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With very little to moan about or report on the blog, I today was poking around in our dusty archives and found this wonderful memory,

2-0 down away at Bolton, Diaby sent off,  and we showed real fight to come back to win 3-2.

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Wenger : We want Koscielny at Arsenal

Posted: June 21, 2010 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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Arsenal are moving in for Lorient centre-half Laurent Koscielny (24).

Speaking to “the sun”,  Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger said:

“There has been an approach for Koscielny and there still is one.”

Arsenal has already made an £8million bid for the player but the French club are holding out for more.

Koscielny, spoke out last week asking for Lorient to let him go, and Wenger insisted the Gunners are still in the hunt to sign him.

Wenger who recently said that there will be something happening before the end of the World Cup, “certainly on the defensive side.”

Wenger wants Koscielny to partner Thomas Vermaelen at the heart of the Arsenal defence for next season, and its would seem that a deal is only days away.

So what do we know about Laurent Koscielny?

Full name Laurent Koscielny
Date of birth 10 September 1985 (1985-09-10) (age 24)
Place of birth Tulle, France
Height 1.86 m (6 ft 1 in)
Playing position Centre back

Koscielny began his career at En Avant de Guingamp where he played primarily as a Right full-back.
After joining Tours FC in 2007 we was converted into a central defender, and in the 2008–09 season he scored 5 goals in 34 games.

In May 2009, the UNFP named Koscielny in Ligue 2’s best XI for 2008–09. On 16 June 2009, FC Lorient signed Koscielny on a four-year contract for around 1.5 million euros.

Koscielny is also eligible to play for France & Poland due to his Polish roots.Koscielny has decided to apply for Polish citizenship but as yet, has not made a decision on which country he will represent.

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Having watched Raymond Domenech’s french side lose 2-0 tonight vs Mexico and drawing 0-0 vs Uruguay, I noticed that his style of football & tactics at times is just like our own manager in recent years.

At times tonight watching the french was just like watching Arsenal.

Loads of the ball, passing from side to side. But how many saves did the mexican keeper have to make in the game? How many saves did the Uruguay keeper make? How isolated was the lone striker? How many times did the cross come in with nobody in the box?….. Things we have all said about the Arsenal recently.

Both Domenech and Wenger are clueless when it comes to tactics.

Both play with only ONE striker and both blind to see that its not working and both stubborn to admit they made a mistake and change there style and play 4-4-2.

No doubt the in Arsene we trust massive will come out and tell me how plastic I am but everything I have said in this post is fact.

Tactically Domenech & Wenger are the SAME! and thats why the french have not won anything in years and thats why Arsenal have not won anything in years.

Sinbad –

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Arsenal’s Carlos Vela and Alberto Medina exposed a slow, ragged Italy defense in Mexico’s 2-1 victory over the defending World Cup champions Thursday, giving the Mexicans a major boost heading to the tournament.

Vela took a high pass from Giovani Dos Santos in the center and without any serious challenge lined up a drive from 12 yards that gave goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon no chance in the 16th minute.

Ten minutes from the final whistler, substitute Medina beat Italy’s offside trap, and from a tight right angle beat Buffon.

Italy pulled one back in the 89th minute when defender Leonardo Bonucci scored from close range after Salvatore Bocchetti hit the goalpost.

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Whats going on with Cesc? … £30m enough? And will Wenger spend the money??

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Written by a frustrated gooner.

Since 2005 Arsenal haven’t won a single trophy. the first 3 or 4 years I was fine with that. We moved too another stadium, didn’t have alot of money. Wenger had too break up the invincible and build up another team. But after 6 years I’m done with. I can’t stand a longer “In Wenger We Trust” quote. Because the truth is anyone who says it is clueless. How can you still trust a man who has fails too deliver time after time again.

How can you trust a man who let Flamini go and didn’t replace him? How can you trust a man who keeps playing Almunia who’s keeps costing us points time after time again? How can you trust a man who signs a Man Utd reject? How can you trust a man who knows nothing about tactics? How can you play against Barcelona and not man-mark Messi? How can you trust a man who keeps lying too his fans every summer? And so on.

I really still want too trust him, I really do but the truth is I’m done with him. I want him, gone as soon as possible. How can the board bring out news saying “We’re going too try extend his contract” When he obviously doesn’t deserve a new contract. The sad truth is ladies and gentleman is that Arsenal FC doesn’t care about trophies or having ambitions all they do care about is Money. The board couldn’t give a toss if we won a trophy or not as long as we qualify for the Champions League. It doesn’t matter if we finish 4th or 1th to them.

Now we’re going too probably sell Fabregas. I don’t blame him. How can you blame him when he sees his friends over at Barcelona win trophy after trophy and at Arsenal he doesn’t win a single one. I hope if we do sell him we will spend the money we get on him and sign a replacement? But will we? I don’t think so. It will kill Nasri’s development in the centre of the team. Bye Bye next season. “Hooray for 4th place!”

You can say too me I’m a C##t or twat I don’t care. You can be blind for the truth but I’m not. As long Wenger is in charge we won’t win a trophy. Because when the time comes he will f##k it up. Play youngsters in a tricky away game in the Fa Cup. Use silly tactics in the Champions League etc. 2 years ago I couldn’t believe I would have said this but the time has come….


By koopa – Member of the Arsenal Action Forum

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Arsenal signings

Why is it that Arsenal seem to take an eternity to complete a transfer for a new player?

Every summer we seem to have a long transfer saga that’s drags on for weeks and is played out in the press?

First it was Hatem Trabelsi,& then Baptista and then it was Nasri and of course who could forget the on/off comedy of the Arshavin transfer?

Now we have the Chamakh deal that has dragged on.

This seems to be “The Arsenal Way” but why? What takes Arsenal such a long time to clinch the deal?

I understand that there are a number of issues around a transfer and its not as easy was some of us think, But other teams don’t seem to have this problem? So whats the problem at Arsenal?…When we sell a player is seems to be done in a few days [Kolo Toure]

When was the last time Arsenal announced a new signing totally out of the blue? ….Reyes?

I’m not having a go at the club of the manager, was just looking for a few answers to why Arsenal take so long compared to other teams?….. I hate to think of the players we came close by didnt sign because we took so long? [Drogba, Cech, Ronaldo]…maybe more?

Jason Goldstein Proud member of the Arsenal Action Massive

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Arsenal Action can confirm that Spurs have beaten Arsenal in the race to sign Turkish winger Arda Turan.

The player who has been linked with a summer move to Arsenal, will sign for Spurs after he returns from the USA with Turkey for £12m and on  a 5 year contract.

Spurs moved fast in the race for the winger, and have beaten off Arsenal, Man City and Liverpool in the race to sign the talented winger.

Wenger, who has admits his admiration fo Turan in the past and his agent “Ahmet Bulut” recently said that “Arsenal are interested, and if they want him, Arda’s first choice is Arsenal.”

But Galatasaray Chairman “Adnan Polat” confirmed that a secret contract with Spurs had already been agreed and the player will sign for spurs in less then 12 days time.

Its seems that Arsenal waited far too long to get a deal on the table before spurs came in with a solid offer.

This is not the first time spurs have beaten Arsenal in a transfer race, Spurs also signed Luka Modric from under the nose of Arsenal.  Wenger had said that Modric was too lightweight for the premiership.

Its would seem that Arsenal take an eternity to sign a player, We saw this with the Nasri and Arshavin deal that dragged on for weeks. Arsenal always seem to want to get the player on the cheap and always risk the chance of losing them. As the Arda deal proves.

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This post was taken from this thread on the forum

You know what, tonight a massive part of me wants spurs to win and wants them to finish above us in the league.

No doubt that many of you will call me a disgrace but I feel that finishing below the spurs would be the best thing that could happen to Arsenal FC the fans and the manager.

Some of you fans and even the manager and the board only care about finishing above the spurs and qualifying for the Champions league.

If we finish above the spurs you class our season as a success, No doubt if we beat Fulham this weekend and finish 3rd and above the spurs the players will do a lap of honer and the fans will be happy.

But in fact the players should do a lap of shame after the fulham game even if they win.

I would love it if Fulham beat us and the fans turned on the players and wenger, Because that’s what Wenger needs. Forget this “in Arsene we trust cobblers”

Wenger and the board need to know that finishing in 3rd place is not a success, We want to win things again. Wenger says that finishing 3rd is better then winning the FA cup and that finishing 3rd is like winning the 2nd league. What a load of crap! We had a great chance of winning something this season and we blew it.

You can blame it on the injuries to key players AGAIN but the sad fact is that our players bottled it and Wengers poor tactics and lack of spending had a massive part to play in it.

That’s why a part of me wants spurs to finish above us. So that we for once, can all stand up and admit that this needs to change. Finishing 3rd and above spurs cant be our target at the start of each season.

Wenger the board and the fans must now all come together and admit that this project of wengers is over and something needs to change in the summer.

A change of policies with regards to transfers or maybe a change in staff and wenger gets a new backroom. Some fans like me might even say that Wenger needs to go and we need a new manager.

Today the and Wenger propaganda spin started again, the same BS since 2005. “I will sign 2 super super super class players” etc etc, and then he starts to backtrack on his words and says the players who are returning from injury will be like new signings etc.

If I’m honest I am now sick of wenger and all his crap. The fact that he wont admit that he is wrong or that the players are not good enough and wants to blame everything and everyone but not himself.

For years now Wenger has told the fans that we would be reassured by the summer transfers only to see our best players sold and replaced with cheap kids or players like Silvestre, and this poor 4-5-1 tactic is not working but wenger is to stubborn to revert back to a 4-4-2.

I want us to finish below spurs so that the Arsenal board, Wenger and the fans know that we don’t have a divine right to do so each year and we cant be arrogant to think that finishing 3rd and above the spurs is good enough anymore.

If only our fans protested this weekend or somehow turned there back on Wenger rather then hang a banner up saying “in Arsene we trust” when most of us dont anymore

It kills me to say this but COYS

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But of course Wenger tells us that finishing 3rd is more important then winning the FA cup

1 of the worst games I’ve seen in my life….YAWNNN!!!

2 teams who didn’t show any heart to win the game.Both happy with the draw.

in 90mins Arsenal had ONE shot of note that tested the keeper. Given went off injured and the 4th choice young keeper didn’t even have a effort to deal with.

I feel sorry for Robin Van Persie, No support in a 4-5-1! And even when Nic came on he was asked to play on the right wing? MADNESS!!

I’m sure the wenger team talk must go something like this……

OK LADS, This is what I want you to do……

Lets go back, Keep the ball! PASS
NO!! Lets go to the side
Ok, we are now on our 20th Pass, Lets keep it going.
Chance to shoot!! NOOOOOOOO! PASS
Keep the ball and pass
to the side!!
other side!!Back!!
Ok,I’m bored of this passing, We might as well just cross the ball..Pass to Sagna
Cross to….Ermmmm! Nobody!….Pat Rice what do you think? (PR – I agree with you boss)


I can see why there were so many empty seats today…60:500 (FCK OFF)

Ohh well. 1 pts is better then nothing..and Fabianski got a clean sheet.
In Aresne we trust!


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