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Having watched Raymond Domenech’s french side lose 2-0 tonight vs Mexico and drawing 0-0 vs Uruguay, I noticed that his style of football & tactics at times is just like our own manager in recent years.

At times tonight watching the french was just like watching Arsenal.

Loads of the ball, passing from side to side. But how many saves did the mexican keeper have to make in the game? How many saves did the Uruguay keeper make? How isolated was the lone striker? How many times did the cross come in with nobody in the box?….. Things we have all said about the Arsenal recently.

Both Domenech and Wenger are clueless when it comes to tactics.

Both play with only ONE striker and both blind to see that its not working and both stubborn to admit they made a mistake and change there style and play 4-4-2.

No doubt the in Arsene we trust massive will come out and tell me how plastic I am but everything I have said in this post is fact.

Tactically Domenech & Wenger are the SAME! and thats why the french have not won anything in years and thats why Arsenal have not won anything in years.

Sinbad –

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I didn’t want to post straight after the game as some of you always say that my posts are just a knee jerk reaction.

But now i have had time to think about the game I have to say that the Arsenal fans who STILL have faith in wenger are ether to stupid to see the light or just as stubborn as Wenger.

Poor tactics – this 4-5-1 is clearly not working vs the better teams.If you are going to play with only one striker, he has got to be strong and able to holed the ball up and link the play. And also able to compete with the physical side of the game.

Who has Wenger been using ( Eduardo and Arshavin ) 2 of the smallest, weakest players you can find. And TBH both players have been made to look shit. You cant blame the players. Blame the manager for picking this crap.

Wenger didn’t sign a striker to play this role so why not go back 2 a 4-4-2?

Lack of signings – Wenger can bang on about how he nearly signed a player on deadline day and how he almost signed David Villa all he wants. The sad fact is that he had ALL last summer to address this problems. He had the money from the sales of Adebayor and Toure, ask 90% of fans or people who know something about the game if Arsenal were short of a few players to win the league and they would all say the same things. Need a keeper, A ball winner in midfield and a striker. We all knew that before the start of the season. Come the Jan transfer window were are in a fantastic position to fight for the title as both the chavs and Man utd have dropped points. We are top after a win vs Bolton but like me alot of fans still wanted Wenger to strengthen the team with maybe 2 signings to really give us a boost to kick on and win the league. The signings didn’t come and now 3 games on we are in danger of dropping out of the top 3 into 4th.

Playing players in their wrong position – How many times have we seen Eduardo and Nic on the wings, or Arshavin as a lone striker? its the square pegs in round holes debate again.

2 much faith in poor players – We all knew that Almunia was not good enough to be our long term number one keeper. Sometimes a keeper wins you a game by making match winning saves, Just like Cech did this weekend. Its seems like everytime Almunia has a shot on target it a goal. When was the last time he make a decent save of note? Denilson was never going to be good enough to cover for Song. We all knew that we needed one more DM player at the start of the season….

How many more things do you want?

I said before the Villa, Man Utd, Chavs and Liverpool games that to win the title we needed to take 9 pts from 12 pts, at the mo its 1pt from 9.. Just shows that we are not good enough to win the league. And if we lose to Liverpool? Then what?  From 1st to 4th in 4 games

People can blame players like Almunia and Denilson all they want…the only person to blame is Wenger.

He is living off the glory days (before 2005) this needs to change. The in arsene we trust banner must now come down.

Wenger Out, Mourinho In

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Ive been a gooner all my life and been watching the Arsenal for over 40 years. I didnt pick the team i had to support it was past down to me from my father who was a die hard fan and we use to go and stand in the old clock end together.

During that time we have had some good times and bad, as a kid it was mostly bad as we were pretty poor  in the early 80s and finished most seasons in 7th and sometimes even worst. But we have always had a style and Arsenal have always been a big club when people talk about football in England.

Then we won the league in 1989 and my life changed. For the first time i was able to say ” we are champions ” Players like Rocastle, Merson, Davis, Smith, Adams, Bould, Dixon and more made me the happiest gooner alive. The day we won the title i cried with joy as i didnt think i would see the day in my life time. My old man use to tell me about the double team in 1971 and his face use to light up when he spoke about Charlie George’s goal that won the fa cup.

Why am i telling you all this?

Well some fans only know life under Wenger and fear that the club will crumble if he was to leave. they think that Wenger made this club with his own hands and without him everything would turn into dust.

Let me make a few things very clear. Wenger is/was a great manager and his style of football is a joy to watch and maybe the best I have seen. But he is not Arsenal FC

As many of you have said, the lack of spending, the negative 1 striker, the faith shown in poor players like Almunia is poor judgement from Wenger.

Many of you keep saying that players will leave if wenger was to go? Well let them. Their loyalty should be with the club (Arsenal FC) and not Wenger.

Since the FA Cup win in 2005 Wenger has slowly ripped the heart out of the great 49ners and replaced great players with some talented and some terrible players.

For me its time for a new chapter for Arsenal.

Move Wenger upstairs and give him a job in the boardroom but we need a new manager with a different vision

By Anfield 89

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Time for Wenger to do the right thing and quit..

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its time for Wenger to do the right thing and walk away from Arsenal.

This is not a knee jerk reaction to our disgraceful show today, as most of the regular visitors to the forum and blog will know I have been saying that Wenger needs to go for a long time.

After the Deja Vu show by an almost full strength (RVP) Arsenal side vs a Man Utd team without Ferdinhand and Vidic, it was like the “MEN vs BOYS” champions legaue semi final at home last sesaon. What has changed since then? Well Ronaldo was sold and we all hoped that the “one man team” Man Utd would now be weaker. Well they are, But the problem is for us is that we are still lightyears away from Man Utd.

Our problems?

Like i have been saying for 2 seasons, Almunia is not good enough. How many times has this clown let us down in key games?  But yet Wenger stands by him?

Denilson is not good enough, Some of you may ask why?… Well watch the Man Utd 2nd goal scored today. Just watch Denilson tracking back.

Up front we are missing a striker, But yet Wenger (who has had since the summer and cashing in on Adebayor) to address this is still faffing about.

I said last week that “Wenger LIE to the Arsenal fans AGAIN” and was slagged off by many of you for coming out and doubting Wenger?

Wenger and Arsenal had a fantastic chance of winning the league this season. All Wenger needed to do was invest some of that £30m on 2 players. A centre mid and a striker, Like many of us have been calling out for a very long time. Instead Wenger signs a 35 year old on a free as cover. That for me showed his ambition.

Some of you who come on this blog or the forum to have a good at me are just lying to yourself. I’m not the problem and  i am not alone when i say that the problem is Wenger and his stubborn, arrogant ways.

He treats the FA cup with utter disrespect, a cup we had a very good chance of winning this season.

Let’s face it, wenger has said one thing and done something different for years.

You have to ask why?

Do you see other top managers doing this? No

wenger is nothing more then a stubborn lunatic, he says one thing on Monday n come Friday he says something totaly different. It’s almost like he is 2 different people.

Wenger is either very clever or just mental.

Like I have said a few times, the reason I feel he comes out and says he wants to sign players to the press is to get the best out of his players. But there are other ways of doing this.

Your new 4-5-1/ 4-3-3 tactics are not working. You lack of signings are key to all the problems we have.

What pisses me off is that we keep falling for this trick.

At the end of the season wenger will say the following ” I have identify the problems and I will be working hard in the summer to bring in 2 big players”

a few weeks after that wenger will say I have money to spend and I will do this if the right player comes along.

Then it will be ” we are looking at some players, but are not close at the moment to signing anybody”

then it will be ” I will only sign players, if I sell to replace them”

then 2 players will be sold.

Wenger will then say, the players coming back from injury will be like our new signing.

And then wenger will say.. I’m. Not going to sign anybody as it will kill the kids..

And then comes the end of the transfer window, And just as the transfer window shuts our chances of winning the league shut at the same time.

This has been going on for years now, I know that the board are never going to sack wenger so for me the man has to do the right thing and walk away.

Thanks Arsene for everything you have done but you can NOT take this team on anymore.

We need a fresh look at Arsenal because this in not working.


Debate this more with me on the forum ( HERE )

A few weeks ago the Arsenal king of spin Arsene Wenger said that he wanted to bring in a frontman to cover a couple of key injuries.

At the time i said on the forum that Wenger was useing this to get the best out of Eduardo and was not going to sign a striker. Then Wenger came out and said “I want to buy as soon as possible” and” I will spend my money responsibly” I again said that this was bullshit and within the next few weeks Wenger would come out and say that the return of injuryed players would be like NEW signings..and not for the first time, He “DID

Not the first time we have seen this from Wenger over the years. and not the first time he has lied to the fans and mugged us off.

Why come out with all this bollocks on and get the fans hopes up about new signings only to let us down? I do wish Wenger would just keep his gob shut and stop coming out with all this crap.

Over the years he has said things like ” I will sign 2 world class players, ” The Arsenal fans will be reassured by the new signings” I will sign BIG players”…Etc etc etc.

And everytime we are let down.

And NOW Wenger who recently told the world that he was looking at Chris Smalling has missed out on yet another player. Why did he say anything about Smalling anyway? … by doing so he told other clubs who might have been looking at Smalling that we were looking at him and there might be a chance we could missed out on him.

And Man Utd showed Arsenal hows its done. In 2 days they had a bid accepted and the player signed.

Unlike Arsenal who seem to take 5/6 weeks to sign a player and get the deal done but trying to get him as cheap as possible. and run the risk of missing out, Just like we did with Alonso, and how we almost missed out on Arshavin.

Well… Yet again a transfer window has come and gone and Arsenal do nothing. Like i have said loads of times, Arsenal care about one thing and thats profit.

We are in a fantastic place to win the league and by investing some of that £30m from the sales of Adebayor and Toure on much needed replacements for Song and RVP we might have gone on and won the league.

Now I just fear that the next 4 games will put an end to that and our season.

But who cares, At the end of the day the club will be happy with the profit and the “in wenger we trust crew” will tell us that Wenger did a great job. But the sad fact is that this season we had a real chance of winning something for the first time since 2005 and all we needed was 2 players and our manager to spend some of that profit.But yet again Wenger has shown how stubborn he is… I just hope that come the end of THIS season you will all see what I see.

Arsenal care about one thing and thats not winning things, its about making money and Wenger is treating my club as his own project. This club is now a farm. We sign players with only one thing in mind, to sell them on for a profit.

Why? Dont we spend good money at Arsenal? Why dont we get the big signings like Torres etc?

Maybe thats why you are now seeing so many empty seats at Arsenal. People have had enough of this and i cant blame them.


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As Arsene Wenger celebrates his 60th birthday former Arsenal vice chairman David Dein remembers the first time he met the manager, and how he brought him to the Premier League.

Listen to David Dein, ( HERE )

On behalf of all the Arsenal fans around the world and from all our members at

Happy Birthday Arsene

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Well said Ivan Gazidis, You speak on behalf of all the fans

Manager Arsene Wenger has been warned that it is time his Arsenal team started to win a trophy by club chief executive Ivan Gazidis.

Arsenal  have not won any silverware since 2005, and there is a burgeoning feeling amongst the club’s hierarchy that things must change quickly.

“It’s absolutely our ambition to win a trophy this year. I couldn’t be more clear on that,” Gazidis told the Daily Star Sunday.

“Second, third or fourth isn’t good enough. We want to win something this season and we believe we have the squad to do that.”

Gazidis acknowledges that Wenger has built a fine young side that plays beautiful football, but insisted it is time for the youngsters to deliver.

“We have created and developed a team playing fantastic football. It’s wonderful to watch and very exciting at times,” he added.

“We’ve spoken about the group’s potential. Now, and by now I mean this season, it’s very important for us to focus strongly on winning something for the fans. They deserve it.

“We can talk about football as a business but, fundamentally, this club exists for the fans and they don’t care about financial reports, they care about what happens on the pitch.”

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[Ratings] Thank you for not buying Mr Wenger!

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Man City 4 – 2 Arsenal
(HT 1 – 0)
  • Almunia (og) 20
  • Bellamy 74
  • Adebayor 80
  • Wright-Phillips 84
  • Van Persie 62
  • Rosicky 88

Hate to say I told you so…But “I TOLD YOU SO”

One signing in the summer? WHY? This squad was NEVER good enough

When the transfer window shut at the start of Sept, so did the chance of Arsneal winning anything this season. Wenger is sitting on the profits from the sales of Adebayor and Toure but instead of sticking to his word about bring in replacements he is trying to prove a point and showing how stubborn he is YET again.

Well THANK YOU for not buying Mr Wenger. I can see why you didn’t replace Adebayor or bring in a Defensive ball winner. We clearly are good enough to win everything this season.


In wenger we trust? You bunch of Muppet’s!

Today showed what wrong with Arsenal. 1 or 2 players were fantastic and the rest  let us down.

Wenger will no doubt come out tonight and tell us how proud he is of the team spirit and how he has great confidence in this team..Deja Vu? Truly embarrassing

The sad fact is that the likes of Almunia, Song, Denilson, Diaby are NOT good enough to start for Arsenal.

Bendnter our target man is being forced to play on the wing? RVP is isolated upfront, WE ARE NOT PLAYING 4-3-3,its 4-5-1. The same as last season.

Nice judgement, Wenger – time to go

If you cant see that then you are as deluded as wenger!


My Ratings

Almunia,5 ( didnt make a save all game, Not for the first time this season, At fault for the first goal. )

Sagna,6 ( Poor crossing yet again )

Vermaelen,7 ( Could not deal with the power of Adebayor )

Gallas,7 ( See Above )

Clichy,6 ( See Sagna )

Bendtner,5 ( Wasted on the wing, AGAIN )

Song Billong,5( Worked hard but wasteful with the ball )

Fabregas, 5 ( First game back and it showed, Well off the pace )

Denilson, 4 ( Our worst player, And this is the reason why we needed a CM )

Diaby, 5 ( Errhmmm? Didnt know where he was playing and i dont think he did )

van Persie 8 ( GREAT GOAL, But needs support )

Subs:  Rosicky, 7 . Eduardo, 6 . Eboue, 6

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I like this 4-3-3- but Wenger is playing the wrong player for me…

What i don’t understand is why is Bendtner playing as a winger

the man is 6ft 4 and a beast in the air and yet wenger wants to play him on the wings where he has to cross the ball himself?

I watch him this weekend for the danes and he was outstanding.

Bendtner has even said he wants to play in the middle and not on the wings

Nicklas Bendtner has pleaded with Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger to restore him to his favoured position up front.

The Dane has been used in a wide role this season, with Dutchman Robin van Persie taking the central role in a front three.

But Bendtner said: “I am an attacker not a winger. I have always seen myself as a striker and it is my goal to play as a striker all the time.”

I can see his point. Would you play Drogba on the wing? NO….Arshavin and Diaby have also said in the past that they are not happy playing out on the wing. its seems like Wenger always trys to convert players into wingers.

Up front he is playing Van persie up top? Why not switch him with Bendtner? Van persie plays out on the wing for Holland and is a link player who is not very good in the air. So it makes sense all round if he and Bendtner switched roles like so





….Van Persie………………………………………………………………………Arshavin


You can debate this more on the forum ( HERE )

This is what the man can do if he plays as a stiker

Well well well…The man has done it YET AGAIN!!!..AND JUST LIKE I TOLD YOU (HERE)

Not for the first time, our manager has let us down in the transfer market and failed to do AS he said and replaced Adebayor and Toure.

Why did you think he would? This is not the first time Wenger has done this. All summer he has said things like I want to keep this squad together, I will only sign players if we sell (Adebayor) Wenger has toyed with the Arsenal fans all summer and hinted that he would bring in 1-2 players and he had the money to do so.

So what was the point in selling Adebayor and Toure? I was sure that the reason why we allowed BOTH to leave would be to invest the cash back into the squad and on new players. But yet again we have been lied to and let down by Wenger. Just like the last 3 seasons.

Selling players and not replacing them, We have still not replaced Flamini/Diarra/Gilberto.

We are still waiting for Wenger to sign that powerful centre back to deal with Drogba. Its not the first time Wenger has done this, No doubt he is going to come out and say the same thing to us..Rosicky is going to be like a new signing, I didn’t want to sign new players as it would kill the progression of the kids…And no doubt the “in Wenger we trust brigade” will come out and blame the board for not giving him the cash to spend on new players.

Wenger has the cash to spend from the sales of Adebayor and Toure to spend if he wanted it. SO WHY DIDN’T HE DO SO?

After hinting all summer that he would? Why have we been let down YET AGAIN! Why do we keep allowing this to happen? I’m sick of Wenger and all his lies, I’m sick of the “in Wenger we trust brigade” that keeps telling me to F-OFF and support Man City or Spurs.

Why can’t you people see what’s really going on at our club? Wenger is killing the club with his stubborn transfer policy and you fans who keep saying “ he knows what he is doing “ Well if that’s the case then why have we not won anything since 2005 and since Vieira was sold?

How many more years are we going to put up with this shambles? Selling key players every summer. Never investing that money back into the team. The board saying we have money to spend, Wenger saying he has money to spend and tells the fans that they would be reassured by what they see coming in only to let us down.

Wenger tells the fans that his priority is keeping the team together and then sells our best players. Like I have said many times. Wenger and the Arsenal board only care about one thing…PROFIT £40m for the board this season Wenger..WELL DONE

Who are you going to blame at the end of this season when we finished out of the top 4? The ref? The FA? Lets blame that cheat Rooney or Evra? NO even better lets blame the midweek international games?NO lets blame Platini?

There is only one person who is to blame and that’s the Arsenal manager…and its not the first time.

The only problem is most of you gooners wont admit the truth.


Well done to Cypriot Gooner who told you all weeks ago that we would NOT be signing any new players (HERE)