[Chamakh Video] But do we really need a new striker?

Posted: March 20, 2010 by arsenalaction in Uncategorized
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All this take about us needing a new striker in the summer, and with Chamakh and a host of names linked.But do we really need a new striker?

With Van Persie set to return and with Bendtner showing his worth do we really need to fork out money on a striker who might not even start?

Vela and Eduardo are hardly getting a sniff. And when RVP is back Bendtner is going to have to be happy with a place on the bench. So where is this new striker going to fit in?

I could understand if we were playing 4-4-2 then yes but with this one man up front i cant see the need for a new striker in the summer.

The reason we found it hard this season was because BOTH Robin and NIc were out at the same time.

The chances of that happening again is small.

Eduardo, Arshavin & Vela just cant play up front in this system, and when they have done this season we have looked weak. No Nic is back playing up top we seem to be more direct and the big man is getting goals.

So do you feel we really need to waste money on a striker?

Personally I would rather us spend that cash on other positions. Gallas, Campbell and Silvestre could all leave the club in the summer for nothing so I feel that our man goal should be a soild CB to partner Vermaelen.

Enjoy a video of our summer target Chamakh, As you can see the boy is very powerful in the air and will give us something different.

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  1. ClockEndRider says:


    Thank heavens bloggers don’t run the club. More flip flops than Australian beach bbq.

  2. Dan says:

    He’s a free, so we’ll take him but I really don’t see where he fits. I don’t see where Vela or Eduardo fit either to be honest. I don’t see where Wilshere fits, Lansbury fits, JET fits. We have too many players as it is.

    Yet you lot still claim we need to sign more players, spend more money.

    • I like the look of Lansbury, I feel he is a better player then Denilson. Wilshere is going to have to be happy with a place on the bench next season.
      With Regards to Vela and Eduardo?? Im baffed. Eduardo can only play in a 4-4-2 so at the mo he is not wanted at Arsenal. Vela can play on the wings and i think we will see him and theo more next season

      • Dan says:

        I agree about Denilson, though Denilson is supposed to be Song’s DM backup and I know lansbury can’t play that role which means Lansbury is competing with Cesc, Diaby, Ramsey (not for a year), Merida (will he still be here), Nasri (what’s his bets position), Wilshere (I don’t think he’s a winger in a 4-3-3).

        I guess Wenger sees that Arshavin and Rosicky are both closing in on 30 and don’t see them being here in a couple of years leaving Vela as a wing option along with Walcott, the new brazilian lad Wellington and maybe Wilshere (I see him as CM in a 4-3-3 though). We obviously have Afobe and Freeman coming through but I have no idea how good they are or could be.

        Eduardo and Denilson could and should be sold this summer but I doubt Wenger will. Who would want them? Wenger would want at least £10m for them and in this climate I don’t see any clubs paying that much for either of them.

      • TBH mate Denilson has shown this season that he is weak and his work rate chasing back is poor. I dont no what role he is? He is no defensive player thats for sure. We do need to find a decent back up player for Song IMO.

        I would agree with you and I would offload Eduardo and Denilson this summer. But im sure Wenger wont do that. Didnt both recently sign NEW deals at Arsenal?

    • aj says:

      So how come we end up playing some critical matches with Arshavin as the main striker and with Denilson in the team and with Silvestre at the back?

      • Dan says:

        Do you really need me to answer that?

        Cos RVP and Bendtner were injured, Eduardo isn’t good enough anymore and neither Vela nor Walcott are ready.

  3. rob says:

    bit of a daft question….should have asked the question when Arsenal were relying on Arshavin, not now. Players get injured and the squad is not strong enough…..so, yes, we need some more proven ability.

  4. sherazi says:

    yep..v do need a striker..v need to rotate them..chamakh can play on wings as well..so v will hv great strength upfront..cb n md z also a must..2 world class centre backs along wid TM5 djorou will b enuf…so wenger has to brng 4 players atleast this summer…

    • I really dont rate Johan Djourou at all. When i watched him on loan he was very poor. and in last seasons CL game vs Man Utd at home he was the worst player on the pitch.

      I hope he is nothing more then a back up player

  5. Paul says:

    I’m fairly certain RvP will be moved out to the right next season. It’s the position he for the most part plays for Holland, and it gives him the maximum chance of firing in shots with his left foot.

    After seeing how much better the team functions with a striker in the middle who “ties up” two defenders with his physical strength I doubt Wenger goes back to three midget forwards. (RvP isn’t actually a midget, but for the most part he plays like he was).

    That would put Bendtner/Chamakh in the middle, Arshavin on the left, RvP on the right with Nasri, Rocicky et al as backups.

    Quite frankly Eduardo and Vela haven’t played well enough to deserve more playing time than they’re currectly getting.

    • Paul you make a good point and some.

      I would like to see RVP more out to the wings, When i have seen him for Holland on the right he has looks fanstastic.
      But if you recall, Wenger use to play Nic on the wings and with RVP in the middle. I couldnt understand why. Agree with you about Eduardo n Vela mate

  6. Madd says:

    One we’re getting Chamakh on a free, yh we have to pay his wages but who cares. Two, although there is a only a small chance they could both get injured, I would have rather have the adequate cover. Especially as I feel Eduardo is passed it, im so sorry for the man but he just aint guna get back to his old best. I also feel that with Chamakh Wenger might revert back to the 4-4-2 system especially with the possibility of Cesc leaving us. But yh, I 100% agree with you that are main priorty is bringing in a solid, experienced centre back to partner Tommy!!

    • If Cesc was to leave we have more then a few players who can fill his boots. I dont think wenger will ever go back to a 4-4-2 mate

      • Madd says:

        yh if not VP can play on the right wing and in rotation with Chamakh. And who can fill Cesc’s boots other than Rambo who’s going to be out for more than a year?

      • Nasri, Rosicky, Diaby, Fran ( if he stays ) Wilshere

      • Madd says:

        Fair enough good players, but comon none of them are going to provide the quality that Cesc can!! Anyway, hopefully Cesc will stay when we beat Barca!!

  7. Daxxjoker says:

    We do need another striker.But a good one,cause we can not afford Dzeko or others from master class.But we also don’t need someone like Chamakh.
    And I agree with you – if Wenger has money only for one player – I would like to buy us a new keeper or central defender.

    I also agree on Lansbury – but it is not that tough to be better than Denilson.I won’t say anything about him til I see him playing for Arsenal in the PL.

    I really hope that Fantastic 4 doesn’t leave ! If he does – we won’t be able to compensate that with a player from our current squad.We would have to buy.But I won’t even go there.I have to convinced that Fab stays !

  8. rayman says:

    Its simple, eddy out chamakh in. Vela has one more year to make an impression. Future front line of rvp, nik, chamkh, for central role, but all can play any of the wide roles too with arsh, theo, nasri, tom if he stays (I think he will go to a less physically demanding league in teh summer) as the other wide players. Thats a front line to scare anyone and has enough depth to cover injuries.

  9. Steveo says:

    Yes we do need a striker. Badly. Ok, Bendtner has stuck in a couple of tap ins, penalty and a rebound presented itself on a plate so suddenly he’s a top striker?? His record is appaling and speaks for itself. Not good enough. RVP is always injured. Vela gets shoved off the ball too easy and is not cutting it. Eduardo is class but Christ knows what has gone wrong with him lately, though not getting a regular start with another decent striker in support cannot be helping. We need 2 strikers actually. Not sure Chamakh is the answer if you look at his percentages but he does give optiond we don’t have. Personally I would flash the cash and have Dzeko. Huntelaar on form would be interesting – he’s had a rough ride lately but AW could bring him back on his game.

  10. eddoe says:

    chamakh is good player in front, same ronaldo, he is sharp but as striker than winger.

  11. Yes says:

    More players in the squad the better don’t ya think. Can’t rely on RVP fitness nor on Bendtners quality.

  12. Demoses-Sudan says:

    Of all the goals he scored, 8/10 were all headers and that’s exactly why we need someone of his calibre. Bring on Chamakh! Eduardo & Denilson should pliz be sold as soon as possible. I would say Wenger should still keep vela cos the lad is good bursting forward and has the time to improve. I agree on some of the comments about us having to buy a proven goalkeeper and a partner(s) for TV plus a backup for song. A player I would really love to see at Arsenal is, Eden Hazard.

  13. Dave says:

    Chamakh isn’t a striker, he’s effective on the flanks so can play in all of the front 3 positions. He would be a great addition to the squad

  14. Duckster says:

    Wenger is dead right to pick him up. He’s getting him for free and looks like a decent addition to the squad.
    This time next year we’ll know just how good he really is.
    The central defensive position now seems to be the position that Wenger really needs to sort out.
    Campbell, Senderos & Silvestre will definately be gone in the Summer and if Gallas doesn’t get the money he wants he’ll be gone too. That would be a big mistake.
    Keep Gallas to build on his partnership with Vermy, get Djourou up and running again and buy some back up for Vermy & Gallas.

  15. goonergerry says:

    Chamakh is free-and has the strength and aerial power we still lack. To answer your question yes we do need him-badly. Arsenals front players are all injury prone-Vela is less developed than many thought, we do need Chamakh-and his goals. We cant rely on Fab getting 20 every season.
    The only player we should sell is Silvestre-and we need to buy 2 good centre backs in the summer.
    No we should not sell Eduardo or Denilson. Eduardo needs a goal or 2 to get his confidence back. Denilson has had a chronic injury and unlike other players like Walcott. Wenger has had to play him through it. Denilson is young , is not the finished article but even when he does well like in the last 2 weeks-still cops criticism from people who cant forget some of his poorer days. Why is it that you dont apply the same reasoning to Clichy-who was far worse than Denilson earlier in the season?
    How many of you wanted to sell Alex Song or Emanuel Eboue 12 months ago?
    Why don’t you trust in Wengers judgement on young players ?

  16. Mike Gillon says:

    When Van Persie was out, Bentner was out, Eduardo was out we had midget Arshevin leading the line. He’s on a free transfer how can we lose plus he is a little different to what we have. We are literally playing 2 games every week and if we had him in January we could have been clear in the Premiership by now. Spend money on CB where the money needs to be spent. But why complain about a young striker with talent and potential that costs nothing!
    PS: Give Eduardo more time. He deserves a chance to get back to his best after that horrific injury and he is our fox in the box.
    Why get rid of anybody when they know the Arsenal way. I like many others would have gotten rid of Song and Eboue in the past. They are 2 of our best players this season. Shows what I know and probably all of you to.

  17. Alan says:

    Eduardo’s confidence was fine when he first came back from injury but then it evaporated like a puff of smoke and now he looks way out of his depth.
    Wenger’s comment about Ramsey possibly not being the same player when he comes back might have been a cloaked reference to Eduardo.
    The manager is bending over backwards to give Eduardo a chance to come good but sad to say he’s not getting any better.
    I guess Eduardo is popular with the other players.
    One reason we are top of the league and still in the CL is the fact that the squad get on with each other and work hard for each other.
    The squad is just about big enough as it is and hopefully the addition of Chamakh next season will give us a bit more up top without disturbing the chemistry in the squad.
    Wenger will probably give Eduardo another season to see if he can get some form back, mainly in the domestic cups.

  18. Curt.B says:

    He is clearly a thinking striker witha great deal of creativity. i think he will take to the Arsenal style like a duck to water, as it is not disimmilar to Bordeaux.

    I have never seen a striker who has more drive and detrmination to get to a header, which is what amazes me. His bravery is unbelievable, the way he launches himself at the ball. Just have a look at this video, and his recent Champions Legaue goal. He is amazing at this. This is what bendtner does not have; the bravery and detrmination to throw himself in for the ehader. Hopefulyl we sign Chamakh and he can help teach Bendtner this.

  19. jpossie says:

    Injuries are our biggest foe, as much as I love RVP he has not played a full year for some time. I would not put money on it that next year he plays the whole year. I would get Chamack he looks versatile. Vela and Eduardo?? They jus go down the pecking order. Personally I would let Vela go if someone was interested.

  20. […] [Chamakh Video] But do we really need a new striker? All this take about us needing a new striker in the summer, and with Chamakh and a host of names linked.But do we […] […]

  21. Curt.B says:

    Rumours are that Bayern are weighing up a 15 Million pound move for Bendtner

  22. Maxi says:

    Wtf wrng with every1, eduardo iz class, y u wanna get rid of him. he onli needs time to get back 2 his best, he needs games nd he will get back 2 his best. hes probably da best finisher in da world (look on youtube videos). i fink if eduardo hits form he will be competin with van persie.
    da person i fink is a da weak link in arsenal is gallas
    we need to buy 2 CB, and 1 midfielder
    we dont need 2 buy any strikers (wouldnt mind chamakh 4 free)
    every one needs 2 b patient wiv eduardo
    hes playin bad buh its not even his fault 2 b honest

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