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    1. earthsaveitorloseit says:

      I love your blog go Gunners

    2. philipwright54 says:

      Hi Gooners from another Gooner living in Austria, what a great blog this is and fantastic forum in which to pick up the latest hot news.

      Well done lads, more please!

      Philip Wrtight, Graz, Austria.
      Ex-Arsenal matchday Steward (Old Stadium) West Stand, Lower tier, Block N.

      Ahh! happy days..!

    3. Merse-10 says:

      Sinbad has gone awfully quiet since the start f the season. Pre season it was all negative every day, slagging off the players and in particular Arsene Wenger. Then there was the laughable plea to fans to protest at the games.

      6-1, 2-0, 4-1 and suddenly Sinbad has nothing to maon about. What is the betting that as soon as we draw or lose Sinbad starts talkign shit again. Mug

      • Excuse me for being thick, but who is Sinbad?

      • 26may1989 says:

        Merse-10, it’s a bloody relief not to have Sinbad’s egotistical, childish nonsense appearing on the headlines in the Newsnow page. Obviously, he’ll reappear once we hit a problem, and it will all be “Wenger knows nothing, bring back George Graham” (though what Sinbad knows about George Graham I’m not sure, given that Sinbad admits he only started supporting Arsenal in 1997). But at least we’re not seeing any of Sinbad’s claptrap for now.

        And Philip, Sinbad is a self-appointed critic of all things Wenger. Not that there’s anything wrong with criticising but Sinbad doesn’t let the facts get in the way of what he writes, thinks the fact that 95% of responses to his musings dismiss his point of view only confirms what a genius he is and writes in the most arrogant, ludicrous way, displaying precious little understanding of football, loyalty to Arsenal or gratitude for what Wenger has given us. He seems to aspire to Myles Palmer’s style of arrogant-but-sometimes-authoritative writing (see ANR), only he doesn’t manage the authoritative part.

    4. Gooner1 says:

      Lucky Sinbad wasn’t brought up as a Chelski fan. After todays news he’d slit his wrists! HaHaHaHaHa, poor chavs

    5. Polyphemus1971AKB says:

      This week we managed to kill off 2 teams, yet no analysis from this site.
      I am a little worried that I am becoming obsessed with site,reading it its like picking a scab; I know it will make me sore but I can’t help doing it.
      Come on Windbag show us what you are made of: are you a tough Vieira type or a wimpy Glen Helder.

    6. perrygrovesworld says:

      The funny thing is if Sinbad and Wenger were locked in a room together, Sinbad would be destroyed. Its a lot easier to hide behind a blog identity…. I doubt Arsene has even heard of this site… Oh and I really want to know how many games Sinbad has been to in person.

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