[Video] Schwarzer Makes “Another” Mistake at the World Cup

Posted: June 24, 2010 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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After his mistakes vs Germany , Keeper Mark Schwarzer (37)  ended his poor World Cup with another mistake and poor show last night vs Serbia.

I had hope that after this poor show at the would cup that this would end in interest in this clown.

But no, reports in todays Mirror says that Arsenal have made an improved offer of £3.5m for Mark Schwarzer, The report claims that Schwarzer has been made aware of Arsenal’s interest and he has told manager Roy Hodgson he wants to leave Craven Cottage this summer. It’s believed that Hodgson is now resigned to losing his No.1 keeper and all that’s left is for the two clubs to agree a fee.

BAD NEWS!.. This is not the safe pair of hands that we need at Arsenal. See Below for last nights mistake…1:30

Debate this more in this thread ( HERE )


  1. rc says:

    if you are going to use the world cup with the stupid new adidas ball as the focal point then you will struggle to find any goalies… if we are after an experianced goalie then why not James as he looked good when handling the new ball, and the pitch yesterday was bloody awefull by the way, but what about the Slovianian goalie Samir Handanovic who plays in the italian league, he was good with crosses and handling!!
    in allhonesty if we tighten up the defence, IE get rid of the lot except TV and rebuild it and have defensive midfielder we could put anyone in as they will have protection, something that we dot not curremtly give!!

  2. Oskar says:

    I say we go for Samir Handanovic. He has been consistent for Udinese as for the Slovenian National team. Won’t be too expensive either!

  3. jamesb says:

    ok schwarzer isn’t best in the world but hes much better than fabianski and almunia
    yeah the goals he let in should have done better but look how dodgy that ball is

    3.5m hardly breaking the bank and i would be happy to have him as keeper for year maybe 2 until chesney comes number 1

  4. dylan says:

    did you watch the game ???? he also made three awsome saves i noticed you didnt mention them !!!! he would be a great adition trust in arsene

  5. Danish Gooner says:

    Almunia is much better then Schwarzer

  6. G4L says:

    what a bunch of garbage (again). don’t you have anything better to do? Schwarzer was outstanding yesterday as the Serbs ran the Ozzies ragged in the first half. He saved several shots, notably a couple from Krasic and Ivanovic from 15, 10 and 5 yards out respectively and single-handedly kept his nation in the game as it was still 0-0 at HT. He commanded his area very well, was comfortable on crosses and made one mistake that was unfortunately punished by Pantelic. Next time watch the entire game before you judge on highlights only. There are a few if any goalkeepers who haven’t had problems with the new ball at the WC, so they must be the only ones who are any good. We should get them and everyone who played well in this world cup. I suggest you stick to hating and booing our own players, manager and board.

  7. Andy says:

    Please not another average keeper. I’d go for Toldo. 6’5, great keeper and currently out of the Inter team.
    He is 38 but could do a job whilst Schezney gets a bit more experience

  8. PhilippePhiloppe says:

    Well said G4L. I’m getting to the stage where I’m giving up looking at these blogs from people who just want to boo and find fault. I’ve been watching the gunners (and going to games – ST holder, North Stand and Previously North Bank) since 1967, and I’ve seen some woeful Arsenal Teams. These Johnny come latelys who just want to see trophies get right on my wick. Maybe you’d rather see us sell our soul like Man Utd (protests all over the place), Chelsea (no class, no future), Liverpool (No hope) and Man City (No respect). If there were any really great goalkeepers around do you really think Man Utd would still have Van der Saar as their number 1? Get real will you!

  9. Duane says:

    Why is Wenger not looking @ the Nigerian Boy, Enyeama??? He is 27 and has impressed so far in Israel. We can get him for the price we are paying for Scwhazer and we would have him for many more years to come. He also has Champions League experience

  10. GOONA says:

    And we’d make an even bigger mistake by signing him.

  11. dylan says:

    lmao i love arsenal but some of us are so negative schwarzer single handedly helped fulham progress in europe and has a nack of making some awsome saves almunia lets some awful long range efforts in and does not handle his box well in no way is he better i will be very happy if we sighn shwarzer. i will be honest i am australian so you may say i favor him but i get to watch all australian games and we wouldnt even be at the world cup if shwarzer wasnt in our team!!!

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