A Message To Arsene Wenger “GET OUT”

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Enjoy a short video by Sinbad “WENGER OUT” [ LINK ]

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Wenger You asked to be judged in may, Well its time for us to judge you as the man who lead us to an unspectacular 4th place and another trophyless campaign, losing five league games by November and then (in true AW fashion) improving when the stakes were reduced. I remember the “it must never happen again” bollocks when we finished 4th on the final day in 2005/06….thank your lucky stars for the spectacular Villa collapse or it would have happened again within 3 years. You  let 3 international class central midfielders leave within a six month space (Diarra, Gilberto and Flamini) and replaced them at the same cost with Ramsey, Bischoff and Coquelin, whilst promoting Denilson and Song.

This season your poor tactics led the team to 3 of the most insipid, uninspiring cup semi final performances I have ever witnessed.

You forever bangs on about “great desire”, “mental strength” and refers to each player as “a winner”. Can I remind you that your record over the past 2 years against the other top 4 clubs at the business end of the season (i.e. when it actually f**king matters from January onwards) reads PLAYED 10 WON 0 DREW 3 LOST 7.

You as the man who despite 60,000 fans regularly telling you to buy a centre half, chose not to and then decided to send one of an already poor choice of four at the club, out on loan for the season leaving Gallas, Djourou and Toure to cope all year

You could have bought Arshavin in the Summer but instead chose to wait until we were a distant 5th before exposing the club to the most drawn out deadline day saga in history. And quite what advantage did that gain as opposed to having signed him last August or July ?

You was the  man who was the big believer in the stadium move as it was “needed to cope with Europe’s elite“. Yes, we saw how well we competed with them on Tuesday. Since our move we have not finished in the top 2 and have won f**k all. At my beloved Highbury in the last 3 seasons, we reached the Champions League final, won the FA Cup and the Premiership (unbeaten). Glad we moved in order to compete. Still we have to be patient don’t we….does the club want me to be as patient with the ticket prices. Shall we pay top prices in 2017 when we are competing with Europe’s elite ?

Again poor tactics,  at 0-2 down the other night sat with his head down throughout the rest of the match and whose inspired half time magic was to add Eboue for Gibbs. We might all hate Mourinho but at least he had the balls to make first half substitutions (sometimes all three).

If you fail to add to this overpaid bunch in the Summer with some genuine quality of the Arshavin level. Oh sorry, we don’t want to “kill” the likes of Diaby, Denilson and Song do we…..C*NT!!!!

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  1. Franny says:

    Oh do grow up.

  2. Ian says:

    Wow, this is actually a real post right? You mate are a dickhead of the highest order. I can’t be bothered to point out the vast flaws in your argument because theres no hope for you, your just a certified twat. I’m a true Arsenal fan and I’m pissed of with another disappointing season, but don’t act as if you know anything about managing a team, everyone has an opinion and are entitled to it, but your making yourself look a fool, you’ll get support of certain deluded ‘fans’ but you guys are actually a disgrace to the club, no class at all, PRICK!

  3. Franny says:

    PS. In the video “You sold world class players” Sorry to disappoint you but Flamini, Pires, Campbell and Bergkamp weren’t sold.

    Whoever created that video is a right prat. Come to the rocket and i’ll nut you one.

  4. andrew says:

    fuck u and ur silly video, where was arsenal b/4 wenger? u ingrade of a person. those players u mentioned as world class were never world class until dey came to arsenal, flamini has one good season and you call him world class. how is diarra world class? what has liverpool won since 2006? nothing! they continue to out spend us, we are going in the right direction do not let emotions and manipulation from the press cloud ur docile judgement.

  5. chet says:

    That is a disgrace

  6. dilly says:

    dickhead, shut up foolish man

  7. bill says:

    get a grip toss bag

  8. cescy says:

    how about you fuck off you….cunt

  9. kololej says:

    ur that sinbad cunt who made up the palacio rumour a few years ago… why dont u fuck off!!??

  10. Stu says:

    Bergkamp retired, Henry left the country for personal reasons and Vieira has been more or less injured since he left…and Diarra in with those players must be a joke. Diarra is fucking shit as shown by his performances for Madrid. Lescott as top class? Ypu must be crazy…and a little racist judging by the random picture of an african tribe.

    Other than that i can see where your coming from but calm down because he aint leaving. As long as he gets CL football and makes a profit the cunts on the board will keep him.

  11. Tony says:

    You have no class you glory hunter win or loose gunner till I die. What Wenger has done is a God send you boring boring football supporter

  12. superfly says:

    What an IDIOT. TOTAL DRIBBLE…I cant stand this new age of FAKE FANS…WHICH U ARE!!!! How about you go and support another team. Utter PRICK!!!!!

  13. sam says:

    You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. Why don’t you spend your time actually going to games or doing something more productive then making wanky little videos and putting them on youtube.

  14. Ralph says:

    What an absolute cleggnut you are.

    You are everything that’s wrong with the ‘modern’ supporter and are as clueless as a blacked out crossword.

    Why don’t you naff off to the lane where you belong.

  15. petro says:

    comments say it all.. give up u twat

  16. lesagna says:

    one day i will look back at this video and laugh even more when wenger brings back the trophies

  17. Anti-Arsenal Hater says:

    You are full of S#hit. R u a spurs fan is disguise?

  18. Rob says:

    Please could you go and support Man Utd Sinbad? You are clueless and probably started supporting Arsenal when we were the invincibles as we were winning!

    Your support is not welcome, thanks

  19. Romford Pele says:

    What an idiot. Without Wenger and given the finances of the club we would be midtable. I suppose you want Redknapp running the club.

  20. I hate Arsenal fans says:

    That has to be the worst things that I have ever seen in my life.

    I was about to write about how wrong you are and I have just realised that there is no point in doing that whatsoever.

    You spoilt and immature cunt! Fuck off and go and chase some glory at clubs who are putting themselves into debt for short term gain.

    The Arsenal board and manager with years and years experience obviously know very little but unintelligent little spoilt kids know it all.

    Lescott! Bilic (who has never managed a club side in his life!) I could go on.

    This has made me reach the conclusion that fans of my own team are worse than the Spuds, Mancs and Chelsea. By Far.


  21. sebcesc says:

    This blog is getting worse and worse, someone needs to pull the plug!

  22. clockendgooner says:

    Yet another post full of polemic but signifying nothing. We can all stand up and criticise. The mark of the man is in positing what you think ought to be done to improve things. Random naming of players either no better than what we’ve got or unavailable due to price/contract considerations is just childish. I should go back to the comfortable numbness of Championship Manager if I were you.

  23. Chris says:

    Guys like you make my head spin. You are a supporter of one of the best sides in the world who play football beyond the reach of practically every team in sight yet are still young and inexperienced. They’ve played wonderful stuff again and again this season, learning as they go, gaining much-needed experience, despite a string of injuries to major players. The raw recruits have done amazingly well since they were drafted in. Yet there you are, moaning that you’ve “won f**k all” – by which you mean you have failed to win either the world’s biggest club competition or the world’s most competitive league! To cap it all you want to jettison a manager who has transformed football in this country, not just at Arsenal. A brilliant manager who regularly inspires respect from those who know something about the game. One interesting omission from your rant is the name of a suitable replacement. Naming that man is almost as hard aas winning the Champion’s League…

    Go away and get some perspective. You can’t simply expect to win these trophies – they are hotly contested by the cream of football. Until the Gunners win something – which shouldn’t be long – enjoy the football you’re so lucky to have in front of you. It doesn’t come this good every day. And give credit to the man who has brought it to you.

  24. theo says:

    speak for yourself you nob most fans what the legend to stay!!

  25. Terence McGovern says:

    This is without a doubt the single worst blog on the internet. it is so bitter and twisted that it fails to concieve logic or sense.

    You ungrateful bastard.You don’t deserve a club as good as ours. You have zero class.
    Why go to the trouble of having an maintaining a blog about a football club that you obviously hate?

    More importantly, how did you manage to remove your brain for that photograph after the Arsenal schools one?

    You are a retarded disgrace to everything Arsenal.

  26. gooner777 says:

    Flamini world class? Ranieri as new manager?

    Sack the man who has made us the 4th best team in Europe?

    I suggest you go to N17 where this type of meaningless whinging is accepted. We are The Arsenal, this sort of behaviour is simply not acceptable. You obviously have not got a clue.

  27. Rohan says:

    Racist cunt. He sold world class players after they stopped being world class you dick! Do you not remember Campbells performance against West Ham where he left at half time! I do agree thought it may be the time for change and I would love to see Bilic as manager. Also Adebayor has 43 goals in 100 games, that’s better then Bergkamps record. Diaby and Song can be great players as we have seen. In fact so can Djourou but I would love to see David Villa, Alonso and Lescott in our time. Lescott and Toure would compliment each other perfectly and Djourou can learn from a tall defender as to how to use his height and weight. It’s unlikely though with Everton looking to grab fifth, Alonso had the season of his life at Liverpool this year and Wenger said he will NOT buy any strikers

  28. Sue says:

    What an idiot!!!!!

    People like you make me puke, you’re a pillock!!!

  29. The truth hurts …….maybe you unrealistic ” toss bags” might wake up to the truth! ..we need fucking titles …this dwib should either buy established players who actually work for the money they earn or leave with his over rated babies ….Arshavin has proved to Wenger that he is a big thick stupid dwib…he has shown him that proven players win you games and work for the money they earn each week. Which dwib is happy with the situation at Arsenal right now? Open yo mouth. Whether Flamini was sold or not its not important ..fact is that he wanted a lil more quid en Wenger wasn’t ready to bulge..en he left. Arsenal didn’t appreciate, they left him no option but to leave. Just a few more quid en our team wouldn’t have to look so shambolic. At Man Ure they still have the likes of Gary Neville, Giggs but what happened to Gilberto? Pires? Vieira? Henry? They all were sold a year early just cuz Wenger doesn’t offer players above 30 more than a one year contract..dig that! They could have added some steel to his young starlets but he chose it better for them to go. Which other team in Europe wold field these kids? Only Arsene would….teams like Real Madrid wouldn’t stomach this crap. You would be massacred at Barca to even hoodwink them with this kids crap. You all saw what happened to Rijkard the man won them a champions league something actually Wenger has never accomplished at Arsenal but when results didn’t come in he was sent packing. AND NOW WHO DO THEY HAVE? You’re guess is as good as mine ..you all saw his passion when he ran 100 Metres in 3 seconds at the bridge …the result? They are back at Europe’s elite show and that is the Finals of the Champions League..with such attacking flair that every team is now scared of them. That can’t be said of Wenger…the results show on paper…Arsenal is not married to Wenger. Too much sentiment won’t get us anywhere. We appreciate what Wenger has done over the years and all but if he can’t get his tactics right then i’d rather we had Mourinho ..played fairly good and won matches and titles. Arsene is so off when it comes to tactics. Mourinho would never burry his head in his hands till the match ended. He’d be on the line shouting his lungs out and getting all pissed about the performance if his boys put in a poor show. He wouldn’t go to a press conference and start calling them winners and shit. He would say they have slackened and need to pull their game or leave the club ..but what does Wenger say? Ohhh we have played the best team in Europe? So? Imbicile…u need to beat the best to be the best! It seems Arsenal these days is about business …more money for the club directors … more profits for them but how about your clients you fools? They need to see titles…something you aren’t doing anything to see that it happens. Letting yo best players go that easily only to field cheap labour? Fuck!

    • Dom says:

      dwib is a stupid word used by a stupid man like yourself.
      Trophies are not the point of football, otherwise everyone would support Utd, Chelsea, Real Madrid and Barca.
      Get a fucking grip!

    • JL says:

      I read the first 3 lines of this comment and decided you were a cunt without needing to read the rest. What kind of word is dwib?? You look as stupid as the bloke who posted this video. Speak english and fuck off to sp*rs!

  30. Dom says:

    Why are all our fans so fucking obsessed with trophies?
    Yeh, we all want to win, and we have a minority of players in our squad that actually still give a shit, but lets leave Wenger alone, he got us here single-handedly, yes we arent competing like we did 5 years ago, but two semi finals is better than liverpool who have had a ‘great season.’ We could still stop utd winning the league (cunts) in order to get them back for the humiliating CL loss. Its not all about trophies. Utd went several seasons trophyless, there was talk of fergie going, but now hes on top of the world with the most efficient team in the world. A change in manager would precede a change in the club as a whole, the style of football, the face of the club and the players. We should value Wenger while hes still here, hes getting older and whenever he does leave will be a terrible day for Arsenal football club.

    • cerbera says:

      Are you serious? “Why are all our fans so fucking obsessed with trophies?” I’m sorry for thinking all this time that winning trophies establishes your reputation as a good club. Where was my head?

  31. Liam says:


    To be this offensive to a manager who has been so loyal and brought unparalled success to Arsenal is unacceptable.

    Clearly mistakes have been made recently, I agree with many of the points raised, but this sort of personal abuse towards our current manager is appalling.

  32. Mean Lean says:

    The comments have made me feel much better about watching that clip

  33. Connor Knight says:


  34. hbk don says:

    this vid …. pure shit …
    we still have faithin AW …
    like it or not … Arsenal will rock .. sooner or later …

  35. noel reynolds says:

    love the list of alternative managers you give there as well. you are fucking clueless. just cos you have a blog doesnt mean fuck all. when youve gone 18 years without winning a championship perhaps you should come back then and pontificate. idiot.

  36. Lulz says:

    LOL @ Ranieri!!

  37. GunnerVox says:

    You say: “If you fail to add to this overpaid bunch in the Summer with some genuine quality of the Arshavin level.”… and then fail to complete the sentence – we’re just left with half an idea – not surprising from someone who obviously only has half a brain. You’re suggestions for replacements are hilarious – like some of those clowns have got by far the better track records than the Prof – And after Fabregas, van Persie, Walcott etc have all followed AW out of the door (he’s the only one heeping them there, as they all owe a sense of loyalty to him) this new super sexy manager is going to have to put together a completely new squad from a limited budget over night that is somehow going to be challenging for everything IMEDIATELY- I mean, he better had (he certainly wouldn’t be allowed any sort of ‘trophy drought’ otherwise glorry hunting arseholes like you will be on his back immediately, making BAFTA winning efforts like the above – because lifting trophies is the be all and end all for you. If you’re that upset about trophy droughts you glory-hunting c**t,(you obviously weren’t around in the 80s – maybe you were and only starting supporting AFC when they started picking up silverware in the prem?), instead, why don’t you follow a team that spends loads of money on world class players and then gets in a world class manager that then, er… only get as far in the CL as did the gunners. Here’s a suggestion; next time you feel the urge to make a video why don’t you shove it up your own backside – the results would be far less obnoxious than the crap above – and you never know, you may then find that other half of your brain.

  38. hbk don says:

    and .. one more thing ..

    i’m totally flattered by the comment posted here

    this shows there r true arsenal fans out there .. not like u … QUITTER ….

  39. Brian says:

    Ha, what a fucking cleft you are son, run along now.

  40. Tariq says:

    Fuck you and your blog!

  41. paul says:

    Good video. Well presented – love iMovie. Still a load of bollocks though from an ungrateful CUNT!!

  42. tom says:

    unbelievable! this is such a load of crap. you are an embarrassment to all arsenal fans. its one thing to be disappointed and frustrated, but your article and video is ridiculous. what a fucking twat.

  43. andrew says:

    u are racist as well, can u clerify ur point with the africa village

  44. nicholas says:

    you can fuck riiigght off. go support fuckin spurs.

  45. randy says:


  46. paul says:

    I presume the village reference is something to do with Toure, Song, Eboue and Adebayor. Two of them are good enough for the Arsenal = Toure and Song

  47. JL says:

    Seems as though you shot yourself in the foot (blog?) son! Time to give up. You have clearly expired!

  48. dave gunner says:

    YOU and yer fuckin (arse)hole family r kunts

  49. RED ARMY says:

    A MESSAGE TO SINBAD: go find Ali Baba’s 40 thiefs and BEG them to loosen your anal, cause THE RED ARMY is coming for you, mate, and we’re far more than 40.
    may God be with you and your sore ass!

  50. Eman says:

    Oh grow up…

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and I will respect a well thought and reasoned argument. Your argument was neither. Flamini’s one decent season does not make him world-class. Diarra is certainly not world class. We did not sell Bergkamp, he retired. Also, I’m pleased to inform you that Adebayor was signed a full season and a half before Henry left, and so was not a replacement. Djourou joined the club before Sol left too. As for your suggestions for replacements for le Boss… Ranieri? Bilic? Oh good God.

  51. GunnerVox says:

    One more point – can everyone above who agrees this arsehole Sinbad is a closet LYC with this pile of video shite just make sure that you boycott responding to this provocative filth in future- Remember- do not respond AT ALL to this blog – WHATEVER this cunt puts up. That way this piece of shit will then dry up – hopefully, this will also be dropped by the Rocky filter.

  52. brdgunner says:

    PRICK. Every message I write on other bloggs from now on will be to avoid you.

  53. denis says:

    u are a wanker,,supporters like u make me sick.DICKHEAD.

  54. eleanor says:

    As long as you keep smugly writing this witless poxrot, I guess you can’t be anywhere else, and I feel so much safer.

    You obviously have issues. My advice, apart from you finally getting to wash the sp*rs shirt you’ve had on ever since you started this blog …

    … get some help.

    No point anyone here appealing to a deficient intellect.

    Look at the responses.
    You evidently don’t get Arsenal,
    or football,
    or what it means to be an Arsenal fan.

    Now if only sp*rs could engender this kind of loyalty,
    you might spend less of your season fighting off relegation.

    Poor Sinbad.

  55. kas57 says:

    You are clearly someone who has only been watching Arsenal for the past couple of seasons and probably still wearng short trousers. It would be too easy to heap personal abuse on you – as you have done Wenger and Rice – but two wrongs don’t make a right. I echo the other comments: go away and find someone else to ‘support’. Your type of ‘support’ isn’t wanted at the Em, but when your new team is going out of business because they have borrowed huge amounts to spend on the latest big name, the Arsenal will still be in business and still at the top challenging. Goodbye.

  56. Gooner49 says:

    I understand your frustration dude but you went too far. You can’t call yourself an Arsenal fan or a football fan if you spout shit like that!

    Next season we are going to blow everyone away!!

    It looks like there isn’t going to be a mass exit like there was last year, and Arshavin hasn’t even gotten used to his team mates yet!!

    After a good pre-season he will be even better and Wenger will have figured out out best starting 11.

    Just you wait!!


  57. jose luis says:

    wish the chumps on this site would stop thinking they can write articles or edit video’s. Arsenal Action is the single worst website on the internet.

    congratulations you fucking cunts.

  58. Dave says:

    You sir, are a complete an utter disgrace to the Arsenal fan world. I gather from the utterly juvenile video, complete with errors, that you truly do not understand anything about football, and even less about a great club like Arsenal.
    To use the word ‘fan’ to describe you would be a massive compliment, so I won’t. You don’t deserve to pass judgment, and I sincerely hope that the comments from real Arsenal fans will make you understand just how far off your rocker you really are.

  59. jose luis says:

    i think the fact that 99% of comments are against you ‘sinbad’, suggests that the proper arsenal fans think you are a complete twat.

    you are entitled to your opinion, but you have presented it in such an obnoxious manner that people will just ignore you.

    why don’t you fuck off back to the hole you emerged from in 1998 when we won the double.


  60. Mario says:

    You ungrateful, cretinous kurd of a man. You fuck off and support someone else and take your poxy, spiteful, unloyal video and shove it up your sisters arsehole. CUNT!!!

  61. God says:

    Silly ignorant child. If you wanted to make a video to be smart do it on Danny Fiszman.

    Arsene Wenger has saved us from oblivion after David Dein was fired.

    Idiot. What are you plastic from Singapore or spoiled from New York. Don’t come near London. We don’t want you.

  62. jose luis says:

    also, is there any way we can get ‘arsenal action’ cut off arsenal news now? its such a load of crap.

  63. GunnerPete says:

    Well apart from another pillock called Linkin you have absolutely no support for your badly made and juvenile rant. The Arsenal are the greatest club in the world bar non, and we the real supporters are loyal to our manager and players. Any of us who remember the 18 years without winning a raffle can never understand your sickening bile. Whilst we are all choked about the way we lost to Chelski & Manure again most of us grown ups realise that anyone willing to spend on average £50 million per year can buy any trophy there is…just look at Madrid & Barca they have done exactly this for 40 years! But I for one do not want to become another non stop buying club ( Man City will buy the league double next season) I am happy to be know as the best footballing club in the world and wait for the final pieces of Arsenes jigsaw to fall into place. So go and have sex with yourself and then support Manure.

  64. g14 says:

    to all gunners fans, not glory hunters, real fans. its obvious he has no idea about the club, so i wouldn’t let him get the better of us. just to let you know all the above player u mention as top “class” weren’t when they came to arsenal. so before u post something do ur research. E for Effort son

  65. Mr B says:


    Suck a dick up until u hiccup.

  66. tooin says:

    yeah what kind of managers do u propose loosers? like ranieri lol, rijkard made one good season because of ronnie, hahaha van gall ?? hahahaha del bosque lol what a cunt.
    AW the best man who managed arsenal football club in history, shut your fucking mouse mate

  67. Gunnar says:

    I’d rather watch “2 Girls 1 Cup” than have to sit through Sinbad’s video again.

    In fact I can’t believe I made it all the way through. Maybe it could be a new craze:

    Gooners have to see how much they can stand before they need the sick-bucket.

  68. surrey gunner says:

    At this moment I would be scared very scared. I think this is one of the moments in your life you will regret.

    I will say this again for the 250 time, Wenger will not go because the board, supporters and team trust and respect him, and if you cant get what he is trying to acheive then just shut up.

  69. Paul B says:

    Wenger is past it, I don’t believe he can take us any further, even Cloughie got Forest relegated, we do need a change as we do not play the style of football we use to.
    Wenger plays players out of position, sticks with no-hopes like Adebayor,Diaby,Denilson, Silvestre, it is not rocket science we all know we can not defend and we need a leader in the team, but season after season Wenger has failed to rectify the problem, we use to be Manure’s rivals now we are a laughing stock to our rivals.
    I pay 950 for my season ticket and I have to watch certain players ponce around, they are not fit to wear the red and white.
    Wenger either needs a good second in command or he has to realise we will not win another trophy as long as he remains stubborn about his policy.
    It has not worked and it has backfired big time.
    The club is Arsenal not Wenger so he has to buy in the summer or we will be the under-achievers again.
    Wenger has brought us quality football and won trophies in style but that feels a long time ago.
    I wuld like to see more passion,drive,desire from the Arsenal and not the crap of players being injured all the time, I have never known a team to suffer so many injuries, something is wrong.
    I still would like to know why Wenger put Arshavin on the bench in the semi final against the Chavs, where was the logic in that.
    I will give Wenger the summer to sort things out and clear some of the deadwood that weighs the Arsenal style and play down, but if we suffer again for a fifth successive season of groundhog football, then we need a change.
    All good things come to an end and I believe we would need a Dutchman to manage us, Advocat could teach Wenger and Arsenal to defend in three weeks

  70. scott says:

    AKB AKB!!!

    well its may and it looks like he doesnt

    so all the akb better get with the program and get their heads out of their other ends and see the light.

    its gonna be the same end of next season

    2 experience players coming in, that isnt enough

  71. Duncan says:

    I expect you were one of those leaving the Emirates early because you don’t know what it means to support a club, couldnt find it in your soul to support young men as they tried to find a way back, couldnt support Sammi Nasri as he ran his heart out. Arsenal are my family and when they are abused I take exception. I take exception to your language and I take exception to your judgement – you have no class.Arsene Wenger has however and I am honoured to support a team he manages.

    Take this site down and go and support someone else
    You are not welcome.

  72. scott says:

    go marry them if you love him so much, some people are so stubborn they cant see the team going backwards until its too late

  73. matt says:

    Your beloved Highbury! you are a fucking twat, did you ever go to Highbury??? and who while were at it do we employ to replace Wenger??????? come on brains maybe you can do the job!!!!!!!!

  74. ignatz says:

    Deary deary me. That didn’t go so well, did it?

    And before you go off feeling sorry for yourself, like the world is against you, please know that you deserved almost every word of abuse for your racist, childish piece of shit blog.

  75. dave says:

    well Mr sinbad you probably Know how Wenger feels now because you seem to be far more unpopular than him from what I can read!
    So as you incite please fuck off!
    Please dont ever set foot in the emerates we dont need your sort you pea brain success driven twat.
    P.S I bet you work in banking?

  76. Herd says:

    Come and meet us in the George Sinbad. We’ll have a nice drink and explain to you what it means to be Arsenal. Twat.

  77. dan says:

    ladies and gentlemen… i think we have found a successor to Arsene Wenger… this TWAT LOL!!

  78. arsenalaction says:

    [ Video Removed ] Arsenal Action Admin

    Sorry Sinbad..

  79. HaHaGooner says:

    all right, i think that you are right. why dont you and myles palmer be the manager and no.2 respectively. did you get laid off work or something or is your wife screwing someone else?

  80. Paul B says:

    Frank Rijkaard is someone who could do it, Hiddink would jump at the chance to manage Arsenal, even Advocat would improve our defence, the format is there as we have the players, we need someone to come in and improve the defence and not play deadwoods like Denilson,Adebayor, or even Diaby, there are a lot of managers who would jump at the chance.
    Wenger has set the format, all we need is someone to teach the Arsenal how to defend, don’t assume Wenger is bigger than the club or we would crumble.
    We need a big manager who will take no shit from players, instead of giving into their huge wage demands, we have the second largest wage bill in the PL and nothing to show for it, all we get is spin and the del boy next year we’ll be champions, unless he buys or changes some of his policy it will be thew same next season

  81. I-Keep-It-Real says:

    Bap Bap! You’re telling it like it is son, I like that. Wenger is the most Stubborn manager I have ever seen. He never admits his flaws or mistakes, and when he does, he rarely capitalises on them. He needs to act in the Summer or I am going to be 1 pissed off Arsenal Fan. I was at the Semi final the other day, and my God, I felt like slapping Wenger in his elongated chin. “Great Team spirit, mental strength and desire”… Oh please shut the fuck up with that cliche cheesy nonsese. You either win or you don’t. You either get the quality of players and work with them, or you don’t. Stop making excuses Mr Wenger and bring in a fucking centre back and a bossy centre mid to help out Cesc. Dick.

  82. I-Keep-It-Real says:

    Paul B, I agree, I would love Frank Riijkard at Arsenal, he would bring in the quality we need, and he would work on our current squad of players. He is a winner, he has done it with Barcelona and the Champions League and he can do it with Arsenal. Barca and Arsenal are similar in their tactical approach to football, Riijkard could work on that, he loves attacking football. Get him in now, kick out this old useless stubborn prat for a manager, 4 years nothing to show for it. Luckily got a crappy FA Cup 5 years ago otherwise he would be half way on his way to a decade of trophyless despair.

  83. I-Keep-It-Real says:

    All you ass kissing Arsenal fans need to get your head out of Arsene Wengers obviously tight and stubborn anus. I support Arsenal Football Club. Not Arsene Wenger. If he needs to go he needs to go, simple as. I wont bow down to his strange desires to breed a young team, like some sort of sadistic paedophile bent on proving a point. This Michael Jackson of the Premiership is depriving us of trophies, trophies that we could have won by now if he just admitted defeat!

    • Don says:

      Nice to know there are ”real Arsenal fans” out there like you and Paul B. Sometimes I wonder if all these guys talking rubbish all because they want to support AW and not AFC really understands what it feels like to go season after season without trophies. What it feels like to come out of a game like the semi-final of CL after such a humilaition at the hands of Man U. The aim of the game is to WIN trophies and not for manager to be so stubborn and never admits the obvious. I personally fell that AW has decided to put his interest and pride before the club. Good a manager as he may be, there is nothing absolutely wrong fro him to aspire to greater heights. This he can only do by adding real quality and experience to AFC.

    • bill says:

      what a cunch of bunts you, paul B and sinbad are. fuck off and dont ever come to the emirates

  84. pally says:

    Are you for real you fucking idiot… Go and support someone else…you inbred…

  85. Jonathan says:

    I think you need to take a look in the mirror mate if you want to see a c*nt.

  86. cyborg says:

    glory hunter, go support Man U.

  87. ted says:

    call your self an arsenal fan you dick we dont need fans like you so pissoff go and support chelsea thats where all the divs are….

  88. mjs says:

    diarra is well shit, i had loved wenger for ages, he needs to do something tho, all these guys are hating your comments but i was never so embarrased as a arsenal fan as i was watching us 0-2 down at home after 11 mins, we flop in big games, wenger is a shit motivator, i personally wouldnt mind if someone else came in and he moved upstairs or actually get 3 top players with desire to win (like ashavin) could do with a few english hard men also CLONE KEOWN!!!

  89. Martha Focker says:

    to I keep it Real – you say you support Arsenal – good for you.But the fact you refer to him as the michael jackson of the premiership just show you to be an asshole – not an arsenal fan.

    it is fuckwits lke you who make stupid proclamations without a clue for a solution.

    Keep it real you are as much an arsenal fan as those pricks up the seven sisters road – so do us all a favour and fuck right off

  90. Claude says:

    “Hi I’m Sinbad. You might remember me from such Persian Sailor classics as. . . . . . .

    Sinbad the Wailor
    Sinbad of the Seven E’s in my GCSE’s
    Sinbad and the Eye of the kn*bjockey

    Next up I’m appearing in a new flick.
    I’m looking to bring down a football manager.
    Keep your eye out on the small screen for my latest movie. . . . SINBAD AND THE COMPLETE F*CKING IDIOT THAT IS ME!”

  91. Sam says:

    Just watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKJ_zCHLoKU&feature=related and maybe it refreshes your memory

  92. Welwyn Gooner says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks this blog is utter dross.

    Supporting Arsenal is not just about winning, it is more than that. It is a club with tradition, heritage, class (which the writer of the blog has none). When I starting supporting Arsenal in the 80’s we hadn’t won or rarely challenged for the title since 71 & had only won a couple of cups in that period. On top of that we were awful to watch. Even under GG, we challenged for the title twice & thankfully we won them both but in other seasons we generally had poor league positions. Guess what though, we all still supported the club through thick & thin.

    Arsene Wenger has made us into consistent top 4 club, whilst changing Arsenal’s style of football hopefully forever. He has also done this without the spending power of the other top 3 clubs & even some other PL clubs (Spurs, Newcastle, Man City). For this Wenger deserves time & our trust.

    This is not to say I am blinkered, I want to us to challenge for the title & I am frustrated at some of his decisions & lack of transfer activity (we’re crying out for Vieira & Adams type players). But I still trust Arsene. If he were to leave, we would lose a lot of our best players (Fabregas, etc) & I would be worried if we have to change our transfer policy & I am not sure we can afford to spend like the Chav’s & Manc’s. This could mean rather than challenge for the title we may not challenge for champs league place.

    Unfortunately these type of comments are now the norm from a new ‘glory hunter’ breed of Arsenal ‘fans. We need Arsneal fans to get behind the team, sing up & stay till the end to clap the team off the pitch to show our appreciation for their efforts. This applies win, lose or draw! This is why Bergkamp, Henry, Adams, etc showed loyalty as they recognised & appreciated our recognition. The new breed of fans are far more concerned with booing Ade, Bentdner, Eboue & moaning rather than supporting the club. This is not the class of Arsenal that I grew up with.

    I pay £1000 but I do so knowing even if we don’t win trophies, I will get value for money through good football & watching MY club.


    • Ray says:

      here here, if only. I was screaming at the TV yesterday because I can’t adfford to go every home game but when I used to go in the 70’s I sued to leave the ground when lose or draw with a sore throat from singing. Don’t seem to get a variety of songs at the Emirates apart from the away fans.

  93. Peter M says:

    My first and only visit to this site. What a stupid article. Go away and support a different team because you obviously know nothing about Arsenal as a club and you fail to get what makes it different to the other members of the so-called ‘top 4’. What a moron you are….

  94. a says:

    excellent post, wenger is an average manager

  95. gunners88 says:

    i can understand your frustration and i am steaming mad at wenger too.

    But your explanations and whole point of your argument is too rude and childish. This is no way to treat a man who have; lets be honest here; made us into a top european club from a mid table one and be called a cunt! He deserves far more respect than that.

    i know we all loved highbury but dont blame wenger for moving to the emirates. We needed to move to a bigger stadium.

    He is stubborn though, refusing to bring in a defensive cm to replace flamini and a cb was delusional and plain silly. But still he managed to keep us fourth with the softies and inexperienced player he bought.

    The board have as much to do with our demise as much as wenger’s obssesion with playing players who arent good enough. The board are too happy that wenger is making profits and playing in the CL. They will nvr put any pressure for arsene to win at all cost!

    And why is it everytime Hill wood says they will give arsene any amount of money, when the transfer window is closed, they never say it when it is open.

    Arshavin signing took ages because of Zenit being a bitch not wanting to let arshavin go.it has nothing to do with Arsene as he shldnt even be in charge of the negotiation process.

    And we shld at least give arsene the benefit of the doubt. One more season as he did promise us 2 experience head this summer. The one problem i have with wenger is he is thinking too much abt how not to ‘kill’ diaby(get him out please), denilson and song’s progression instead of arsenal. Who cares, it’s club before any players growth. So what if he bought alonso and the 3 are demoted to the bench! You fcuking fight for your place then! show the manager why you’re worth keeping and are comparable with the world’s best. Our players are currently lacking passion and winners mentality. Only arshavin has those qualities we so needed for now!

    * For the ‘Arsene knows best’ supporters out there, just because we critised wenger’s wrong doings which is obvious for million to see, doesnt mean we dont support them. I know arsene is one of the greatest and most sought after managers out there, if only he can get back to his winning ways, mix experience and youth like he used to. Buy the personnel needed for a winning side like the invincibles. We were a top 2 teams for 8 years straight, now we are 3rd/4th best, surely something has gone wrong somewhere.
    We were so closed last season and i pray / hope that wenger will buy the needed quality arshavin like signings needed.

  96. E9 Smooth says:

    I thought I found this article quite interesting, well mainly the replies. A message to the person who wrote this article “F**K YOU”


  97. Harry Flowers says:

    One of the most depressing thing I’ve ever had to witness. As I told myself I would never read one of these moronic “fan” sites again however, I deserve all get.
    Some of the follow up comments on here are just as mind boggling in their ignorance and stupidity.
    To see some moron refer to a man of Arsene Wenger’s achievements and integrity as a “dick” is really the limit.

  98. Honest says:

    Spot on. I agree with every word. Too many Arsenal fans love Wenger for what? We’ve become the new Spurs. Sack him and his nancy boys. Only Sagna, Nasri, Arshavin and RVP are good enough.

  99. O.B says:

    ungrateful prick
    and if wenger left who wouldtake over
    wengers th best we have got
    so for fucks sake grow up and get behind him

  100. fahj says:

    Fuck you bitch!
    Show some fucking respect to our fantastic manager!

    You are a piece of shit of a gloryhunter!
    Go and “support” Manutd or Chelsea!

    Fucking looser

  101. gooner ireland says:

    you fucking moron

  102. Ho Chi Minh says:

    Aren’t you the retard that organised a “protest” at Ipswich some years ago, which only yourself and your bumchum showed up for?

    You make me ashamed to be a human.

  103. Danish Gooner says:

    Sinbad might be over the top,but noone can argue that Wenger has completely lost the plot lately.Why give Bendtner a fine when he was so clearly framed according to Mr.Genius himself.

    • bill says:

      coz he fined him for going out in the first place. the whole pants down and photographer in the right place at the right time was a set up Mr Genius. hey i reckon it was you or sinbad that set him up. lost the plot? go and support spurs you fanny flap

  104. Baldy says:

    Lol, what a ridiculous post.

    Dude, you need to get a life, at the very least a woman, then get a blow job, kick back with a Stella & realise that life is not just about football, but about having a ball until the big man upstairs decides that it’s time you were a moonbeam.


  105. […] A Message To Arsene Wenger “GET OUT” Posted on the forum Wenger You asked to be judged in may, Well its time for us to judge you as the man who […] […]

  106. Van Perry says:

    Calm down. Your ignorance is staggeing, as would be the blow I would stirke you with if I saw you!

    Good riddance Arsenal Action, tut tut.

  107. Vic gunner says:

    So AW says Arsenal are improving. What about the others like Chelsea,Pool ,MU,Everton,etc.Don’t tell me they are sitting still.Arsenal are one of the top four in Europe due to cl sf. We want to be the best and not finish second or be runner up.
    Remember Stepanov/Cygan and a host of others. These were cast offs or second rate material. Frankly had he invested in a solid defender when Campbell left,things could have been different.
    of all the four sf in the cl the gunners defence is the poorest injuries not withstanding. For that he had to be accountable. He has failed to shore up the defence and when the team attacks more often than not defence goes awol.That is why goals are conceded all over the place including from set pieces.
    Avery good defence is the foundation of a team that aspires to win trophies.The gunners have failed miserably these past four seasons.Oh when my young gunners have more experience we will be the best in the world.
    We have enuf of excuses and when buy somebody it is understood he will provide competition for places and not kkill Diabby or others. You seldom read of the red faed saying this sort of things. The tem is above the player.

  108. commonsense gunner says:

    The present situation at Arsenal can be compared to that of a ship captain. His boat was leaking and in spite of advice from seasoned boatmen he insisted on sailing into deeper waters.He had been warned to plug the gaps in the boat before going ahead.
    Alas the stubborn captain had to pay a heavy price. when the boat sailed into the deeper waters, the water rushed in . Everybody drowned except the captain.He had a life jacket.

  109. khoune says:

    you guys please try to understand the team manage is not easy as you think.
    just have a look to chealsea they got an experienced players in the squad as the defend,defending midfield and so the striking as well but they still missing the title don`t talk to arsenal still trying to save money as to develove the youngsters and how to be sure for the title?
    the important thing that arsene wenger must do is get more an experience center half to strengtern the sqad oh! if posible the world class score maker but not the simple striker.

  110. Donjohnni says:


  111. Sheila says:

    Wow! Someone has certainly touched a nerve with this one. Why trash the writer of this blog by labelling him/her with all manner of derogatory abuse simply because you disagree with his point of view? If, as many of you felt, it was such a waste of time to read this blog, why are so many of you responding so vehemently? In truth, the writer is not too far off with his facts, and that is the most damning. Futhermore, if you’re going to trash someone in print at least learn to spell or use some basic grammar. By the way, the contraction of “you are” is always you’re, never your.

    • bill says:

      hahahahaha!!!!! if only your arsenal facts was as good as you’re…. whoops! sorry,YOUR grammar. hahaha! oh sheila, thats funny!

  112. Fabragas says:

    dude, u hit the nail right on wenger’s fuckin balls! all empires must come to end after their glory days! and the rest of you guys insulting him what exactly is your point?

    has Wenger won anything in the last four years? No!

    has he effectively replaced the best players who left their positions? Fuck No!

    Are the so-called young players that he is so-called developing into stars going to stay for life at Arsenal? Hell No…they will, and i say fuck WILL leave in their prime…make Arsenal look like a fukin feeder team..

    You guys think you are ‘real’ supporters when you defend Wenger because of what he did pre historically but in fact you are cowards who cannot accept that this ship is sinking!
    The man is stubborn…wants to keep faith and develop ‘stars’ at the expense of the season ticket holder and the merchandise buyer, not forgetting all of us supporters! You think at 24 or 25 Fabregas will still be at Arsenal if it continues like this? or Van Persie will? but the truth is, between 26 to 32 years thats when we need them the most…and they havent signed life-contracts so there is no guarantee that wenger’s nursery stars will mature and stay for life…even Henry left…so now what?

    If you guys have forgotten your aim in the team let me remind you
    the board’s aim is to make profit…
    the players, to get paid and win trophies….
    Us, to pay, get entertained and have bragging rights..

    Of the groups above which has been satisfied over the last four years? If you are going to wait for another four years, perhaps you are still dreaming…wake up and smell the coffee and stop acting like douche bags.

  113. Steve says:

    I’ve been a gooner since 1969, and your frustration and rant reminds me of myself… but your rudeness and disrespect is unbelievable… its uncalled for and you’re only letting yourself down. But hey, growing up is difficult… you will regret it one day, I can guaratee you that.

    Every manager makes mistakes… SAF against Everton, Rafa too many to mention, AW is no different… if you want perfection, stay in your room and keep looking at the mirror… cos you’re not going to find it in football.

    If ‘winning at all costs’ is really your cup of tea, then the Bridge is the place for you… Abramovich is like a spoilt kid who goes through managers like underwear, plays disgraceful football (Drogba’s big girl’s blouse antics when someone brushes his shoulder, parking the bus at Barcelona)… all in the quest to WIN something. You have an ideal opportunity to make the made-in-heaven switch TODAY… go for it (please). But wait, if Everton have their way… which could happen, Chelski would win in the last 2 seasons as much as Arsenal has.

    Any idiot can be a fan when we’re winning things… it takes a bit of growing up to be a real supporter. Know your history, get your facts straight, be insightful in your analysis. If you really think Ranieri would be better than Arsene, I would respectfully disagree (and disrespectfully give you a slap on the head for being so stupid!).

    For me, I’m disappointed (sick to the stomach) at the way things have turned out this season… but EXTREMELY proud to be associated with the values and type of football Mr Wenger has brought to my football club.

  114. Paul says:

    Be careful what you wish for as it might happen. You can write off another 2-3 years if Wenger goes this summer. Twat.

  115. Brian says:

    Can anyone actually poitn out something thats incorrect from this article? in stead of just calling the writer a cunt?!

    Where does he tell lies i ask???

  116. JL says:

    ‘Video removed’ – Uh oh…sinbad…is this to protect you if someone recognises your stupid mug around the Emirates??

  117. SAM says:

    FFS, This Wenger bashing is certainly not the answer, Wenger has done a great job with limitied resources and currently we are on a 22 match unbeaten run, Yes i do NOT completley agree with everthing he has done but you DO NOT KNOW the story behind the story. We threw the league away last season, thus showing we had the capability to win it, our record against the ‘sky 3’ has been impeccable barring our loss to MU in the CL 1/2 final, who in my opinion are the best team in the world, if it was not for the stupid away goal and an unlucky slip by Gibbs (who will be an Arsenal great in time) we would have had a chance, but after that to score 3 we had to go for it gung-ho and leave ourselves exposed at the back. Wenger does need to buy in the summer, but to want him out is not only a knee jerk reaction but one of a TOTAL MORON…

  118. Chet says:

    IN ARSENE WE TRUST…….still

  119. Goonergerry says:

    There is an element of truth in this blog, we have not been competitive in recent years when it has mattered against the best- but I have never seen us as outplayed as we have been against Chelsea in the cup and United on Tuesday in recent memory, and I feel as angry about it as the blogger. I am a lifelong Gooner and although slagging Wenger off is rightly condemned as stupid, nor is the blind faith of the Arsene knows brigade getting us anywhere. This team is not strong enough and must be strengthened in midfield and defence and if Wenger and this board won’t do it we need a manager and board who will. We are not paying second class money to watch this team.

  120. drloysz says:

    i agree with this article at some points, but not mostly.
    it seem that this chap supports the club when it’s up, and starts banging everything related to arsenal when we are trophyless for another season. ok, trophyless for 4 straight season is not a happy note for a club as big as arsenal, but this chap should not be banging up side down the manager and the players. arsenal may not be the greatest currently, but looking how wenger works with so litte expenses on buying new players, makes me proud that arsenal is not continuously running on a loss for consecutive seasons.

  121. I-Keep-It-Real says:

    Arsene Wenger, if you’re reading this, suck my bald hairy dick.

    You have turned my beloved winning Arsenal side to a team of underachievers because of your such apparent stubborn attitude. I tell you now if you were my step child I would beat you untill you learn some co operation skills. The fans told you TIME AND TIME AGAIN, we need a centre back and a centre mid at least. You ignore our cries and then come 4th in the Premiership for yet ANOTHER trophiless season. Grey haired twat.

    Oh yeah and to “Martha Focker”, fuck you too. The solution is letting Wenger go. He did a good job whilst he was prosperous, but now the football game has changed, and he is the only manager out of the big sides who hasn’t adapted, he hasn’t upped his game. I would personally love Frank Rijkaard at Arsenal.

  122. commonsense gunner says:

    Well it’s obvious commonsense shd be seen when the gunners try to weave their way thru two lines of defenders and getting nowhere.That AW has no plan B. In the old days it was give the ball to Henry.When
    teams marked Henry out of the game you can be sure Arsenal will have a bad day at the office.During GG”s time it ws Wright.
    Now Fab has said it would be a travesty if AW doesn’t win the cl. Well nobody not even the red faced /nosed cunt has a divine right to win it. To win it you have to have the right ingredients meaning a strong defence and offence.That means the goalie,the mid field and strikers must be of a high standard.
    As at May 10 2009, i cant see AW fulfilling his life long dream. maybe if he takes the necessary steps to build a strong Arsenal defensively and offensively the we can talk about it.

  123. commonsense gunner says:

    Well it’s obvious commonsense shd be seen when the gunners try to weave their way thru two lines of defenders and getting nowhere.That AW has no plan B. In the old days it was give the ball to Henry.When
    teams marked Henry out of the game you can be sure Arsenal will have a bad day at the office.During GG”s time it ws Wright.
    Now Fab has said it would be a travesty if AW doesn’t win the cl. Well nobody not even the red faced /nosed cunt has a divine right to win it. To win it you have to have the right ingredients meaning a strong defence and offence.That means the goalie,the mid field and strikers must be of a high standard.
    As at May 10 2009, i cant see AW fulfilling his life long dream. maybe if he takes the necessary steps to build a strong Arsenal defensively and offensively the we can talk about it.

  124. gunner says:

    Well said!!!!
    Wanger should go,,,,now!!!
    These guy,is loyal only to his ego,he doesn’t care about OUR club!!!
    On behafe of his ego,Wanger is gambeling on the future of arsenal football club/
    The man that should buy arsenal is Osmanov!!!
    Osmanov and Daivid Dean,understand the world of football,and has the desire to push arsenal to be one of the best in the world(like in the thirties!!).

  125. Aaron says:


  126. MikeSA says:

    What a clueless piece of shit you are, along with your very tiny band of idiotic supporters in the comments.

    The vast majority of posters replying here have shown you and your ilk up to be the tiny minority of foot-stamping, tantrum-throwing, childish little tossers that you all are.

    And all the little fuckwads with their oooohh, “AKB” bullshit can just go and fuck themselves with a pineapple up the arse, you lot certainly don’t know more than AW does anyway.

  127. hurley says:

    (Simpsons comic book shop guy)

    “worst blog..EVER…..”

  128. I-Keep-It-Real says:

    MikeSA – Sit on a cucumber and spin mate. You’re an Arsene Wenger ass kisser with no true passion for Arsenal Football Club. I want to see the club prosper and fulfill its potential, you want to be “kind” and “fair” to Arsene Wenger despite his blatent stubborn attitude.

  129. jackeychon says:

    I think I’m very disappointed with Mr Wenger. Arsenal can’t win the championship.

  130. Donjohnni says:

    “Arsene Wenger, if you’re reading this, suck my bald hairy dick.”

    I Keep It Real, that is a contradiction. I stopped reading your post there.

  131. Paul B says:

    Let me educate you simple Bill, I have been following Arsenal since 1973, have been a st holder for fifteen years so if I feel Wenger has come to the end of his reign, I will voice my concern, but for you to insult me shows what a plastic you are.
    I haven’t insulted Wenger, I have just pointed what I feel he has done wrong, so simple Bill, when you have spent the time and money I have following Arsenal means if I think it’s wrong I will say so and instead you can keep your head in the sand and when we under-achieved next year I will remind you that it is Arsenal and not Wenger I follow

  132. DucthGooner10 says:

    Just posting to close ranks with my fellow Gooners.

    Which you- Sinbad -are obviously not.


  133. adam says:

    u idiot. how can u speak of our most successful manager ever in that way. maybe u shd fuck off u tosser. how disrespectful to a living legend. your a tpyical ungrateful fan.

  134. I-Keep-It-Real says:

    Wenger feeds his arrogant and stubborn ego whilst the other Arsenal fans suffer at his expense. ALl because he doesn’t want to be proven wrong. Keep supporting him, and I’ll support Arsenal. Fake fans.

  135. MrArsenal says:

    Are you calling Arsene Wenger a cunt?!

    If you are then you can fuck off and support Man Utd or something, we don’t need your “support”.

  136. GoonerT says:

    Wenger has done amazing things for this club. When he leaves he will go down as one of our greatest managers ever. so show some fucking class and give the man some respect. As far as i’m concerned he can stay as long as he wants. He made mistakes this season but he’s still a hero for arsenal. show some faith, he will get the job done

  137. omar says:

    what a fucking idiot, this article should be deleted. fucking rubbish

  138. Wengers Father says:

    Sorry guys, I only have one heart and Wenger does not fukin pay my health insurance so am not gona get a heartache over his STUPID EGO!
    he can swallow a dick for all i care…He should leave

  139. I-Keep-It-Real says:

    Oh look. He’s done it again. Arsenal lose 4-1, and the worst thing is, I’m not even surprised. I expected to lose today and I expect to lose next week against Man Utd. Why? Because we don’t have the experience and presence to compete on the biggest stage competetively anymore. That’s why.

  140. Paul B says:

    Still think Wenger is the man to take us forward, Adebayor is a diving fucking cheat,Diaby is a hapless player, Silvestre is an ex-Manc,Toure needs to communicate with the keeper, what a shocker and Wenger sat in the dug out again without coming out to encourage the players, what does that say to a player when his own manager is sat there like a Jewish Grandmother thinking of Mary Poppins.
    We need someone with balls not someone telling us the average age is 22, playing players out of position, fucking up tactics, and where is the explanation why Arshavin didn’t start against Chelsea in the semi’s.
    Enough is enough, if you are happy paying the highest prices in the world to watch over-pampered prima donnas who are not fit to wear the red and white, then bully for you, we are a club steeped in history and success.
    Wenger has been a good manager and has provided us with some of the best football in the world, but that was 2004, it is now 2009 and nothing has changed, we still can’t defend or do the basics,Wenger your spin is tiresome, unless you buy quality in the summer, then it will be the same next season.
    I follow Arsenal not Wenger

  141. Well done Paul B. It amazes me how everyone comes here calling people names and this blog a c**t ..its amazing. They call people all kinds of names and brag how they have been supporting Arsenal since tha age of zinjathropus but with no defence to the man they are supporting to stay in tha reigns at the Emirates. They dun give beef to their arguement rather than make fun of Sinbad and how he needs to look for his 40 sailors or something. So how do you and i quote the “THE REAL FANS” feel after today where we was ass whopped 4 – 1 y Chelsea?? Yea lemme guess you are coming back next season to win everything right? And you only need two players for everything to fall in place..that’s if you find the right ones right? You sicken me you unrealistic lot. I repeat Arsenal is not married to Wenger …In Arsenal i rest my fanaticism but in Wenger i don’t trust. He’s just a mercenary hired to take our team places where it’s not going en hasn’t been for the past 4 seasons. I think his expiry date has arrived earlier than expected en i heard Real Madrid need his services..they need a new project of kids at their club. He might as well take some of them like Denilson, Eboue, Adebayor.

  142. TOPTIP says:

    Holy…. a team with more serious underlying problems than my own. I thought Liverpool and Rafa were in a mess when it comes to finance, transfers and trophy-less cabinets…but you guys take the mick.
    I think that Mancshite and Chavos will spend wisely, deal well (ie not sell better players and buy heaps of talent) and be further away from us both next year…

  143. ugk says:

    So many Arsenal fans are deluded.
    Arsene Wenger was great some years ago. But this article is correct. Wenger has become a big problem.
    The way Arsenal are repeatedly getting humiliated by top clubs is just embarrassing. This is no doubt thanks to putting a bunch of inexperienced kids into arenas with seasoned enemies. Also Arsene does not seem to teach his defenders anything. They are constantly being demolished by good teams. No grit, no technical awareness

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