arsenal.com

Contrary to media reports this morning, Arsenal assistant manager Pat Rice is NOT considering retirement at the end of the current season.

He remains a key part of Arsène Wenger’s backroom staff is currently helping prepare the team for trip to Manchester United on Saturday.

But many members of the forum feel that a shake up in the coaching staff at Arsenal is just what the team needs to move forward. Some fresh imput and some much needed defensive tactics. Some have even put forward Martin Keown as a future number two?

If you look at Man Utd over the years under Ferguson they change the number 2 every 2/3 seasons just to bring in new ideas. The have had Steve McClaren,Brian Kidd,Carlos Queriroz and now Terry Phelan. If a manager is at a club a long time like Ferguson and Wenger you need to freshen things up like Man Utd have done over the years to keep the players on there toes.

But then again some might say that Pat Rice is the perfect number two for Wenger.Rice will never undermine him or try and become the number one at Arsenal.A manager needs to have trust in his number two and Wenger has that with Pat Rice.

But what do you think?

You can debate this more in this thread of the forum


  1. forza forza says:

    it’s time for both of them to go.

  2. Marko says:

    Raymond Domenech our new number 2 haha

  3. honestg says:

    I honestly dont know what is he doing… He look passive and unexcited during games ..total contrast to wenger. Or is it wenger’s choice to have a yes man of sort?

  4. N7 Gooner says:

    Pat Rice isn’t the problem – the problem is that we have no central defenders and need a new goalie!

    His basic role is to take a lead on training the players in technique and fitness by supervising the ‘every day’ drills. Can you argue that any arsenal player is poor technically (and I mean properly poor not Denielson Poor) or unfit?

    I was at Old Trafford when we drew 0-0 with them at the end of 08-09, and Pat Rice was giving EVERYTHING to fire up the team and get them ready. I think he’s the fire to Arsene’s more contemplative approach.

  5. RayB says:

    I always understood that Wenger’s right hand man was the (almost invisible) Boro Primorac who he brought with him to Arsenal from Japan to be first team coach. While having a very low profile in public his influence on first team affairs is enormous.
    Nevertheless Pat Rice is a part of the Arsenal furniture and is a trusted aide to the manager, liked and respected by the players, and there is no reason at all to replace him.
    I speak as a season ticket holder who has attended more than 1500 Arsenal games over a period of 50 years, and of those 50 by far the best have been the years since Wenger took over.
    Keep the faith and support the team, we WILL come good.

  6. jaygooner says:

    Getting rid of Pat Rice doesnt serve any purpose. He is Arsenal through and through. Maybe a wise move would be to promote Steve Bould, he has done sterling work with the youth team. Maybe “shuffling the pack” is a way forward? Just a thought.

  7. gooner_mark says:

    Pat Rice out, Tony Adams in, simple

  8. nijaboy says:

    Hmmm I kinda agree we need fresh ideas in the back room someone to shake things up

  9. GunnerPete says:

    Pat has been one of the greatest servants to AFC I can remember. If he wants to go then replace him with a great defender because it is our defence that has prevented us winning a trophy for so long. My choice would be Steve Bould, in my eyes the most underated defender ever. When he arrived GG team changed from anothe soft touch into the greatest defence the UK has ever seen. The facts say it all.

    Right now we are on course for signing Kolcielny? Ive seen him twice and he is better than Gallas ever was. But that still leaves us a CB short…I would love young Jones of Blackburn. Also we will need another DM to sit alongside Song I would go for MBIA…God what a team that would be….probably win the lot!

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