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Whats going on with the current bunch of Arsenal players? Are they made out of glass?

Never seen so many players break bones or pick up knocks.

Maybe its the famous diet that Wenger has got the Arsenal players on that’s the problem? Wenger feeds them Broccoli and Yogurt with a bottle of Evian Water.

Maybe that’s what the problem is? Wenger should be feed them steaks and raw eggs and toughen them up abit.

This cant be put down to bad luck? Something seriously is going wrong at Arsenal for us to be picking up so many injuries. Maybe its the training methods or the way the players warm up etc? But personally I think the diet is playing a major part in this.

And with this in mind why have we allowed so many players to leave on loan? Now we are down to the bare bones and we the return game to Barca and a north london derby coming up we could really use the likes of Senderos, Wilshere, Lansbury and Jay Thomas.

Now with Gallas,Cesc and Arshavin all likely to miss the rest of the season we are going to have to rely on the likes of Silvestre, Denilson and Eboue to win us the league and get us the result in Spain.

A very tall order with our best players. But with our most gifted players now missing its going to be mission impossible.

Makes you wonder if only Wenger would have gone out and used some of that £30m we got from the sales of Toure and Adebayor we might have been in a stronger position to win something this season.

But now it looks like this season will end the same way as the previos 5, a season that promised so much that ends in nothing.

Will the summer see Wenger go out and sing some reenforcments?

Or maybe that Pen by Cesc on wed night was his last kick for Arsenal and we are going to do what we always do and sell our best players and pocket the cash.

For me we need a massive clear out in the summer, Starting with Pat Rice. Then the likes of Eduardo, Denilson, Almunia need to be shown the door.

Bring in a new keeper or give the young lad Wojciech Szczesny a chance. Sign 2 Centerbacks and a ball winner in midfield to replace the weak and slow Denilson. I feel sorry for Eduardo but its clear to me that this lad is never going to be the same player he was. And in this new 4-5-1 system he is just dead wood. Eduardo needs to play in a 4-4-2 as he cant play on the wings and he weak as the lone striker.

So thats it…
Feed the players some streaks. Lose Pat Rice, and the deadwood players….SPEND a small bit of money and we might win something..


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Arsenal have always played 4-4-2. So why did Wenger change it this season?

Wenger use to always play 4-5-1 in champions league games and in the big games to try and win the game in midfield, But it never worked.

Our great teams under Wenger were 4-4-2


Then it was

—————————————————— Jens

Everybody knew their job

Now we have Eduardo on the wing 1, Arshavin the next, Walcott up front then on the wing, Nic on the wing???? (homer) its a shambles

If Wenger played 4-4-2 with the players we currently have fit our team would look something like this

—————————————————- Almunia

As you can see, 2 up front and big man and little man partnership. Arshavin playing the Bergkamp/Kanu role just off the striker and 2 wingers.

Time for Arsenal to return to 4-4-2

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Anfield 89

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1st off!!

Good 2 see the business that is Arsenal FC have made yet MORE profit!!! That’s all i keep seeing “ARSENAL MAKE RECORD PROFITS” Maybe its time they started to spend some? If he ( Wenger ) wants to WIN something again, He MUST sign 2 more players this window

1) DM cover for Song & 2) a target man up front…

Remember that thing calling WINNING? Mr Wenger?

We have not seen this since 2005,The FA cup final and Vieira’s final game at Arsenal, The day Arsenal stopped trying to win things and became a business that only cared about profit. On that note, Why are we not signing Vieira as cover for Song???

Its no wonder there are so many empty seats at home games now!!!

2nd, Can somebody please tell me why Tomas Rosicky has been given a new deal at Arsenal?

What has he done at his time at Arsenal to justify getting this new deal? I cant think of anything apart from 2 goals away at Liverpool in the FC Cup?

So why has Wenger given him a new deal?

To make things worst i started to think about the way Wenger treated a true Arsenal great Robert Pires at the same stage of his Arsenal life.

Pires did so much for Arsenal,Won the league and cups and was a key members of the 49ners. Pires didnt get a new deal?

I really cant understand this?

Did Rosicky sign this new deal from the treatment table or what?

And 3rd.. What the hell is Wenger playing at?

The bloke has not stopped talking about “NEW SIGNS” on this week.

Wenger’s Quotes  “New buys won’t stunt my youngsters” – “I will spend my money responsibly”

TEASING US like he has done time and time again.. We have seen this before. I’m just waiting for Wenger to come out next week and say “We are happy with the players we have, I wont be spending any money”

What is he waiting for? We need players NOW!! No doubt Wenger will leave it till the last hour on deadline day and “try” and make a move for a player to try n get him on the cheap and miss out. Only to then tell us “We did everything we could” … Just like the Alonso deal.

Maybe he ( Wenger ) should stop talking about the transfer and got down to work and signing some much needed reinforcements.

IF we are serious about winning the league we bloody sure need them. I suggest Veloso & Carlton Cole.


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Well well well…The man has done it YET AGAIN!!!..AND JUST LIKE I TOLD YOU (HERE)

Not for the first time, our manager has let us down in the transfer market and failed to do AS he said and replaced Adebayor and Toure.

Why did you think he would? This is not the first time Wenger has done this. All summer he has said things like I want to keep this squad together, I will only sign players if we sell (Adebayor) Wenger has toyed with the Arsenal fans all summer and hinted that he would bring in 1-2 players and he had the money to do so.

So what was the point in selling Adebayor and Toure? I was sure that the reason why we allowed BOTH to leave would be to invest the cash back into the squad and on new players. But yet again we have been lied to and let down by Wenger. Just like the last 3 seasons.

Selling players and not replacing them, We have still not replaced Flamini/Diarra/Gilberto.

We are still waiting for Wenger to sign that powerful centre back to deal with Drogba. Its not the first time Wenger has done this, No doubt he is going to come out and say the same thing to us..Rosicky is going to be like a new signing, I didn’t want to sign new players as it would kill the progression of the kids…And no doubt the “in Wenger we trust brigade” will come out and blame the board for not giving him the cash to spend on new players.

Wenger has the cash to spend from the sales of Adebayor and Toure to spend if he wanted it. SO WHY DIDN’T HE DO SO?

After hinting all summer that he would? Why have we been let down YET AGAIN! Why do we keep allowing this to happen? I’m sick of Wenger and all his lies, I’m sick of the “in Wenger we trust brigade” that keeps telling me to F-OFF and support Man City or Spurs.

Why can’t you people see what’s really going on at our club? Wenger is killing the club with his stubborn transfer policy and you fans who keep saying “ he knows what he is doing “ Well if that’s the case then why have we not won anything since 2005 and since Vieira was sold?

How many more years are we going to put up with this shambles? Selling key players every summer. Never investing that money back into the team. The board saying we have money to spend, Wenger saying he has money to spend and tells the fans that they would be reassured by what they see coming in only to let us down.

Wenger tells the fans that his priority is keeping the team together and then sells our best players. Like I have said many times. Wenger and the Arsenal board only care about one thing…PROFIT £40m for the board this season Wenger..WELL DONE

Who are you going to blame at the end of this season when we finished out of the top 4? The ref? The FA? Lets blame that cheat Rooney or Evra? NO even better lets blame the midweek international games?NO lets blame Platini?

There is only one person who is to blame and that’s the Arsenal manager…and its not the first time.

The only problem is most of you gooners wont admit the truth.


Well done to Cypriot Gooner who told you all weeks ago that we would NOT be signing any new players (HERE)

As we all knew it would be…This summer has been awash with endless transfer rumour and gossip.

I would say that 90% of the names that we have been linked with are nothing more then media speculation to generate headlines.

However some names do have some credible argument, 4 players who were linked with this summer have now signed for other clubs and at reasonable prices.

Klaas Jan Huntelaar to AC Milan £13m
Felipe Melo to Juventus £17m
Sébastien Bassong to Spurs £8m
Lorik Cana to Sunderland £5m

I know some members on our forum were very keen on all listed coming to Arsenal this summer but we missed out on all of them…

So was this “FOUR” Missed Opportunities or Good Judgement by Wenger?

Whatever reason we didn’t sign them I’m sure Wenger has other players on his hit list. So lets just see what the next 2 weeks bring up.

Keep the faith

SkySports News sources understand that Man City are in negotiations with Arsenal about the possible transfers of Emmanuel Eboué & Mikael Silvestre for a reported £25m.

City have pulled the plug on the possible move  for John Terry and have now come in for the Arsenal pair Eboue  & Silvestre to sort out there defensive problems. Eboue is set to earn £140.000 a week and sign a 5 year deal  while Silvestre will sign a 2 year deal worth a reported £90.000 a week.

Our source is telling us that Man city also want Amaury Bischoff who is on a free transfer and will pay him £300.000 aweek.

One Arsenal insider told us “We want to give them all our shit for as much as possible, After they took Adebayor we offered them Eboue and Silvestre and they wanted them. We also offered them Senderos but they told us to fuck off”

So that means that Man City have payed Arsenal £50m for 3 players this week. Manager Arsenal wenger has told Arsenal action that he will not spend the money on new players  as he feels the young players are “good enough” and wilth Rosicky and Eduardo coming back from injurys they will be like new signings.Wenger said ” Yesss now we have £50m to spend it doesnt mean that i will spend zit, We have signed Van persie and Ramsey on new deals and that is more inportance then new signings, Plus the kids are that much stronger this year, Rosicky and Eduardo are back and they will be like new signings for us”NO i dont think i will spend this summer. I would rather keep the money in the bank then pay crazy prices on players”

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Arsenal FC have released a photoshopped image of what the 3rd kit for next season will look like. Here it is below:

I for one think it looks great. It’s white and has red currant pin stripes. The only concern for me is that it might look pink from a distance. Many are saying it makes us look like Spurs but anyone who believes that is just petulant and petty. When did Spurs start wearing pin stripe kits? What are your thoughts on this?

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by Rachid Parchment

According to Tim Hager, the agent of 19 year old Paris St. Germain defender Mamadou Sakho, Arsenal and Bayern Munich are hot on his trail.

Mamadou Sakho

“He will be moving clubs this summer. Arsenal are interested, but the club are too cheap at the moment,” said Hager .

“Yes, I think a transfer will happen soon. He wants to play football in England and Arsenal are a good club but Manchester United is a better club.

“But the most interested club is Arsenal, they want him the most. Bayern Munich is a top European club, so I think it will be Bayern or Arsenal.”

From what I’ve been reading around the internet it seems a lot of people want this guy to join Arsenal – the same people who are vehemently in opposition to us signing Thomas Vermaelen. Many claim we’ve been lacking experience (which is true) yet they want us to sign Sakho, who’s only 19 but not Thomas Vermaelen, who’s 23. Many also say Vermaelen is too short to play for Arsenal but they’re fine with us signing Sakho when Vermaelen is 6’1″ and Sakho is 6’1 1/2″.  How much of a difference is half an inch? Why is it that Vermaelen would be such a bad signing for us, according to many, while Sakho would be perfect? Is it the fact that he’s Black? I think that’s exactly it. The fact that he’s Black and African descent suggests to many that he just has to be a great defender, while Vermaelen, who’s White and European, just can’t be as good. Here’s a quote from the web blog “Oh To Be A Gooner” that sums up what I’m talking about:

“Now regardless of how much truth there is to those claims, Sakho is the type of player Arsene should buy. In fact, Sakho ticks all the boxes. He’s French, he’s athletic, he’s of African descent and he has an outlandish hairdo. Not to mention the fact that he’s still a teenager.”

The first fact pointed to there is that he’s French…well yeah, so’s Mikael Silvestre. What’s your point?

The fact that he’s still a teenager means he doesn’t have the experience we’re looking for. We need men in the team who have big game experience. Johan Djourou is 20 years old and has played important Champions League matches for us as well as World Cup matches. Sakho doesn’t have the same experience.

If Aidan (the writer of the article) is reading this then I’d like for him to give me an explanation of how him being an African makes him such a good candidate. Seems very racist to me.

Every thing positive mentioned about Mamadou Sakho can easily be attributed to Thomas Vermaelen. I’m not saying Aidan from Oh To Be A Gooner is discrediting Vermaelen but a lot of people are and are comparing him to Mamadou Sakho, saying Sakho is better for the reasons I mentioned above. If your belief is the same that we should sign Sakho but not Vermaelen, I’d love for you to leave a comment below explaining what makes Sakho so much better than Vermaelen.

You can also come by our forums and join the discussion about both players there at

Bye for now.